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Hey Lovelies,
I love how we are progressively inching towards the end of the week right into the weekend. I cannot wait at all. I am not sure if everyone is as nosy as me but i love taking sneaky lil peeks into my friends makeup bags. I don't go into handbags tho; I feel that's stepping outta line. I feel makeup bags kinda gives me an overview of a ladies' personality. If the makeup bag is filled with loads of makeup items, I usually conclude she is a beauty junkie. I just love taking sneaky peeks into them. Hahaha no need justifying my obsession with makeup bags. So, if you are anything like my nosing-into-makeup bag self, read on to find out what is in mine and if you are not, you can still scroll down anyways. No harm whatsoever, I promise. Having said that, the items in my makeup bag tend to change depending on what season we are in, how I feel and what products are my current favourites. Let's get started.

The Makeup Bag
I love this lil makeup bag because it is purple. I love purple as a colour because it feels glam to me but not in a shiny or blingy way. It signifies royalty which I am; just kidding but I am the daughter of the Most High God so that qualifies, doesn't it? Anyways, back to the makeup bag.

I got this little gem from H&M last year and it is just a simple pouch with a zip and some cute ruffle details all around the top perimeter. I had a black and white makeup pouch before this but it kept getting dirty due to my brushes and foundation so I decided to go for something more colorful. 

Also, this makeup pouch has a snake like PVC texture to it which makes it look a lil bit more expensive than it is. I got it for £2 and I think it is an absolute steal given how lovely it looks and how well it has served me.

Foundation/Powder- Bella Pierre Mineral Foundation Powder
I have already raved about this in a separate blog post here so I won't repeat myself. I loved this powder and I still love it because it doubles up as both a foundation and a powder. If I need to touch up, I usually whip out the powder puff if I am in a very public place or I use my Real Technique Brush if I am in a rest room with a nice big mirror. 

To be honest, I have seen major improvements in my makeup since I started using this powder including reduction in my makeup routine steps as I use this both as a concealer, foundation and powder so I have less steps to take. 

Also, I have noticed I have become less shiny during the day with this and my touch ups are becoming less required to my delight. If there is anything I don't want to forget at home when I am out and about, it has to be this powder. LOVE it.

Concealer- MAC Studio Finish Concealer
I know what you are thinking; " I thought you said you use the Bella Pierre Powder as a concealer, foundation and powder?" Hahaha, yes I do. 

I use this mainly for my eye brows and any very stubborn dark spots especially if I am going out from the office to a meeting or for an outing. This is one of my Holy Grail concealers because it works for me. Although, it may clog up my pores if I use too much of it but I still love it so much and I always turn to it for when I want a super flawless finish to my face. 

It is a major staple in my Makeup bag and it is almost finished now. It has been rocked so much so that it looks severely battered but it is all with pure love, I promise.

Eye Pencil- Sleek Brow Pencil in 191 Brown
I find it really hard to find brow pencils that match my eye brows perfectly but Sleek is one of the few brands that do it for me. I buy most of my other eye pencils from Nigeria when I go back on holidays. 

To be honest, it should not really be in my bag but sometimes I accidentally rub my brows and a part of it is wiped off making me look like a little imp with uneven eye brows (I am not sure imps even have eyebrows, I know golliwogs have though). That's why it has found a prestigious place here in my makeup bag to fix up any accidental brow wipes. 

Lip Liner- Vitalis Lip Liner in 345
This is a fairly unknown brand because no one seems to have heard about it. I got this from PAK Cosmetics and it was 3 for a 1 pound and I love it very much and regret not buying a whole stash of it. I only use one in my makeup bag though.

 It is the perfect lip liner for many of my lipsticks because I am very partial to nudes, brownish pinks and neutral lipsticks. I pair this with my MAC Hug Me lipstick and it is perfect. 

Lipstick- Varies but Today is MUA in Shade 11
I think lipstick is one makeup item that can brighten up your face from a stressful day at work or any day at all. It is one of my favourite makeup item because I get to change it ever so often so I never have any staple one in my makeup bag. 

Formerly, I always had a nude and bright one in my purse for work and outings but I soon got bored and just stuck to carrying just the one. I have not been doing a lot of outings as such so I stick to browns, nudes, neutrals and flesh tone.

