Top High End Mascara Samples


Hey My Lovelies,
I hope everyone has had a nice week so far..mine has been and is set to be even more exciting soon!! As you all know I am very big on picking up samples especially from high end brands and I thought I should do a little round up of all the samples I have collected so far... trust me, there are a lot so I think it will be best to group them into some categories.. Today's post will focus on mascaras which have slowly crept into my makeup stash to be come a regular item. In the past, I was not really a big fan of mascara but I have been recently converted by some nice high end sample brands..let's get started... In no particular order, I present to you my top mascara samples.*drum rolls*

Clinique High Impact Mascara
Believe it or not, when I was a little younger, I got the Clinique High Impact Mascara alongside other tiny samples in a cute makeup bag as a gift from my lovely Mum while I was back in Nigeria and I totally loved it. Fast forward many years later, I received this mascara this month as a sample along other samples from Clinique with a recent purchase which I would be reviewing soon. I loved this mascara then and I still do. The packaging has definitely changed but it is one mascara which has a lovely formula which applies easily with no mess or clumping which may be due to the sample size as I have not tried the full size but I think it should be the same. I love how it captures every tiny strand of my lashes into a nice curled look which is very flattering. I would recommend this strongly if you want a non- messy but flattering mascara. 

Benefit Bad Gal Mascara
This is the second time I am receiving this sample and I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world*chuckles to self* I first received this as a magazine freebie and later as a free sample with the purchase of the Benefit's One Prime Day(review here)This is also one of my favourite samples because the brush is really well designed to enhance your lashes with as little clumping as possible. I love how it exaggerates my lashes and it is quite easy to remove afterwards although the staying power is really high which I think is commendable.

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara
I received this sample this week from my lovely colleague who understands my obsession with beauty products..She also has a lovely blog called Miyasdelectablecakery so check her out..Bobbi Brown is another brand I am absolutely in love with so I was really delighted to receive this lovely mascara (She gave me two, how sweet!). Looking at the brush, you would imagine it is just a volumising mascara but it combines both volumising and lengthening properties which is really brilliant. On application, it separates my lashes into flattering wisps which I find really different and I like it. Thankfully, clumping is minimal and it dries really fast so no smudging even when I rub my yes *smacks hand*

Lancome Hypnose Masacara (Hypnose Star and Hypnose Volumising Mascara)
This is also another mascara which I received alongside several Lancome purchases. You all know by now that I love Lancome products but I am not a big fan of this mascara because it does clump a little bit on my lashes. I would say it is more of a volumising mascara than a lengthening one and I prefer the latter. The brush looks really good though and it gives nice volume to your lashes if you like volumising mascaras. I prefer the Hypnose Star which it tried a little while ago and I think it best combines both lengthening and volumising properties with minimal clumping.

That's it folks! I hope you enjoyed this post and I may be doing another mini round up of other samples I have pretty soon. Maybe the next category will just be serums, moisturisers and eye creams because I believe i have a few of them now or maybe i would just call it skin care...see you in my next post...toodles..x

MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage Review

Hi Me Lovelies,
I think my blogging mojo is gradually coming back to me and the weather has also added an extra oomph to my mood in a way that makes me want to take pictures which you all know i love to do. Sometimes, I feel there are too many photos in a single blog post but I can't really help it... I am guilty of taking many pictures and finding it really hard to delete the ones i don't need...tehehhe.
I recently did a little shopping in MAC, not just for me, but for my sister and also my friend . I am not sure if this is common in the MAC Counter in Selfridges London but I got a sample without asking..AT ALL. You all know I am very big on getting samples especially from high end brands but MAC is one of the few that are a bit difficult to get samples from. The only freebie i get is when i return 6 packs of Back to MAC empties for a free lipstick so you can imagine my shock when the lovely sales lady put in the Mac Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage Primer in my shopping bag. I did a double take and she just smiled and said she hopes I like it when i try it out. To be honest, I was extremely pleased and surprised ,if i may add, because I really wanted to try out the MAC Prep +Prime Primer for a long time but I could not justify spending so much on it especially if i don't end up liking it. So here goes my little review of this sample which, by the way, has lasted for a good time for me...Yahhh!

