Top 5 Eye Liners including Gel and Felt Tip Pens

Hi Lovelies,

I hope everyone has been well. I have a couple of drafts which I would be releasing (sounds like I am releasing an album or sumfin)  over the next few days because I could not post them last week. Today's blog post will feature my favourite liquid and gel eye liners. I haven't always been an eye liner girl because I hadn't mastered the art or skill of applying it without looking like a drag queen. I started off with pencil eye liners which I only used on my bottom eye lid (water line to be precise). Then, I slowly progressed to liquid eye liner starting off with the eye liner pen, moving on to felt tip eye liners and finally the skinny precision tips. 

I think applying eye liner is an art or skill that deserves to be mastered by all because eye liners give your face a defined look. It can awaken tired eyes and give your face a put together look. You can drift from Sophisticated to Dramatic to Gothic to Cat eyes all in several swipes. My favourite way to apply eye liner is with a slight wing towards the end of my lids. I tend to extend that wing depending on how intense I want the "cat eyes" to look. It's just one of the few make up items I feel naked if I don't have it on. I usually don't apply eye shadows or mascaras on a daily basis so my eye liner is pretty much my basic eye make up which is why I'm dedicating a blog post to it. So, let's get started.

The Eye Liner Pens
As I mentioned earlier, this was the first product I consistently applied and mastered the winged eye liner with. It is very easy to use and beginner friendly. It gives you better control when applying it over your eyes which is perfect as you all know applying eye liners can be a lil' bit tricky. 

There are many brands out there but I have only tried Collection 2000 brand (or are they just called Collection now?). It was my eye liner for a long time until I started experimenting with other kinds of eye liners. It is fairly pigmented and lasts for a moderate amount of time in a day provided you do not rub your eyes.

 I think the tip is really good and looks like a little marker which it kind of is. It is best to give it a little shake before application as this brings more product to the top and allows ease of application. I think they are great quality for an affordable price. L'Oreal has its own kind of pen eye liners which I have not tried but I have seen many good reviews about it. 

The pen eye liners are very good for winged eye liners because they are precise and easy to use. I am not sure if many of the pen eye liners are water proof; as far as I know, the Collection 2000 one is not. Waterproof eye liners may be good for longevity but a pain to take off completely. All in all, I think the Collection 2000 eye liner pen is a great start for beginners and the pen lasts for a good while even with every day use.

The Felt Tip Eye Liners
I think these are my favourite kind eye liners because I love the finished look they give and how versatile looks can be achieved with this. Felt tips are like a cross between the eye liner pens and skinny precision tip eye liners. They are perfect for beginners who want to transition from eye liner pens to more advanced ways of applying eye liner. 

The Felt Tip as the name suggests is made of felt tips which are more like flexible marker tips. It allows moderate control of application. It is wonderful for "cat eye" looks and dramatic looks because they are usually very pigmented. My favourite brand has to be L'Oreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss (I have a sinking feeling they are being discontinued) which has different sub groups such as Black Lacquer and Black Crystals which has some gold specks which I don't like.

To be honest, I just prefer the simple and original Super liner because I love simple looks on my eyes. I love how long they last on me all day, even when all my other make up is wearing off, this still stays faithful to me. Taking it off has not presented as much as hassles as I envisaged which is why it is my favourite brand; it is very pigmented and lasts all day with ease of removal. Another good point is the fact that the tube lasts for a really long time.

 I got my Super Liner in October of last year and it only got finished last week which is why I got the black gold crystals. Honestly, I do not like the gold crystal brand at all because it has these specks of light gold crystals which are not attractive to me at all. I guess it's perfect for parties. All in all, the felt tip eye liners are my favourite of the lot.

The Skinny Precision Tips
I have only tried about two brands which are Rimmel and Urban Decay. There are pretty tricky to use. In fact, when I first experimented with eye liner (I was much younger), I picked up my sister's eye liner which had very skinny tips and tried to apply it; it was absolutely horrendous. It just went all over my eyes and face because I kept blinking and could not keep still. I looked a super hot mess and this encounter really discouraged me.

