What is your blog all about?
FashStyleLiv is a fun blog where I hope you feel relaxed and learn a lot when you visit. You can find posts here on Beauty, Makeup, Skin Care, Food, Photography and bits and bobs of random bits. I love to write whatever interests me and I hope many of them interest you.

How did you come about your Blog Name?
I would love to give a nice history and back ground to the name "FashStyleLiv" but there is none. I just wanted a name that will integrate all the things I love. Fash for Fashion (although, I don't have many posts about that yet!), Lifestyle (Beauty, Makeup, Photography and whatever floats your boat) and Liv (my borrowed name).

Is your real name Liv?
No, it is not but it is part of the name of someone very, very special to me :-)

Why did you start Blogging?
I have always loved the idea of writing articles and I have always written since I was very young for my local newspaper and school newspaper. I love writing articles and photography and I think blogging helps me capture both of my passions.

I like your blog outline, how did you design it?
As much as I love pretty blog outlines, I did not design mine. I bought my first template from Designer Blogs and my current one is from Blog Milk and I just tweaked it a little bit.

Do you have affiliate links on this Blog?
Yes, I do. I have some adverts on my side bar through Google Adsense. I also use Skim Links to organise all my affiliate links and it has Skim Words which link to some websites I refer and if a sale is made, I get a few pennies. It's not that serious but I put them in because, in the future, I may be interested in exploring ways to make some extra money through this blog. For now, I have not made any money from any of the links and, to be honest, I don't mind. What's more important to me is you reading and enjoying my blog. When you leave comments, it makes my day :-);-):-)

Are you Nigerian?
Yes, I am full Nigerian and I have always lived in Nigeria until 2010 when I moved to the UK and I have lived here since but I visit Nigeria at least once a year.

What Camera do you use for your Pictures?
Almost 95% of pictures taken on this blog from March 2013-August 2013 were taken with my iPhone 5. The rest from September 2013-March 2014 were taken with my Bridge Camera Fuji Finepix S1500 with some additional lenses such as telescopic lens, macro lens and fish eye with other magnifying lenses all gifted to me by a dear friend and my Nikon Cool Pix Camera bought for me by my boyfriend.Since Mid March 2014, I bought a Canon 600D with the kit lens and the Canon 50 mm 1.8 Lens<--- that's what I use for most photographs now

How do you edit your Pictures?
When I used my iPhone, I edited with Photography Apps (KitCam, PicFx, Photoforge, etc) from the Apple App store. When I used my Nikon Cool Pix and Fuji Film Bridge Camera, I edited with GIMP and PicMonkey. Since March 2014, I edit with Photoshop Elements Adobe Photoshop CS6

What are your Favorite Apps?
I have gazillion of  Photography Apps on my Iphone but my favourite one is KitCam which I use for editing almost all my pictures. Others include PicFx, PicCollage, Photoforge, etc

How old are you?
I am in my late twenties.

Do you have a full time job?
Yes, I do which I love very much.


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