My Makeup Collection, Organisation and Storage Ideas

Sometime last week I shared with you all on  What was in my mini Muji Drawers towers and you can pop over here to have a read in case you missed it. I also promised to show you the rest of my makeup collection and storage. As mentioned in that post, I love reading makeup collection and storage posts and watching them on YouTube. I am not going to put any disclaimer saying I hope you don’t think I am bragging about my makeup collection. First things first, I don’t even think I have a lot of makeup to actually file in that disclaimer anyway. Although my collection may be slightly larger than the average non-blogger; I think it’s a decent amount and I update it as often as possibly throwing out/giving out what I don’t use often and making space for new ones. Ramble over let’s dive in.

I store majority of my makeup on my IKEA Micke Desk which I proudly assembled myself. It also acts as my desk where I do some work and blogging and to be fair, it is getting a little crowded. At the far end, I have my makeup brushes and some flowers (fake ones) which I put altogether in an old shoe box and I think it looks more organised this way. My brush holders are actually bathroom tooth brush cups which I purchased from Sainsbury's for only 40p say what!! I love it and sadly, I never saw it again. I like to store my brushes according to their brand and functionality. All my Real Techniques Brushes are in one brush holder, all Nanshy Face Brushes* are in another and then I have my Wilko Brushes and unbranded ones from Ebay in another. I put all my eyebrushes together and they are from various brands including LancĂ´me, Nanshy*, ELF, Wilko, etc and I love them all. The fake flowers are from Wilko and the vase is from Sainsbury's I think. I rotate the flowers depending on how I feel as I have yellow ones somewhere else in my room.

To the right of the shoe boxes,  I have my Muji Drawers which I have already spoke about here so I won't go into them in detail again. Essentially, there are four drawers which I stacked on top of each other and they store my Skincare, Primers, Foundation and Concealers and Powders/Blushes/Bronzers.  I just love the organisation and it means I can see everything I have and they all get a chance to be used which is brilliant.

On top of the Muji drawers, I have another Acrylic storage unit which I think may have been the very first storage unit I bought many moons ago. It has 12 slots for lipsticks various smaller compartments for other makeup and an open space somewhere in the middle and I store majority of the lipsticks I use often in here. The front row has my high end lipsticks which include MAC lipsticks, Clinique, Estee Lauder and Illamasqua. At the back, I have my Tara Orekelewa Eyeshadow duos (review here which is a really random place to store them but I have since switched it. In the middle, I have other lipsticks and lip balms and lacquer which are mainly drug store but very good quality and they include Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet (review here), Rimmel Apocalips (review here), Revlon, L'Oreal, etc. I also have my mascaras which I reach for everyday including samples from Chanel and YSL and Bourjois Volume 1 Second Mascara*(review here). In the smaller compartments at the end, I have my eyeliners and lip liners from various brands including L’Oreal and MAC.

Next to the Muji Drawers, I have a small plate/glassware where I keep all my high end samples so I can see them and use them. They just look so pretty and I am a fool for miniature beauty items and some of the items include Lancome Dream Tone Serum, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum and Eye Cream, Estee Lauder Time Zone eye cream, Bobbi Brown Moisturisers, etc and I use them when I feel my skin needs a little pamper. At the corner, I store my pens and other random stationery which I grab when I need because I still prefer to write sometimes rather than type away on my computer.


To the right, I keep my jewellery all organised in my Jewellery case from Stackers which I have reviewed here and you can find more pictures onthere. Although this is not very practical, I keep my luxury nail polishes all from Lancome and Jacava in an acrylic storage unit from Balfour Hotels (I got it from TK Maxx). I really like the design of this storage unit as it is quite different from various ones I have tried but it is also a little heavy and takes up quite a bit of space because of its shape. In here I store all my Lancome Vernis in Love Nail Polishes (review here) which I love and I have some Lancome sample lipsticks which I received as Gifts with Purchase when I got these nail polishes and I think they are adorable. At the perimeter of the storage, I have random bits and bobs stored there ranging from hair care, nail care and some tools and my concealer backups.

I have a nice glass tray where I leave my earrings, rings and other bits and bobs I may have worn during the day and I have my favourite candle in there which I burn sometimes especially now that the weather is changing.Now to the interesting bit; most of my makeup used to live in my Micke Desk Drawer and they still do but I leave the ones I don’t reach for as often inside here although I am constantly reorganising as I love switching up my makeup storage/organisation. I always line the drawer with an old newspaper so I don’t stain the drawer with makeup and it looks much better and I always choose interesting and colourful pages in the newspaper (I love using old Stylist Newspapers for this). I partitioned the drawer with some Muji PP vanity cases which are brilliant and they cost only £1.95 each and I have four of them. They fit in nicely in the drawer. I also purchased Muji PP Slim case/box which is perfect for storing pencils and mascaras. 