My current lipstick obsession is the MUA Shade 11 and I am sure you can tell from how worn out it looks and the MUA logo is half gone. It has made an appearance in my makeup bag for many days now running for a few weeks which is rare. It used to be MAC's Hug Me (blog post here about it) which is almost finished now so I have switched for a little while. I pucker up my lips when I am done with lunch and on my way home...

Lip Treatment- Nivea Lip Care in  Soft Rose
I used this a lot when the weather was really bad but it has still remained in my bag because I still occasionally have dry lips. Taking care of the lips is something many people tend to overlook but it is very essential especially if you like wearing lipsticks and worse still, if you like Matte Lipsticks like MAC's Ruby Woo. 

If you have dry/cracked lips and use Ruby Woo, you will not be pleased, be rest assured about that. I usually don't wait for my dry lips to appear, I nip them in the bud with the Nivea Lip Care in Rose which is such a pretty color. 

I use this before my lipstick everyday and it helps to achieve smooth application of my lipstick. This is a staple for sure in my makeup bag. On rare occasions, I wear this alone in place of lipstick and it is still okay but it is very RARE.

Mascara- Model Co.  Fibre Lashxtend
Y'all know I am not a big fan of mascaras because they get in the way of my contacts and could be clumpy but this has made me rethink my decision. 

To begin with, I love that it is Lengthening versus Volume because volumising mascaras are the major culprits for clumping and messing with my contacts. I love how light the formula is and it has minimal, if not, non-existent clumping. It is really lovely and is a new entrant into my makeup bag and I feel it is here to stay. 

Also, it has a small cute mirror at the back that helps when you want to apply it without whipping out your mirror and trying to balance everything. I got this as a freebie in the July Issue of Glamour Magazine. It was an absolute steal because it retails for £16 but you get it free with Glamour Magazine which cost £2 this month. I actually got two of these; one for my makeup bag and a backup. Hahaha

Eye Liner- L'Oreal Super Liner Black Lacquer
Asides my new love for mascara, eye liner used to be the only eye makeup I loved wearing. L'Oreal is my favorite brand. The L'Oreal Black Lacquer is a felt tip eyeliner which is really black and waterproof.

It is perfect for my winged eyeliners or just straight nice lining. I actually have a blog post here on my favourite eye liner...check it out. This is an old time favourite and staple. Although, it is waterproof and it literally does not budge all day, I still keep it close for a touch up especially if I am going out after work to switch up from classic wing to a deep almost gothic winged eye liner.

Makeup Brushes
I try to limit the amount of brushes in my makeup bag because it is really small and these makeup brushes tend to mess up the inner lining of my makeup bag as you can see from one of the pictures here. 

My all time favourite brush is my Real Technique Buffing Brush. This brush is everything; it is excellent. One of the softest and easiest brushes to use and it definitely helps in achieving flawless makeup. I use this for touch ups mainly. 

The next brush is my ELF eye shadow brush which has been converted to a concealer brush ever since I bought my Bella Pierre Mineral Foundation. I use this mainly to dab on some of my mineral foundation to conceal some dark spots because it is soft and actually does the work as well as any concealer brush I know. 

The next brush I believe is from Gosh but I may be wrong, I have had it for so long and I am not sure where I got it from. It is meant to be a small angled brush which it still is. I use it on those occasions when I need to re-jig my eyebrow or to apply my MAC studio finish concealer to many stubborn dark spots. I only go for brushes that can fit into my makeup bag although the Real Technique brush presents some slight issues in that respect but my love for it conquers all issues :-)

Perfume- Flo Atomizer
I think ladies should definitely have a small perfume in their bags to freshen up when you have been to public places like the loo and some transport system like the Tube, Buses, Molues/ Danfos (My Nigerian Homies would know this) and even some cabs. I hate the old smell that comes with transport which is why I carry this little treasure in my makeup bag. I am not in the habit of carrying glass perfume bottles on my bag because it could get damaged which is why I bought this cute little atomizer.

I bought this from Debenhams last year but you can find it anywhere including Amazon and Ebay. It has not left my makeup bag except when I want to refill it. I larrve it. It is known as an Atomizer and it can be refilled easily by unscrewing the bottom and spraying directly into the enclosure. It is useful for mixing all your perfumes to produce a different exotic cocktail of fragrances you love.

