Tropika Coconut Cleansing Oil Review

I love using cleansing oils and balms to take off my makeup because they are most effective at removing makeup even waterproof ones (especially as a first cleanse). I remember when I was terrified of the idea of using oils on my face to remove my makeup as I felt it will be greasy and messy. However, I have been using oils so much now that I no longer think of the process as being greasy and messy because the results are so worthwhile. I was recently introduced to Tropika Beauty a few weeks ago and was kindly sent their Coconut Cleansing Oil*. Of course, I was excited to try it out and I wanted to share my thoughts on it on here.

Brief Overview of Tropika
Tropika Beauty is a family founded business led by a lovely busy mother of 5 who is passionate about natural health and wellbeing. All their ingredients are sourced from natural Malaysia resources such as Virgin Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and other amazing plant based extracts. Tropika Skincare Beauty products are are made in Malaysia and they support local communities with sustainable virgin coconut oil production, taking care of the people and the land. The special thing about their virgin coconut oil is that they have a unique way of fermenting the coconut milk which means they require less coconuts to produce the same amount of oil thereby supporting the environment. You can read more about their story here and ingredients here.

After reading about the Coconut Cleansing Oil on their website, I was looking forward to testing it out to see what makes it different to other cleansing oils I have tried. I have to say I love the packaging the Coconut Cleansing Oil came in. Granted it came in a press sample packaging but I loved the extra details. It came in the Tropika Beauty Gift bag with a tag labelled "Liv" in heart shaped buttons and I thought it was the cutest thing ever! In addition, the lovely Tropika Beauty PR kindly included a palm tree shaped key ring which I love so much and it is currently attached to my keys. It reminds me of when I was away on holiday in Barcelona surrounded by the beautiful palm trees. Now onto the actual packaging of the Coconut Cleansing Oil-it has an outer packaging with a tropical theme going on. This design is both on the outer packaging and the actual bottle. 

The outer and inner packaging have the full list of ingredients, instructions to use and details of the manufacturers which I find really useful as I sometimes throw away the outer packaging of some products. The bottle contains 100 ml of the Coconut Cleansing Oil and considering you need a little for each cleanse, I see this bottle lasting a considerable time. Initially I thought I would have a problem with the bottle not having a pump but I found that the lid, which has a tiny opening,  actually works well in managing the amount that comes out. Of course, there is a danger of accidentally pouring out more than you need but I am quite careful so that has not happened. I also think the lid makes it quite secure especially for travelling.

Ingredients/Texture /Formula
I imagined that it would contain only the Virgin Coconut Oil and Olive Oil but I was surprised that it had other ingredients including Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (Sunflower Seed Oil) and Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract (Licorice Seed Extract). As already mentioned, these ingredients are responsibly sourced from Malaysia. Due to the unique way they produce their oils, there are no chemicals in their oils and no pesticides are used on their farms. The cleansing oil smells so gorgeous and very tropical. It reminds me of a tropical juice I had when I was away on holiday so it is such a pleasure for me to use every night. It does not smell entirely of coconut at all but you can definitely smell it in this oil. I'd definitely say it is more of a tropical scented oil than a coconut one. The texture is a really lovely one as it does not feel greasy at all; it actually feels like a nice dry oil. If you are scared of using greasy cleansing oils, be rest assured you'd totally adore the texture of this cleansing oil. I think the beautiful texture (and the gorgeous holiday scent) is part of the reason why I have been reaching for it a lot lately.

How I Use the Tropika Coconut Cleansing Oil
Tropika describe the Coconut Cleansing Oil as an uplifting fusion of oils perfect for everyday use. According to their website, it is a luxurious daily cleansing oil designed to effortlessly melt away makeup and lift impurities revealing a brighter and healthier looking complexion. The directions for use on the bottle recommend applying 3-4 drops to the face and adding some water to create a silky milk consistency which can be massaged to remove dirt/makeup and rinsing with water. I tried the above method and I liked it but I didn't love it. Instead I prefer to apply 3-4 drops on my face and massage it with mt hands thoroughly to lift off my makeup/dirt and then use a hot cloth (run under hand-hot water) and towel it off. 