Starting from L-R (Bottom row):
First Muji PP Case: I think this may be my favourite case because it looks so colourful. I store most of my drug store palettes here and I love it. I  can’t go through all my eyeshadows but some worth mentioning include the Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palettes in Iconic 3 and Smoky, Collection All About Eyes Palette, &Other Stories Brocade Aegean Palette, etc. I have some bronzers in here which I have converted to eyeshadow palettes because they are pretty ad long lasting and they are from Boots Seventeen and Milani.

Second Muji PP Case: Next to it, I store my bronzers and blushers and they are all amazing and well pigmented although I don’t use them every day. I have some Black Opal Blushes which are so lovely, &Other Stories Pink Caddage Blusher and some Bella Pierre minis which I got off Ebay and reserve for special occasions. I have this lovely blush which I got from a Magazine a long time ago (I think it was Shout Magazine!! I know, I know it's a magazine for teens but this blusher was too nice to pass up)and it’s so goooodd and sadly, I think it was just made for the magazine which is such a bummer.

In the Top Row (L-R) which seems a bit hidden:
First Muji PP Case:  I store the few high end eyeshadow palettes I have which and I don’t really own too many. Of course I have my MAC Custom Eyeshadow Palette which contains Cranberry, Sumptuous Green, Antiqued and Amber Lights. I also have a MAC Custom Duo Palette which I can’t be without as it contains my crease and brow bone colour (Cork and Rice Paper). Next to it is a limited edition MAC Eyeshadow Palette which was given to me by my lovely sister and the packaging is so lush. I have an Estee Lauder mini eyeshadow palette which  was a gift with purchase and a very pretty one at that. I have a Bobbi Brown Duo which I can’t remember the name now as it has cleaned off. I also have some drug store single and duo eyeshadows which I leave lurking around somewhere in the corner.

Second Muji PP Case: I have more lipsticks stored here and they are mainly drug store brands. I don’t think this is the best way to store them as it seems quite hidden away and I may reorganise it. The truth is many of the lipsticks here are not my everyday lipsticks which explains why they may seem hidden but I may get a transparent case for them so I can use them up. They are all mainly drug store lipsticks ranging from MUA, Makeup Revolution, No 7, Sally Hansen, etc.

The Long/slim Muji PP cases contain a mix of all mascaras, eyeliners, eye pencils, lip pencils and brow pencils. I try to keep the pencils including lip and eye/brow pencils separate and they stay in one of the cases while the other ones houses my mascaras and eyeliners including my little gel eyeliner from Maybelline. I have some space above which I like to keep spacious so I can reach for the products there easily. I have my Kuddy Blush Crush Palette* which is lovely and super pigmented. I have already hit pan  in one and I love them all. I also keep some of my Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes in there and I only have two at the moment and they are from the Monaco and Mediterranean edition. Wowwzas, that’s it folks. Can I just say a massive thank you for reading to the end? Here’s a squishy virtual hug for you. I store some other items in the other section of my room but they are mainly body care, hair care and the rest of my nail polishes.  I honestly don’t like writing long posts but I had so much info I had to leave in this post and I really did not want it to be a quick and dirty one; I wanted you to feel like you were in the room with me and I am hoping you have enjoyed and learned a thing or two about organising your makeup...See you in my next post...x

*PR Samples

September 2014 Favourites- Video too!!

I know everyone says where has September gone to and I am going to jump on the bandwagon and say seriously "Where has September gone to?" and in fact this whole year. It has run incredibly fast and I am really grateful and thankful to God for his mercies. First things first, the above picture has nothing to do with my favourites as I forgot to take a nice photo of all my favourites so I just plunked on this one from the archives so bear with me. I would update it soon so bear with me. This month,  I made so many new discoveries and I was #feelingspendy which is surprising because I never really buy many products when it is transition to Autumn. Summer is when I feel like treating myself but it has not really been the case this year. In my favourites, I think I only have one high end product which is the Dior Skin Star Foundation in Honey Beige 040 which is amazing although you need to work well with it. Others are mainly drug store products and I am really pleased that drug store brands have really stepped up their game. Some of the products mentioned in this video include: Rimmel Apocalips in Celestial (mentioned so many times already), Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm, Anastasia Brow Wiz in Brunette, Revlon Colorstay Concealer in Deep and so on.

