Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Masque Review

Back in 2016, I really got into masks because they provide various skin benefits including hydration, deep pore cleansing, skin refining, etc. I have quite a few masks that I opt for in the morning and in the evening (not everyday though). Whenever I think of pampering my skin, a mask quickly comes to mind. Last October, a lovely parcel arrived and it contained the Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Masque*. Before then, I don't think I had heard about the masque so my interest was naturally piqued. The first thing that caught my attention was its texture and colour and I fell in love with it just from my first use. Since it arrived, it has been my most used mask. I briefly featured it on Instagram and in my Christmas Gift Guide. It's been a few months now so I thought I'd share my full review on it.

Brief overview of Skinceuticals
Skinceuticals are an advanced professional skincare company whose mission is to improve the skin's appearance through their extensive research. The formulas used in their products are high potency and proven to be absorbed optimally by the skin. I believe they launched their first product back in 1994. Their skincare philosophy is centred around three pillars: Prevent, Protect and Correct and their products are developed according to these pillars. Their products are recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medical and premium spas across the world to help correct the signs of ageing and prevent future damage. As a science based professional, I am always interested in skincare companies that do a lot of research and  develop product based on evidence based science/research. If you want to learn more about Skinceuticals' history, you can check out their website here. They also have a very easy to understand page which talks about the skin structure and it's really useful.

I follow Skinceuticals Instagram page and I love their simple but aesthetically pleasing packaging. The Phyto Corrective Masque comes in sturdy glass tub which houses 60 ml of product. It has a silver lid and inner lid to protect the product inside. It is quite a heavy tub so it is not one I travel often with but it can be scooped into a smaller container which is what I do for skincare products I love. The Masque has a leaf green colour which goes with the botanical theme and I don't think I own any skincare product with this colour. I love the colour because it reminds me of something fresh and I find myself reaching for it more than my other masks (plus it works amazing ). There's not much to say about the packaging other than I like it and it sits pretty in my bathroom.

Ingredients/Formula/ Claims
The Phyto Corrective Masque is described as an intensive botanical gel mask which is designed to soothe and calm temporary skin reactivity. The Masque is also described as a versatile treatment formulated with highly concentrated active ingredients to intensely soothe and cool heat sensitivity. Keeping with Skinceuticals' Philosophy, the Phyto Corrective Masque  is designed to cool, calm and correct so it falls under the "Correct" category/pillar. The active ingredients include Green Botanicals (cucumber, thyme, olive and mulberry extracts) , a calming Dipeptide and Hyaluronic acid and they work together to neutralize temporary skin reactivity from both external environmental factors and procedural triggers (like when you have skincare treatments like peels, etc). It is actually recommended for use after exposure to the sun, post laser treatments (non-ablative ones only), skin extractions, IPL,  after using Retinols/other astringents and of course, it can be used daily.

Texture and Application
The texture of this masque is one of the first things that drew me to it and made me fall in love with it. It has a beautiful gel texture which is very lightweight. It is easy to apply and you need the littlest amount to cover your entire face. Sometimes, I go crazy and layer it on but I still have so much product left that I cannot imagine this masque getting finished any time soon. It has a herbal spa fragrance which I find very relaxing. When it is applied, it feels very cooling on the skin and it is quite refreshing as you would imagine. The cool, refreshing feeling lingers for a while and then goes away. It takes a little while for the masque to sink in but when it does, it is not uncomfortably tacky. It eventually gets absorbed depending on how much I have layered it. I won't say it completely disappears but you can actually almost forget you have a mask on and go about your day. It is recommended to leave it on for at least 10-15 minutes but I always like to leave my masks on for longer (except when I use it in the morning). My skin feels really supple, soft and hydrated once I rinse it off.