 However, after mastering the art of eye liner application with other eye liners from above, I bravely ventured into this category again.  I dare say it has been a wonderful experience. They are indeed very precise and I love how sharp and precise the wings look when I apply it especially getting into some corners of my eyes which other eye liners may prove difficult to get into.

With precision skinny tips as I call them, you can have different gradients on your eye for example I prefer to start off with a very thin line from my inner eye lid and gradually thicken the lines towards the end with a nice wing for a finish. I find that with this category of eye liners, it is very easy to achieve this graduated look. 

My favourite brand is Urban Decay 24 hr Precision Tip Eye liner. I love this brand because it has quite a pretty long applicator to which the wand is attachedwhich means you have a longer wand to grasp and easy control over application. It is a waterproof eye liner which is heavily pigmented and lasts all day like it implies on its packaging. The only down side is you need to make sure you own an eye make up remover or be prepared to continuously rub this off with a normal make up wipe because it won't budge easily. All in all, I think it is a fantastic product.

The Gel Eye Liner
This is not really a liquid eye liner which is why it is at this little corner. However, it is not a pencil eye liner either. Gel eye liners are made up of gel as the name implies which gives a matte finish when applied to the eyes.

 I think a lot of people favour the gel eye liner more because they can pretty much apply as much or as little as they want since it is not liquid. There are so many popular brands out there such as The MAC fluidline eye liner and the Bobbi Brown version which are all very pricey. However, the only brand I have tried is the Maybelline 24H Eye Studio Gel Liner which is a dream.

 It is a cream and gel-like consistency which is easily picked up by the applicator brush.  It is smudge and waterproof which makes it a very good choice for an eye liner. As common with all water proof eye liners, it is a bit tricky to remove. Other than that, I think it is very pigmented and provides a fluid and smooth application without any apparent creases and the best thing of all,  it comes with its own cute little applicator brush.

 I am not sure many gel eye liners come with a brush but this Maybelline brand does. I think it also comes in other colours/shades but I have only tried the black one because I think other colours may look a bit silly on me. It also lasts all day, almost 24hr,  as the name implies on the bottle. I love this gel liner but I am not very good with applying this as quick as the liquid eye liners which is why I reserve it specifically for weekends when I have more time on my hands.

I am sure you can tell I love Eye Liners be it Liquid or Gel (especially my favourite brand of all time L'Oreal Super Liner) and I think they definitely give my face a very defined and sophisticated look due to how many versatile looks can be created with a quick swipe. I hope you all enjoyed this post and I had so much fun writing it up.. See you in my next post.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine Limited Edition Perfume/Fragrance Review

Hey Lovelies,

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. Mine has been wonderful especially because Monday was a bank holiday which I think is the perfect way to top off a weekend. Best of all, I was finally able to secure a new flat share so I will be moving in soon; I really cannot wait. For this long weekend, I went into Kingston to see my boyfriend who lives there and we decided to take a nice walk round the Town Centre because the Sun was out and indeed it was a very beautiful day. In Kingston, there is a nice shopping mall which is called Bentalls which houses so many lovely high end and high street stores ranging from beauty brands to fashion and so on. Just beside this mall is John Lewis which is also another wonderful mall with so many brands to feast your eyes on. 

Over time, I have learned to restrain myself from going overboard with all the beautiful things. So, I was quite content with window shopping and browsing but my loving boyfriend decided to surprise me with a perfume; Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine Limited Edition. I was very surprised and extremely pleased.. :-))))

 I know quite a lot of you are familiar with Marc Jacobs Perfumes especially with his Best Selling Daisy and Lola. I absolutely love Marc Jacobs Perfumes especially the Daisy Series and the Lola series. I feel it captures youthfulness and femininity all in one spray.  Marc Jacobs perfumes have become a favorite classic among many women over the years. 

