Astalift Cleansing Oil Review

Taking my makeup off at the end of the day is one of the activities I look forward to after work every day because it just feels so refreshing and relieving just like taking off my bra at the end of the day :-). The freedom and relief can never be In the past, I started off with using makeup wipes which I still turn to on extremely lazy days. Then, I  moved on to Micellar waters which are still a firm favourite especially with brands like Bioderma and Garnier creating beautiful Micellar waters.

I recently tried Cleansing Oils and I was in shock as to how all, I mean ALL, traces of my makeup were gone. It was truly like magic. I know cleansing oils have been making the rounds in the beauty world for a while now but I just never wanted to jump on the bandwagon because I was pretty satisfied with my current makeup removers (wipes and  micellar waters). I got to try the first cleansing oil which happened to be a Bobbi Brown version at their counter when I went for a makeover and I was astounded as to how effective it proved to be. Since then, my interest had been piqued and I wanted to try one first before buying one. This opportunity came when I got the newsletter from Elys in Wimbledon (I have spoken about them here) saying there were some free samples of Astalift Cleansing Oil up for grabs. Elys is rapidly becoming my favourite department store –watch out Debenhams!  So here is a my little review..

Brief Background of the Astalift
Just like you, I had never heard about Astalift before now. I had spied them in Debenhams and Elys a little while ago but I was not drawn to them and I am not sure why. I guess I thought they looked expensive or I thought it was only for older ladies due to the "Lift" in their name which is partly true. They are experts in anti-ageing skincare but they also have products for younger skin and most skin types so I was not particularly wrong. According to the Astalift Website, they describe themselves as a premium anti-ageing skincare brand which combines unique technological expertise in skincare with advanced molecular research and patented innovation to become specialists. Astalift is a registered trademark of Fujifilm Corporation. I know, I was surprised myself thinking what does photography have to do with skincare? But I guess it’s the research and technology behind their products that shows this relationship and I have been very impressed with this cleansing oil so I guess Fujifilm must know their onions both in skin care and photography.

Honestly, I find the bright orange/red/blood orange colour a bit overwhelming but I am not too fussed about it. It was enclosed in this lovely pouch which i quite like and I am impressed by the overall presentation of the sample; I think it shows good effort on the part of Astalift. I loved it so much that I bought the full size so I can also comment on the packaging of the full size. The packaging is quite similar to the sample except it is obviously bigger and also has a pump which is amazing as it makes application of the product really easy and minimises waste and any accidents. You only need a pump as a little goes a long way.

I am in love with this cleansing oil and I even love it more after trying a cheaper version (The Body Shop Cleansing Oil). It has the lightest texture of oil I have ever come across and It does not feel oily and greasy if that makes any sense. Of course, it’s an oil so it definitely has an oily texture but nothing unbearable. To match the bottle, the oil itself is also a light orange colour which is quite different to any oil out there. It also has a nice fragrance which is a plus for me.  The Astalift Cleansing oil smells really nice and I don’t think the fragrance interferes with the skin if you are particular about fragrances because you have sensitive skin.

How I use it
Easy Peasy. I release one pump of this into my palms and gently massage across my face with my makeup on. To be honest, I am only getting used to it because using oils with my makeup on is just not my thing at all. It feels messy but it gets better every time and the best thing is the results you get. Trust me, it is so worth it and having used this for a few weeks, I think I have gotten over that messy feeling somewhat. I massage this all over my face and spend a little more time around my eye areas if I wore any eye makeup. I let it sit for about 30 seconds and take it off with either warm water or a damp muslin cloth/flannel depending on how I feel.

Ladies and Gents (oh hello gents if you are reading), all and I mean every single trace of makeup goes off with this cleansing oil. I may have to say this is the best way to take my makeup off. I am not saying just this brand but good cleansing oils seem to be the best way to remove all traces of makeup with minimal effort. The science behind this is that the oil breaks down the makeup effectively much more than just water, wipes and even micellar water. Most foundations have some element of oil in them to help keep them preserved and the cleansing oil breaks down these bonds including dirt, grease, grime and facial oils which accumulate on the skin during the course of the day. I wonder why it took me so long to try this. It’s super