My Experience
I cannot even describe how amazing this cleansing oil works at removing my makeup. There really isn't any makeup residue left at all on my face but I still go back with my second cleanse. You can use it to remove eye makeup including waterproof eye makeup but I prefer using a bi-phase eye makeup remover on my eyes. I still use the Tropika Coconut Cleansing Oil around my eye area to start off the eye makeup removing process but I only do this when I wear heavy eye makeup. My face does not have a greasy film or residue after I use it and I am so pleased about that. I have used some cleansing oils which leave a greasy film/residue on my face which I find uncomfortable but thankfully I always do a double cleanse. The Tropika Coconut Cleansing Oil has not irritated my skin or broken me out and for reference I have combination oily skin which is easily prone to breakouts.

Where to Buy //Link //£17.99
I already mentioned that the bottle contains 100ml of product which does not sound like a lot considering that it retails for £17.99.  However, I have used it for almost three weeks straight and I have a lot left in the bottle. I only need a small amount because it is enough for my entire face and a little goes a long way (the kind of products I love).  As far as I know, the Tropika Coconut Cleansing Oil can only be purchased from the Tropika website. They also have other lovely products which are worth checking out.

Overall Thoughts
I am just really pleased to discover another great brand that makes products with sustainable and responsibly sourced ingredients. I have really enjoyed using this cleansing oil and I am looking to compare all the cleansing oils I have tried in one post. Hope you had a great weekend and see you in my next post. Have you heard about Tropika Beauty?
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Aveda Earth Month 2017

I am always very excited whenever I get an Aveda delivery because I have tried, tested and loved their products over the past year. Towards the end of last month, I got a lovely package containing their newly launched Aveda Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner* and their 2017 Limited Edition Light the Way Candle* just in time for Earth Month (a charity initiative that raises money to upport access to clean water projects for communities in need across the globe). I am a big fan of charities and I do donate to some charities which are close to my heart so I was very happy to support this Aveda on this initiative. I thought I'd give a brief review of the products I was sent and also tell you more about the Earth Month initiative so you can show your support.

Aveda Earth Month 2017: The #Aveda5Mile Challenge //Link
Aveda usually launches their Aveda Earth Month every April and they show their support via various means. If you are wondering what Earth Month is all about; I totally have you covered. Earth Month is essentially a charity initiative that raises money to support access to clean water projects for communities in need across the globe. Aveda usually shows their support via donations to Water Aid and they have done this for several years. Over these years, they have successfully raised £745K which has funded projects in Ethiopia, Nepal and most recently, India. For 2017, the focus is on women and girls in Andhra Pradesh, India. Aveda is joining forces to raise awareness by asking people to take on the #Aveda5mile Challenge. Why 5 Miles, you may ask? 5 miles represents the distance some women have to walk to for a daily supply of clean water for drinking, hygiene and sanitation needs. It is so sad to even think about it and that's why I think this is such an important cause to support. Aveda is asking for our support by taking on a 5 mile challenge (be it in walking, rowing, climbing, cycling, anything you fancy) and on completion sharing an inspirational image and message on Instagram using the #Aveda5Mile and including the WaterAid text to donate details (text "Aveda" to 70123). By doing this, an automatic donation of £3 will be sent to WaterAid and the Aveda Earth Month Campaign 2017. You can also choose to tag a friend to pass on the Earth Month baton and nominate them to take on the Aveda 5 Mile challenge. I think it is pretty straightforward and I will also be posting the same details on my Instagram. I have been practising my 5 Mile challenge by walking to work and I am hoping to complete 5 miles before the end of the month. The challenge is on from 1st-30th April 2017. I hope we can all come together and support such a worthy cause!!

Aveda Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner*// Link //£26
I currently have braids on and this Aveda Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner arrived at the best time for me. Whenever I have braids on, I tend to stay clear of any products that will dry out my hair or attract dirt/grime to my braids and scalp. I usually reach for products that will provide adequate moisture to my hair without any residue and maintaining this moisture level through the day. The newly launched Aveda Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner is designed to condition, detangle and soften hair on non-wash days and it really does what it says on the packaging. Its ingredients are 97% naturally derived and I am always happy to use hair care products that are natural. It contains a blend of certified Organic Jojoba and Sunflower Seed oils, 25 pure Flower and Plant essences including certified Organic Lavender, Petitgrain and Ylang Ylang. As you would imagine, it smells absolutely divine. I could pretty much use this as a pillow spray before I go to bed because it feels so calming- like I am relaxing in an amazing spa awaiting a massage.