That brings me to the end of the sneaky peek into my makeup bag. I hope your nosiness has been partially satisfied like mine has on many ocassions. Let me know what you have in your make up bag in the comment below and products that have been staples in your make up bag. Catch you in my next post....xxxx

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Have an amazing week ahead...xx


Top Summer Nail Polishes

Hey Lovelies,
I hope your week so far has been fab. Mine has been okay but I can envisage it being even busier towards the end of the week. With our intermittent summer here in the UK, I have still managed to keep my love for nail polishes ongoing because it is a constant reminder of how lovely summer is(or was).

I never used to be a nail polish girl because I could not paint my right hand nails properly with my left but now I want to believe I am turning into a Nail Polish Bawse (Boss); nah I am kidding, I am just getting there. I love bright colours for Spring/Summer because they remind me of nature and all the beautiful things you can find in nature such as flowers, shrubs, herbs, the sea, etc. Everything natural, fresh, organic and pleasant. 

As you will see in a bit, I am very partial to Lancome Vernis in Love collection which I already dedicated a full blog post to here. Asides that, I absolutely love Sally Hansen Nail Polish range because they are so affordable and they are high quality and I am not sure why I have not dedicated a whole post on them. Maybe soon. Other Nail Polishes featured here include some random ones such as Avon, Nail Inc and ELF. Let's get started.

The Soft Pinks, Peaches and Corals
This has to be my favourite of the lot of my summer collection because they are all so feminine, soft, delicate and of course, playful.

L-R: Nail Inc You're Peachy, Sally Hansen Sheer Lilac Gloss, Sally Hansen Jewel Frost, Lancome Corail in Love, Sally Hansen Coral Creme and Lancome Rouge in Love

From Left to Right is Nail Inc You're Peachy which is a soft light peach colour which is so adorable and delicate. It reminds me of a slightly ripened Peach. It could be a little tricky to apply because you need at least two coats to get this nice peach shade.

L-R: Lancome Rouge in Love(112B), Lancome Corail in Love(105M) and Nail Inc You're Peachy
Next to it is the Sally Hansen Sheer Lilac Gloss which is such a light sheer pink color although I know the name suggests Lilac but it is more like a soft pink. It is truly sheer and glossy which is why I love it for those days when you are not sure what nail polish to wear but you still want to have something light on your nails. 

Right beside it is the Sally Hansen Jewel Frost which is a rich dark Lilac Pinkish shade. I know that's a weird description but that's the only one I can think of. It is is a dream to apply and the formula feels light to apply but it appears as rich jewel toned shade on the nails which I love wearing for girlie summer lunches. 

For some bizarre reason, I could not find this when I was photographing so it has its own special spot here
Next to it is the Sally Hansen Weathered Mauve Frost which is a light mauve shade with a slight frosted gleam to it. I wear this nail polish when I want a sophisticated but summery nail colour. It applies really well and is true to colour; you need only one coat or maybe two if you need a deeper colour.

L-R Lancome Rouge in Love 112B and Corail in Love 105M
Right beside it is the Lancome Corail in Love which I have talked about earlier here but it remains one of my favourite Spring/Summer nail polish. It is everything summer for me; light, delicate, feminine and demure. An all time classic :-). Next to it is the Sally Hansen Coral Creme which is a true deep coral with slight shimmer to it. I love this because it can be mistaken for a bright red which lends it its playful nature. I love how it stands out against my skin tone and compliments almost anything I wear especially when I am dressed in muted or toned down clothing. Last but not least in this category is the award winning and best selling Lancome Rouge in Love which I have also raved about here

It reminds me strongly of the Sally Hansen Coral Creme although it is more of a brighter "out there in your face" kinda coral. I love this and it complements many skin tones so you don't have to be afraid to try it especially of you are not a fan of red nail polishes. Lancome's Rouge in Love is a perfect starting point which can launch you to more daring shades.

The Sky Blues, Mint Blues, Pastel Blues and Navy Blues
Although these lot seem like darker colours, they are perfect for Summer because they mimic some goodies in nature such as the blue sky in summer, the bluish green sea and summer flowers such as Iris and Orchids. 