    Marc Jacobs Sunshine Editions

Also, the way the Marc Jacobs bottles are designed always make them stand out among all other perfumes on your vanity because they always have either an exaggerated flower or petal on the design with bright colors.

I totally heart them. The Daisy Sunshine Limited Edition is one of the limited edition fragrances that were launched in earlier this year, just in time, for Spring and Summer despite how dodgy the UK weather has been of late.

The fragrance is really enchanting and exotic at the same time. Its top notes are made up of a mix of guava, mandarin and sweet red currant which lends it its fruity scent while its heart tones are made up of a floral mix of  the lily of the valley, lychee and violet which helps creates a balance of a floral scent. 

When it is first sprayed, the first notes that hit you are the fruity ones which settle after a while to a mixture of the floral and fruity tones which finally settles to its slight base notes of blonde woods and musk which I absolutely love.

I am in love with its packaging because it is so pretty and I foresee it adorning my vanity long after its contents are gone . The outer packaging is made up of a white paper background embossed with many tiny pretty lil' colorful daisies. The outer packaging is quite firm just like many other high end perfume packaging. 

The bottle itself is a 50 ml bottle which looks slightly smaller than an average 50 ml perfume bottle but it is definitely 50 ml. It has a slight curve to it which makes it fit easily into your palm which I love because I have really small hands :-). The lid/cap of the perfume bottle is designed in the typical Marc Jacobs Daisy designs with an exaggerated flower or petal lid but with a nice sweet twist. With the new trend of Acid/Neon popping colors, the Marc Jacobs perfume designers are spot on. 

The lid is made up of three large flower petals in Acid/Neon versions of Pink, Green and Orange colors which makes it look like sunshine in a little bottle as the name depicts. One interesting thing about the lid is the screw like fitting which is on the inner side which I think is designed to secure the bottle firmly to the lid and prevent it from slipping off your hands when picking it up.

I applaud the designers for thinking ahead because i would be so sad if this perfume slipped off my hands if i picked it up from its lid mistakenly.

It retails for £45 in many departmental stores for the 50 ml version. I am not sure if they have 75 ml or 100 ml versions of this fragrance since it is a limited edition perfume. For a Marc Jacobs Perfume, I think that's a fair price. 

Of course, it will be best to buy these if there are any sales or discounts going on. I did not buy this perfume as it was a gift from my boyfriend so I can't really comment on the cost. 

In addition, I also received some special gift along with the perfume which was purchased from The Perfume Shop in Kingston. I received a Thierry Mugler Handbag and Body Lotion which I am grateful for. It does sound a bit strange that I get a Thierry Mugler Gift when I bought a Marc Jacobs perfume but hey! I am not complaining. I love both designs and it is always lovely to receive extra gifts when you buy something pricey. I love the Tote very much because it is a very casual bag which will give me a break from my well worn Zara City Bag which has seen better days. It has some little stars at the corners of the bag which I guess is a tribute the Thierry Mugler Angel Perfume which is made in the shape of a star.

The Thierry Mugler Body lotion has to be the most fragranced body lotion I have ever tried. If you don't like strong fragrances or you don't like fragrances in your body lotion, avoid these. But, I love fragrances so it's all good.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. I really missed putting up blog posts but I am defnitely back and expect more posts soon..Have a pleasant week

*DISCLOSURE: I have no material relationship to any brand or person mentioned in this post. All Opinions are mine and the products were bought and paid for by me.



Hi Lovelies,

.....I have missed you all. I can't believe how stressful this week has been for me. It was meant to be a wonderful week filled with new promises and freshness of a brand new week, somehow, over the weekend, it just went down down down. 

These moments are the times when I am so glad I have a relationship with God (*breaks out into Nigerian Christian song "I have a very big God oooo who is always ba ma side"*complete with thick Nigerian accent). But I am so glad everything is working out fine now. Rant Over... Nexttt!!!

