PR Samples
Most of the products featured on FashStyleLiv are purchased with my hard earned pennies and I don’t mind buying them because you all know I am obsessed with beauty products. Sometimes, I am lucky to receive samples from brands to try out. However, I am not under any obligations to review them but I will feature them on here if I like them and/or I feel they may add value to my readers. I only write my honest opinions about a product whether I purchased them or they are PR samples. I cannot be swayed to write a positive review because it is a free sample. All PR samples will be denoted with an asterisk (*) and I will also place a small explanation at the bottom of the post explaining what the asterisk means.  It is also important to note that product A which was amazing for me may not be the same for you and vice versa. I would only recommend products I enjoy on this blog. I generally don’t like to waste my energy writing negative reviews or talking about products I don’t like. Every once in a while, I would feature disappointing products when I have built up a collection of them.

Affiliate Links
Fashstyleliv makes use of affiliate links within blog posts. Affiliate links are links to recommended products which will generate a commission for the person who has placed it when someone buys through that link. The commission is a very small percentage and there is no extra charge to the person who clicks through to purchase an item. These affiliate links may be within a blog post and/or at the bottom of the blog post with clickable pictures.

You may have noticed that there are some adverts on here. Majority of these adverts are from Google Adsense. Other adverts are from my affiliate marketing program. I try my best to ensure that these adverts are not intrusive or detract from your reading and viewing experience on the blog. If you find them annoying or intrusive, please let me know in the comments section and I will work on ensuring that the interface is better.

Sponsored Posts
Sponsored posts are posts where a brand/company has paid some money to a blogger to promote or mention their product. I have nothing against sponsored posts as long as they are interesting and well disclosed as sponsored posts. Some bloggers run their blogs as their full time jobs and careers and I don’t expect them to pay their bills with free lipsticks. They sometimes need to do sponsored post to meet overheard costs for running their blogs. However, blogging is not my full time job although I will be exploring sponsored posts in 2017 which will be clearly declared.

Copyright to Content and Photos
All content including words, pictures and graphics exclusively belong to me and they are used mainly for this blog.  On a few occasions, I may use photos from other websites (I always get permission and/or credit the source with a link).I rarely ever use other photos except it is for a wish list or a related post. Please, kindly refrain from using any of my photos or content for any purposes without obtaining express permission from me. You can email me on liv@fashstyleliv.com

Anything else?
If I have missed any other burning questions you may have, you can email me on liv@fashstyleliv.com or leave  a comment below. Thank you.


The Village Belle said...

Thanks for clearing the air! well put!

Liv said...

Thank you so much!!

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