I won't reel everything out as you can watch me tell you all about them here as I filmed a favourites video which also includes some non-beauty favourites. It's a long video so you may want to grab a cuppa..let me know what your favourites this month were in the comment below...have a fab week..x

NYC Best of Broadway Eyeshadow Palette Review

My obsession with eyeshadows is not coming to an end any time soon because I have been discovering some really amazing drug store brands. One of such brands is NYC which is not new to many but it's a brand I have never really tried... can you believe that? I see it around but I just never thought to get it. I actually saw these NYC Best of Broadway eyeshadow palettes a little while ago and I admired and swatched it and I was just contemplating picking them up because I liked two of the palettes but that was going to set me back about £8 which is not massive but then again, it all adds up. However the odds were in my favour when it was reduced to £2.50 in Superdrug and I had to snap these two babies up for just £5 and for the's a serious bargain.

For a drug store brand, I have to say I am quite impressed because it is made from a solid plastic which clicks into place really easily. Although it feels and looks sturdy, it is super light which makes it ideal for travelling. This is perfect for beginners because the eyeshadows are labelled which act as a guide in using the colours to create various looks. I think the colour selection is really good and they are labelled according to what colour of eyes you have although that did not stop me from picking up the shades I really liked. I picked up: Best of Broadway 943 Smokey Greens for green eyes and Best of Broadway 946 for Brown Eyes. In each palette you get: four eyeshadows, an illuminator and a primer but I prefer to use my other primers.

Pigmentation, Longevity and Finish
As mentioned earlier, I really like the colour selections that were chosen for each palette and they work together to create a flattering look. In terms of pigmentation, I think it's really good for a drug store brand and it applies really well but I always use a primer. Without a primer, it appears a little less pigmented than it is. The eyeshadows have a textured feel to them as can be seen with the little raised surface which I quite like because it makes them look a little bit more expensive than it is. Some people may not like it but I don't mind. However, there were some fallouts especially with the brow bone eyeshadow which is the lightest one and I was less than impressed but it can be rectified by gently tapping your eyeshadow brush before application and this is why a primer and possibly a base makes the eyeshadows work better. I really like the wear time because it does not fade or disappear on me at the end of the day although it does not look as vibrant as when applied in the morning which is understandable. All of them have a matte/pearl-like finish to them except the brow bone/highlight shade which appears to have some shimmer in it so it should be applied with caution.

Best of Broadway 943 Smokey Greens
I was drawn to to this palette by the rich purple shades and I knew they would look amazing even though I don't have green eye. The brow bone/highlight colour is surprisingly pigmented so I go with a very light hand so I don't look like a disco ball. The two middle shades are light purple (almost lavender) and a deeper rich purple which is my absolute favourite. The last shade is perfect for a smokey eye look and it is very pigmented.

Best of Broadway 946 for Brown Eyes
Of course I was drawn to this because it was for brown eyes which I have and the shade selection is truly flattering and I think it would suit anyone really regardless of the colour of your eyes because it has a lot of neutral colours. This is ideal for everyday looks and I love all the shades in this palette especially the light gold shade in the middle. The shade next to it which is a beautiful brown acts well as a lid colour and a crease colour.

As mentioned in the beginning of this post, it retails for £3.99 but Superdrug had an offer (I think it's still on) where they were selling any NYC product for £2.50 or less which is an incredible bargain. For £5, I bought these two lovely palettes which I have been using frequently and I like them.

1. The eyeshadows are packed closely together in the palette and it could get messy easily.
2. Some of the eyeshadows have fallouts which could be annoying but it can be remedied by tapping of the excess before applying your eye shadow or spraying with any makeup fix/setting spray

Overall Thoughts
I am so impressed that I would definitely explore other products within the range. The palettes are really easy to use and if you struggle to understand where each eyeshadow should go e.g lid colour, crease colour, etc then I would recommend giving these a try as it is well detailed and the looks you can create with this palette are really nice and easy. That's it folks. I would see you tomorrow in my next post...x

Kuddy Cosmetics Ultra Waterproof Matte Foundation Review

I did an initial review on Kuddy Cosmetics back in June which featured some products I purchased and some I was gifted by the lovely owner of  Kuddy Cosmetics and here's a link to that. I am not going to go into too much detail into the background of Kuddy Cosmetics because I have spoken about it here. Basically, Kuddy Cosmetics are a Nigerian cosmetics brand who have their own makeup brand and also have enviable distribution rights to some international makeup brands. So, when I purchased this, I was told that this shade would suit me and it does although I am looking to try other shades. I was drawn to it because it is a matte foundation and I prefer a matte finish to a dewy one due to my combo-oily skin.

