Mother's Day Gift Guide

Gift Guides are one of my favourite posts to write although they do take a long time. However, they are so enjoyable and you all seem to like reading them. I have a couple of Gift Guides on here including my Christmas Gift Guides and Valentine's Day Gift Guides if you fancy checking them out. Today's post is all about Mother's Day Gift Guide and it's a pretty special one because mothers are all amazing. A mother  does not have to be your birth Mum, she could be anyone who has been that mother figure in your life. I love my Mum so much and she really influenced me in many ways including my beauty choices and taste. I have a huge collection of products in this Gift Guide that would suit every budget and many Mums' tastes. There are some high end, mid range and affordable options and many of them can be bought in-store if you are buying last minute. This year, Mother's Day in the UK is on March 6th so there is still time to pop in-store and pick up something for your Mum. Right, let's get into the Gift Guide...

FOREO Beauty Devices* // from £99
FOREO makes one of my favourite beauty devices and I know many mothers would absolutely love it. They have a good variety to choose from including the FOREO Luna* (£149) and Iris Eye Massager* (£99). They have also launched a new Luna Mini 2* (£99) which is amazing and I would be talking about it in a separate post. The Magenta Luna* (£149) is for all skin types which would be suitable for Mums because it has an anti-ageing side. This side is perfect for massaging the skin and prevents premature wrinkles and fine lines. The Iris Eye Massager is absolutely genius and it mimics finger tapping motions which is recommended for the under eye. All the FOREO devices are so gentle and very effective and I absolutely love them. If you are not prepared to invest just yet, you can check out their Day Cleanser* (£25) and Night Cleanser (£30) which are affordable at £25 and £30 respectively.

Grown Alchemist Range*// from £14
I am totally new but absolutely obsessed with the Grown Alchemist Skincare range.  If your Mum is into green beauty or skincare, this is a brand that's totally worth checking out. I would have a full review up soon because I have been testing some products out.  I can tell your right now that they are effective. There are three products I would recommend as a gift for mothers because I know there are perfect for everyday use. The first is the Detox Serum Antioxidant-3* (£39) which is a liquid -like serum that feels super refreshing on the skin. It feels exactly like water but the way it makes my skin feel refreshed is definitely more effective than water. It is designed to detoxify the skin from free radicals that are found in our environment which also cause premature ageing. The second product is the Hydra Repair Day Cream* (£39) which is oil free and super light on the skin. It goes on very smoothly, gets absorbed easily and still retains moisture over the course of the day. It also works as a light base/primer for makeup which is amazing. The last product is the Watermelon and Vanilla Lip Balm* (£14) which I absolutely love. I have never tasted or seen anything with these two flavours before and it is really nice. It is perfect for dry, cracked and chapped lips and I know mothers would love this lip balm.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser// Link // £15.50
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish is one of the most popular hot cloth cleansers in the UK (and maybe beyond) and it's simply because it does what it says on the tin. I know some mothers don't like removing their makeup with makeup wipes or anything stripping. Hot cloth cleansers, cream cleansers or balm cleansers (and even oil) are the usual default makeup removers because they are gentle and do not strip the skin. The Liz Earle Cleanser and Polish is amazing because it is effective and it requires little effort. I got this set from John Lewis for £15.50 and it came with four free muslin cloths, a travel size Cleanser and Polish and the Liz Earle Eye Bright Eye Makeup Remover (I think this was a free with the purchase). I love this Eye Makeup remover because it feels refreshing and I know many mothers would love how soothing it feels after a long day.

Body Shop Drops of Youth Range*// Link //from £14 //Review
This range is one of the newest launches from Body Shop (well, they have added some products to the existing range and revamped the packaging). I already spoke about it here so I won't waffle on too much but it is worth trying out. They have a wide variety of products to choose from but I have only tried three- The Youth Essence Lotion*, The Youth Cream* and the Youth Concentrate Serum*. Many mothers would love this range because it keeps the skin firm and prevents any premature signs of ageing as a result of the plant stem cells infused in the range. I highly recommend the Youth Concentrate Serum which is super lovely on the skin and has an amazing firming action.

