London Fashion Week Celebration with London Ethnic

The highlight of last weekend was celebrating London Fashion Week. I was kindly invited by London Ethnic to celebrate London Fashion Week with them in the fancy Roof Gardens in High Street Kensington, London and of course there was a cat walk with very inspiring designs. It was a lovely night which was a perfect way to end the weekend and I even made a new friend who is also an amazing photographer but more on that later. As expected, this would be a picture heavy post so just enjoy the pictures and I am pretty sure you don't mind at all.

Background- London Ethnic
London Ethnic is a fashion label formed of a collective of London based designers who produce their collections within the UK thereby promoting designers that best encapsulate the best of London. The London Ethnic label provides authentic London Fashion made in the UK and worn around the world. I really liked most of the designs I saw on the catwalk and they were pieces that could actually be worn by non-models which I think is brilliant.

The Event
The doors were open by 8:30 but I arrived by 9pm just in time for the catwalk. I was happy to stand because I wanted to get nice shots of the models and it was an amazing array of designs on the catwalk for both males and females. I liked the prints and ethnic/contemporary designs on the catwalk and they were really edgy and bold. I can actually see myself wearing some of them..*wishful thinking*.The host and hostess were amazing as well. Apart from the designs on the catwalk, there were also some contemporary pieces of jewellery and ethnic inspired scarves on display which added real colour to the already beautiful venue. Below are some of my favourite designs from the night...

We had some lovely canap├ęs and drinks from the bar. There were also stacks/boxes of Krispy Kreme specially made for this event sadly the only picture I had was blurry. I hopped on to the bar and ordered the strawberry and black berry virgin cocktail which was deliciously amazing and I was intrigued by how swiftly the bartender mixed up my drink- simply an art I tell you. I received a goody bag which had edibles which were already eaten before I got to take picture. But I managed to save the Coconut water which I am sipping currently as I type. Very refreshing indeed.

I was also lucky to receive these lovely goodies from Planet Organics which came in this lovely bag which will be my new random bag because I have this love for cloth bags..weird I know. In the bag was the Planeola which is made from natural ingredients with no added sugar and it contains no wheat, gluten, grains and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. How amazing is that! It also tastes really good which I did not expect because we all know sometimes "natural organic " food may not be very tasty and we console ourselves with the fact that it's but this is different and I love it. Lastly, I got the Planeola Almond and Cashew Nut Butter which tastes so much better than it looks. I actually have been licking this off with a teaspoon (so not recommended but it tastes so good). I look forward to trying this with Bread or Ryvita.

It was truly a lovely night and I met this lovely Photographer Marta who takes amazing photos. She has a website with her amazing shots and we found out we live near each other and we may be working together on a few projects..we will keep you posted. Meanwhile, you can find her on her Website-Artupphotography,  Facebook Page, and her go check her out. I was happy to leave early because I was truly knackered from a busy week at work and weekend sorting out a few tasks but I had a great time. I hope you have enjoyed this picture heavy post and I would see you in my next post...x


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