Packaging/Shade Match
I was impressed with the main packaging which is reminiscent of Black Opal packaging but it is a little different. It comes in a transparent bottle which is plastic but looks really lush. It also has a matte finish to the packaging which prevents finger prints or any annoying marks. Best of all it has a pump which I really like because it dispenses the product really well and prevents waste.  I think it's a pretty packaging and it is travel friendly as it is really light.  I was matched to shade 01A which I think is a perfect match although I am looking to try a slightly darker shade for summer.

The texture is really fluid which makes it easy to dispense and I always prefer that, however you do need to give it a good shake to ensure a uniform texture/formula is dispensed. Now they were not joking when they said it was a matte foundation because it could be a little drying so if you have dry skin or dehydrated skin I would highly recommend using a good moisturiser before application and the Kuddy Mattifying Primer* which appears to have been made for it. 


Application/How I use it
To be fair, I initially struggled with the best way to apply this. The ideal way I think will be to use a beauty blender/sponge as it gives a flawless beautiful finish but ain't nobody gat time fo dat so the best way for me is to use a buffing brush (the Real Techniques one is nice) and use short dabbing motions to buff it in. Once I mastered this method, it has been an absolute game changer. The short dabbing motion ensures that I don't cake it on too much. I use short dabbing motions with about two pumps of the foundation and that's enough for my whole face.

I would say it offers light to medium coverage and it can be built to full coverage but I rarely do that because medium coverage looks more natural for me. I always use the Kuddy Cosmetics Mattifier Primer* with it and it helps improve the application and the longevity. And I never experience any oily T-zones because it is as matte as can be. I tried this out when I was in Nigeria and I was super impressed because the weather was pretty hot and humid but the Kuddy Cosmetics Foundation was intact and this is why I believe it is truly an ultra waterproof and matte foundation. In terms of longevity; I would say it last for an average of time around 5-6 hours which is a good time and after which I just powder my face with the MAC MSF Natural in Dark and set with the Kuddy Cosmetics HD Powder* which I would be reviewing shortly. 

More than anything; I think it is very affordable especially for the quality you get. I purchased this for N2500 naira which is approximately £10 or lesswhich is super affordable and about the same amount as some drug store foundation although I would rate this higher than some I have tried. The only downside is it is only sold in Nigeria at the moment which is such a bummer. I know it is sold on some online stores including Iyaoloja.

Personal thoughts
I was really impressed because this is the second indigenous Nigerian foundation i have tried and the quality is amazing. I used it mostly during summer when my skin was playing up and it kept my face matter and fab. I would definitely recommend it especially if you have combination or oily skin as you would enjoy it just ensure you moisturise appropriately and use a good primer. As mentioned earlier, short dabbing motions with a buffing brush is the way to go as using a spreading motions may seem like it may be dragging across your face as it is really matte. I can't fault it and I am so pleased I purchased it and I would definitely repurchase. I was given some other products like the Kuddy Cosmetics Mattifier Primer* and Blush Palette which are amazing. If you want a separate review, let me know..x

*PR Samples- I purchased this foundation and some other products myself but I was also gifted with some other products mentioned like the Kuddy Cosmetics Mattifer Primer. As always, all opinions are mine.

Makeup Storage and Organisation Ideas: What's in my Muji Acrylic Drawers?

There is something about Muji Acrylic Storage that just makes me super happy. I just love opening these drawers and for the longest time; I had only one set of this Muji Acrylic Storage that had two sets of drawers and I loved it until I purchased an additional one (same one with tow drawers and a flip lid). I decided to rearrange and reorganise all my makeup and beauty products to fit into this new storage. I would post about my makeup storage and organisation in a separate post because I went a little crazy taking pictures but today I will show you what's inside my Muji Acrylic storage/drawers which I have lovingly nicknamed my little tower. As always, a little story on the recent Muji purchase. So, I went to the Muji Store in High Street Kensington to buy a similar set of drawers to the one I had before (The two wide drawer set) but they had sold out. I decided to go for the one with a flip lid which was slightly more expensive and again, they had sold out (looks like it was not only me who liked these drawers). I was a little alarmed because I had checked their little store/counter in Selfridges a while ago and they were also sold out. So, I asked if I could buy the one on display and the manager said yes and I was cheeky enough to ask for a discount and they gave me 20% off which I think is super generous so I was a happy bunny and paid only £9.20 instead of £11.50!!