Elemental Herbology Range*
Elemental Herbology is another brand I know many mothers love because their products are effective and  made from natural actives. They are know for developing products that promote good health, wellness and wellbeing. There are two products from their range I know mothers would love to receive as Mother's Day gifts. The first is the Vital Glow* (£55) which is one of my favourite night cream because it gives my skin the best possible glow. It contains Plant C-Stem, Granactive Retinoid and natural AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) which are so effective for stimulating cell turnover, preventing wrinkles and working on hyper pigmentation. This is one of the few products I have tried that have helped with my hyper pigmentation from acne scarring so I know it does a good job. The second product is the Hand Nutrition Intensive Hand & Nail Repair Cream* (£16)  which is perfect for winter (and other seasons) to prevent dry hands.  One of the first signs of ageing usually appears on the hands and incidentally mothers use their hands for so many tasks.. Investing in a good hand cream is super essential and I use hand creams a lot because my hands get very dry. It smells very natural and I love how it also works well for the nail cuticles which tend to get dry as well.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Oil*// Link //£29
Many mothers would tell you they highly rate the Elizabeth Arden Eight hour range which I believe is one of their best sellers. The recently launched the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Oil* which is multifunctional as it can be used for the face, body and hair. The bottle is really light which makes it travel friendly and the oil in itself is light weight. It does not sit heavy on the skin at all yet you can see and feel its effective. If your Mum has dry skin or she has dry skin this Winter (or any other season), she would absolutely adore this oil. Many mothers prefer multi-tasking products and this is one that ticks all the boxes and provides good value for money.

Hydrating Serums
I am a huge fan of hydrating serums and I know many mothers prefer to invest more in their skincare as opposed to makeup. One good way of ensuring the skin is in tip top shape is to use hydrating serums and there are three options for all budgets. The first one is the Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum (£22.50which is one of the best drug store options out there and this is a repurchase because I love it so much. It provides the right amount of hydration to the skin and gets absorbed really well. The second option is the La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Serum* (£19.90) and this is one of my favourites as well. The texture is so hydrating and it's just like giving your skin a much needed glass of water to quench its thirst. The last option is more pricey but totally worth it. It's the Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Serum Concentrate (£59) which is one of Lancome's best seller and has been for many years. It is absolutely amazing at hydrating the skin but it also has anti ageing properties which helps keep the skin supple and youthful.

Amouage Fate Hand Cream* // Link // £55
Now this is one super luxury Mother's Day gift item but it is totally worth every penny. It's none other than the Amouage Fate Hand Cream* which is absolutely gorgeous and smells too beautiful (it has an oriental vibe from its Oman origin). First off, the packaging is so beautiful and there is no need to do any extra wrapping (my favourite kind of gift). The product in itself is so lovely on the hands, relieves any dryness and the moisture it provides is retained for a pretty long time. Although it is a hand cream, I don't think there is any harm in using it on the body (I have done this a few times) and it just feels so lovely. If you want to get something for your Mum that is exquisite, I would suggest checking this hand cream out. They also have some amazing fragrances if you want to go an extra mile.

Molton Brown Dewy Lily of the Valley & Star Anise*// Link // from £10.00
This is the newest launch from Molton Brown and it is beyond gorgeous. I can't even describe how beautiful it smells and I am so happy that I got a chance to try it out. I was kindly invited to its launch and a flower headdress making workshop and I would be talking about it in another post. As the name suggests, it has Lily of the Valley notes and Star Anise among other beautiful notes. It's such a spring perfect feminine scent and I am already obsessed with it. I know many Mothers would love this set and it has a Bath &Shower Gel*, Body Lotion*, Fragrance (EDT)*, Scented Candle, Hand Cream and Aroma Reeds. The Gift Set* pictured above retails for £72 can be found here and of course, it would be impeccably wrapped so you don't have to do anything extra.

Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Range* // from £17
If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would know that I am obsessed with the Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier range. I was lucky to try out the Fleur de Figuier EDP* (£40.50) and it's one of the few fragrances I have completely finished. I am so happy I now have a new one to continue my obsession with. It's one of the most long lasting fragrances I have tried and it sits so well on my skin. I think it would be suitable for any mother but particularly if your Mum loves anything with Fig notes or a sweet fragrance. She would absolutely adore this scent!! The best part is they also recently launched the Precious Balms* (£17) and there is a Fleur de Figuier scent. The texture of this balm is so incredible and I don't think I have tried anything as soft and creamy as this balm. The fragrance infused in the balm lingers for a good while on the skin and I just love the packaging as well. These two would make a perfect Mother's day Gift.

Fake Bake Beauty// Link // from £17.50
I am still very impressed with Fake Bake Beauty and I have absolutely enjoyed the products I have. One product I always recommend is the D-Luxe Facial Cleansing Melt* which is essentially a balm-oil cleanser and removes every stitch of makeup. I love how easy it is to use and how effective it is at removing my makeup. I know mothers would also love this because it is fuss free and does a spanking good job even if you are not wearing makeup. The second product is the Dolce Dream Lemon Meringue Body Whip* which is more of a pamper product. The texture is so soft and it smells good enough to eat. It gets absorbed really well and I can't fault it at all. If you have a Mother/Daughter pamper day planned, this would be nice to include in your pamper essentials.

Jo Malone Tuberose Angelica Cologne Intense // Link // £105
This is one of my all time favourite fragrances and it has been featured on here more than a few times. Jo Malone Fragrances are really classy and elegant and I am sure many Mums would love it. The Tuberose Angelica Cologne Intense is such a beautiful fragrance and everything about it down to the packaging is swoon worthy. It is feminine, demure and elegant and I always feel super sophisticated whenever I wear it. It is expensive but this one has lasted me for more than a year and I have a good amount left.

This Works Deep Sleep Range
Let's face it, some mothers (and many other people) struggle with sleep and it can be quite tiring. I also know that many people don't want to go down the route of using medications and that's where the This Works Deep Sleep Range comes in handy. This Works creates a more modern but natural way to help people relax and sleep better. There are two products from the range I love and I know mothers would love them as well.  They are both infused with essential oils of Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert which are known for aiding relaxation. The first is the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (£16) can be sprayed on the beddings and pillows before sleep and they work so well. The Deep Sleep Stress Less Rollerball (£12) is useful for keeping calm on the go. It is really cute and discrete so mothers can pop it in their makeup bags and apply as needed. They are both very useful and thoughtful gifts and any mother being stressed or having less sleep would love them.

Sachajuan Overnight  Hair Repair* // Link // £35
This is also very new to my stash but I already love it. It's the Sachajuan Overnight Hair Repair and I feel this would be perfect for busy mothers. First off, the packaging is just too beautiful to be a hair product but I think it makes it stand out so well. It is a gel product based on pure water and it is designed to strengthen the hair and improve its elasticity and shine. It can be used in the evening on clean hair (on the ends only) and it promises amazing hair in the morning. It can be rinsed off in the morning if you wish or just leave it as it and style it.  The best part is it does not stain pillow cases, it's fat-free and it smells so lovely.

Nail Varnish//from £15
My Mum is a huge nail polish/varnish lover and I know she would always appreciate nail polishes. She loves strong vibrant colours and I find myself reaching for the same colours that she loves even without thinking. There are two nail polishes that I feel would make amazing gifts for Mother's Day. The first is the Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in 599 Provocation (£18which is the perfect purple shade and I know my Mum would adore this shade. The formula is beautiful and the wear time is impressive. I mean it is Chanel so I would not expect anything less. The second nail polish is from NARS in the shade Dovima (£15) which is a beautiful classic Red Shade. Red Nail Polishes are absolutely timeless and you can't go wrong with them even if you tried hard.