Ways to use the Phyto Corrective Masque
The exciting thing about this mask is the various ways you can use it and I'd let you know which is my favourite way. The first way is using it daily after a workout, sun exposure or after a hot bath. Basically, you can use it daily for any skin condition especially if you suffer from dry and dehydrated skin. I don't use it daily but I opt for it in the morning when my skin feels dry from the heating at home (thanks to the freezing weather). This is when I leave it on for the recommended time (10-15 minutes) and rinse it off.  It still provides my skin with a good amount of hydration that takes me through the day. The second way of using it is as a leave-on mask through the day which means there's no rinsing involved. I have not tried this way yet but I think it will be ideal for a chilled Saturday. I believe this will work so well if you have just had a skin care treatment/peel. The final way of using this masque is leaving it on overnight and it's my favourite way. I just go about my usual cleansing skincare routine and then apply a generous amount of the masque after my toner. It is just the perfect way to end my day and my skin feels so refreshed and hydrated in the morning even if the heating attempts to dry out my skin. I find this masque particularly useful when I have used Retinol or AHAs (Glycolic Acid, etc)which are effective on my skin but can sometimes irritate my skin. The Phyto Corrective Masque has a unique way of calming everything down and letting my skin blissfully recover. It is also my go-to masque when I use my PMD which in itself is not abrasive but I feel like my skin needs something calming after I use it.

Where to Buy // Link //£55
The Phyto Corrective Masque retails for £55 which makes it quite an expensive mask. I feel like the price is justifiable based on the immediate benefits you get and the amount of product you get  in the tub. As mentioned earlier, you need only a little amount for each use and I see this masque lasting a good few months, even if I use it daily. It can be purchased directly from the Skinceuticals website and the Dermacenter website.

Overall Thoughts
I have quite a few masks but I find myself reaching for the Phyto Corrective Masque over all of them especially through the winter months. I got this back in October last year and I still use it mainly as my night mask and as an overnight mask. It has helped my skin feel hydrated this winter season alongside other amazing skincare products. I am just pleased with it and I am keen to see how we get along when summer comes. That's pretty much all from me and  hope you enjoyed this post. See you in my next post. Have you tried the Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Masque?
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Jurlique UK Skincare Review

I recently wrote about the Jurlique UK Flagship launch on here and I mentioned that I was kindly gifted a lovely goody bag filled with products to try. I have had them for more than a month and I have absolutely enjoyed them. Yeah, spoiler alert!! Anyway, I wanted to share my thoughts on them and let you know which ones were my favourites. I am just really delighted that Jurlique now have a store in the UK and it is in such a prime location (489 Oxford Street, London close to Bond Street Station). I am looking to go in for my facial so I will let you all know how that goes. Right onto the review...

Jurlique Brand Overview
I have already spoken about the Jurlique ethos in my previous post so I will try and keep this brief. If you want more details about the brand, you can head on over to my previous post or check out their website here. Jurlique , Australian brand,  was founded in the 1980s by Dr Jurgen Klein and his wife Ulrike. He is a Biochemist while his wife is a Botanist and together, they have developed the Jurlique natural skincare range. The name Jurlique is a combination of their first names. Originally from Germany, the couple moved to the Adelaide Hills in South Australia to realise their vision and grow their own ingredients for their skincare range. Majority of the ingredients used in Jurlique products are all grown on the Jurlique Farms in Adelaide, Australia and you can tell that the ingredients are from wholesome sources based on the quality of the products. Fun Fact- All the roses used in the Rosewater Mist are hand picked from the Jurlique Farms and prepared over some days to get the freshest rose essence imaginable. That's why the Rosewater Mist is one of their best sellers and it is such pleasure to use.

I have to give it up to Jurlique when it comes to their packaging because they look so luxurious and are a beauty collector's dream. I wish I had a glass dressing table because that's what these lovely products deserve as they are gorgeous. More importantly, the products inside the bottles work so well. I don't know why I always thought the Rosewater Balancing Mist came in a plastic bottle but it is actually a glass bottle (or feels like one) which makes it really lush to use. It is slightly heavier and may not be ideal to pop in my hand bag but to be honest, I love using it more at home. The Activating Essence is also housed in a gorgeous glass bottle. On the flip side, the Rose Hand Cream comes in a plastic tube which is lightweight so it is ideal for my handbag or on my desk. Overall, I am really impressed by the quality of the packaging and you can tell a whole lot of thought has gone to their development. The outer paper packaging is made from recycled and sustainably sourced fibre which is always good to know.

