My Makeup Collection, Organisation and Storage Ideas

Sometime last week I shared with you all on  What was in my mini Muji Drawers towers and you can pop over here to have a read in case you missed it. I also promised to show you the rest of my makeup collection and storage. As mentioned in that post, I love reading makeup collection and storage posts and watching them on YouTube. I am not going to put any disclaimer saying I hope you don’t think I am bragging about my makeup collection. First things first, I don’t even think I have a lot of makeup to actually file in that disclaimer anyway. Although my collection may be slightly larger than the average non-blogger; I think it’s a decent amount and I update it as often as possibly throwing out/giving out what I don’t use often and making space for new ones. Ramble over let’s dive in.

I store majority of my makeup on my IKEA Micke Desk which I proudly assembled myself. It also acts as my desk where I do some work and blogging and to be fair, it is getting a little crowded. At the far end, I have my makeup brushes and some flowers (fake ones) which I put altogether in an old shoe box and I think it looks more organised this way. My brush holders are actually bathroom tooth brush cups which I purchased from Sainsbury's for only 40p say what!! I love it and sadly, I never saw it again. I like to store my brushes according to their brand and functionality. All my Real Techniques Brushes are in one brush holder, all Nanshy Face Brushes* are in another and then I have my Wilko Brushes and unbranded ones from Ebay in another. I put all my eyebrushes together and they are from various brands including LancĂ´me, Nanshy*, ELF, Wilko, etc and I love them all. The fake flowers are from Wilko and the vase is from Sainsbury's I think. I rotate the flowers depending on how I feel as I have yellow ones somewhere else in my room.

To the right of the shoe boxes,  I have my Muji Drawers which I have already spoke about here so I won't go into them in detail again. Essentially, there are four drawers which I stacked on top of each other and they store my Skincare, Primers, Foundation and Concealers and Powders/Blushes/Bronzers.  I just love the organisation and it means I can see everything I have and they all get a chance to be used which is brilliant.

On top of the Muji drawers, I have another Acrylic storage unit which I think may have been the very first storage unit I bought many moons ago. It has 12 slots for lipsticks various smaller compartments for other makeup and an open space somewhere in the middle and I store majority of the lipsticks I use often in here. The front row has my high end lipsticks which include MAC lipsticks, Clinique, Estee Lauder and Illamasqua. At the back, I have my Tara Orekelewa Eyeshadow duos (review here which is a really random place to store them but I have since switched it. In the middle, I have other lipsticks and lip balms and lacquer which are mainly drug store but very good quality and they include Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet (review here), Rimmel Apocalips (review here), Revlon, L'Oreal, etc. I also have my mascaras which I reach for everyday including samples from Chanel and YSL and Bourjois Volume 1 Second Mascara*(review here). In the smaller compartments at the end, I have my eyeliners and lip liners from various brands including L’Oreal and MAC.

Next to the Muji Drawers, I have a small plate/glassware where I keep all my high end samples so I can see them and use them. They just look so pretty and I am a fool for miniature beauty items and some of the items include Lancome Dream Tone Serum, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum and Eye Cream, Estee Lauder Time Zone eye cream, Bobbi Brown Moisturisers, etc and I use them when I feel my skin needs a little pamper. At the corner, I store my pens and other random stationery which I grab when I need because I still prefer to write sometimes rather than type away on my computer.


To the right, I keep my jewellery all organised in my Jewellery case from Stackers which I have reviewed here and you can find more pictures onthere. Although this is not very practical, I keep my luxury nail polishes all from Lancome and Jacava in an acrylic storage unit from Balfour Hotels (I got it from TK Maxx). I really like the design of this storage unit as it is quite different from various ones I have tried but it is also a little heavy and takes up quite a bit of space because of its shape. In here I store all my Lancome Vernis in Love Nail Polishes (review here) which I love and I have some Lancome sample lipsticks which I received as Gifts with Purchase when I got these nail polishes and I think they are adorable. At the perimeter of the storage, I have random bits and bobs stored there ranging from hair care, nail care and some tools and my concealer backups.

I have a nice glass tray where I leave my earrings, rings and other bits and bobs I may have worn during the day and I have my favourite candle in there which I burn sometimes especially now that the weather is changing.Now to the interesting bit; most of my makeup used to live in my Micke Desk Drawer and they still do but I leave the ones I don’t reach for as often inside here although I am constantly reorganising as I love switching up my makeup storage/organisation. I always line the drawer with an old newspaper so I don’t stain the drawer with makeup and it looks much better and I always choose interesting and colourful pages in the newspaper (I love using old Stylist Newspapers for this). I partitioned the drawer with some Muji PP vanity cases which are brilliant and they cost only £1.95 each and I have four of them. They fit in nicely in the drawer. I also purchased Muji PP Slim case/box which is perfect for storing pencils and mascaras. 