I have been reaching for it everyday since it arrived and it is the only product I currently use on my braids. When it comes to sprays, the first thing I check is the way the mist is dispensed and I am so pleased with this one. It sprays an even fine mist that completely covers each section of my hair. It feels refreshing and adds some moisture back to my hair which is all I just really want. My hair feels really soft and smells so great.  I can't wait to try it out on my Afro when I take out my braids to see how well it works on detangling and softening my Afro. I  feel like when summer fully kicks in, I would pop this in my handbag to quickly refresh my hair when the sun makes my hair dry. It contains 100 ml of product so I think it will last a good while. It is an absolute winner for me and I really enjoy using it.

Aveda Light the Way Candle* //Link //£16
I believe Aveda creates a new candle every year to support Earth Month and for 2017, they have created the Light the Way Candle with  tag line "Light the Way and Make a Difference". Aveda is essentially inviting everyone to light the way to clean water by making one small change at a time. For this year (2017), Aveda will be donating 100% of the purchase price of this limited edition candle (which retails for £16) to Global Greengrants Fund- a nonprofit organisation that changes high impact grands to grassroots groups working to solve environmental problems around the world. Since 2007, Aveda has raised $13 million through various limited editions of the Light the Way candles sales. I love when brands do a 100% profit donation and it just goes to show how dedicated they are to the initiative, so a massive well done to Aveda!!

The outer packaging of the candle is so gorgeous. When I found out that the illustrations on it were created by children living in the region of Manakara Madagascar who have benefited Earth Month initiatives, it totally warmed my heart. I love it and I will definitely be keeping it as long as I can to remind me of these kids. The candle in itself smells so beautiful and exactly like a spa. Although it is quite a small candle, the scent fills my entire room,  in fact when my package arrived, I could smell it through the parcel. Its ingredients include Soya Wax, Certified Organic Vanilla, Cinnamon and Ylang Ylang from Madagascar. I definitely don't want it to finish quickly so I have been burning it exclusively on days when I need to relax (believe me I have had so many lately!!). It burns very smoothly and there is no tunnelling in sight.

Recap of Ways to Support Aveda Earth Month
1.  Take on the Aveda 5 Mile challenge (be it in walking, rowing, climbing, cycling, anything you fancy) and on  completion sharing an inspirational image and message on Instagram using the hashtag #Aveda5Mile and including the WaterAid text to donate details (text "Aveda" to 70123).
2. You can also simply (text "Aveda" to 70123). By doing this, an automatic donation of £3 will be sent to WaterAid and the Aveda Earth Month campaign 2017.
3. You can choose to tag a friend to pass on the Earth Month baton and nominate them to take on the Aveda 5 Mile challenge.
4.  Purchase the Light the Way Candle for £16 and 100% of the purchase price will be donated to Global Greengrants Fund- a nonprofit organisation that changes high impact grands to grassroots groups working to solve environmental problems around the world.

Overall Thoughts
I know this was a different kind of post and I really enjoyed writing it and taking the photos as usual.I will be posting an update on my Instagram on how I get on with my 5 Mile Challenge. I will also be donating and I know that the funds will be put into good use so I encourage you to donate to by texting "Aveda" to 70123.  I hope you enjoyed this post and you'd also be supporting Aveda in their Earth Month initiative. See you in my next post...xx
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Project Renegades Perfume Review

Back in February, I was very lucky to be invited to the Project Renegades launch in Harvey Nichols and to meet the incredible founders of the range. It was an early morning event which is always tricky for me because I work full time but I am glad I was able to make it. From the name alone, I sensed it Project Renegades would be out of this world and I was not wrong at all. The event was held in the Beauty Lounge in Harvey Nichols which is such a beautiful place for an event as the lighting/aesthetics is perfect. I have been to two events in the same venue and it always looked fabulous. When I arrived, I spotted the creators of the brand and some bloggers I knew and everyone was just having a great time. There was a brief introduction by their PR brand and the creators behind the brand gave us a short presentation (I will talk about the founders later in the post).

