Bourjois Rouge Velvet Limited Edition Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Why do brands think it's okay to have the longest product name ever? It totally beats me but when these products are amazing, I guess I have little to complain about.I don't think I have ever tried liquid lipsticks so I was naturally intrigued to try this out. When I heard Bourjois had launched the Rouge Velvet Edition Liquid Lipsticks/Stains which were Matte at the same time, I knew I had to try it for myself. I don’t know if I can classify these as lipglosses because they look like one but I think they are actually liquid lipsticks. It does not say on the packaging though. Now, I bought these two at different times. Peach Club was purchased first and it was full price £8.99 and it looked so good that I was not even bothered at the price. They had other shades but they seemed to be too bright and I wanted something I could get more wear from as an everyday/summer lip colour. The second shade Nude-ist was purchased two weeks ago or so from Superdrug and it was much cheaper (£5.99) as it was on offer so there was absolutely no excuse...

Can we just give a resounding round of applause for Bourjois? I have to say this is the most luxurious drug store packaging I have ever come across. I am really impressed with Bourjois Packaging and it looks so much more expensive than it really is. It is hard plastic but feels very sturdy and it has a click when the wand is in place which I always like; it just feels satisfying to hear a click. The wand is small enough to cover the lips with one or two sweeps and that's all.

Whenever I hear the word "Matte " in the same sentence with Lipstick/Lipgloss/Lipstains I shuddered a little because pictures of unforgiving cracked lips being exposed sprung to mind. The fact that this matte lipstick claimed to be non-drying and non-sticky as well made me really curious and I can confirm that The Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lives up to its name and more. Its formula is non-sticky and it applies so smoothly and glides on even better which I think may be because the wand is uniquely shaped. It is really hard to explain the texture but it feels really sleek, silky and velvety but not wet/glossy/sticky. The biggest selling point for this is its staying power. Honey, let me tell you, this Liquid Lipstick is going nowhere no matter what you do...Eat, drink, talk, kiss, whatever you fancy, it won’t budge. You actually need to remove this with a makeup remover and that shows how impressive its staining power is. Sometimes, I use a lip brush to apply this from the wand because I want to prevent any "bleeding" and i find that it works and lasts much better that way.

I am always very careful with bright lips, I guess I am not that adventurous and I have always been partial to a nude lip or soft pink and demure looks which I think suits me best. So, I knew instantly that I would only choose similar shades with the Bourjois Rouge Edition.  As mentioned earlier, the first one I purchased was Peach Club which seemed like the safest of the lot they had at the time (There are loads of reds and pinks) I would describe it as true peach with a bright coral tinge. It reminds me of a Jemma Kidd Coral Lipgloss which I think may have been discontinued. I tried this out in store first on my hands (not on my lips thank you) and I liked how it looked so I bought it. This has to be the most I have spent on a drug store lip product and there was no offer at all. It is a perfect shade for Spring/Summer and it will suit most skin tones even if you are darker than me. I always use a lip liner (MAC’s Cork) before using this just because it looks much better. The next shade I bought was the Nude-ist which is not really a nude colour for my lips but maybe for someone with a paler skin tone. This is among the new launch of more Bourjois Rouge Edition and when I saw a press release of this, I knew I had to get it because it was right down my alley and more wearable for me. I would describe it as watermelon/dusty pink shade which is super pigmented as expected but I would say this will suit a wider range of skin tones than the others from the range. I have been wearing this ever since I purchased it because it is just my kinda shade.

It is not the cheapest drug store lip product with at £8.99 however; Superdrug and Boots constantly have offers for Bourjois products. At the time of writing, Boots is currently having a 3 for 2 offer on Bourjois products and Superdrug has this for £5.99 which is super impressive. I got the Peach Club full price without any offers but the Nude-ist was purchased for £5.99

Although the staying power is really strong, it begins fade ever so slightly in the middle of the lips which is not too bad as you can always reapply but I thought it was worth a mention. I also wish they launch more toned down shades especially a proper pinkish brown for ladies with darker skin tones.

Personal Thoughts
I am really falling in love with Bourjois products having already tried their Bourjois 1-Seconde Volume Mascara (review here) which was amazing. I just wish their Happy Light Foundation had my shade as I have heard many good things about them. I am pleased with these liquid lipsticks and these days, I always have a wander around the Bourjois stand which I never did because I did not rate their products (I know, I know....How could I have never tried them? ). Hope you enjoyed this and see you in my next post.


  1. Oooh! I thought I had every colour I wanted in these but Peach Club is lovely so it's going on the list! Thank you for the recommendation.

    Jade x

    1. Hi Jade, you are so lucky that all the shades suit you... I find that only the Peach Club and Nudeist look good on me but then again, I am not a bright lip fan as such :-)...thanks for stopping by...x

  2. They are amazing and thanks for stopping by and I checked out your's really lovely...x


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