What's in my Handbag? (New Video too!!)

 It's been over a year since I updated my "What's in my Handbag?" and I absolutely enjoy reading and nosing into people's handbags because it gives a glimpse of their personality...in my opinion. The contents of my bag has changed as expected but one thing that has remained constant is my love for black handbags as I find them versatile and my love for stuffing my handbag of which I have no control over...don't judge me. In case you are wondering; my bag is the Longchamp LM Metal Tote which has been reviewed here and I love it because it fits all my essentials and it's very sturdy although it looks fragile. The best part is I made a video talking about the contents of my handbag so if you want a nosey into what I lug around with me on a daily basis..you can click here to watch the video and subscribe to my channel as it would mean the world to me. For those of you who love to read blog posts instead, I have done a small summary of what's inside my bag specially for you..

Handbag: As mentioned earlier, my current handbag is the Longchamp LM Metal Tote which is my favourite bag now because it is perfect for my lifestyle and suits almost everything I wear. I like that it's not the common style of Longchamp bag and of course, it's black which makes it super versatile. The handles are long and perfect for carrying over the shoulders. I have a full post here on the bag if you want more specific details and pictures

Notebook: This is super essential for me because I love to write and make lists and tick them off. I have once written a complete blog post in this notebook ; I am silly like that. I like this one because it is simple but good quality and I was given this at work and I am going to get more because I like it.

Sunglasses: Although Summer is on its last leg or totally gone, I still have my sunglasses in my bag because i have got quite sensitive eyes so I wear them when things get too bright or sunny. I am not sure I know what kind of sunglasses fit me yet but I got this from WareHouse and it was purchased more out of necessity than fashion. I think it was £5 and it's very good quality for the price.

Prescription Glasses: I wear contacts but I also have glasses which I wear at night. You would never catch me wearing them except you live in my flat or at home with me. It's just a necessary evil and I really don't like this particular frame but I need it so there's not much I can do about it for now until I am due for a new pair.

iPad Mini: This has to be one of my favourite devices because I take it everywhere with me and I can do all the basic things I would normally do on my laptop which is fantastic. I blog, watch videos, read other blogs, send emails, etc. It's so handy and portable although it feels a little heavy and makes my bag quite heavy as well. My case is from Cath Kidson and I love it the most even though I have other cases as reviewed here.

Makeup Bag: I have all my essential quick on-the-go makeup in here like my Chanel Les Beiges Powder, L'Oreal True Match concealer, MAC Lipstick Girl About Town, Rimmel Apocalips in Celestial etc. I never stuff my makeup bag because I just realised the only things I ever use for a touch up is my powder and lipstick/lipgloss. So, it was heavily downsized. My makeup bag is from Lulu Guinness and I am very obsessed with it at the moment.

Mobile Phones: Pretty much essential and it has stayed the same as my previous "What's in my Handbag?" post and I have two phones. One is an iPhone 5 which is my regular phone and the other is a Samsung Flip Phone (can't remember the model) which I use to call my family back home in Nigeria but these days I hardly use it as I call them on Skype, Rebtel and Voip.

That's pretty much it  (there are few others I mention in the video) and Yes, my bag is heavy for the most part but I really don't mind because all my essentials are in it. If you have done this post before, link it in the comments section; I would love to see what's in your bag and of course, find new blogs to read...x


  1. Thank you for the lovely video!
    It s nice to ave all what you need in your bag !
    Really enjoyed watching!
    Have a fab weekend!

    1. What a lovely comment to read and I am happy you enjoyed the video..you have a fab weekend too!!!..x


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