Ultimo Lingerie// Link to all bras  // Link to Jasmine Bra
I discovered Ultimo last year and I have been very impressed with their collections. They make the most innovative yet practical lingerie ranging from bras, shorts, bridal lingerie, etc. I particularly love that they have a wide range of sizes (cup sizes and bands) to fit different women. A good number of their styles go up to G and so one. They have very good support and I cannot fault them at all. I can't think of any woman who would not love to receive beautiful lingerie and I always feel special when I am wearing them. I think they would make an amazing gift for Mothers and there are many styles to choose from. They also have a counter in House of Fraser and you can buy online if you know your Mother's size. (They are true to size which is perfect). I particularly love their Jasmine range* (£30)  and their Strapless Bra collections* with matching briefs/panties.

Personalised Gift Ideas
I am a huge fan of personalised gifts and I was lucky to try out the I Just Love It website for Valentine's day (review here). I loved their gifting options because they are so unique and there is something for everyone and every budget. They have an amazing selection of Mother's Day Gifts which you can find here. Another website or store to check is the Biscuiteers which make one of the best biscuits I have ever tried. They are delicious and come with the cutest icing designs and packaging. They have a lovely Mother's Day range here which is totally worth checking out.

Overall Thoughts
I know this was a super long post but I hope you found some gift ideas or inspiration for what to get for your Mum or anyone who is a Mother Figure in your life (or sister, friend, auntie, etc). The good thing is this gift guide can also be used for birthdays and even Christmas! Do let me know if you have other gift ideas or recommendations in the comment box. What are your Mother's Day Gift Ideas/Recommendations?
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Firmoo Sunglasses Review

Let me just put it out there- many sunglasses don't fit me at all (believe it or not). I have tried several sunglasses and they look terrible on me. However, I finally found a style that suits me so much. It's a mix between cat eyes and aviators but it just suits my face shape. The first one I ever tried was from Primark and that was back in 2014. I loved that sunglasses so much but it eventually broke because it was not sturdy as you would expect and it was £4.00. Everyone thought it was more expensive than it looked and I enjoyed it. At least it made me realise what sunglasses shape suited me. Roll on 2016, Firmoo contacted me to ask if I wanted to try one of their sunglasses or any other glasses and I thought why not?!!  At first I was a little apprehensive because Firmoo is an online store so you can't physically try on the glasses but they do have a useful Try-On feature which is really useful. I would tell you more about it below. I chose the design CM2643 in Tortoise Shell and it's really gorgeous (I totally blame it for all the photos in this post because it photographs really well). Right, let me dive into the review...

Firmoo Overview
I am sure you may have already heard about Firmoo because they have become quite popular in the past year or so. I have seen their products on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and I have been impressed so far. According to their website, they are one of the first and most popular online eyeglasses (sunglasses, prescription and non-prescription) and they have a wide variety to choose from. They have many years of experience in their niche and you can tell the quality of their glasses are spot on. The amazing thing is they have still managed to keep their prices quite affordable and I think that's commendable. The major reason for them keeping their prices down is the fact that they are a completely online store so they don't have to keep up with the overhead cost of running a store. You get the gist!! Also, the quality of their prescription glasses have been classified and regulated by the US FDA as Class 1 Medical grade.

What Sunglasses did I choose?
I chose the CM2463 which I feel is a hybrid between a Cat Eye Glasses and a simple Aviator. I am sure some people would just say it looks like a regular Cat Eye and I won't disagree at all. I wish the glasses on Firmoo had actual names instead of numbers but I guess they have their reasons. I really like this style and I chose the Tortoise Shell one because I knew it would be most flattering on y complexion. There are other beautiful colours including three types of black (including matte), blue, etc. They also have a mirrored lens which is so on trend now and I love it.