This is where things goes a bit downhill. It retails for £19 which is quite steep for a makeup remover but remember it is premium skin care brand so it would be odd to expect any less. Generally, cleansing oils are not cheap even Body Shop’s version is £10 and Bobbi Brown is £20 and I think same with the DHC and Shu Umeura versions which are equally good. The good news is Debenhams has this Astalift Cleansing Oil and other products from their range on half price offer so, go, go, go and grab yours while stocks last.  I picked mine up for £9.50 and I almost squealed for joy. Word on the street is they were moving from Debenhams which is so sad because I was just beginning to fall in love with the brand but I think the counter in Elys Wimbledon is still there but it is full price. UPDATE: Debenhams is currently running 10% off all Beauty and Skincare so with the half price offer, you would be getting this about £8.50 or so and if that's not a bargain. I don't know what is.

1. Full Price is quite expensive but most Cleansing oils are quite pricey
2. I personally feel the packaging is just too bright and overwhelming and it would have been nice to put in more effort in the packaging
3. It is not readily available and may become worse if they move from Debenhams. You can still buy online but sometimes, it is great to go to a counter and try products rather than buying online

Personal Thoughts
I am in love with this product and this prompted me to buy the full size and thank goodness it was on sales. If I had not tried the sample, there is no way I would have thought of trying the brand. I am so glad I did which is yet another reason why brands should keep investing in samples for their customers to try out. I was even prepared to pay full price because the sample was so good. I definitely recommend it and I use this almost every night although I still love my Garnier Micellar Water but this does a better job.
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Blog Anniversary Give-away- Real Techniques Core Collection (Open and International)

I am so glad to be finally hosting this giveaway. I have been crazily busy that it's unreal and I barely had time to update this little blog as you may have noticed. I wanted to do a big giveaway but I thought I may as well start with what I have with me at the moment so more people can have a chance to win when I roll out the rest of the giveaway prizes. I chose the Real Techniques Core Collection Makeup Brush Set because I think it's one of the most practical brush sets anyone can have and it has such great quality. I already have a set of this reviewed here so you can see it in action if you want.

Giveaway Rules
As always I like to keep the rules simple. All you have to do is
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I would start by saying what makes me happy-A lot of things make me happy but this blog makes me really happy and that's because of you lot so a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone!!!

This Giveaway is Open Internationally (as always) and It will run from 29th April to 29th May 2014 which is a full month.  The winner be chosen through and will be announced on the 30th May 2014 here on the blog. I will contact the winner  directly via email. If you are under 18, you would need to obtain permission from your Parent/Guardians if you win. That's it folks. Good luck and see you in my next post...

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy Perfume Review

I love perfumes like many people do and I have always carried a small perfume in a Travalo Atomiser which contains a good mixture of all my favourite scents. Since Spring, I decided to switch up my style and use a couple of samples as my Purse/Handbag Perfumes. I popped into the Boots near work (I do this  often as the offers in there are just so amazing!) and I went straight to their clearance section as I always do and spied The Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy EDP 15 ml for just £3. How could I walk past? That would have been a straight crime so I promptly popped it into my basket. Britney Spears Fantasy Perfume is a fragrance I  have worn a few good times a few years back  and I really liked how long lasting it was.  I was quite happy to go back in time a little with one of my old favourites. With this fragrance, it's either you hate or love it as quite a few people feel it is way too sweet and could be a little over powering but I really like it...

I just love all the packaging of Britney Spears perfume because they just seem to have an air of mystery to it. I know a few people are not really fussed with its packaging but I really like it and it just feels like something you would see in Disney's Alaadin (I jest, I jest!!). I just love looking at it.

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy is chiefly a rich fruity and floral fragrance with  its top notes of  Framboise, Black Cherry and Plum. Middle notes are Night Orchid, Freesia and Iris and its base notes as Amber, Vanilla and Musk. To be honest, I just think of this as a fruity sweet scent because the cherry scent seems to linger the most to me.

Who can wear this
I think this scent will appeal more to younger ladies and teens because it is such a sweet and girly scent. Although, I tend to prefer classy and muted scents, I like this one because it just brings back some nostalgia for me.

