Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Review (Golden 6)

 Foundations are one of my favourite makeup to buy because they pretty much act as the perfect canvas for any other makeup. Once my foundation is right, I feel everything just falls in place which is why I don't mind investing that extra pound in a foundation I like. To be honest, drug store foundation just don't work well for me except the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation but it cannot be compared to other high end brands like Clinique, MAC, Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown. Last year, I tried out the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick which I really liked but I was hoping it was a liquid foundation that matched my skin and can I just say my prayers have been answered almost a year after that purchase. Enter the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation which was a new launch earlier this year along with a reformulation of the Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation. The new reformulation feels much lighter as they have excluded shea butter from its formula which was responsible for making it real thick and left many ladies with oily T-zones/foreheads towards the end of the day. Today is dedicated to the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation, so let's find out if it is "the one"..

You have to give it to Bobbi Brown for excellent packaging. It's so simple and sleek and there is something about it that just makes me happy. It comes in a glass bottle which lends it some luxurious feel and the best thing is it comes with a pump which is such a delight. Its cover is really secure although it does not look or feel that way but it is because I traveled with this in my luggage to Nigeria (to and fro) and nothing happened to its contents. It was secure and for me, that's a big plus!! It's super travel-friendly.

Skin Match/Shade
I am not sure if i mentioned this but I once went to a Bobbi Brown Counter in Elys Wimbledon because they were offering a free skincare and makeup consultation. The sales lady was very nice. Side note: I have been meeting really nice sales ladies these days especially when I tell them I am a blogger; maybe that keeps them on their toes..who knows? Anyway, we had a lovely skincare consultation and she advised me really well on skin care and introduced me to some exciting Bobbi Brown products which were amazing as usual especially the Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil (first one I have every tried). Next, we moved to foundation and when I told her my shade in the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick was Warm Almond 6.5, she was like "erm!! I would say that will be too dark for you".  She went on  to let me know that most of the foundation I had  been using were a shade darker than my skin and this was because I was trying to match the foundation to cover my blemishes and she was absolutely right. It was a big revelation for me although I knew this but hearing it from an expert was eye-opening. Long story cut short; she matched me to the Golden 6 which is a perfect match for my skin and sent me a way with a sample of this foundation and other Bobbi Brown samples. That sample prompted me to buy the full size because I loved it.

It has a somewhat watery/liquid texture but not too watery or runny in a frustrating way. The best way to apply this for me is using the Real Techniques Buffing Brush which just blends this in really well. With the brush, it does not require a lot of work and it's just perfect for when you have little time in the morning. I guess all I am trying to say is the texture is beautiful. I finish it off with my MAC Mineralize Skin Finish and it's just perfect. It also contains SPF 15 which is great especially with the sun in full swing this summer.It's not the greatest amount of SPF but it is okay. Although, it means using this at night and taking pictures may leave a white cast on your face as expected from foundations that contain SPF. However, I have not experienced this with this foundation but everyone's skin is different.

Coverage and Lasting Power
In terms of coverage, it is light to medium coverage which is not the usual kind of coverage I would go for but I think this is perfect for Spring/Summer. If you are looking for full coverage, this is not what you need because I can't really say it is very buildable. It is meant to feel like skin and that is exactly how it feels which I really don't mind. In terms of lasting power, it is best paired with a primer, concealer and set with a powder as that helps it longevity. For all we know it may just be my bizarre skin but it lasts on my skin for a good while but towards evening; I have very little traces of it left. If you have flawless skin and you ant something really light and skin-like, you should look this way. Although I have oily skin, it does not look oily or dewy on my skin, it has a matte finish after I use my powder but I suspect without powder, it may have that dewy finish.

As expected with Bobbi Brown, it is quite pricey. It retails for £30 but I got mine for £27 because there was a 10% discount. You all know me by now; I never buy anything unless it has some discount or sales attached to it so I keep an eye out for offers. Although it is expensive, I think it is worth every penny and a little goes a long way so it lasts for a while.

Personal Thoughts
Is this "the one"? It would have been if it offered more coverage because it is really amazing. Clinique Anti-Blemish Foundation is still my favourite if only I could find my perfect shade within the range as I recently noticed that it is rather dark for me now. I would definitely purchase this again when there are more discounts because I think it's a keeper.Yes, it is pricey but this baby saved me during my vacation in Nigeria because it was so easy and blendable to use. Best thing is, it withstood all the hot and humid weather in Nigeria and it did not slide off my face rather it remained the same and I touched up every now and then with my MAC Mineralize Skin Finish which I would be reviewing soon.. Have your tried any foundation from Bobbi Brown?


  1. It looks absolutely gorgeous on you! Your skin looks healthy and flawless :-) I haven't tried any of Bobbi Brown's foundations or any of her products for that matter, although I am really interested in her tinted eye brightener concealer and (of course) her bronze shimmer brick. I'm looking forward to you review of the MSF natural ;)

    1. Thanks Tilo you are far too kind. I really wish my skin was as healthy and as flawless. it's all covered in makeup and if my bare skin was really like this I would be thrilled. Yes, Bobbi Brown is da boss when it comes to her makeup range and I am thinking of buying one of her creamy concealer...MSF review is up soon I promise..I have just been swamped by work :-(...xx

  2. Great review. I have to admit it your skin looks great with this foundation.
    And yes... I've noticed it too that people get very helpful and nice when you mention your blog and especially if you hand them a card ;))


    1. Hiya Lu, aww bless you all flatter me and I am enjoying it but I have to admit, this is all makeup and this picture is quite flattering. The Bobbi Brown foundation was very instrumental but I think the concealer (Estee Lauder) and powder (MSF) are more responsible for the finished flawless look...and yes!! mentioning your blog to sales ladies put them on their toes and handing them a card is even more professional....hahahaha, I don't even have a card!!!...xx

  3. Your skin looks absolutely flawless Liv, you look gorgeous with that big bright smile on your face :) ! I really want to try a Bobbi Brown foundation, love the packaging on this one and the product itself sounds lovely.

    It's so nice when a sales person is being helpful and polite. I can't tell you how many times I decided not to buy a product, just because the sales person was either being nasty to me or kept pushing products that I wasn't even interested in haha :) The ladies at the Bobbi Brown counter are always sweet though. Great review Liv.

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    1. Hello Thank you so much!! you all make me feel so flattered and I was so pleased reading your comments; it put a smile on my face and I was having a really bad day...the joys of blogging!!! You should try Bobbi Brown foundations because they are very good quality even though they are pricey but I would recommend Long wear if you are after more coverage because this does not offer much coverage and you need to use a concealer and a good powder (MSF is highly recommended as they are both amazing together)..I love when sales ladies are polite and helpful and just like you, I have walked away from many rude sales people but Bobbi Brown ladies are really sweet I have to admit. The naughty ones are MAC ones and I wonder why :-)


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