How I organise my Muji Drawer
I decided to arrange my mini tower based on how I apply my makeup e.g the steps I take for skincare and makeup as I figured it would be much easier. Before now, I stored most of my makeup and skin care in the previous two Muji drawers and the drawer in my Micke Desk which is really spacious. Most of my makeup still live there but having some out in these Muji drawers makes it much easier. I like to rearrange my makeup and beauty products during the weekend and clean the drawers because I am a little OCD about and it means I can find products that have been previously neglected and throw away some unwanted/unused items. I don't think I have a lot of makeup/cosmetics as such but it may be a little more than the average non-blogger. So ramble over, let's dive in....

First Drawer- Skincare 
I have downsized my skincare routine to actual products I use because there is no point in wasting my time and my skin's time so I have kinda figured what it likes. I have my Nip +Fab Glycolic Fix Serum which I use on alternate days and I follow that up with my Effaclar Duo. Every other day, I use the Retinol Resurface from Indeed Labs which I love so much and would be reviewing soon. It's so hydrating and moisturising and has really helped my skin. Then I follow up with a sunscreen and my weapon of choice is the La Roche Posay Anthelios Dry Gel Sunscreen SPF 50 (longest name ever) and I never go anywhere without my sunscreen even in the winter. This has helped prevent my dark blemishes from getting darker and my general complexion. Also, it's important to use a sunscreen if you use any product with Vitamin C, Retinol or Gylcolic Acid because they make your skin sensitive to the sun despite them being derived from plants. Just thought to throw that in if you had not upped your sunscreen game on. Then, I have my favourite spot treatments: Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel and La Roche Posay Effaclar A. I always save my face whenever my face attempts to break out and the Clinique Anti-Blemish All Over Treatment/Moisturiser seals the deal.

Second Drawer- Primers (Face and Eyes)
The truth is I have a lot of primers and I love them because they help act as a barrier between my skin and foundation and other makeup items as well. Most of them act as a barrier but some have specific properties like ensuring my foundation applies smoother and easily and helps it last longer. Some others are mattifying which is always ideal for me as I tend to get oily around my T-zones. From L-R: Kuddy Mattifying Primer which is I love because it has helps mattify my skin and prevents my oily T-zones from taking the shine, Becca Rejuvenating Primer which is an absolute all rounder (mattifying and aids in foundation longevity), Mary Kay Oil Mattifer as the name implies it tackles my oily T-Zones, Body Shop BB Cream (review) which should be in my foundation drawer but it's a good primer/base, Body Shop Instablur Primer which is good at blurring any pores but it's just an okay primer (best paired with the Body Shop BB cream which is why I still have it)  Makeup Revolution Eye Primer which is an okay primer for my eye lids, Essence "I Love Stage" Eye Primer which is my favourite and works really well, Super Drug B.Prepared Primer which is another firm favourite especially for every day makeup, Clinique Universal Primer which is just okay. I have to admit; I love a good primer hence a whole drawer is dedicated to it. At the back, I have some random samples of primers.

Third Drawer- Foundations and Concealers
Now I can see some people rolling their eyes; "why does she have so many foundations?". I know, I would roll my eyes too if I were you!! The truth is I love foundations and I always have because they just set the base for my makeup and I love trying different foundations. I have a few high end ones and more drug store ones because I am beginning to fall in love with Drug Store Brands who are really stepping up their game. L-R: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation (review); Kuddy Cosmetics Foundation, L'Oreal True Match Foundations (N6.5 and N7), Maybelline Dream Foundation (Caramel), Mary Kay Matte Foundation (Bronze 3) and Clinique Anti Blemish Foundations (07) (review). I won't say much about these foundations because I have some reviews on here for some of them and reviews to come for others. But my favourite everyday foundations are L'Oreal True Match Foundation and Kuddy Cosmetics Foundation. At the end of this drawer, I store some of my concealers which include high end and drug store ones and I am loving the drug store ones at the moment. For drug store; I have my L'Oreal True Match concealer in Cafe, Revlon Color Stay concealer in Deep and L.A. Girl Pro concealer in Fawn (review) and for high end: Estee Lauder Stay in Place concealer (5N) (review) and MAC Studio Finish concealer in NC 50. Concealers are so important to help hide some of my pesky blemishes.

