Life Update and Back to Blogging

It feels like such a long time since I blogged on here and I don't think anyone has missed my blog as much as I have. My blog is everything and more to me and I am so glad (fingers crossed) that I am slowly but surely getting back to blogging. So, what happened since the last time I was on here? To be honest, not much has happened. If you follow me on Instagram (and you totally should), you would probably have caught up with what's happening in my life as I usually post a little bit more on Instagram.

Moving to Scotland
I am sure many people who read my blog will know that I was previously based in London and I still absolutely love London (even more now that I have moved away). I moved to Scotland in November 2017 (almost a year now) and I had bittersweet feelings about it. I was happy moving closer to my husband and sad because it was such a big change. For the past 3-4 years, I always visited Scotland at least once every month (or every two months) so I was quite familiar with Scotland. However, I do have to say that visiting a place and living in that place are two different things. I didn't have time to feel sad or process anything because I moved to Scotland one day and started a new job the next day so everything was a bit of a whirlwind. In a way I think it worked out best that way because it just meant I got on with life pretty quick. Nevertheless, it has been great so far and for sure, it has been a learning curve but most of all, I am happy which is the most important thing.

Wedding Ceremonies in Nigeria 
Shortly after moving to Scotland, we started planning our wedding ceremonies which we decided to do in Nigeria because that's where we come from. Planning a wedding from across the continent is no mean task but we had God on our side, an incredible wedding planner and amazing family and friends. I could totally write a whole blog post on all I learnt from planning a wedding as it was really an eye opener and a true tester of several things. We had two ceremonies- A Nigerian Traditional Ceremony infusing both of our cultures/tribes (2 mini ceremonies) and a Church Ceremony. It was a two day event; the traditional ceremony was on a Thursday and the Church Wedding was on a Saturday. Both days will  always remain favourite days in my life and I can't believe I am actually typing that because I am not a wedding-y person as such. Anyway, it was just so good having all our family and friends celebrate with us and I could not stop smiling at all. You can check out some Instagram videos of our ceremonies here, here, here and here.

Back to Everyday Life
We came back shortly after the ceremonies as I had work commitments. I work as a clinical pharmacist in the hospital and August is not a great time for annual leave and everyone needs to be considerate to let others go too . To be honest, I did not mind because we know we will have more time to plan a honeymoon and it will be totally worth it. Now that the wedding is done, I have a teeny weeny bit of time to blog again. My work is still very much full-on but I think I am getting better with my time management so hopefully I come back to blogging as much as I love to.

Where do we go from here?
I have so many reviews of amazing products that I can't wait to share on here. I have done several hauls that I am almost losing count. I have also been sent some great products which I will definitely be reviewing at some point. Lastly, I am even thinking of reviving my YouTube channel (like seriously, who do I think I am?). What would you like to see me blog about on here? Let me know in the comment box below. Most of all a massive thank you for sticking with me...xx


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