Rimmel Apocalips Review

I am a little bit late on the Rimmel Apocalips train and I am pretty sure you have read a decent amount of reviews since last year when they were launched. I  also noticed they recently launched the Matte version of these lip lacquers but I have not tried them yet and I am not sure I would but who knows!! I think I was drawn more to the packaging than the contents because it is really beautiful and unlike any other lip gloss packaging I have come across in recent times. There are a wide variety of colours/shades although I was drawn more to safer colours as you know I would as I have not yet summoned the courage to rock a bold lip...just yet.

As already mentioned, I really like the packaging and I think it was inspired by the Galaxy system/Meteorites..I don’t know but it really looks cute and definitely stands out among all my other lipglosses not that I own a lot. The wand has a groove in the middle which allows the product sit comfortably and applies even better so you only need one dip in the tube for a full application. Some have compared the wand with the YSL lipglosses but I have not tried those yet so no comments on that but I can see why they would as the YSL ones allegedly have groves in the wands.

First off, I need to address the scent/fragrance/smell it has----> I am not a fan at all and I can’t really pinpoint  what exactly it smells like but it’s not pleasant to me and I felt a little let down. It is not even one that you can ignore on application but the good news is it disappears within a minute or so of application which is much more reassuring. But I so wish it did not have that smell at all. But wishes ain’t horses, are they? Apart from that, I really like the formula as it applies really well and sinks in fast. I won’t say it’s a lipgloss you won’t notice its presence on your lips but it’s one that its presence is well tolerable. It’s not a sticky lip gloss but it has the texture of a lip gloss although it’s a more moisturising and creamy formula which I really like. The best thing is the colour pigmentation which leaves a nice light stain on the lips but you have to reapply a few times during the day which I don’t really mind as such. I am curious to know what the matte versions look and feel like but I have not tried them yet.

The original retail price is £6.49 but I am pretty sure no one spends such money when there are so many offers swimming around. You can find them in Boots, Superdrug and other online beauty stores for far less and I purchased mine for next to nothing which was why I was brave enough to buy 5 shades. I bet if it was full price I may have only purchased one and it would have been one hell of a difficult choice for me.
                                                            Shades Purchased
As mentioned I purchased five shades which include Celestial, Nova, Luna, Apocalips and Galaxy. I also tried my best to get the best accurate pictures for the various shades but sometimes, the light is not my friend and it is all over the place so if you wanted to purchase this, I would strongly advise swatching them in store for a more accurate shade matching..

Celestial: This was the first I picked up because I knew I would wear this everyday and I have so far (almost). It is a pale nude/dusty pink which is super flattering on the lips and I would imagine would suit anyone regardless of your complexion. I love this and I think it’s my favourite of the lot because it is so safe..very typical of me!!

Nova: My next favourite is Nova because it’s like a fun upgrade from Celestial; the kind of shade I want to wear on a Friday when I don’t care about anything apart from my bed J. It’s a bright bubblegum pink shade which goes on smoothly like the others. It’s also really feminine and somewhat girly and playful.

Luna: I was a little unsure when picking this up but it looked so pretty in the packaging. It’s a perfect bright peach/coral shade which should have been perfect for Spring/Summer but it won’t prevent me from rocking it...like seriously, who even makes these rules? It’s one of those shades I wear when I am feeling fly with myself and my skin feels and looks perfect. I love this although I apply it with a really light hand as I prefer a subtle coral look.

Apocalyptic: This is when things start getting really adventurous (for me at least seeing that I prefer light colours). It’s a bright fuscia pink shade which reminds me of my beloved MAC Girl About Town. It makes me feel really bold when I wear it and I actually like it more than I thought I would. Is it weird that I use a lipliner for my lips sometimes before I use these lipglosses. I know; it’s really bizarre but I feel it makes them look much better.

Galaxy: For some reason I am not sure if this is actually Galaxy or Eclipse because somehow the name has gone off the packaging. I would describe this as a really dark red/purple shade (I can’t really decide which). It’s a perfect shade for anyone who likes vampy looks but more importantly, it’s perfect for Autumn/Winter season. But guess who has chickened out from ricking this? Yup, me!! I just don’t think it looks good. I was telling TiLo that dark/vampy lip shades make me look wicked/mean and of course, she was laughing her head off but it’s true. So I look at this longingly in my drawers hoping one day I can rock this..I just may really soon!! really, really soon!!

Overall Thoughts

I really like them despite their dodgy scent/fragrance and I would definitely recommend them. Maybe not all the shades but I think Nude Eclipse (not in this review) and Celestial are definitely worth a try especially if you are not a fan of bright/bold colours and if you love bright/bold colours you should try Apocalyptic and Big Bang (not in this review). That’s it folks and see you in my next post...xx


  1. Ohhh, they launched matte versions of those? For some reason, I didn't like the glossy versions very much, on me they faded just like a normal lip gloss. :(

    1. Ohh yeah, they have the matte version ones which look rather nice and I totally agree with you on it fading slightly but I reapply which I don't mind. I think the darker colours have a stronger stain/lasting power than the nude/light shades...x

  2. That galaxy shade, I want to try them <3
    Nice post, thankyou for sharing^^


    1. Awww thanks a lot...Yeah, the galaxy shade looks lush; you should try it!!..x


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