Natasha Denona Bronze Palette Review (Swatches + Video)

I have never tried Natasha Denona palettes but I'd heard so many good things about her palette. I was super excited when the Bronze Palette was launched and even more excited when I found out that it was affordable. I deliberated as usual but I ended up caving in and I have no regrets because I have used this palette a whole lot especially in the past month. Right let's get into the nitty gritty...

I love the packaging of the Natasha Denona Bronze Palette because you can tell they put in a good amount of thoughts in designing it. The outer packaging is just a regular paper one but it has a great amount of information about each of the eyeshadows. It goes into great detail which I find really refreshing. The palette itself is made of durable plastic and the top cover has a nice glossy finish. It is easy to clean and does not retain stains on it. Inside the palette, all the eyeshadows have the names inscribed clearly. The different thing about this palette is that the back of the palette has little holes which allows you remove the eyeshadows (if you wanted to) and rearrange it or just take your favourite eyeshadow (maybe if travelling). I personally would travel with the palette because the size is not bad at all but I know some people prefer to travel with smaller palettes. I love that it has a god sized mirror and the overall quality of the packaging is fantastic.  

Video // Link // Subscribe
I also filmed a video showing what the eyeshadows look like including a mini tutorial. If you prefer to watch videos of eyeshadow palettes, I have you covered and you can watch it above or through this link. I would love it if you also subscribed to my channel here. 

Inside the Palette 
The palette contains 15 gorgeous eyeshadows which are made up of different finishes including matte, metallic, duo chrome and chroma crystal. The Natasha Denona website describes the bronze palette as a palette with groundbreaking buttery smooth hydrating eyeshadow formula in entrancing brown and vibrant bronze shades. I have to agree that the eyeshadows do indeed have such beautiful buttery textures especially the matte formulas. The eyeshadows are made in Italy (as mentioned on their packaging) and are free from alcohol, paraben, mineral oil. They are not tested on animals which is amazing. The net weight of the palette of the eyeshadows is 19.25g . The names of the eyeshadows are inscribed inside the palette and the back of the packaging has the ingredients list of each eyeshadow which I thought was really impressive. The names of the eyeshadows are listed below:

True Copper - a warm copper shade with a metallic finish and I love this on my eyelid
Suntan- a warm medium brown shade which is a perfect crease colour for medium to darker skin tones
Sundown- a medium light-yellow brown which is a perfect crease or transition colour for many skin tones
Deep Dive- a deep brown egg plant shade which can work well in the outer crease 
Rhodium- a medium warm purple shade with a silver reflect 
Magma- a medium dark brown shade which is perfect as a crease, transition and outer crease shade
High Degree- a red copper shade which is perfect for summer and autumn
Alloy- a vibrant bronze shade with a gold reflect 
Ridge- medium warm mustard shade which is great in the crease for a natural look
True Bronze- a bronze shade with a foiled effect
Gloaming - a burnt umber with a light bronze effect 
Paladdium- a warm pinkish taupe shade with a metallic finish
Bliss- a red-pink shade with golden-green reflect
Silk- champagne shade with a foiled effect
Beach- a warm light peachy beige shade

Pigmentation and Wear Power
I have used this palette almost everyday in the past month and I have loved using it. I had to put it away so my other eyeshadows could get a chance too :-). There are 5 matte eyeshadows in the palette and the rest are a mix of metallic, duo chrome and chroma finishes. As already mentioned, I love the texture and pigmentation of the matte eyeshadows and I particularly love that there is not much fall out with them. The metallic shades are my absolute favourites because they are very pigmented and last a great while on my eyelids (with an eyeshadow primer because I always use eyeshadow primers with all my eyeshadows). I am suspecting the chroma crystal shades are True Bronze and Silk and I think these shades are better as topper shades (used on top of other eyeshadows). I have to say I am not such a big fan of them on their own but they do apply better with finger tips or a wet brush. Maybe, I need to find a better way to apply them to love them as much as the others. I was slightly disappointed with Rhodium because I expected a little bit more when I applied it on my eyelid but I think it may work best to create a smoky look (which I rarely do). My absolute favourite shades in the palette are Palladium (perfect for my complexion), High Degree, True Copper, Alloy and Gloaming. I thought Beach and Ridge may work as brow bone highlight shades for me but they are not light enough so instead they work better as crease colours when I want a neutral look. This only means that I can't use this palette alone as I have to include a brow bone highlight shade.

Cost // Link //£60
Natasha Denona Palettes are quite expensive and I have to say their exorbitant prices has prevented me for making a purchase because I could not justify it. However, I am so delighted that I was able to get this palette at a reasonably reasonable price. It is not the cheapest of palettes by any standards but for the quality of both the eyeshadows and the packaging, I have to say it was worth every penny. I have got so much use out of the palette and it is definitely one of my current favourite eyeshadow palettes.

Overall Thoughts
This is my first eyeshadow palette from Natasha Denona and I have to say I am very impressed and it definitely exceeded my expectation. I love the colours, their finishes, the design and functionality of the packaging. You can tell a lot of thought was put into developing this palette and I love the colour story. It's a winner for me and I believe it is worth every penny spent. It would definitely make a perfect gift for Christmas or for a birthday. That's it from me. Have you tried the Natasha Denona Bronze Palette?

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Beautonomy Eyeshadow Palette Review (Customized Eyeshadows)

If you are regular reader of my blog, you'd know that I am a certified eyeshadow lover. I love eyeshadows but only eyeshadows with great pigmentation and textures. I was very kindly contacted by the Beautonomy PR team who asked me to try out their customized eyeshadow palette. Before then, I had not heard about the brand but once I got on their website I was intrigued. I read a few reviews and watched some IG videos and YouTube videos and I was sold. I got on the website, customised my palette and it arrived a few days later. I have used these eyeshadows for a few weeks and I finally want to share my thoughts on these eyeshadows. 

Urban Decay Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette Review

I can't believe it took me so long to finally review this gorgeous Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette. I remember purchasing it last year when Urban Decay had a 40% off sale and I was so chuffed at getting it at such a bargain. I initially went to look at it in store when it was first launched but surprisingly I was not impressed by the looks of the sample palette (especially as it looked messy from various smudges from being on display). Thankfully, I decided to look at it again and read more review (+ watch YouTube videos) and let's say the rest is history.

It comes in a beautiful honey-gold plastic casing which feels like metal but it really is just durable plastic. I love the design so much and it feels really well made as expected from Urban Decay. Inside the palette you get 12 eyeshadows, a mirror and a dual-end eyeshadow brush. The eyeshadow names are inside the palette and also on the outer cardboard package. It looks great in pictures and in real life. Most importantly it is great to use; it's not too heavy at all and I feel like it will travel well (I don't think I have traveled with it yet but I am sure it will be fine).


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