Jurlique Activating Water Essence* // Link //£40 (150ml)
I really like the packaging of the Activating Water Essence because it feels so luxurious. I already mentioned that it comes in a glass bottle which is quite sturdy. It has a really secure lid and although it may not be ideal for light travelling, there will be no fear of spillage at all. Jurlique describe the Activating Water Essence as an essential step for every skincare ritual and skin type. It promises to hydrate the skin and enhance the performance of other skincare products (serums, moisturisers, etc). Its main active ingredient is their biodynamic Marshmallow Root Extract which is known for its deep hydrating properties. With these promises and claims, I was eager to put it to the test. I have to say it does majority of what it claims which is providing amazing hydration. I use it straight after my regular toner although I think if I skipped my toner, the Activating Water Essence will do the job and  even more when it comes to balancing my skin after cleansing.

It smells very fresh like a spa and I can definitely smell the lavender, rose and peppermint coming through.  It feels very refreshing once it hits the skin and it takes a short while to get absorbed which I don't mind. I don't use a cotton pad with it because I feel it will just lead to wastage. I just tip it onto my palms and apply directly to my face. I have to say it does help my skin feel perky and ready for the rest of my skincare. When I was trying the entire range out, I felt like my skin was more receptive to the Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum*. It is quite expensive at £40 but you are getting 150 ml and you know that the quality of the ingredients are top notch. Also, you need a little amount for each use so I think this bottle will last me at least 4-5 months even if I use everyday (morning & night).  I have really enjoyed good using this essence this winter and my skin does not feel as dry as before. I know it is suitable for all skin types but if you have dry and dehydrated skin and your current skincare routine is not providing enough hydration, this essence may actually help optimize them. 

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum* //Link //£47 (30 ml)
I am now turning into a proper serum junkie and I am yet to come across any serum in my collection that has completely let me down. That's mainly because I am careful when it comes to purchasing a serum and accepting/featuring serums that are sent my way. During the Jurlique UK Store Launch Event, I came across the Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum and I knew I wanted to try it. I think the name Advanced Serum definitely caught my attention. Jurlique describes it as a concentrate serum which is anti-ageing, hydrating, radiant boosting and provides environmental protection. It features the Jurlique proprietary active complex of over 18 botanical extracts, vitamins and essential fatty acids designed to provide the skin with a natural defence shield against environmental aggressors. You can check out the ingredients list here. Again with these lush claims, I was more than eager to see how it delivered the results it claimed. First off, I think the packaging is one of my favourite serum packagings. It contains 30 ml of product which is pretty standard for almost all the serums I own. It comes with a pump and a lid with an opening that makes it secure when travelling. The biggest nightmare for me is finding that my skincare has spilled and made a mess in my skincare travel bag. Thankfully, that's not the case with this baby.

Its texture feels like a very light cream so it's one of those serums I classify as a serum-moisturiser hybrid texture. It pumps out like a very light cream but it feels like a serum based on the way it applies and gets absorbed. I use this straight after the Activating Water Essence both in the morning and evening/night. One pump is enough for my entire face but I think I will opt for two pumps if I didn't use the Activating Water Essence before it. It does feel hydrating and sinks in pretty fast. When it sinks in, I don't feel like it has disappeared completely;  I can still feel its hydrating effect on my skin. It does not interfere with the rest of my skincare and I am really pleased about it. It is mainly designed for anti-ageing which I am not too fussed about at this stage of my life nevertheless I definitely don't want any premature ageing which is usually caused by environmental factors among other factors. I think it will be one of those products that I will see and appreciate its full effects in the long run. If you live in a city and you are getting into your 30s, this will be a welcome addition to your skincare routine in terms of providing antioxidants. What I did notice was how soft my skin felt each time I used it and it sustained this softness through the time I used it. It felt really good to have soft hydrated skin and I felt like it brought back my skin's natural radiance which the winter has stolen. 