Personal Thoughts
I think this is one of the most affordable long lasting perfumes I have ever used. I can still literally smell it on my clothes weeks after I have worn and washed them. The lasting power is incredible which is why it is good to use it sparingly because a little goes a long way. While I won’t rush out to buy a full size, I am quite happy with this miniature size which is perfect for my handbag/makeup bag to freshen up. See you in my next post..x

Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Pad Review

I have been loving the Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix range lately and it is quite surprising because I never really paid attention to the brand despite seeing it every time I pop into Debenhams and Boots. My quest for affordable products containing Glycolic Acid, a very good exfoliant derived from Sugar Cane, led me to giving the range a try and I am really impressed. It is very useful for exofoliating the skin, getting rid of dead skin cells and encouraging cell turnover. I have already reviewed the Glycolic Fix Serum here which is one of my favourite and affordable serums.

I like the packaging mainly because it is very practical. It is very easy to open and close which is essential with any facial pads as you want to ensure that it is kept as moist as possible to prevent loss of the product. I keep this always tightly closed and I only ever open it to get a pad out and close it promptly. You get 60 facial pads in pack which can last you for a month or two depending on how you use it. I use mine twice a day so it lasts me only a month which is fine.

As mentioned earlier, it contains Glycolic Acid which retextures and resurfaces the skin through its exfoliating properties, Hyaluronic Acid which moisturises and hydrates the skin while Blue Daisy soothes and calms the skin. I really like the symphony of ingredients in these pads because I think they work together to ensure your skin gets the most from the product.

How I use it
Pretty straight forward if you ask me. It serves as my exfoliating lotion and I use it straight after cleansing my skin. It is one of the most refreshing facial pads I have ever used and it feels so good especially at night when you need to add back the needed moisture to your face after a long day. It does not sting the skin except you have broken skin. If you have sensitive skin, it would be useful to try this maybe once a day to see how your skin gets on with it but I did not experience any problems although I don't classify my skin as sensitive. It's just Acne-Prone and mega prone to scarring and hyper-pigmentation :-(

Results/Personal Thoughts
To be honest, I can't say I have seen any outstanding results in terms of my dark hyper-pigmentation but I have noticed my skin is clearer and when Mother nature visited, I did not even have any breakouts so I would say it has helped calm my skin down a great deal. I liked it so much that I went to buy another pack (backup) and it was also on offer. Boots always have offers on the Nip+Fab range and you can also find this in Sainsbury's which is where I got mine for under £7 which I think is a massive bargain given the quality. All in all, I am pleased with it and I would keep using it till I run out and then try something else. See you in my next post!

L.A. Colours Eyeshadow Palette Review (Shades-Dreamy and Precious)

I have never been one to turn down popping into the 99p or £1 shops because you can always find gems  in there and my favourite ones are Poundland, Poundworld and 99p stores and they are strewn all over London. I usually buy home ware and toiletries there because they offer a wide variety which are more affordable. Also, you find things there which you have always wanted to buy but never get around buying; I just love shopping there every now and then. Poundland is a very good place to find makeup and cosmetics gems every now and again especially nail polishes which is where I buy most of my Drug Store nail polishes. Occasionally, I find some makeup which I inspect thoroughly to ensure nothing is wrong with it and most times, they have been fine.

A little while ago, I popped into a 99p store around where I live and I was surprised to find these eye shadow palettes from L.A.Colours because I have never really seen any nice makeup in the 99p stores rather I find them in Poundland and sometimes Poundworld. L.A. Colours are a USA based company and I have not really tried much from their range so I was happy to pick these colours up. I was a little sceptical in picking these up because the labelling at the back of the product just looked dodgy but I still bought it because it's 99p so if I don't get along with it, I can toss it. Thankfully, that was not the case.

Shade and Packaging of the L.A. Colour Eyeshadow Palette
The shades I picked up was Precious and Dreamy because I liked the colours of the eye shadows inside. It was sealed so I could only stare at it through the clear packaging. The packaging is quite a holy pain because it is so difficult to open. Of course, I am not a fan of the packaging because it feels cheap which is what it is so I am not really complaining.

Pigmentation/Lasting Power
I have mixed feelings on the colours. I loved all the colours just looking through the packaging but swatching it was just a little disappointing because the colour pay off was really poor except for a few shades like the darker colours. I really like the palest shades as a brow highlight which is perfect. The texture of some of the eye shadows are a bit powdery but others seem fine. It's just a little inconsistent which is annoying. However, I find the pigmentation really good especially with the purple and plum shades in both palettes and with an eye primer, they lasted all day which is incredible as I did not expect that to happen.

