New In- Verso Lip Serum and Verso Hand Serum

Verso skincare products are one of the few Retinol based skincare products that have not left my skin feeling dry, patchy and irritated. I am sure this is because Verso uses Retinol 8 in their formulas which is 8 times more effective than regular Retinol and far less irritating too, if I might add . I have spoken about the Verso Day Cream and Verso Dark Spot Fix here if you fancy a ready. I really enjoyed them so much last year that they made it into my 2016 Skincare Favourites. Towards the end of last year, a lovely parcel arrived containing the Verso Lip Serum* and Verso Hand Serum*. I was more than intrigued to be trying serums specifically designed for the lips and hands. I have tried them both for a good while now so I am ready to share my thoughts on them.

I wanted to skip over the packaging bit because I have spoken about Verso packaging in other posts but they looked too aesthetically pleasing to ignore. I love the clean, minimal packaging design and anything monochrome always looks gorgeous. I can also let you know that they photograph so well and they are a just a joy to look at and use as well. They are just really well made and I love having them by my nightstand. Their design is also very practical which makes these products easy to use and I love that. You can tell a lot of thought has gone into the development of their packaging.

Verso Hand Serum* //Link //£50
If you are familiar with Verso Skincare, you'd know that they use simple names and numbers for their range of products. For example, their Foaming Cleanser is No.1 while their Hand Serum is No.10. The Verso Hand Serum is described an anti-ageing, protecting hand serum with Retinol 8. It promises to keep the hands healthy, soft and even toned with regular use. I am not too fussed about ageing at this point in my life but I do know that the hands are one of the first parts of the body to show telltale signs of ageing. I am very much into using hand creams and taking care of the hands. The Verso Hand Serum came in very handy (forgive the lame pun; I could not resist) during winter because my hands were so dry. None of my other hand creams seemed to be working as well ( or maybe my hands had gotten too used to them). I started using the Verso Hand Serum every night, sometimes alone and other times under another hand cream. My hands were able to retain moisture so much better and they remained soft as well. I believe you can use the Verso Hand Serum at any time of the day but I prefer to use it at night so I can wake up to really soft mitts. The most amazing thing about this  Verso Hand Serum is its ability to prevent and work on scarring/dark marks on the hands.

A little while before this Hand Serum arrived, I was trying to open a parcel with my scissors and it accidentally slashed across my three fingers (just below my knuckles). I was not a happy bunny and it was quite painful but the pain subsided. After a few days, I noticed that the areas of the slash (on my fingers) were getting darker as they healed. I whipped out the Verso Hand Serum and decided to use it nice and early to see if it would help. I am happy to report that the dark marks/scars are fading so nicely and believe me, they looked so dark when it initially happened. I am so happy I got to try this and while it is super expensive, I do think it deliverswhat it promises based on my experience. Of course, we can only judge its anti-ageing abilities over the years so time will tell Or what do you think? However, the fact that it does contain Retinol lends credibility to its anti-ageing claim as we all know Retinol is known for its  anti-ageing skin benefits among others.

Verso Lip Serum* //Link //£55
I am pretty sure I must have mentioned this amazing lip serum more than a few times since it arrived last year. It was my go-to lip product during winter and it has still remained my favourite. Verso describes it as an anti-ageing, softening and plumping lip serum with Retinol 8. It promises  to give hydrated, smooth and full lips. Who would not be all over a lip serum with these lovely claims? I could not wait to try it out and it arrived at the best time to try it- Winter time when my lips were super dry, chapped, cracked and cranky. First off, I am very much in love with the gorgeous minimalist packaging. I love that the tip is shaped for easy application across the lips. It is very hygienic (as no need for fingers) and it helps prevent waste. It does not have any fragrance so it is suitable for all skin types.

It feels like a silky lip balm and applies really well across my lips. It does not feel greasy or heavy but I can definitely feel it on lips for a little while before it sinks in. To be honest, I don't really mind because the results are so worthwhile. It does contain Retinol 8 so I just prefer to wear it at night when I know I won't be in the sunlight. I have used it on many mornings (when I have forgotten to use it the night before) and I have not experienced any problems with it. I usually wear it under my lipstick of the day and I have to say it does improve the way my lipstick applies and wears through the day. It does not interfere with my lipsticks and I have used it under quite a few finishes including liquid lipsticks and matte lipsticks.