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist* //Link // £24 (100ml)
This is one of the best sellers from Jurlique and with good reason. I believe this was the very first product that got me looking at Jurlique as a brand. If you are a beauty enthusiast or addict, you would have heard about the Jurlique Rosewater Mist at some point either on blogs, YouTube or Instagram. It just seems to be everyone's favourite. At the Jurlique UK Launch Event, we were taught how to take care of roses and the roses used on the day were the David Austin roses. Yes, you guessed right, they are also the same roses used in the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist. Jurlique describes this mist as a refreshing mist which is designed to hydrate and soften the skin. As the name suggests, it is rich in Rose Essential Oil and powerful botanicals (Marshmallow Root Extract, Grapefruit, Aloe, etc) to help refresh and enliven the skin. I saw that it contains alcohol as one of its ingredients and that got me raising my eyebrow. However, I have not noticed any drying or irritating effect so that's a good thing but I just wanted to highlight that. It's not uncommon to see a facial mist containing alcohol. It's not the easiest to travel with especially if you are obsessed with it as much as I am. It smells so beautiful like you have been granted entry into a beautiful garden of roses. It's not the usual annoying matronly rose scent at all and I think even people who are not fans of the rose scent will actually like this mist.

One think I want to highlight is the way the mist sprays or distributes its mist. It is a light and even mist which starts off narrow and spreads out to completely cover my face. It's bliss, I tell you and I am so pleased with the way Jurlique have designed this mist. I have used mists that were great but sprayed in the most annoying way that they just ended up being useless. Thankfully, the Rosewater Balancing Mist sprays so beautifully and it is a proper joy to use. Now on to the benefits, I feel like it ticks all the boxes for me. It is super refreshing and hydrating. I have used it as a toner, a skin refresher and a makeup setting spray. It works so well in all these ways and if they had a miniature lightweight bottle (I think they do a 40ml as part of a gift set but I don't know how light it is), I would purchase it for my handbag in a heartbeat. When I use it as a makeup setting spray, it does not break down my makeup rather it just brings it all together. Sometimes I go overboard with my powder (as an oily skin girl) so this mist helps balance out everything. What can I say? I just love this mist so much and I totally get every hype. 

Jurlique Rose Hand Cream*// Link // £18 (40ml)
The winter weather and my frequent hand washing (I work as a hospital pharmacist) have made my hands less soft than before so I have been using a lot of hand creams lately. The Jurlique Rose Hand Cream is a welcome addition to my stash and I have enjoyed using it. I was lucky to get a beautiful hand massage at the Jurlique UK Store Launch and I was even taught how to give myself a hand massage. I can't say I do the technique every night but when I do remember, I whip out my Rose Hand Cream. As you would have guessed, it has a beautiful rose scent. It actually feels moisturising and I feel like it coats my hands completely with a light film. It gets absorbed but I can still feel it on my hands which is good for the winter season. I am keen to see if I would still like it during summer. For this reason, I prefer to use it at night because of its texture and it can get absorbed without me having to use my hands. I won't say my hands are the softest right now but there have been improvements. If you love roses and you want a good hand cream, it is definitely one to check out.

Where to Buy
Jurrlique products can be purchased from the Jurlique UK website and the regular Jurlique website. You can also find them in other retailers here in the UK such as Debenhams, Space NK, Look Fantastic, etc. I personally recommend checking out the Jurlique UK store on 489 Oxford Street London if you have time. They have such a wide array of products there and you can check out this post to see photos from the store. They also offer facials there and the Jurlique staff members are so helpful. 