L.A. Colour Eye Brow Pencil
On the other hand, I really like this brow pencil because it is just the perfect shade for my brows. The shade is Dark Brown and it is well pigmented and delivers really nice strokes. It came with its own sharpener which I promptly binned because it just wasn't working but I did not mind because the quality of the brow pencil made me so happy. I used my other trusty sharpener and I find that it sharpens really well without breaking which is one of my pet peeves with brow pencils. The brow pencils came in a pack of two with the defunct sharpener which is such a good bargain for 99p although I wonder why they are so short :-( but it means I have a better grip and control during application so it's not too bad!!

Personal Thoughts
I have very mixed feelings on the eye shadows but as I have mentioned several times, it is very cheap so I should not be complaining. It is possible that other L.A. Colour products not sold in 99p shops are better than these ones; who knows? The darker (non-chalky) shades in the palette are amazing and surprisingly well pigmented so I think it makes up for the other dodgy shades. The brow pencils are super and I am so pleased I picked them up. This would not deter me from trying some more makeup from these cheaper stores because I think it's fun!! See you in my next post!

Salvatore Ferragamo Singorina Elegance Perfume Review

Do you remember my review of the Elie Saab L’Eau CouturePerfume last week? Well, what I failed to mention was the series of events that led to finding myself at Elys in Wimbledon. Elys is one of the best department stores I have been to because it has all the lovely brands all housed in a 4-floor building in the heart of Wimbledon. The exciting thing is they are always so generous with their samples as well because they send emails if you have their free beauty card and are subscribed to their newsletter. So, I received an email saying I could get a deluxe sample of the Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Eleganza, I was thrilled. Straight after work, I found myself there and I was a bit taken aback on how pretty the sample was and they definitely were not joking when they said it was a deluxe sample as it holds 5 ml of this lovely scent. I did not use it for a long time because it was so pretty but I decided to pop it into my makeup bag as a touch up perfume and it’s truly the perfect size and smells amazing!!

I would try not to drool but I am really tempted to buy the full size because it is ever so pretty but that would be a waste of resources which are not particularly abundant in the current climate (hahaha, I can’t believe I used a work jargon on my blog, damn!!).  First off, I am a huge fan of the colours. The soft Gold and Nude Beige colours of the packaging are so appealing to me and the little pinkish-beige bow at the top is just the perfect finish to an already pretty packaging.

The first notes that hits you is the fresh scent of the Grapefruit and Pear which paves the way to the sensual scent of Almond Powder and Golden Osmanthus Petals before it settles to Patchouli and White Leather which is a mixture that stays with you for a long time. I really like the combination of scents and I think it sits within the fruity/floral and musk category which I think I prefer with fragrances.

Who is this for?
This fragrance can be worn by anyone from their twenties onward because it is so feminine yet sophisticated. Just like the name implies, it is a really elegant fragrance and I really like to wear it when I am going out because it just feels like the sort of fragrance you want to wear to an occasion.

It comes in different sizes 30ml, 50 ml and 100ml and the starting price ranges from £42, £60 and £81 respectively so it’s an expensive perfume but I think it’s worth it because it is long lasting (it’s an Eau De Parfum), good quality and the packaging is exquisite. I am so pleased I got to try this sample and I would be popping this on my wish list. Have you tried anything from Salvatore Ferragamo?

The Best Facial Cleansers Edit

So, I was trying to rearrange my bathroom and took a look at my cleanser sections and I thought it would be helpful to do a mini round up of all of them especially for the sake of the ones that never had a review of their own. Most of them already have full reviews on this blog anyway and I will attach links to them so you can have a read if you want a full in-depth review.  I know what you are thinking; "why on earth does she have 6 cleansers?". Two are empty, one is going to be binned this weekend and I am left with three cleansers which is not too bad IMO. Let's dive in, shall we?

Estee Lauder Multi Action Gelee Cleanser
This is one of the recent ones  I purchased and i really like it. To be honest, this is the first High End cleanser I have purchased and I love it (review will be up soon). It has combined cleanser and exfoliating properties which endears it to my heart. It feels like a scrub but you can only subtly feel the minute particles , in fact, you can't really but you know they are there and it smells wonderful and luxurious. In terms of its cleansing action, it takes off your makeup and cleanses your skin effectively while gently exfoliating. It's not abrasive and does not leave your skin tight after use. It's a real winner with the exception of its cost.