I can't really comment on the packaging as this is a sample size but i must say i love when brands take their time to have really decent packaging for their free samples and MAC is one of the brands that ensure their samples, howbeit few, make that cut. Although, this is just a tiny sample, it has gone a really long way and you need only a little for a perfect face. The tube does squeeze out a little more than required but I am not sure the proper full size does the same but you really do need a little. I have read a few reviews where people preferred for the primer tube to be transparent which makes sense as one will like to know when it is about to run out.

After getting over my excitement, i proceeded to try this out. My usual routine is -moisturiser, primer , concealer/foundation and powder. It felt really smooth to touch and applied easily alongside my moisturiser. I think i really liked how smooth it applied on my skin without any hitches. Although it looks white, it appears clear on application and you can't tell that you have it on as it is very light as expected anyways. Next, I applied my foundation/powder as normal and it helped my foundation glide even smoother and the finished look was fab. I have not noticed any scent to it, maybe a very slight scent but not sure, I can't trust my nose... :-0

Longevity/Wear Time
Primers are meant to help your foundation last longer and prevent it from sliding off your face in hot conditions. This definitely does what it is meant to do as my foundation lasted a little longer than when i used my Collection 2000 Primer (check out the review here). I suspect it does have some slight moisturising action in it because my skin felt really softer and the name does say Prep and Prime so maybe it does have some moisturising properties inside it but don't quote me on that. This does not have any SPF in it for all you SPF lovers but I guess that's still okay as you can use a moisturiser or foundation with SPF with it.

I will definitely pick the full size up when the samples completely runs out. It retails for £18 in any MAC counters strewn all over the world and online as well. I think it is a decent amount for the quality and quantity you get. The big decision for me will be to decide between the MAC Prep + Primer Skin Base Visage and the Benefit Porefessional Primer because i do really like both of them but I think i may be leaning towards the MAC Prep +Prime only because it cost slightly less :-)))

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks as always for stopping by..see you in my next post which should be pretty soon...x...If you have any suggestions for any post/review, do let me know...toodles...x

Haul:Primark Fall/Autumn Wallet

Hi My Lovelies,
I feel like i have massively neglected this blog for a long while and i apologize for that. Not for not publishing new posts but for not letting you, my lovely readers, know that I would be taking a hiatus for a short while. I am tempted to say I have gotten my blogging mojo back but I have not got it back completely and I will be the last person to put up a half-baked post when I can skip it altogether. Having said that, I have missed blogging and I see myself completely back in a short while. Thank you so much for always stopping by and leaving all the love on here; it really goes a long way. I have quite a few blog posts planned in my drafts which i will be whipping out when I get back to my lovely blogging self but in the mean time, I will leave you with a lovely little purchase i got from Primark which i think is perfect for the Fall/Autumn Season. I must say Primark aka Primarni is really stepping up their game both in quality and price. Oh yeah, gone are the days when you could walk into Primark with a tenner and come out with a bag of goodies. But I must say the prices have gone up almost in proportion to the quality and style they have got in there which is bang on trend!!

Primark Red and Gold Embossed Wallet
Can we just take a moment to appreciate the super posh name I christened my beautiful wallet. Hahahha, this is what the other big brands do and attach hefty price tags to their products. Note to Primark: Thank me later for this wonderful name!! To be honest, I do love wallets and I will like to have a fancy pancy one someday but for now, most of my wallets have been from normal high street brands like River Island and Dorothy Perkins and I do use my wallets for a really long time, sometimes, as long as almost 2 years. My last one was properly battered and i will spare you any pictures for fear you may click off this page prematurely. Anyways, I went into Primark and this wallet totally caught my eye!! it was very cute with its gold plated little bow and it had a variety of colours but I was attracted to this rich red colour because it seemed to call out to me. I promptly snatched it up before it went away.

It is a pretty decent wallet and it appears stronger than some of the other Primark Wallets that were on display. I have to say Primark has quite a few lovely designs with better than average quality so I was quite pleased to see this wallet in this rich red colour complete with the gold plated bow which also doubles as the clasp for the wallet which you can twist to lock it. The outer material is made of soft faux leather which feels, surprisingly, like good quality leather but i know it is not. Anyways, time will Inside the wallet houses various compartments for cards, notes and coins. It also has a separate compartment with a zip where you can store additional cash and other bits and bobs. I never carry cash especially here in the UK as i prefer to use my cards so this is excellent for me. The zip feels really sturdy and does not snag or act dodgy when zipping as some really cheap wallets do. I am also happy to report that the card compartments fit your cards properly; not too tight or loose and it is quite easy to pull your cards out when you need it. I once bought a wallet a little while ago on sales, which has been promptly returned if i may add, but it would not fit my cards properly; what's the point in that? Now, I always make sure i test if my cards fit before purchasing any wallet.