Original Picture without Editing

Edited picture with PicFX App
If you are new to my Blog, a warm big welcome to you and thank you for stopping by. This post is about Iphoneography 102- Editing Pictures with Apps on your Iphone. I have a previous blog post on Iphoneography 101: The Basics which I suggest you read before this as it is quite helpful. This post is a sequel to that. Let's get started..

Original Picture of Big Ben without editing
Edited picture with PhotoForge2 App
There are thousands of Apps in the App store for editing pictures and it is quite overwhelming for a new Photographer/Iphoneographer. I found it really overwhelming and interesting at the same time. There were various Apps for Cropping, Collages, Effects, Photo Editing, name it. The list is endless. Many of the Apps are free while some are paid for. I classify some as Semi-Free whereby it is free to download the basics which are no different to any other App out there but you need to do some in-purchase for any extra snazz..crafty and cheeky I would say. I honestly do not know where to start because I am just a newbie in the Iphoneography but I guess I will just work with all the info I have learnt and all the Apps I currently have on my phone.
Original Picture of towers without editing( Taken in bright day light)
Edited picture with Lens Flare App
                                                           APPS for Photo Editing
I have a lot of Apps for editing pictures which include KitCam, PicFx, Pixlromatic, PS Express (Photo Shop Express), Snapseed, Photo Forge2, etc. These are the Apps I currently have installed on my Iphone. I use them strictly for editing pictures such as cropping, enhancing and adding effects to my pictures.

Original Picture taken with Indoor Lighting
Edited picture with Pixlromatic App
                                                                   Camera Apps
These are apps which act like miniature DSLR cameras in addition to your Iphone cameras. They have several settings where you can adjust focal lengths, depths of field, tilt effects, lighting, etc. all you need to do is select the app you need and take your picture directly from the App. There are so many out there but the only ones i have currently on my Iphone are KitCam, Camera +, Pro Camera, Line Camera,  Wood Camera and Hipstamatic. They all offer the different settings and you also have the option of changing the lenses and films in many of them for Analog Camera features.

 Original Picture of House Parliament taken in Daylight

Edited picture with PhotoShop Express and watermarked with PhotoMakr App
                                                      Apps for Collages and Watermark
There are gazillion of these which basically help you create lovely collages of favourite pictures or memories for easy upload and to add a tinge of creativity. They offer different frames and back grounds. Some offer filters and effects. I love using these apps for categorizing my photos for my blog. My favourite Collage apps include InstaCollage, PicCollage, IBooth, etc.
Picture Collage using Pic Collage App
I also have a couple of watermark apps which help you watermark your pictures as a copyright which I think is necessary if you don't want your pictures trolled all around the internet without your permission. My favourite App for Watermarking my Photo is Photomakr. I also have ColorStamper but I don't use it often.

Original Picture and  Edited Picture with Waterize App
                                                                Apps for Effects
I love using effects for my pictures because they always make them look more professional and nice. There are various effects including flares, glares, water, etc. I just larrrrveee them all. I have a couple on my phone and they include ElementFX, ElementFX Pro, Mirrorgram, Repix, Pixloromatic,Water My Photo, PicFX, etc. They all offer varying effects e.g. Water My Photo adds an illusion of water to your photos which I think is brilliant.

Original Picture of my lunch
Same picture edited with RePix App
I am sure you can tell I love these Apps a lot and the chances of not using all of them is very high. This is very true and I am more than guilty of that. I will explore all these various categories in this Iphoneography series which I have started. So stay tuned if you want to learn about the above categories and apps to get wonderful photos. See you in my next

Original picture 
Edited picture with Mirrorgram App
While I gear up towards creating those lovely posts for you all, I am going to introduce to you my secret most used and loved Iphone App of all times - KitCam. I love this App so so so so much and I use this mainly for almost all my pictures.

Original picture 
Edited Picture with Snap Seed App
I am going to do a seperate blog post on Kit Cam following this post because this will be a super long post if I don't. More importantly, I love it so much and I think it deserves its own separate blog post. I hope you all are enjoying this Iphoneography series. 

Original picture of Spring Bloom Shrubs
Edited picture with KitCam App

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