Overall Thoughts
These are all my thoughts on the Jurlique products that I got to try. I am really pleased that I got a chance to try them out. I have enjoyed incorporating them in my skincare routine particularly this winter. If I were to choose only one product from the entire range, it will be absolutely difficult as I feel all the products have a place in my stash. I think if push came to shove, I will go for the Rosewater Balancing Mist and the Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum. I hope you enjoyed this post and see you in my next one. Have you tried any products from Jurlique?
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Favourite Skincare Launches in 2016

I am a huge fan of skincare particularly ones that deliver what they claim. I know skincare results are relative to people's skin types and preferences so I can only share my own experiences based on my skin type. This is why it is really important to try out skincare products for yourself as what may work for Person A may not work for Person B and vice versa. Anyway, I have looked through my collection and picked out the skincare launches that have swept me off my feet and those I keep on reaching for. Most of them are skincare ranges that launched in 2016 and some have been on the radar before 2016 but I still included them. I also have full reviews to all these products so I will be linking them where relevant. Right let's get into it...

Body Shop Drops of Youth Range*// Link //from £14 (Review)
I remember how excited I was to try out the drops of youth range when it launched. I believe some of the products have been on the radar before 2016 but the entire range was revamped and relaunched. I love the new packaging and it seriously feels so lush especially the Drops of Youth Cream. There are various products within the range but I got to try out the Drop of Youth Essence Lotion*, Drops of Youth Concentrate Serum* and the Drops of Youth Cream*. I enjoyed using all the products and I found that they helped make my skin look plump and healthy. I remember trying them out around the colder months last year and my skin was glowing. I have whipped them out to use again this winter because I really enjoyed using all of them. I am still not a fan of the dropper of the serum but the product in itself is fantastic so I have learned to overlook it. Overall, I really enjoyed them and I have to say a little goes a long way especially with the Essence Lotion. If your skin is looking dull this season, I'd highly recommend checking the Drops of Youth range out to restore that natural glow.

La Roche Posay Toleriane 3-Step System* //Link //£22.50  (Review)
I have a love affair with La Roche Posay products right from my first year of blogging (possibly even before I started blogging). I have tried various products from their different ranges including the Effaclar range which is one of my favourites. However, I fell in love with the Toleriane range in 2016 and with good reason. The Toleriane range is designed for sensitive skin and irritated skin.  I won't classify my skin as strictly sensitive but when I use AHAs and BHAs, I do need to use something soothing and calming. Last year, La Roche Posay launched their Toleriane 3-Step System which consists of the Dermo-Cleanser*, Thermal Spring Water* and Toleriane Ultra*. I was challenged to try them out exclusively while locking away all my other skincare products. I absolutely enjoyed my results and was very surprised that my skin felt better for it. I also tried the Toleriane Ultra Nuit which is richer than the Toleriane Ultra and feels very moisturising. I'd highly recommend checking this range out especially if you have sensitive skin or you are after a hydrating/moisturising/soothing skincare range.

Aveda Tulasara Skincare Range// Link //from £27 (Review)
This was a 2016 mid year launch and my first time trying out Aveda skincare products. The range is inspired by Ayuverda and I absolutely enjoyed attending the launch/facial event.  The range is made of three main products: The Facial Dry Brush*, the Oleation Radiance Oil*  and the Concentrate Serums (Bright, Firm and Calm). I was lucky to try out the entire range (except the Calm Concentrate) and I fell in love with them. It was also my first time trying out the Dry Facial Brushing and I absolutely enjoy the technique. I should definitely do it more often because the results are incredible. It is definitely an extra step in my skincare routine because it needs to be done on dry cleansed skin. However, it feels so calming and I tend to do it on days when I feel stressed. I know it sounds/seems gimmicky but it really does work and my skin always looks and feels so much relaxed and healthier. The Bright Concentrate is my favourite because it definitely helped with my complexion and my skin looked really radiant. It is an expensive range but I think it is worth the price tag and the products will last a good while. I used the oil for a full month straight when I was testing it out and it stills looks like I had not even touched it. I used Bright Concentrate for over two months or even more and yet, I still have a reasonable amount left. I really love this range and I still use it in my skincare regimen.