As usual, this was very affordable which is the reason why i always pop in every now and then to Primark. This wallet set me back by only £5 and i think it is pretty lovely for such good quality but I can only say time will tell how long and hard wearing this wallet will be but I won't stress myself too much if anything untoward happens to it. I totally doubt this wallet will let me down because my sister has another lovely wallet also from Primark which she has been using for almost a year and it looks the same way as it was when she bought it. I had been scheming earlier to get (tiff) that wallet from her but my plans have failed and I think with this new wallet, I have decided to bury that plan...for now!! You can pick this up in any Primark nearest to you hehehhehe.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to be back with more posts during this week. So say a little prayer to get my Blogging Mojo back...toodles...xx

Ed Hardy "Love Kills Slowly" Perfume Set Review

Hi My Lovelies,
As usual, I have to rant about the weather as many people who live in the UK always do. Honestly, the weather has not been the best and it's fats becoming very nippy but we all have to survive. I have drank more cups of tea than I have in the earlier half of the year (I am more of a coffee girl ). Anyway, I hope everyone is well. I am reviewing the Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly Perfume Set. Sometime in July, I was in Debenhams looking for a way to spend my £5 voucher from the Debenhams Beauty Club. I roamed through the perfume section looking for a nice deal. One of the sales ladies drew my attention to the Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly Perfume Set which was on sale for half the price at £18 for a lovely 50 ml Perfume, a 90 ml perfumed body lotion and a 7 ml miniature version for the hand bag. It was really tantalizing and , although,  I had never tried the Ed Hardy range, I decided to to splurge and it is definitely one of the splurges I have never regretted. I am not sure why I decided to pick it up; it could be how convincing the sales lady was or her strong lovely accent (I think she was Jamaican/Carribean) or how lovely the packaging was or a combo of everything. Whatever/whoever was responsible, I owe you a big squishy hug.

To be honest, I have never tried or even thought of trying any of the Ed Hardy Perfume range because I thought the inscriptions and designs were not me but I was so wrong as the perfume/fragrance is totally amazing and my kind of scent. Don Ed Hardy is an American Artist raised in Southern California who is best known for his tattoo work, his eye catching tattoo designs on apparel and accessories. I generally associate Ed Hardy with his famous tattoo designs which are seen on many of his clothing and accessories including his perfumes. Apparently, his female perfumes were created by Christian Audigier and I think this was one of the lot he created.

In this set, you get a lovely 50 ml perfume bottle, a perfumed body lotion and a 7 ml miniature version which are really lovely. I love how bold the packaging design is; I think it will make a good tattoo for people who love tattoos. I really love how sturdy this box is and the lovely splash of colours all around it plus the beautiful woman drwan on it. The bottle also has the same tattoo design/inscription on it with Ed Hardy on one side. The miniature bottle is my absolute favourite. It looks so cute in its tiny little package and fits perfectly in my makeup pouch and is perfect for night outs where it is snuggled in my clutch. The perfumed body lotion is one of my favourite because it really lingers on my skin for a long time and it has some gold shimmers which reflect on your skin in a nice way if you are in the sun.

My first impression of it was a nice fruity and sweet smell without being too overpowering as sometimes sweet and fruity scents could be a bit annoying but this is not one of those. It's a very fruity fragrance which many people have compared to the Juicy Couture Perfumes, DKNY Red perfume and Victoria Secrets perfumes. Its Top notes are Mango, Grape fruit and Strawberries which gives way to its middle notes of Freesia and mild Vanilla before it settles to its base notes of Amber, Musk and Leather. I love how the notes are all formulated but if you do not like fruity/citrus fragrances, you may need to steer clear of this perfume as it comes on strong when you spray it initially.

I must say this fragrance really lasts for a long time. I have never had any cause to reapply or touch up during the day because i can still smell it slightly on me which i think is enough. It does linger on some of my clothing even when it has been washed which i think is really nice provided you like the scent though. It has not irritated my skin when applying it so i guess it is okay on application.