What did I receive?
Inside the package, I got the sunglasses, the case, a pouch, lens cloth and a little screw driver (I think it is). I am really pleased that it came with these little bits, particularly the pouch and case, because I love to interchange them. Sometimes, I love to use the case especially when my bag is a mess and I don't want my glasses to get damaged. On other days, I just want the pouch because it takes up less space and it is very light.  The case is definitely one of the prettiest cases  own because the design is very different. It is made of the usual material cases are made from but it has designs of a map on it. It just looks so beautiful and I think it's a really good touch. The lens cloth is also very handy for keeping the lenses clean and free from fingerprints. The little screwdriver is one of the most practical things I have ever seen in a sunglasses package because it means you can take better care of the sunglasses. If ever the screws become weak, I know I can tighten back easily. It would also come in handy for other eyeglasses I own!!

It is a full frame sunglasses made from plastic with some metallic designs around the perimeters. It is super light (22g) and it is the regular sunglasses size which would fit many people. You can find the full dimensions of the sunglasses here. This particular sunglasses is not available with prescription lens but there are other designs and styles to choose from if you prefer prescription sunglasses. I am really pleased that it does not have too many embellishments on the sunglasses as that usually makes sunglasses look super cheap. The CM2463 is really simple but very classy as well.

Ordering Experience
I already mentioned I was sent these sunglasses so I did not pay for it. However, I did order in the regular way to get the usual experience of a regular buyer. The website in itself is pretty easy to navigate and I could find what I wanted in  a short time. You do have to make an account which makes sense so you can track your order and leave reviews. It was all done in a few minutes and I could see the order was accepted. The good thing is the website has the prices in various currencies which I always like to see so you know how much you are spending. The default currency on the website is dollars and these glasses cost $19.00 which comes to around £12-£13 which is super cheap.  One good thing I like about the website is that offers/discount codes come up just before checkout so you can find ways to save some money. I hate when I have just paid full price for an item only to find out there was an offer and the website has it hidden.  Thankfully, Firmoo offers and discount codes are easy to find. They currently have a Buy 1 get 1 offer amongst other offers.

There is free shipping in the US if you spend more than $38 and free international shipping for orders over $55. If you are only buying one glasses, the shipping is around £12-£13 (same price as the glasses) so total amount is almost £25 or so. I don't think that's bad at all although it appears buying more than one is more cost effective.  The delivery took about 5 working days and I think that's really good. There were no custom or dodgy charges which usually happens with overseas packaging but I am not sure if there would be if you order for a higher value.

Try On Feature
I am sure this is not new to anyone who regularly buys glasses online but if this is your first time, I have got you covered. The Try On Feature on the Firmoo website allows you have an idea of what the glasses may look like on you. I have seen this feature on a few websites and I think it is genius. You simply choose the glasses you want, click on the Try On feature (at the top of the page), upload your photo and the glasses you chose would be super imposed on your photo. It's very impressive and I think all online glass stores should have this if they don't already.

They are all really affordable glasses and I am super impressed. This design I have is $19.00 which is insane. I think the prescription glasses are slightly more expensive and start from $22.00 or so. Regardless it is definitely more affordable than many other regular glass store. I am definitely going to order a few more because I am pleased with these ones. I think I would try out the prescription glasses once I do a new sight test. I always use Specsavers and their glasses are good quality but they are not the cheapest at all. I would love to try out something different but affordable and trendy as well. I have already seen a few designs that I am lusting after.

I think the only con is the fact that you can't see the glasses in-store as they are only online. However, I think the Try On feature makes it less tricky when it comes to choosing a suitable pair. I also know many people particularly in the UK are concerned about buying from overseas (US especially) but it was a smooth experience for me.

Overall Thoughts
I am sure you can tell from the photos that I was totally feeling myself wearing these sunglasses. We are all allowed to feel ourselves every now and then because if you don't, who will? OK, I digress!! I am really pleased with the sunglasses and I think I am already Spring/Summer ready when the sun comes all out blazing (fingers crossed it does). That's pretty much it!! I hope you enjoyed this post and I would see you in my next one. Have you tried Firmoo Glasses?
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