Starting from L-R (Bottom row):
First Muji PP Case: I think this may be my favourite case because it looks so colourful. I store most of my drug store palettes here and I love it. I  can’t go through all my eyeshadows but some worth mentioning include the Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palettes in Iconic 3 and Smoky, Collection All About Eyes Palette, &Other Stories Brocade Aegean Palette, etc. I have some bronzers in here which I have converted to eyeshadow palettes because they are pretty ad long lasting and they are from Boots Seventeen and Milani.

Second Muji PP Case: Next to it, I store my bronzers and blushers and they are all amazing and well pigmented although I don’t use them every day. I have some Black Opal Blushes which are so lovely, &Other Stories Pink Caddage Blusher and some Bella Pierre minis which I got off Ebay and reserve for special occasions. I have this lovely blush which I got from a Magazine a long time ago (I think it was Shout Magazine!! I know, I know it's a magazine for teens but this blusher was too nice to pass up)and it’s so goooodd and sadly, I think it was just made for the magazine which is such a bummer.

In the Top Row (L-R) which seems a bit hidden:
First Muji PP Case:  I store the few high end eyeshadow palettes I have which and I don’t really own too many. Of course I have my MAC Custom Eyeshadow Palette which contains Cranberry, Sumptuous Green, Antiqued and Amber Lights. I also have a MAC Custom Duo Palette which I can’t be without as it contains my crease and brow bone colour (Cork and Rice Paper). Next to it is a limited edition MAC Eyeshadow Palette which was given to me by my lovely sister and the packaging is so lush. I have an Estee Lauder mini eyeshadow palette which  was a gift with purchase and a very pretty one at that. I have a Bobbi Brown Duo which I can’t remember the name now as it has cleaned off. I also have some drug store single and duo eyeshadows which I leave lurking around somewhere in the corner.

Second Muji PP Case: I have more lipsticks stored here and they are mainly drug store brands. I don’t think this is the best way to store them as it seems quite hidden away and I may reorganise it. The truth is many of the lipsticks here are not my everyday lipsticks which explains why they may seem hidden but I may get a transparent case for them so I can use them up. They are all mainly drug store lipsticks ranging from MUA, Makeup Revolution, No 7, Sally Hansen, etc.

The Long/slim Muji PP cases contain a mix of all mascaras, eyeliners, eye pencils, lip pencils and brow pencils. I try to keep the pencils including lip and eye/brow pencils separate and they stay in one of the cases while the other ones houses my mascaras and eyeliners including my little gel eyeliner from Maybelline. I have some space above which I like to keep spacious so I can reach for the products there easily. I have my Kuddy Blush Crush Palette* which is lovely and super pigmented. I have already hit pan  in one and I love them all. I also keep some of my Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes in there and I only have two at the moment and they are from the Monaco and Mediterranean edition. Wowwzas, that’s it folks. Can I just say a massive thank you for reading to the end? Here’s a squishy virtual hug for you. I store some other items in the other section of my room but they are mainly body care, hair care and the rest of my nail polishes.  I honestly don’t like writing long posts but I had so much info I had to leave in this post and I really did not want it to be a quick and dirty one; I wanted you to feel like you were in the room with me and I am hoping you have enjoyed and learned a thing or two about organising your makeup...See you in my next post...x

*PR Samples


  1. Very jealous of this amazing storage, lovely ideas to get into!

    1. Awwww thank you and I am glad you found some ideas too!!!..x

  2. You have like the perfect amount of make-up. Not too much, yet enough to be able to experiment with all kinds of stuff ^_^ Lovely storage! And I love your (ear)rings, they are so cute (especially the black half round ones)

    1. Hahaha, thank you so much and yes, I love that it's not too much and I try to sue everything as much as possible...thanks beb and you should do a similar post..I would definitely want to see your collection...x

  3. I love these types of posts :) this has given me some fab storage ideas and you have an amazing collection!

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine // My Blog Giveaway

    1. Me too, I love reading makeup collection and storage posts and even better watching them on YouTube..thanks a lot for stopping by...x

  4. wow_if I was this organised, I wouldn't lose so much stuff

    1. Hahahaha, I know!! I still lose a few when I travel or when I don't keep them organised...xx


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