Lancome Gel Eclat Clarifying Cleanser
I have already reviewed this here and I loved it then and I still do although I reserve it for weekends or when I need to pamper my skin. It has a thick consistency and hugs your skin while working on it. It rinses off really well and I remember saying it does not make your skin tight after use in my previous review but I think it may just ever so slightly  tighten and dry your skin out a little . I realised this after I tested other cleansers and I was able to compare. I got this for free when I purchased some nail polishes from Lancome. I know, I know, Lancome is always so bloody generous.

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Foam Cleanser
This has already been reviewed here and I believe Foam cleansers are not particularly suited to my skin type. I bought it because its Salicylic Acid content was very good for the acne I had at the time but now that there are under control, I don't really use it as much but it's almost finished anyway.

SK:N Vitamin Rich Cleanser for Oily Skin (£11)
This is not particularly high end and it's not drug store either but it sits comfortably between both ends. I have reviewed this here already but I love it. I think it has to be my favourite cleanser because it ticks all the boxes for me. Its active ingredient is Glycolic Acid which helps with exfoliating the skin and clearing dark blemishes especially from Post Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation (PIH) as I have.

Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser (£4.99)
I have just recently reviewed this on here so I would just link it here. I really like this cleanser but I find it hard to completely classify it as a very good cleanser. It removes my makeup effectively and using the muslin cloth (run under hot water) opens up my pores and really feels good. I think it can be used both as a makeup remover and a cleanser afterwards due to its Vitamin E content. I mainly use it as makeup remover but I guess a few others use it as a cleanser which is why it is making an appearance here.  I really like it and it is very affordable. 

Garnier Pure Active Cleansing Gel with Saliycylic Acid (£3.99)
This must have been one of the first cleansers purchased because I wanted something with Salicylic Acid for my acne ridden face (gross I know!!). I think it must have menthol as one of its ingredient because it has that painful cooling effect which is not very pleasant. Being a gel form makes it really easy to use and I quite like the packaging which has a pump. However, I think this product has reached its full life span and is ready to be binned. I actually think I may have purchased this more than once and I think it is a good drug store cleansing gel sans the menthol effect. Hope you enjoyed this little round up and see you in my next post..x

Real Techniques Expert Brush Review

Real Techniques Brushes are one of my favourite brushes and I received the Core Collection as a lovely gift from the BF in 2013 and I was over the moon because I wanted it for so long. I have a review here if you want a cheeky read. The buffer brush has been so used that it is quite tired now and it is at the verge of giving up but I will spare you its gruesome picture but I loved and still love it a lot. It is quite a pain that I can't purchase it on its own as it comes in a set. The other brushes are still fine so I don't see any need to buy another set which is why I settled with the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush which is an all rounder. If you need to know more about the Real Techniques duo behind the brand, head over here as I have written briefly about them but the brand is the brain child of Sam and Nic who are very popular YouTubers and Makeup Artists.

All the Real Techniques Brushes are colour coded. The Gold/Burnt Orange colour code is for Face/Foundation brushes, Pink is the colour code for Setting Brushes like blushers, etc, Purple is the code for Eye Brushes and White is for their Duo Fiber Brush sets. Thankfully, the  is one of the brushes you can buy alone which is great and it can also stand on its own on your dresser or makeup table. I like the packaging as it has picture of the Real Techniques Duo and tells you how to use the brush. The brush itself is labelled which is very handy especially if you are new to makeup.

Just like many other RT brushes, this is a multi-tasking brush as I use it for a couple of things. As the name implies, it is an expert face brush which can be used for foundation and for powder. I use it mainly for foundation because it just seems to be the perfect size to reach all parts of my face. The bristles are densely packed but they are very soft. My foundation just seems to glide across my face easily and buffed in seamlessly to give an even and flawless finish. I do find that it absorbs more product/foundation and sheers it out nicely on your face but it also means that you have to wash it regularly.