The cost really varies depending on where and what deals are going on. As i said, i bought mine from Debenhams during the sales back in July and it was on sale for £18 and I had a £5 voucher so i only got it for £13 which is an absolute bargain. However, they do not sell them any more in Debenhams (my greedy self went back to buy more) but they had sold out. They now had it back to its original price but not in a gift set. I scoured through online and it was not easy finding this set but i guess i was not very serious. I saw varying prices ranging from $40 which is about £30 or more. 

I am besotted with this fragrance and i wish i actually bought more than one at the time at such a bargain. I will recommend this if you like fruity/citrus notes perfumes or girly scents. If you are not, you may find this perfume to sweet for you. As I said earlier, I love fruity and floral scents and this is one of my favorites. I will definitely repurchase once i lay my mitts on it in a gift set.

I hope you have enjoyed this little post and it has somewhat brightened the grey skies and dodgy weather if you are in London. See you in my next post and don't forget to enter the Leonie Blackhead Removing Peel-Off Mask Giveaway running through till the end of September, so don't forget to enter as it is open internationally... toodles.....x

Blogging Tips: How to Share Your Blogposts using Social Media


Hi My Lovelies,
I am super glad the weekend is almost here for so many special reasons which i won't bore you with. I am pretty sure most of my blog posts are read by my fellow bloggers or readers who are contemplating writing a blog and all the good stuff. You may want to check out my previous post on Tips for Blogging which you can find here. One of the things with blogging is getting people to read what you have posted and engage properly with your readers. I am pretty sure many people are looking for ways to get more people to read and engage with their wonderful blog posts. While I am not an expert on this topic or even SEO techniques, I will share a few tips that have worked for me.

1. Use/Install the "Add This Widget" beneath each Blog Post 
I guess one of the most important ways to share your posts is to install a share widget which allows your blog post to be shared along relevant social media sites. I prefer using the "Add This Widget" which can be installed on different blog platforms including Blogger, WordPress and if you have your own self hosted website. It allows you install share buttons beneath each post once you have installed the code which is extremely straight forward. You can check "Add This" out here on how to install the codes.

2. Install LinkWithin Code/Widget under relevant blog posts
This is also another important element in sharing your posts, increasing your readership and engagement. Link Within allows relevant or related blog posts appear underneath another blog post. Say for instance, i write post on Skincare on Acne, there will be other related skin care reviews underneath that post for any reader to engage and read more. I think it is a very useful tool and I have seen many new referrals on my blog increase as a result of the Link Within code installed. It's also very easy to install on Blogger, WordPress and other sites. You can check out LinkWithin here for a free install.

3. Facebook
This is one of the most important ways to get your blog posts out there because your friends can read it and share with their friends who can share it and so the cycle go on and on. I personally recommend having a separate Facebook page for your blog (check out Fashstyleliv Facebook Page while you are at it) as it allows you do more for your blog on there as opposed to your personal Facebook page. I also recommend joining a lot of relevant Facebook groups. When i say relevant, it really should be relevant to your blog. Don't go joining a Facebook Group that is mainly for Technology Bloggers when there is none of that on your blog. As a beauty blogger, I find there are many lovely groups such as BeautyBloggers, International Beauty Bloggers, Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers, UK Bloggers, Nigerian Fashion and Beauty Bloggers. Most of these groups are closed so you need to send a request to them which is usually approved as far as your blog fits the mold.  There are many more out there but i really love these groups as you can learn a lot of blogging tips, swap comments, posts and interact with other bloggers. I am also a member of the Natural Healthy Hair Facebook group and Naturally Beautiful Facebook Group where i share my posts on my natural hair on. I tend not to share other posts on there because it is strictly for hair and as much as I want to get  more readers, i don't want it clogged up with other irrelevant posts.

4. Twitter
Twitter is definitely one of the most interactive social media networks because you get very good engagement with a lot of people globally. I love to share my blog posts on twitter and I have a separate twitter page for @Fashstyleliv as I like to keep my personal one for work and other personal stuff. I have to say I have not always been a tweeter but i have started getting into the flow to grow my reader base. It's also a way to get many brands to share your posts, say for instance, you reviewed Real Techniques Brush set (I had to shamelessly insert my review of these brushes here), you can tweet them @Realtechniques and they will definitely share your posts/review. Some brands PR teams are better than others so you need to expect different reactions. Apart from that, you can also make use of the hashtags like #fbloggers for Fashion Bloggers and #bbloggers for Beauty Bloggers. I also know @Blogobiz is very good in helping promoting posts so check them out and follow them. they usually retweet blog posts to their followers. I think twitter is a good way to interact with other bloggers as well and participate in Twitter Chats.

