Makeup Haul (Mini) feat MAC, Rimmel, Milani and L'Oreal Paris

Hey My Lovelies,
I am so happy it's almost the end of the month and the beginning of many new things for me. Also, end of August usually ushers in my favourite season which is Fall/Autumn. I love transitioning from bright summer/spring colours to the dark and rich colours for Fall. Anyways, today, I will be sharing a few makeup and beauty products I have recently tried and I absolutely love. A few of them are high end but many are affordable high street and beauty store brands which are accessible and affordable. 

MAC Eye Brow Pencil in Stud
I thought I may as well start with my most expensive makeup item in this haul. I love all MAC products starting from their eye brow pencils right down to their lipsticks although I am not a huge fan of their foundation any more as I still have not found my perfect shade and their foundation formula is a tad too heavy for my pores. The MAC Brow Pencil has to be one of the first MAC products I purchased and it used to be £11 but somehow they have cheekily crept up the price now to £13 :-(. Despite the price, I totally love it and my perfect shade is the Stud which is a dark brown colour which applies really smoothly and does not rub off all day. No matter how many drug store eye pencils I use, I always come back to this brow pencil because it is absolutely gorgeous and it easy very easy to apply. You have to twist the bottom to release a bit of the pencil which is good as you don't need to sharpen it but the cheeky downside is the fact that it does not give you any warning signs when it is about to finish and you also can't roll it back if you accidentally rolled out more than you need. Other than that, I love this brow pencil any day any time :-). You can pick this up from any MAC counter in store or online here.

L'Oreal Paris True Match Correcting Concealer in Cafe/Coffee 9
I have never tried any foundation, powder or concealer from L'Oreal especially their True Match range because I never found the perfect match for my skin from the shades available. One day, I was in Sainsbury's doing some grocery shopping when I spied a reduced to clear cosmetic and beauty section and I went to see if I would find anything good. There, I found this little beauty and it was only £1.50. To say I was thrilled is a major understatement, I was quite excited because it actually matched my skin (oh yes, I tested it out there and then). I have been using it to conceal some of my blemishes and just set it with my powder and I am good to go. It comes with an applicator wand which is sensible as it allows me apply it in the exact area I need to conceal. Also, it acts as an under eye concealer for me and serves to awaken and brighten up my under eyes which is something I have tried recently. I really like how light the formula is and it does last almost all day for me although I use a primer.  I am unsure if you can find it in other Sainsbury's but you can find it here on Amazon.

Milani Glimmer Stripes All Over Colour in 05 Honey Glimmer
To be honest, I bough this because I was excited to see a Milani Product in the UK (I know it is more popular in the US) and the packaging looked very glam and lovely. As you know, I never used to apply eye shadows on my face on a regular basis but I have to say I am a bit of a convert because of this little product. To start off this Milani Glimmer Stripes All Over Colour triples as an eye shadow, highlighter and a blush and I think that is very amazing!!! I often use the last three bottom colours on my eye lid and the first two colours to highlight my brow bone. As a face highlighter, I sweep my Real Techniques Contour Brush lightly across all the colours and lightly brush across my cheekbones and it gives the most luminous glow you can imagine. As a cheek colour, I sweep my blush brush or contour brush across the last 3 bottom colours and brush lightly against the apples of my cheeks and it has this honey/sunset glow to it. I totally love this little pack and you can buy it here on Ebay.

Rimmel London Eyeshadow Duo in 322 Sweetheart
This has already made a debut appearance on my Drug Store Eye Makeup for Beginners sometimes last week. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I have been a recent convert to applying eye shadows almost on a daily basis because I have found these lovely colours which are very flattering to my skin tone. I use the bottom darker rich brown colour as my crease colour and it really helps define it while I blend it in with my No 7 Blending brush. The upper colour which is pinkish beige colour goes directly on my eyelid and produces the prettiest beige colour with light specks of gold as it hits the light. I love this duo and I can wear it to work easily without looking like I am trying too hard. It is indeed classy! You can find it here on Amazon.

Rimmel Lipstick Lock 8ml
Still on Rimmel, I picked up the Rimmel London Lipstick Lock which is a product I have not tried at all. If you are a lover of lipstick, you would be thrilled to try out this product as it really helps my lipstick stay in place by just applying a little with its applicator wand on both lips and leaving it to dry for a few seconds making sure I don't rub my lips together.  The only problem i have with this is the initial strong smell it has which hits you which I think is a tad too strong for something on your lips given that your nose is directly above your lips so the smell just hits you strong and hard. The good news is the smell only last for a few seconds and gives way to a sweet pleasant smell which is surprising because I wonder why the sweet smell does not hit you first and linger onward  Anyways, it is really a nice product and keeps your lipstick in place. You can find it here on Amazon and Ebay.