I really enjoyed listening to these amazing creators as they sounded so passionate. You could tell they put in so much effort in creating these perfumes and it is totally evident in the quality of these fragrances. I was very kindly gifted all the fragrances and I have been enjoying them all. I have used these fragrances on their own or layered on top of each other and each time they all delivery amazing results. They are definitely one of my current favourite fragrances and I don't think any week has passed without me using at least one of them.

Brief Overview of Project Renegades
If you are a perfume lover, I am sure you must have heard about or come across Escentric Molecules, Acqua de Parma, Penhaligons and Comme de Garcon at some point. I am sure you are wondering what the relationship is. Well, the creators behind Project Renegades are expert perfumers who have created fragrances for these brands so they have so much experience in the industry. Their names are Mark Buxton, Bertrand Duchaufour and Geza Schoen. They have created so many fragrances over the years and finally came to a point where they wanted something more from the industry. They were bored of the industry churning out very similar fragrances and decided to create something that will shake up the industry. And they totally nailed it all the way, if you ask me. They came together along with Paul White (who created the visuals for the brand) and developed Project Renegades. I can imagine them having so much fun in the laboratory while creating these fragrances. There was no brief holding them back so they put in all the passion and creativity they could muster and the end results is absolutely incredible. Most importantly, they are so unique and you can be sure that you don't own anything similar to these fragrances in your perfume stash. The lasting power of these fragrances are out of this world as they last all day. The good thing is they are not overpowering both to you and to others; they are just the perfect balance of how you want your fragrance to wear through the day.

There is no way I could skip talking about the packaging of the Project Renegades fragrances. I think it'd be an absolute crime to do so! The creativity behind the design is just inspiring and I don't think I have come across any other perfume with such stunning packaging. There is an outer sleeve which has a colour scheme to match the individual fragrance. It also has all the information about the brand and the ingredients list. Next up is the second packaging which has such beautiful eye catching illustrations.

The illustrations (the avatar design) on second packaging are similar to the avatar of fridge magnet mascot on the actual perfume bottle and it represents each of the Project Renegades creators. I absolutely love it and I will be keeping them all even when the fragrances have run out. The good thing is this packaging has an enclosure which keeps the perfumes safe and snug so it does not move around in the box. While this packaging is not particularly travel friendly, if you do end up travelling with them, you know they will arrive intact without any damage.

Each bottle has a fridge magnet mascot which represents each creators as avatars. They are removable so you can choose to leave them on the bottle or stick them on the fridge; it's up to you. I have left them all on the bottle because I think they add so much character to the perfume bottles. The perfume bottles don't have lids which reminds me of Escentric Molecule fragrances which I actually don't mind.  I have travelled with them a few times without their outer packaging and surprisingly, they were no accidents.  Each bottle has 100ml of fragrance which is pretty standard for fragrances. I would say that these fragrances are unisex and I love that anyone can wear them. My choice of fragrance depends on my mood however I have always had something for woody, musky almost androgynous fragrances. I think it goes right back to when I was a kid and my Dad let me and my siblings spray his fragrances. I still love feminine fragrances but androgynous and unisex scents will always have a special place in my heart (or let's say perfume heart). 

Project Renegades- Bertrand Duchafour* //Link //£155
"Renegades isn't edgy; it's over the edge"- Bertrand Duchafour. 
Bertrand Duchafour is a perfumer-in-residence at L'Artisan Parfumuer and also specialises in working with other brands like Comme de Garcons and Penhaligon's to name a few. He currently works from his laboratory in Paris. From the name of this fragrance, you can guess he created it. The top notes are Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Cardamom, Gin, Cassis and Galbanum. The middle notes are Red Berries, Frankincense and Hinoki (Japanese Pine). The base notes include Fir Balsam, Driftwood and Amber. 

I would describe this fragrance as a woody spicy one with hints of  the freshness of sea breeze. It is a good unisex fragrance and I reach for this for weekdays when I am working because it just makes me feel very classy, professional and elegant. I know it sounds silly that a fragrance can make you feel that way but fragrances play a large role in my mood. I feel this fragrance is a good example of a unisex fragrance. My Dad was a big fan of layering his fragrances so no one could tell what exactly he was wearing and this fragrance reminds me so much of him. I think that's why I am so drawn to it and it is actually a special one for me. If you are into woody or exotic spiced fragrances, you'd totally adore this scent.