Fourth Drawer- Powders, Contour and Bronzers
I love this drawer because it is a mash up of everything in here although it mainly contains powders, bronzers and contour kits; it also contains my brow kits in here and I love how much of mash up it is. From L-R (bottom row): Makeup Revolution Bronzer in Rock on World, MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Dark (reviewand Kuddy Cosmetics HD Powder. L-R (top row): Sleek Face Form in Medium (review), Sleek Corrector and Concealer Palette (review), Makeup Revolution Brow Kit in Dark (review),  Sleek Brow Kit in Dark  and Sleek Blushes in Life is a Peach and Rose Gold.

That's pretty much it and I love this drawer and the organisation I have done because it makes it easier for me to reach for my makeup in the order in which I apply them. I have other makeup stored in my the drawer on my Micke Desk as mentioned earlier and some other Acrylic storage on my desk to organise the rest. I may even do a makeup collection post...see you in my next post...x

What's in my Handbag? (New Video too!!)

 It's been over a year since I updated my "What's in my Handbag?" and I absolutely enjoy reading and nosing into people's handbags because it gives a glimpse of their my opinion. The contents of my bag has changed as expected but one thing that has remained constant is my love for black handbags as I find them versatile and my love for stuffing my handbag of which I have no control over...don't judge me. In case you are wondering; my bag is the Longchamp LM Metal Tote which has been reviewed here and I love it because it fits all my essentials and it's very sturdy although it looks fragile. The best part is I made a video talking about the contents of my handbag so if you want a nosey into what I lug around with me on a daily can click here to watch the video and subscribe to my channel as it would mean the world to me. For those of you who love to read blog posts instead, I have done a small summary of what's inside my bag specially for you..

Handbag: As mentioned earlier, my current handbag is the Longchamp LM Metal Tote which is my favourite bag now because it is perfect for my lifestyle and suits almost everything I wear. I like that it's not the common style of Longchamp bag and of course, it's black which makes it super versatile. The handles are long and perfect for carrying over the shoulders. I have a full post here on the bag if you want more specific details and pictures

Notebook: This is super essential for me because I love to write and make lists and tick them off. I have once written a complete blog post in this notebook ; I am silly like that. I like this one because it is simple but good quality and I was given this at work and I am going to get more because I like it.

Sunglasses: Although Summer is on its last leg or totally gone, I still have my sunglasses in my bag because i have got quite sensitive eyes so I wear them when things get too bright or sunny. I am not sure I know what kind of sunglasses fit me yet but I got this from WareHouse and it was purchased more out of necessity than fashion. I think it was £5 and it's very good quality for the price.

Prescription Glasses: I wear contacts but I also have glasses which I wear at night. You would never catch me wearing them except you live in my flat or at home with me. It's just a necessary evil and I really don't like this particular frame but I need it so there's not much I can do about it for now until I am due for a new pair.

iPad Mini: This has to be one of my favourite devices because I take it everywhere with me and I can do all the basic things I would normally do on my laptop which is fantastic. I blog, watch videos, read other blogs, send emails, etc. It's so handy and portable although it feels a little heavy and makes my bag quite heavy as well. My case is from Cath Kidson and I love it the most even though I have other cases as reviewed here.

Makeup Bag: I have all my essential quick on-the-go makeup in here like my Chanel Les Beiges Powder, L'Oreal True Match concealer, MAC Lipstick Girl About Town, Rimmel Apocalips in Celestial etc. I never stuff my makeup bag because I just realised the only things I ever use for a touch up is my powder and lipstick/lipgloss. So, it was heavily downsized. My makeup bag is from Lulu Guinness and I am very obsessed with it at the moment.

Mobile Phones: Pretty much essential and it has stayed the same as my previous "What's in my Handbag?" post and I have two phones. One is an iPhone 5 which is my regular phone and the other is a Samsung Flip Phone (can't remember the model) which I use to call my family back home in Nigeria but these days I hardly use it as I call them on Skype, Rebtel and Voip.

That's pretty much it  (there are few others I mention in the video) and Yes, my bag is heavy for the most part but I really don't mind because all my essentials are in it. If you have done this post before, link it in the comments section; I would love to see what's in your bag and of course, find new blogs to read...x

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