5. Google Plus
This is also a new for me to share my blog posts. If you are using blogger, it is very easy to install using some of the HTML widgets in the Page Layout Page. You can also find options on your dashboard to add it. If you use WordPress, I am sure there are other ways to add it. The main thing is to have a Google Plus account which allows people add you to their circles and for you to add them back. It also allows people to "Plus one +1" your posts. It's one of the easiest ways to share your blog posts and add new readers to your blog. 


4. Reddit
I only discovered using Reddit, how silly am i! Apparently, it has been around for a really long time. It is so easy to share your posts on here once you sign up. Looking at my stats page, I can see a good number of referrals come from Reddit and it is pretty good because it spans a wide range of readers from around the world. I always add a Sub Reddit to my blog post share,I use beautyblogs subreddit, which is like a smaller group of reddits where you get a more targeted audience.


5. Glipho
I have already previously written a comprehensive post here on Glipho about how wonderful a social blogging publishing engine it is. I totally love Glipho and i highly recommend it especially if you are new to blogging or you want to gain more readers and share your posts even more. It's funny that i have the highest number of followers on Glipho. I have about 107 followers the last time i checked which is just the same as my Facebook Page and much higher than both my GFC and Bloglovin followers. It's easy to join, all you need to do is sign up via Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, etc and you are up and running to start gliphing as they call it and sharing your posts.
Of course there are other ways to share your posts but these are the most common ways I use to get my posts out there. There are other ways which include Bloglovin and Instagram amongst a gazillion other choices out there. I hope this was helpful and if you have any more tips, please leave comments below so I (and am sure every one else) can learn as well. Thanks always for reading. Don't forget to check out the Leonie Blackhead Removing Giveaway which is still running from now till the end of the month...toodles.....x

Leonie Blackhead Removing Peel-Off Mask Review and Giveaway!!! (CLOSED )

Hi My Lovelies,
I hope everyone is having a nice week; hang on there, it's mid week already and soon the weekend will be here in no time!!.  The weather has been a bit of a wet blanket but I am trying my best to push through. I am sure you all know by now that i am on the hunt for good skin care products especially ones which are made from predominantly natural products. I received the *Leonie Blackhead Removing Mask a little while ago and i have been using it for a few weeks and i have been really pleased with it so I decided to share with you.

Leonie Skincare was founded earlier this year and is owned by Odelia Global Inc based in Montreal,Canada although they have strong partnerships in the USA, China and Korea.  According to Leonie Skincare, they believe skin care should be affordable, fun and effective which is why you should be rest assured that all their skin care products are high quality products which are both vegan-friendly and animal-cruelty free. For more information on Leonie Skincare, visit the Leonie Skin Care website and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Google +.

It's a pretty basic and simple packaging. It comes in a black tube with a brief back ground of the product and directions to use inscribed on it. It has a nice secure lid with an opening to let out some product. But i like that it's a black packaging as it looks different to all my other skin care products in my bathroom.

It contains a rich but simple symphony of natural ingredients which include Activated Carbon which is its main active ingredient which helps remove the blackheads and impurities. Apart from this, it also contains some herbal extracts which include Avena Sativa Kernel Extract, Rosamarinus Officinalis Extract (Rose extract), Calendula Officinalis Extract as well as some citrus extracts to include Citrus Species Peel Extract and Citrus Grandis Fruit Extract which lends it a pleasant but not overpowering fragrance. To polish it off, it also contains essential vitamins like Retinol and Tocopherol which are useful for nourishing and enriching the skin. I totally love how the ingredients work with each other to produce the effect it has on the face and skin. The Full ingredients list can be found here

How does it work?
I am sure you must be quite curious as to why it looks black. That's simple because Activated Carbon is the one of the active ingredients in addition to a symphony of herbs and citrus extracts. I am not sure how much you know about Carbon  but it is one by product that adsorbs impurities. Now to the boring Science bit (i can't help, when charcoal is activated, it increases its effectiveness to filter and adsorb/absorb impurities, toxins and free radicals. We all know our faces have a lot of free radicals obtained from the environment which cause havoc such as altering the PH of our skin, moisture content, impurities and toxins which all give rise to ageing and pigmentation. The activated carbon in this mask absorbs/adsorbs these impurities including blackheads and the free radicals rendering them less effective. The Citrus Extracts give it a slight astringent effect as well as a pleasant smell and the herbs and vitamins help replenish the skin with needed moisture and nutrients after the impurities have been removed.