Now on to the claims of this gorgeous lip serum. As I mentioned earlier, I can't say if it is anti-ageing or not because only time will tell. However, I can definitely see an improvement in the general look and feel of my lips. My lips feel very smooth which is not the norm especially when it is winter. During this cold season, my lips have felt far better than in previous years and the only new thing I have added to my routine is this Verso Lip Serum so I know it's mainly down to it. I can say it definitely lives up to majority of its claims based on my experience. I love that you get immediate results in terms of how it eases up any dryness and I know I am guaranteed soft and hydrated lips the next morning (when I use it the night before). It has become a staple product in my night skincare routine. I have to say that although it is very expensive for a lip product, it is actually worth the price and Verso is a premium brand so it's not a surprise.

Where to Buy
Verso Skincare products can be purchased from the Verso Skincare website and from the following retailers: Cult Beauty, Look Fantastic, Net-a-Porter and Beauty Bay as far as I know. I believe if you subscribe to these websites' newsletters, you'd be informed of when they have discounts so you can save some money if you are looking to purchase these babies. Apart from the Verso Lip Serum and Hand Serum, they have a lovely range of other products which they stock including my favourites- the Verso Day Cream* and Verso Dark Spot Fix*.

Overall Thoughts
What else can I say? I have absolutely enjoyed using the Verso Lip Serum and Verso Hand Serum. I have seen really good results with them and I have been very impressed. When I am lucky to get sent very expensive products, I am eagle eyed when it comes to testing them out because I will never want to recommend something that's not worth the price. However, I do have to say these Verso products are worth the price and I will definitely be looking to repurchase or get a loved one to treat me with them when they run out (hehehe). Hope you enjoyed this post and see you in my next post.
P.S. So sorry for the lack of posts; I have been incredibly busy at work. Things are easing up going forward so expect loads of posts because I have been testing out a tonne of products which I'd be reviewing on here.
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Woods of Windsor Review

Towards the end of 2016, I received a really beautiful hamper containing Woods of Windsor goodies to celebrate their new look. I have always loved their packaging because it is beautiful. However, the new packaging just takes it up an amazing notch. I can’t still believe how affordable they are because the products are really great quality. They have added a few lines to their range I believe and I was so lucky to try a selection. So here’s a little round up of some of my favourites. Right let's get into this post....

Brief Overview of Woods of Windsor
From the name alone, I am sure you can guess that Woods of Windsor is a quintessential British brand. They are a premium English lifestyle and gift brand who have been around as far back as the 18th Century and they specialise in developing amazing bath, body and home fragrance products using natural beauty from the gardens in England. They have also won the Queen's Award for Export a few times. Last year, they revamped their packaging and their entire look including their easy to navigate website. They have drawn inspiration from modern & vintage flower illustrations, the Great Park, Windsor Castle and the English Garden. You can check out their website here and their About page if you want to find out more about the brand.

Woods of Windsor Range
You can pretty much find anything ranging from body care and fragrance to home and gift items from Woods of Windsor. They are one of my favourite brands when it comes to body care and they make really affordable gift sets. I have featured them a few times on my Gift Guides as they have the best combination of great quality, amazing packaging and affordability. The categories of products on their website include Eau de Toilette , Moisturising Hand Wash, Moisturising Bath & Shower Gel, Nourishing Hand Cream, Luxury Soap, Dusting Powder and Draw Liners.  Last year, they had a collaboration with English Heritage which featured home and lifestyle products including Candles, Room & Linen Mists and Diffusers. You can check out my review here of their English Heritage product lineup. One thing I love most about Woods of Windsor is range of fragrances to choose from. These fragrances include True Rose, Lily of the Valley, Lavender, White Jasmine, Blue Orchid & Water Lily, Bergamot & Neroli, Honeyed Pear & Amber and Pomegranate & Hibiscus.