MaxFactor Silk Gloss Lip Gloss in 345 Peach Glow
A little confession- I have never tried any MaxFactor products which is really surprising seeing that it is quite a popular product here in the UK. I decided to try out their lipgloss which I had read a few nice reviews on so I decided to try it out. I love the packaging as usual and I think and pink and gold really goes well as a packaging. I love the formula of this lip gloss because it is the kind of formula I can tolerate on a lip gloss; non-sticky, light weight and good wear time. I love the light pink glossy look on my lips. It has an average wear time so I usually reapply during the course of the day which I don't mind at all. You can find it here on Amazon or Ebay

I hope you enjoyed my little beauty haul. I also bought a few other makeup products but I was just too lazy to take pictures. You all know one can get lazy sometimes and I do really want to only put out a high quality post for you to enjoy. Let me know if you want to see future hauls like this and I would do one just for you...see you in my next post and thanks for always

Beauty Box Swap Glimpse- The Greek Edition

Beauty Line Cosmetics Eyeliner- I love that it has both a black eye liner and a white eye liner
Hydrazone 24Hr Moisturising Cream- It has a really nice consistency and my skin felt really hydrated.

 Castalia Helioderm Sunscreen UVA/UVB SPF 50- I tried this out while taking pictures out in the sun and it did not give me a white/blue cast; it blended in impressed!
KG Nail Colours- I love how simple the packaging looks and the formula is very pigmented
Classics Shine Diamonds Lip Gloss- The rich pink colour is so flattering to my skin tone :-))
Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water- This needs so introduction at all!!
Biomaris AromaThalasso Body Milk (Fresh)- It smells so amazing and feels light on application
Biomaris and Lavera Skin Care Samples
Hey Lovelies,
I am really excited to be writing this post because I just participated in my first beauty box swap with a lovely blogger in Greek... her name is Jenny from Beauty WonderlandIt was her first time as well so we made our own little rules and it was so much fun. I received my beauty box yesterday and I must say I was so excited that I literally ripped off all the packaging but I calmed myself down and took some nice pictures of what I received to share with you. I told her I wanted more of skin care because I know Greeks use organic and natural products including sea waters for many of their skin care products. I was also keen on trying out the cult Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water (yes, finally!!) which has been raved about so much in the beauty world and beyond..if you want to check out what I sent to her, check her post here...

Some Greek Sweets which were devoured shortly after this picture was taken
She was so sweet and kind to include a lovely little note and some Greek sweets which I could not wait to devour. I have to commend the Greece Postal Service for an amazing delivery service; Jenny sent off my box on Tuesday and I received it on Thursday!!! I sent mine with a similar service on Wednesday so fingers crossed she gets hers pretty soon and I would link to her post so you can see some British Beauty Products I included in her Beauty Box Swap (She has received her box now, check out what i sent her). I would definitely put up an indepth review of these beauty products but I just thought to share these pictures with you for now..Watch this space for an update and have a blessed P.S. What plans do you have for the weekend?

Blogging Tips: Ten Blogging Tips I have learned over 6 months

Hi Lovelies,
I hope everyone has had a nice week. Mine has been nice and I am thankful the weather has been sunny which i think is wonderful given that summer is officially meant to be over. I was scrolling through a few of my blog posts and realized I have been blogging for almost 6 months now and I have learned a great deal from the blogging world. Although I have not been on here for such a long time, I thought to share with you all the little I have learned in this short time especially if you are thinking of starting your own blog...Let's get started.
1. Why do you want to Blog?
I think it's a really important question to ask yourself as it will determine what kind of blog you would have (although  you can change it up as you like later) and help frame other important areas of your blog. For me, I wanted to blog because I love to write and take pictures and also share on different topics I love especially beauty, makeup, skin care and photography. I am sure, like many ladies out there, everyone loves to shop for one thing or the other and there is nothing worse than buying something you hate afterwards or being misled to buy something due to naughty advertising techniques so reading about the product before hand is always handy which is why I turn to the internet when I want to buy a product no matter how cheap or pricey it is; bottom line is I hate to waste money!!. 

2. What Should I Blog About?
Again, this is entirely up to you and I think it is really important for you to decide on time although many blogs evolve as time goes on but it is wise to have one or several niches which you would like your blog to be associated with. For me, I think it is easier to blog about a topic you love to read or talk about normally. That way it would be hard to run out of topic and your personality will show as our blog is being read by many readers. If  you blog about what you like, your passion will show in your content and your readers will come back to your blog because they love your content. I have a very short attention span and I can imagine that if i did not like the topics i was writing on in my blog, I would have abandoned this a long, long time ago. HARD TRUTH!!

3. What Should I Name my Blog?
I love names that are different and quirky although I can't say mine is but I just wanted something simple and many names I thought of were already taken but I definitely like my blog name. It is best to name your blog anything that you like which would be memorable to your readers and they can attribute it to your blog. All in all, name your blog something you like and you are fond of and you think is unique..simples..:-))


4. What Platform Should I Choose?
It all depends on your main aim of blogging in the first place. My blog, for now, is a hobby for me which is why I have not fully invested in it as much as I would have done if it were a full time job.I am not self hosted or have my own website (yet!) so if blogger decides to mess up, I'm done!! (hehehe, hopefully they stay put as I would miss you all). The most common platforms for bloggers is usually or (where you can be self-hosted or under the WordPress hosted site). I use blogger and I think it is really easy to use because you can add a lot of features easily even if you are not technologically savvy like me. On the other hand, WordPress may be a little difficult to maneuver but many people seem to love it once you can get your head around all the technicalities There is also Tumblr which can be used as a blog in itself or an additional social media platform or both. I have both Tumblr and blogger and I think they are wonderful.

