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One of my favourite hobbies (if it can count as one) is to read blogs. I just love it and I have  many bloggers  and vloggers I follow. Some of  them  are well known but others are upcoming and I enjoy reading from them. My heart does little leaps any time I see a new blog post or video or both from them on my subscription list. I even wrote a blogger's love post on here if you fancy a read. I love discovering new blogs so please leave recommendations for me below. I follow majority of the blogs I love via Bloglovin which is one of the best out there. let's stop rambling and show you my favourites. This list is very fluid and will be updated as time goes on.

Favourite Blogs and Bloggers
Marienne- Brown Eyed Booty
Tilo- TiloLovesVanilla
Paula- ThirteenThoughts
Jasmine-Magpie Jasmine
Lubka- The Blog of One Balgarka
Ivy George- The Pursuit of Ivy George
Jaa- HelloJaa
Sandra- Black Pearl Blog
Lily Pebbles- Lily Pebbles
Alexis- The Little Brunette
Suzi- Hello October
Bess- BSarahOates
Rose- From Roses
Laura-ShyNature Blog
Derin- Wonders of Beauty
Natalie- Discoveries of Self
Belinda- Diary of a Fashion Enthusiast
Barbara- Barbara &1923
Doyin- Chloe's  Makeover
Precious- Dazzle Beautie
Omosalewa- The Makeup Tales
Omobola (Miss Glam)- My Glamosphere
Itunu- The RhedRuby 
Jasmine- Blogsallbeauty


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Feel free to check out my blog -

Jasmine x

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