Verso Skincare Range* //Link //from £45 (Review)
Now this was not a new skincare launch in 2016 as I believe the Verso range has been around for a good while. However, it was my first time trying them out in 2016 so I had to include them in this post. I had previously heard so much about the Verso Dark Spot Fix and I really wanted to try it out. I was more than delighted when the lovely folks at MMCL sent  the Verso range to me. I now have a good number of skincare products from Verso and they have been game changing for me. I have dark hyper pigmentation spots mainly on my cheeks and they drive me nuts. However, I saw the most changes in them in 2016 and it was mainly because I tried out some amazing skincare products that worked. The Verso Skincare range are among the skincare products that worked for my spots. I got to try two products- the Day Cream* and the Dark Spot Fix*. I used them straight for more than a month and I noticed a visible difference in my complexion and dark blemishes. Verso is a retinol based skincare range but they stand out because they use a unique type of retinol called Retinol 8 which is 8 times more effective than the regular retinol. It also has less side effects such as drying and flaky skin which comes with trying out retinol. It was an absolute joy using these Verso products and I still reach for them because they work.  Verso is a very expensive range but I have seen good results with my skin so I highly rate them. I also recently tried out the Verso Lip Serum and Verso Hand Serum and I am really impressed. I will save my thoughts on these two in a separate review so watch this space.

Roger & Gallet Aura Mirabilis // Link // from £15 (Review)
Last ,but in no way, the least is my favourite launch from 2016 and it is none other than the Aura Mirabilis range from Roger & Gallet. I honestly did not know what to expect from Roger & Gallet when I found out that they were launching a new skincare line. I knew and loved them for fragrances and body care but I have to say they nailed and slayed with the Aura Mirabilis range. The entire range consists of four products which include the Cleansing Mask*, the Beauty Vinegar*, the Legendary Cream* and the Double Extract*. They feel and smell so exotic and they work incredibly well. I have not heard anyone say anything bad about this range and that's how good it is.

My favourite products within the range keeps changing every time because I just can't decide on one. I do think the Beauty Vinegar (ignore the name) is my all time favourite. I have so many other toners but I always reach for this no matter what. I have used it almost consistently since I got it and my skin always looks so radiant and balances especially after I clease. I am running low but I will repurchase it from my local M&S or Escentual depending on who has a better offer at the time. The Cleansing Mask works both as a mask and a cleanser/makeup remover for me. I have recently been using it more as a makeup remover and it works incredibly well especially with the current weather. The Double Extract and the Legendary Cream are also my favourites and I have been reaching for them so much more these past few months. If your skin is getting really dry and nothing seems to be working, I'd highly recommend checking out the Legendary Cream as it is hydrating and moisturising. It's quite a rich cream but I love the way it sinks into my skin without feeling too heavy or greasy on the surface. If you are after radiant and healthy looking skin, look no further as the Aura Mirabilis range has you covered.

Overall Thoughts
That's it from me today and I do hope you enjoyed this little round up of mine. I feel so lucky and blessed that I am able to try out skincare launches and I never take it for granted. I still reach for these products often and some are forever included in my skincare routine. Have you tried any of these skincare launches from 2016?
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Favourite Winter Body Butters (for Dry Skin)

Everyone in the UK seems to always complain about the weather and I can't help doing the same because the weather is a joke right now. I don't know if it's because last winter seems very far away but I think this winter seems incredibly cold. My skin feels so dry and I always have to moisturise. Funny enough, my face is not as dry as my body but it is definitely not as oily as it is during summer. Anyway, I have put together this post to share my favourite body butters that work wonders for even the driest of skins. I love all of them and I have been rotating them for the past few cold months.