Applying this is as straightforward as can be. You need to wash and clean your face of any makeup, dirt or grime. Next, you want to apply the right amount of this mask on your face. It's easy to know the right amount you need- good a thing the mask is black, so you need to start with a thin layer and apply a little more until you can't see your skin through it. Once applied, grab your favourite magazine and relax with your favourite drink while you wait for it to work its wonders. Leonie Skincare advise you to leave the mask on for 15 minutes which is fine; i leave mine on for a minimum of 20 minutes, sometimes I could leave it on for 30 minutes because I want it easy to remove and removing this mask could be a little tricky. If you apply a sufficient layer and leave it for a good time to dry, it will be easy to peel off. If you apply a thin layer and are impatient, you will have difficulties peeling it off. 

My Experience
I totally love using masks especially the ones that can be peeled off. You know the satisfying feeling of stripping off a mask off your face!! Well, the Leonie Mask is no different. First time i used it, i applied a thin layer and was impatient which resulted to difficulty in removing the mask so i had to wipe it off with a moist cloth (where's the fun in that?). However, it does come off properly with any method you use and be careful to throw the removed mask or debris in the bin and not down your drain as this may cause some blockage.  On removal, I was pleasantly surprised to find refreshed and soft skin underneath. My pores felt tighter and my blackheads were visibly reduced. Note: My blackheads did not come off after one application but after the second and third application which was fine for me as i realise this is not a magic formula :-). Your experience may be different; you may find that yours come off after one application or more applications. 

1. It comes in 100 ml which means you get plenty of applications with just one tube.
2. It is very effective and actually removes the blackheads after one or more applications.
3. Once you master the right amount to apply, it comes off really easily after application.
4. It is affordable for such a lovely products and can be purchased online.
5. It is made of natural products which are good for your skin.
6. Its ingredients are both vegan-friendly and animal-cruelty free which i think is brilliant as many skin care products cannot resist testing on animals.
7. Although it looks black on application, it has a pleasant fragrance.
8. It can be applied on your face, as a nose-strip for your nose and other areas of your body such as your back.

1. Black as a mask colour may not be the most attractive colour to apply on your face.
2. You may experience some slight, ever so slight, discomfort on your face when removing it.
3. You need to allocate sufficient time for its application.
4. You need to wash your sink properly after use (not for lazy daisies) and ensure none of the mask goes down the drain. Having said that, it does not retain any stains at all both on the skin or on clothing as it is is easily removed with water only.

Although I was sent this product for a review, I will definitely buy this product again and again because it is one easy way to cheat on your skin when it is acting up. Over the years, my blackheads have reduced but they still show up every now and then which is why I am glad I came across this product as a way to keep them at bay while nourishing my skin. I absolutely love it and I recommend it even if you don't have blackheads, it is still excellent for removing all other impurities which may be embedded within the skin. You can buy the Leonie Blackhead Removing Mask here 

Giveaway Time
Yahhhhh!! Now for the exciting news!! you stand a chance of winning The Leonie Blackhead Removing  Peel-Off Mask courtesy of Leonie Skin Care who have kindly informed me that they will be giving out one to a lucky reader. This giveaway will be open till 30 September 2013 and I will contact the winner on the 1st October 2013.  We only ask for your to follow these simple rules below:

Giveaway Rules
1. Follow Leonie Skin Care's Facebook Page and Twitter
2. Be a subscriber/ Follow Fashstyleliv on GFC or Blog Loving
3. Like the Fashstyleliv Facebook Page
4. Leave a comment under this post so we know who you are to help contact you when you win
5. You must be 18 years and above to participate or get your parental consent.
6. This Contest is Open Internationally !!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Easy Peasy as always. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have tried this product, let me know your verdict below in the comment box below...tooodles...and see you in my next post...x

*This product was sent to me for review by Leonie Skincare. All opinions are mine and I was not compensated to write this. All reviews on Fashstyleliv are honest opinions only.


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