Comparison to the Real Techniques Buffing Brush
I like both brushes a lot and if they sold the buffing brush separately, I am pretty sure I would have picked it up but I am glad I picked this one to try out because it is amazing. Both of they are quite similar in their use as they are excellent with foundation and cream blushes. However, the expert face brush is smaller and has a slightly rounded brush head which I think makes application of foundation easier and more flawless. The buffer brush has a flatter and is slightly domed shape which makes it ideal for both foundation and powder in my opinion. In terms of density, the Expert face brush has more density than the buffer brush but both are equally soft and easy to use. Also, the expert face brush is slightly smaller in size and I actually prefer it that way because my hands are small anyways so they are the perfect size for me.

As with all Real Techniques brushes, shedding is very minimal  and I have not experienced any shedding whatsoever and I don't expect to. I experienced shedding with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush after almost a year and a few months and I think that's amazing as it had been sorely used. Washing this brush is a dream and all the dirt comes off easily and it dries really fast so you can actually wash it everyday and it would be ready for use.

It set me back £9.99 in Boots and it's sad because I should have bought this during the 3 for 2 offer which Boots had for a long time. I didn't buy anything during that period and I can't believe I did not. If you live in the USA, I hear it is cheaper and it retails for about $8 or less. I guess you can also buy this online especially from Amazon which I know run some deals on the Real Techniques Brushes every now and then as well as some other online beauty stores who have offers every now and again. To be honest, for the quality you get, I think £9.99 is well worth spending on this brush because it is excellent and i love it.

Personal Thoughts
I love it and I have been using it everyday since I bought it. It makes my application of foundation really easy and makes it all so blended with minimal effort on my part. I have my eyes on a couple of brushes but I am going to wait until I snap up on a good deal. Meanwhile, I can still lust after the other brushes currently on my wish list e,g. The Real Techniques Retractable Bronzer and Powder Brushes, Real Techniques Setting Brush and Real Techniques Blusher Brush...I am coming for ya!!! See you in my next post...x

Garnier Eye Makeup Remover Review

As promised from yesterday’s post on the Garnier Micellar Water Review, this is the sequel to the wonder waters/makeup removers from Garnier. I am really impressed with Garnier in respect to their makeup removers and I hope they whirl out even more products. The first eye makeup remover i ever tried was the Nivea Eye Makeup Remover which was an absolute disaster. It was painful, greasy and gave me huge panda eyes and it totally put me off. I think i used it only twice and gave up. That experience scarred me from any kind of eye makeup remover until I got a little sample from Clinique which was their offering of the eye makeup remover which was really nice so somehow my faith in these makeup removers were restored and even heightened after I tried the Garnier Eye Makeup Remover.

When I heard about the lunch launch (can you tell I am super hungry as I type since my brain interpreted launch as lunch..oh well!) of the Garnier Makeup Remover and Micellar Water, I was really keen on trying them because I had read a handful of positive reviews. I went hunting for them but they were always sold out until I found the Garnier Eye Makeup Remover in Sainsbury’s as I was grocery shopping. It was even on sales for about £2.23 or so and I quickly snatched it up. I love the packaging as it is very portable and secure. No chance of any spillage at all which makes it good for travelling. It has a white lid which flips and closes easily and the opening at the top is the right amount to let out the right amount of product. You also get 125 ml of products which I think is reasonable.

What Garnier Says
Garnier tells us that this little baby here removes all eye makeup including water-proof makeup and it protects the lashes with the inclusion of the Arginine which also strengthens it. Further to that, it does not feel greasy, no rubbing required and it is very gentle on the eyes. I have to agree with majority of the claims as it does what it says.

How I use it
As you can see from the picture, it is a bi-phase liquid which means it contains both oil and water which are separated by layers and you can physically see it. I am not sure which layers is which but I think the lower clear layer is the aqueous (water) phase while the purple-ish layer is the oil phase. To get optimum result, it is recommended to give it a nice shake ensuring the lid is closed else you won’t be happy with this splashing across your face. Once it is well shaken, I apply a little amount on a cotton pad, hold for a few seconds on each eye and swipe gently. I won’t say all my eye makeup goes off with one swipe but majority comes off. I swipe again (no need to add more product) and everything is off.  I use one cotton pad for each eyes so I use a total of two although you can use one cotton pad for both eyes using the back and front but that’s a lot of faff so I just use a new cotton pad for each eye (totally TMI I know!!!). The reason why I love this is it does not have that greasy feeling at all which my pet peeve is. It does not sting either which is very delightful especially as I wear contacts and I really like to take care of my eyes.