Body Shop Monoi Body Balm //discontinued 
The sad news about this body balm is that it has been discontinued and it hurts my heart so bad (I know super dramatic but it really does). I have to say it is one of the best body balms/butters I have ever tried from Body Shop. It is designed to soften the skin and it is enriched with Community Trade organic virgin coconut oil. The other ingredients in this amazing body balm include Monoi de Tahiti, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Frangipani Flower Extract, etc. It smells absolutely incredible and the fragrance lingers so beautifully on the skin. It is not a regular body butter rather it is a balm and feels exactly like one. It has a medium thick texture but it melts once it gets on skin. I love how moisturised my skin feels when I slather my body with it especially around dry areas like my elbows, knees and legs. I don't think this particular one can be purchased in Body Shop but there's something similar from the Spa of the World range here. If you are very desperate to find this, you can check out this link on Amazon although I think it is ridiculous for £14.97.

Body Shop British Rose Instant Glow Body Butter* //Link // £15 (for 200 ml) (review)
I am so delighted I got the chance to try out this Body Butter last year and it has remained a firm favourite since then. It has the silkiest texture ever and sinks right into my skin. I already wrote a full review on it on this blog post so check it out if you want more details. As the name suggests, it is infused with roses (British roses, to be precise) and it smells so gorgeous. It also gives a slight glow to the skin. It is not the traditional matronly rose scent instead it feels quite fresh ad exotic. I use this regularly because it has both moisturising and hydrating properties. I just cannot get enough of it. I do have to mention that the tub lasts a pretty long time. Yes, I do use other body butters but  I got it around Mother's Day last year and it's still going strong. I love it and I think I would repurchase it before they discontinue it. If you are after a hydrating and moisturising body butter, I would definitely recommend checking this out. Body Shop always has amazing discounts every now and again so you will be getting a good bargain. I believe Body Shop have a travel size version of this lovely Body Butter for £6 or so.

Roger & Gallet Precious Replenishing Balm*(Fleur de Figuier) //Link //£17 (review)
Roger & Gallet have always been incredible when it comes to body care and fragrances. Everything I have tried from them has impressed me and that's why they are one of my favourite brands. I got this body balm last year or so and it has been love all through. I fell in love with the packaging which is really unique for a body butter complete with a tin lid. The design is so pretty and I feel so happy any time I have to whip it out to use. As the name suggests, it smells very similar to Fleur de Figuier fragrance which is my favourite perfume from Roger & Gallet. The texture feels exactly like whipped butter; so light and fluffy. It is equally moisturising and hydrating like the other body butters mentioned but its light texture makes it unique. I also love that the fragrance lingers so beautifully on my body even after some time has passed. It's a winner in my stash and it is almost finished. A repurchase may happen when next Escentual has their 1/3rd off French skincare brands.

Celebrity You Organic Shea Butter Body Butter*// Link // £10.99 (review)
I have featured this body butter more than a few times and that's because it is a firm favourite. It's from the brand Celebrity You Natural who are known for their natural and organic products. I have tried their hair care products which I love and I am so pleased they have developed a body care line. The Shea Butter Body Butter is made from Organic Shea Butter along with Wheat Germ Oil and Olive Oil so it is intensely moisturising and hydrating. The texture is surprisingly light considering that it is made with Shea Butter and other rich oils. I am not sure how they have managed this but I love it. It applies really smoothly and sinks in well yet it still prevents my skin from getting dry. It also smells so lovely and I am pleased it does not have the generic Shea Butter scent. For the price and amount of product you get, I have to say this is the best value for money. I highly recommend checking it out if you have very dry skin.

Overall Thoughts
These are all the Body Butters and Balms that I currently use. I already mention that I love them all and I can't choose which one is my favourite because they all bring something special to the table. These Body Butters/Balms have saved my skin this season from looking very dry and ashy. I highly recommend checking them out if you are on the hunt for something to save your skin this winter. Even if it is not winter where you live but you have dry skin, I'd still check these body butters out. That's it from me and hope you have a lovely weekend. Have you tried any of these body butters?
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