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Fashstyleliv has recently started accepting PR samples which would be reviewed on this blog on some terms and condition. I think it is important for bloggers and PR teams to have a good working relationship with clear terms.The most important priority of this blog is to add value to the readers which means my readers are my most important, valuable and priceless partners. Any product sent to me as a PR sample will be marked with an asterisk(*) and a disclosure will be written at the end of the post. If a PR sample fits the style of my blog, I would accept it. If I use the sample and I love it and I see myself spending money to buy it, I would review it on my blog. As stated in my About Me and About the Blog pages, I don't believe any product is 100% good or bad; that's the main reason why I always include Pros and Cons in any PR sample reviews sent to Fashstyleliv.

I have worked with a couple of PR teams from different brands who have been amazing and we still have a good working relationship and I feel that's the way it should be so I look forward to hearing from you if you feel we can collaborate together on a post. Thank you...

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Great post.

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