Project Renegades- Geza Schoen*//Link //£155
"Renegades is about playing around, not taking ourselves too seriously"- Geza Schoen. 
Geza is the creator of Escentric Molecules which is often referred to as the "anti-fragrance fragrance brand". He is also the creator of the Beautiful Mind Series which are scents that celebrate women for their brains, not just their body. He works from his own laboratory in Berlin. Geza Shoen's Renegades fragrance is centred around pink pepper, creating a portrait of the whole tree including its berries, bark and leaves and this is evident in the notes. The top notes are Pink Pepper Oil, Pink Pepper Absolue, Cassis, Lemon, Lime and Bergamot. The middle notes are Fir, Juniper, Osmanthus Absolue, Hedione, Hedional, Iris Pallida and Mate. The base notes include Iso E Super, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Labadnum, Incense, Moss, Myrrh, Castoreum and Musk Ambrette. 

I was instantly drawn to this fragrance right from the launch mainly because I am already a huge fan of Geza's Escentric Molecules (read my review here). I love the notes in this fragrance because it incorporates woody, spicy and citrus scents. The fragrance in itself has a light green colour which I really love. I don't know why but I find this fragrance very sexy and sensual. The funny thing is it still works out well as a unisex fragrance and honestly, it's just one of those scents that you can't completely describe unless you experience it yourself. I save this for weekends, outings, nights out, etc. It's like my feel good scent and I absolutely love it. If you are into unique notes of wood, spice and citrus, you'd adore this fragrance.

Project Rengades- Mark Buxton* //Link //£155
"Fragrances are not daring enough. We are the freaks who are going to change that."- Mark Buxton.
Mark Buxton is the perfumer most associated with Comme de Garcons. He actually created their first fragrance, Eau de Parfum, and went on to mastermind many others in the Comme range. He also has his own brand, Mark Buxton Collection, and is a partner in Perfarium which develops fragrances for private labels. He works from his own laboratory in Paris. Mark Buxton's Renegades fragrance is a unique blend of woody, spicy and smoky leather rose. The top notes are Basil, Lentisk, Black Pepper, Cassia Flower and Galbanum. The middle notes are Bay, Rose and Leather. The base notes include Labdanum, Guaiacwood, Vetiver and Amber. 

I am always attracted to anything with Amber and I don't know what it is about it that just makes me feel so happy. This is also another unisex fragrance but it feels slightly more masculine than the others. Nevertheless, I still reach for it because it is beautifully unique. The unusual addition of the smoky leather rose really makes this fragrance special and I love it. I currently have this fragrance in my Travalo and I love giving myself a quick spritz of this fragrance. If you love woody/amber scents but you want one that is unique, you definitely need to check out this fragrance.

Where to buy// Link //£155 (each)
As far as I know, they are sold only on Harvey Nichols in the UK. If there any other retailers, I'd add more links. They are quite expensive at £155 but I have to say they are totally worth every single penny. First off, you need a tiny spritz which really lasts all day so you are looking at a fragrance that can last for almost a year. During the launch, the perfumer/creators told us that they have still kept the price as affordable as they could even with the high quality ingredients they used. It's not just their word for it; the quality of these fragrances speak for themselves.

Overall Thoughts
I definitely think these fragrances have quickly made it into my top 5 fragrances because they are so unique and I always get compliments whenever I wear them. People have come into rooms where I've been and walked up to me to say they love my fragrance. It's so difficult for me to choose my favourite from the trio because they all bring something different to the table. However, I think I am drawn most to the Bertrand Duchaufour's Renegades fragrance because it reminds me so much of my Dad (I am unashamedly a Daddy's girl). If I could wear it everyday, I would but I still love to switch it up every now and then. I have also layered all three fragrances and the end result was so beautiful. I tend to do this layering more on outings or weekends because I feel more playful and relaxed. I really hope you enjoyed this post. Have you tried the Project Renegades Fragrances?
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