Woods of Windsor Eau de Toilette //Link //£17.99 (100ml)
I've always had at least one Woods of Windsor fragrance in my stash because they smell lovely and are affordable. The outer packaging of these fragrances look absolutely stunning and you'd never believe their prices just from looking at their packaging. They look so premium. Although they are EDTs, they are much long lasting than many EDTs I own. This is because Woods of Windsor use the purest and nature essential oils to make their fragrances. I have actually had to double check to see if they are EDTs or EDPs because their lasting power is impressive. I wished the perfume bottles had the name of the fragrances in front of the bottle instead of underneath. Other than that, I love the packaging. It does not feel or look cheap and it just sits elegant on my dressing table. I was lucky to be gifted three EDTs which include Pomegranate & Hibiscus*, White Jasmine* and Blue Orchid & Water Lily*. 

My favourite has to be the Pomegranate & Hibiscus and that's what I am currently using alongside my other favourite fragrances. It's a good balance of floral (Hibiscus) and fruity (Pomegranate). The other notes in this fragrance include Bergamot, Mandarin, Ginger, Sandalwood and Vanilla. If you are after a Winter/Spring Transition fragrance, I'd highly recommend giving these EDTs a try.

Moisturising Bath & Shower Gel* //Link //£8.49 (250ml)
I always look forward to using a nice smelling shower gel in the mornings and they really help me get ready in the morning. I have quite a large number of shower gels which I have been working my way through and a few stand out from the rest. The Woods of Windsor Bath & Shower gel definitely fall into one of my top shower gels list. I love shower gels that smell great, work up to a good lather and rinse off nicely (without feeling greasy). I can happily say that these Woods of Windsor Bath & Shower Gels tick all the boxes for me. They smell so gorgeous both during use and linger nicely after my shower/bath. I was so lucky to receive two fragrances which include the Honeyed Pear & Amber* and the White Jasmine*.

I love both of them so much but I think I have a soft spot for the Honeyed Pear & Amber because it was one of the first products I got from Woods of Windsor. I had it in the hand wash version with the matching hand cream (from their previous packaging) and I have repurchased this set at least twice. I was so happy to try out the new packaging and I am glad the quality has remained the same if not better.  All the shower gels in the range contain antioxidant rich Vitamin E which protects the skin. These shower gels are available in the following scents: True Rose, Lavender, Lily of the Valley, White Jasmine*, Blue Orchid & Water Lily, Pomegranate & Hibiscus and of course, Honeyed Pear & Amber. They are absolutely gorgeous, have great quality and last a good while too.

Moisturising Hand Wash*//Link // £6.99 (350ml)
Hand Washes are another category of products that I love because they make my hand smell lovely. I wash my hands frequently mainly because I work in the hospital but this habit even translates back to when I am at home. I love moisturising hand washes that don't make my hands feel dry or stripped especially with the current weather situation. These Woods of Windsor Hand Washes look so beautiful. I don't know about you but I always want to have a pretty hand wash and hand cream  in my bathroom at all times. It just adds to the aesthetics of my bathroom and when visitors have to use my bathroom, they always comment on how pretty the hand washes are. I was lucky to be sent three of these hand washes and they include: Lily of the Valley*, Blue Orchid & White Lily* and White Jasmine*. I can't really decide on which is my favourite but I am currently using the Lily of the Valley Hand Wash (alongside the Hand Cream) and I really like it. They look so much more expensive than they are but their quality is really impressive.

Nourishing Hand Cream & Body Lotion* //Link //£9.99 (100ml)
Again, I am a huge fan of hand creams. I find that if you wash your hands often, you'd more likely use more hand creams as well. I love hand creams and I carry them with me everywhere- in my handbag, pockets, etc and you can find them in my bathroom and bedroom (and even my dresser). For hand creams, I always look out for how quickly they get  absorbed, their moisturising and hydrating effect, non-greasy formulas and their fragrance. Not many hand creams tick all these boxes but I am happy to report that these Woods of Windsor Nourishing Hand Creams pretty much do it all. They are very moisturising and they don't leave my hands with an annoying greasy feel. I got the Lily of the Valley Hand Cream* and I think it's the perfect Spring Hand Cream. Once again, the packaging looks divine and it's such a joy whipping it out of my handbag when my hands feel dry. I am currently using it in my bathroom with the Lily of the Valley Hand Wash. The Nourishing Hand Cream comes in four fragrances including True Rose, Honeyed Pear & Amber, Lavender and Lily of the Valley which I own.