L-R: Sally Hansen Barely Blue Bell, Avon Nail Expert Color 38, Sally Hansen Flash 04, Lancome Bleu de Flore and Sally Hansen Gray by Gray.
The first of the lot (From L-R) is the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Barely Blue Bell which is soft pastel shade blue, more like a mint blue if there is a colour like that. I love this and it is so easy to apply because it has a nice wide brush which is the unique feature I love in the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Range.

Clockwise: Sally Hansen Barely Blue Bell, Avon Nail Experts Color 38, Sally Hansen Flash 04, Lancome Bleu de Flore and Sally Hansen Gray by Gray
Next to it is the Avon Nail Experts in Color 38 which looks more like a green but when you apply it , it is more of an aquamarine shade which reminds me of the sea. I love how light the formula is although it could be subject to chipping but it is such a lovely shade. 

Next to it is the Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in Flash 04 which I totally heart because it is a true blue and reminds me of the sky on a bright summer day. It is easy to apply and the formula is light which means it dries pretty  quickly with a nice shine to it as the name suggests. Right beside it is the Lancome Fleur de Bleu which I have raved about here but it is a rich dark blue which reminds me of a summer midnight sky. 

It is a rich colour which can be worn both in Summer and Autumn. Although it appears dark, you actually need two coats to achieve the shade. Last but not least is the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Gray by Gray 350. Yeah, I know it says grey but when it is applied it looks like a kind of blue, like a greyish blue, No? Hahha , maybe I am colour blind but I love it.

 It is a muted greyish blue without the associated dullness and I love it for summer especially when I am wearing white because it richly contrasts with it and gives you a classic and vintage air. Imagine this with a crisp white airy top(maybe linen) and some greyish blue jeans... Larve Larve Larve!!

The Rich Gold, Rose Gold and Mocha
These are the nail polishes i reserve for when I want to feel glam. It is perfect for summer parties, dinners and launch parties especially if there are done outdoors. Surprisingly, I don't have many in this category but these three are my absolute loves. 

L-R: Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure, Maybelline MNY in Gemey Paris and Sally Hansen Boca Mocha.
First from the Left is the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Gilty(not guilty) Pleasure 310 which is true rich gold nail polish with shimmers and you do not need extra gloss on this because this is the business...oh yeah!! I love this nail polish because it applies just right; not too light or dark, it is perfect. 

L-R or Anti Clockwise: Sally Hansen Boca Mocha, Maybelline MNY in Gemey Paris and Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure
Next to it is the Maybelline MNY in Gemey Paris which is a warm rose gold colour. I love this for sunset dinners because it reminds me of  sunset in summer which is beautiful here in London. This is one of my first Maybelline Nail polishes and I must say I am really impressed. 

Last of the lot is the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Boca Mocha which is rich dark mocha shade as the name suggests which is perfect for many skin tones especially of you have fairer skin. I love it because it is a simple shade with a rich formula just like all the Sally Hansen ranges.

The Leaf Greens and The Flower Greens
These two colors are the closest shade to nature: Greens. Green represents nature and freshness which is why I love it although it is not always flattering on my nails; don't ask me why :-) because I really don't know why. 

L-R: Sally Hansen Grass Slipper and Sally Hansen Glow 03

L-R: Sally Hansen Glow 05 and Sally Hansen Grass Slipper
The first Color is from the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Grass Slipper 430 which is true leaf colour but it has a gel like formula which kinda makes it look like a pastel shade. It is a lovely colour and is true to shade compared to some other green nail polishes. The other one is the Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in Glow 03 and it is little darker than the previous one but with shimmers which look like gold shimmers in the sunlight. 

Gold and green definitely complement each other to produce the freshest shade ever. I love both greens and I wear them when I have little  make up on because they tend to take centre stage when I wear it.

That's it folks. My lovely Summer nail Polish collection which was mainly a good mix of different ranges of Sally Hansen and Lancome Nail polishes which are my favourite brands because I like their formulars and the nail brushes are superb for easy application. I hope you all enjoyed this post because I had a lot of fun writing this up and taking the photos as usual in the faux sunlight; in fact almost sunset. Catch you in my next post...xxx

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Have an amazing week ahead...xx



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