Pat McGrath Celestial Divinity Palette Review + Swatches & Video

Let's just say I am slowly transforming into a Pat McGrath eyeshadow palette addict and I'm sadly not ashamed about it. Before now, I only had the Mini Eye Ecstasy Eyeshadow Palettes (I bought two of them) which I purchased when they were on offer for £11 each. I absolutely love them and I have written about them here and even made a few videos about them here and here. I think once I tried these eyeshadow palettes, I could totally get the hype and I wanted to try more. I have contemplated buying one of the Mothership Divine Rose Palettes (particularly VIII) and I just might one day but I want to get it as a gift (hehe). Anyway, I got the early bird email regarding the launch of the Celestial Divinity Palette and I just wanted to have a look and lust after it as usual because I thought it would be expensive. You can imagine my shock when I found out it was only $78 and I watched a lot of videos to see it in action. I was smitten because I love colours, I love Pat Macgrath and I knew I had no excuse. It popped into my shopping basket and the rest is history.



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