Luxury Soap* //Link //£9.99 (for set of 3 soaps)
As much as I am a huge fan of Shower Gels, soaps will always still have a place in my bathroom. I grew up using soaps and I remember being gifted nice luxurious looking soaps by my parents and relatives. When I found this soap set in the Woods of Windsor hamper, it brought back so many lovely memories. The Woods of Windsor website describe these soaps as triple milled using the finest natural ingredients. Don't you just love their packaging? Honestly, they make me feel special whenever I have to pick a new soap. I got the Lily of the Valley scent and it smells so fresh. They really do hold their shape (which is a slightly curved oval one) after many uses and it never gets messy. I am really amazed by this because some soaps lose their shape no matter how careful I am with them.  It also smells so lovely and I can still smell its slightly lingering scent after I have showered. This set will make an incredible gift and you honestly don't need to do any extra wrapping with this one. These luxury soaps come in four scents which include True Rose, Lavender, White Jasmine and Lily of the Valley and each of the soaps weigh 60 g. You get three soaps in each set and I think it's an amazing bargain at £9.99. I wish Woods of Windsor will make a mixed set containing at least one of each of the four fragrances they make as that would be an amazing way to try each soap. Nevertheless, I love this set and I am onto my second soap already!!

Drawer Liners* //Link //£9.99 
I got into Drawer Liners last year when I tried out the Woods of Windsor English Heritage range. It was new to me but I really enjoyed using them.They can be used in all drawers and my drawers are just transformed by these liners. The best part is they leave a lovely scent in my drawers and the liners last for as long as six months. Once they are done, they can be used as gift wraps. Of course, nothing stops you from using them before the 6 month mark as a gift wrap. I bet anyone who gets a gift wrapped with these liners will be over the moon. They are available in two scents/fragrances- True Rose and Bergamot & Neroli* fragrances. I was incredibly lucky to get sent these two fragrances and I have enjoyed them. The Rose Drawer Liner smells so gorgeous as expected from anything rose scented. However, I think I am leaning towards the Bergamot & Neroli scent. The lovely yellow design theme reminds me of Spring. I also love the beautiful wallet these drawer liners come in and I already use them in storing some blog documents. Love these drawer liners and you get pretty large sheets (5 sheets in total) in each wallet so it's really good value for the price.

Dusting Powder* //Link //£9.99
The last category of products in my hamper is this lovely Dusting Powder. I bought my previous Dusting Powder from Miss Selfridge and I ended up giving it too my sister because she loved it so much. Imagine the delight on my face when I saw the Lavender Dusting Powder in the hamper. First off, I love the packaging. It is beautiful and I am a huge fan of anything with a purple/lilac/lavender colour. Inside the lovely illustrated outer packaging, you get a super fluffy powder puff and the powder rests securely underneath. It has a nice label which protects the powder although I do have to say it is slightly messy when you completely take it off. I know some people are not really into dusting powders but I find them really good for evenings especially after a shower/bath on a pamper evening/night. Dusting powders also help lock in moisture while leaving your body with a nice fragrance. I don't use this everyday for sure but I use it when I am feeling extra.

Where to Buy
The easiest place to purchase Woods of Windsor products will be on their website. The website is really easy too navigate and they often do offers which you can find out about when you sign up for their newsletters. I believe you can also get Woods of Windsor from other retailers like Debenhams and Boots.  However, the best place to get the wide range of products is the Woods of Windsor website.

Overall Thoughts
I can't even describe how my day was made when this lovely Woods of Windsor hamper arrived. I was so delighted and their lovely PR included a box of fudge, a cute fridge magnet and an invite to the Woods of Windsor Castle (which I'd be using when the weather gets warmer). I love all the products in this hamper but I have outlined my favourites above. Hope you enjoyed this post. Have you tried any Woods of Windsor products?
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