I am not sure how much the normal retail price is but I am pretty sure it can’t be more than £3 and it is currently on sales in various stores such as Boots, Superdrug and even normal grocery stores like Tesco and Sainsbury's for about £2. I picked mine up for about £2.23 or thereabouts which is such a bargain. You don’t get a lot of product as it is only 125 ml but you only need a little for each application.

Personal Thoughts
I love this eye makeup remover and i am so glad I tried it because it is effective, no greasy annoying feeling, no stinging and more importantly, no panda eyes!! It is such a bargain and it is easily available and I have to say I am really impressed with Garnier. I can’t help but notice or give them props for using colours that are very attractive to the eyes. They used pink for the Micellar water and purple for the eye makeup remover and these colours are really attractive. The eye makeup remover has a very close similarity in the colour scheme just like the Clinique version...naughty Garnier. Have you tried any product from the Garnier Makeup Removing range?

Garnier Micellar Water Review

Micellar waters have taken the beauty and makeup world with a storm a few years ago and it is going nowhere rather more brands are busy reinventing old formulas to make kick ass micellar waters while others are creating new ones with the hope of being the best around. The truth is Bioderma is the best (in my opinion) micellar water out there and I am sure many would agree with me but its unavailability makes it quite a pain to get your hands on. Enter Garnier with their offering of  The Garnier Micellar Water to give Bioderma a real run for their money complete with the cute pink packaging..

Would you just look at the cute pink packaging? I think it looks so pretty and it reminds me of the Bioderma Sensibio Micellar water. I think the packaging is really attractive and definitely caught my eye in Boots. Another feature I like is the fact that the bottle is squeezy which is really handy when you need to squeeze some into a cotton pad. The lid has a really tiny opening which is perfect because you really don’t need too much of this else it gets a bit messy like the L’Oreal’s Micellar Water which had a mini review over here. The L’Oreal version has a wider opening which let out more product than required which was an absolute bummer. More importantly, you get 400ml of product.<---Copy that...A massive whooping 400ml of product and Garnier pride themselves in saying it can deliver 200 uses if you use it as instructed which is 2 ml per use which I think is very reasonable. Moving on...

What does it do?
It clearly tells us on the bottle. Everything is rather straightforward. It removes makeup including eye makeup which I find to be true. It is hypoallergenic which makes it great for sensitive skin and it does not have any fragrance at all. It’s just very straightforward I told you. No messing about, just straight talking makeup remover in a cute packaging.

How I use it?
Again, using this is as easy as you can get. This is the first stage of my cleansing and I enjoy using it. I tip the bottle gently over a cotton pad and swipe across my face, sometimes starting with my eyes (before I purchased the Garnier Eye Makeup Remover with review coming up soon). Most times, I use two cotton pads and it does the job of effectively taking off all my makeup. It feels very refreshing against my skin and it’s just like water. I find that if I accidentally use a lot on the cotton pad, it feels too “wet” on my face which is why it is useful to just use a little and go back with another cotton pad if you feel your face needs more. If you are feeling a little tired and lazy, this can take your makeup off effectively but it won't be cleansing your skin which is different to removing your makeup and many times people assume they are the same thing.

This is where the fun begins. This mahoosive  400 ml bottle cost varies but I think the most expensive you can get it for is £3.99. I bought mine for about £3 from Boots and it was on sale. The price, packaging and effectiveness has made it one of the most affordable micellar waters out there in my own opinion. I have tried a few micellar waters including Bioderma and I can say this is the closest dupe for  the Bioderma and i think it can even give Bioderma  a good run for its money because it is easily affordable, cost effective, lovely packaging and large size.

Personal Thoughts
I love this micellar water and I am so happy I purchased it. Although, you can find it in many Boots and Superdrug stores, you really have to be fast because I always find that it is sold out which is quite annoying but good for their sales and I think I found this after many trios to the above named stores and it was the last one. Enough said, go pick up yours. Stay tuned for the Garnier Eye Makeup Remover Review up soon. Have you tried any other micellar waters?

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