5. Should I get my Own Domain Name?
I am going to be honest, A BIG FAT YES!! for so many reasons. The first would be that it ensures that your blog feels more professional even though it is just a hobby for you but I think many readers would appreciate that it is a as opposed to a or or, etc. Of course, it is up to you at the end of the day because I know a lot of blogs who do not have their own domain names and you would never notice because their blogs look amazing!!! Getting a domain name is really easy and there are many merchants out there but I bought mine from and you also get a free email which makes your contact email even better and more professional at the end of the day especially if you want to have a separate email.

6. How Frequently Should I Post?
I think that's entirely up to you and your schedule. You can post daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly (I kid, I kid; if you post yearly, you would have very few readers). What I think is important is being consistent on your blog. If you are going to post weekly, try and stick to it although nothing stops you from posting more frequently. I wish I could say I have been consistent and faithful as such but I have not. I have a full time demanding job just like many other bloggers and I blog in my spare time and so many other activities also compete for attention in these spare time as well so it makes it a little tricky. When I first started, I only posted a few blog posts in the first month but it gradually increased in the coming months. Now, I think I post at least 3 to 4 times a week which is not too bad although some weeks have seen a few droughts because I have been incredibly busy with other engagements. Above all, I know this may sound like a cliche, but content is always King!! if you have unique and engaging content, you will get more readers, page views and visitors to your blog.

7. What Kind of Blog Design Should I go For?
I think the best kind of blog design will be the one you would like to visit every time and is easy to navigate for your readers. I say this because YOU are going to be your blog's most frequent visitor so if you hate your design, then there is an off chance many readers may not like it. To be honest, you may not need to purchase a blogger template as there are many free ones on both Blogger and WordPress which look really good and easy to navigate. Further to that, you can also tweak it here and there as you progress with your blog with thousands of helpful tutorials out there to guide you through basic things like adding a plug in, html, buttons, etc. If you want something a little different, you can opt to buy either pre-made blog designs or custom designs where the graphic designers work with you to create something to your taste. I bought mine from a pre-made graphic shop and it was pretty straight forward to install and I totally loved it. Apart from that, many graphic designers are so kind and give a lot of freebies which may help spruce up your blog. My favourite ones are Wonder Forest and Shabby Blogs as they have loads of helpful tutorials and blog freebies.


8. Should I Invest In a Fancy Camera?
By all means, if you have the resources and you are not out of pocket, I would say yes. I am sure many people will agree with me that they are always drawn to blogs which have clear and lovely pictures, I know I am. To be honest, I am drawn by the pictures of the blog first, the aesthetics of the blog, easy navigation and then content although the content always draws me back again and again (with the pictures as well). If you can't afford a fancy camera, don't fret at all. You can take many pictures with what you already have which may be a phone with a good camera (many smart phones these days have incredible cameras), a small digital camera or a bridge camera, it does not really matter. What matters is taking nice and clear pictures with good lighting and you can achieve that with many cameras. For me, I take many pictures on this blog with my Iphone and edit them on my Iphone (Check out my Photography Posts here). 

9. How do I get People to Read my Posts?
There is really no set be all end all answer to this question at all as it all depends on how much SEO techniques you know (I am still exploring how to use SEO techniques for now). Anyways, the onus is on you to get readers to your blog through sharing your posts. I would say it is very important to share your posts on various popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Vine, etc or whatever media tickles your fancy. You can take a step further by even opening a Facebook Page for your blog so you can post both on your own profile and your blog page because you may not want everyone adding you as a friend on Facebook just because they want to read your blog. You can also share through other media like Google plus, Bloglovin, SheSaid Beauty, Reddit, Glipho, etc. I think I may need to do a separate post on this, however, it is important to note that you may have few readers on your Google Friends Connect or BlogLovin or even few likes on your Facebook Page but that does not mean people are not reading your blog as many people may be email subscribers, may have bookmarked your blog or just know your blog address already stored on their browsers and pop over there to read it which brings me to my final point.

10. How do I keep an eye on my Blog's Growth?
It is all depends on what you regard as a growth factor on your blog. Do you see number of readers or followers as a sign of growth or number or page views or visitors or unique visitors? The list is endless indeed. I think a blog's growth may be a combination of all of the above and many other factors but let's assume it is all about the numbers. There are a number of tools which are reliable ways of measuring these factors and I use a number of them. The most common kind of stat tools would be the on the blogger dashboard which is the Stats Tab which shows you how many page views per day, per week and per month. It also shows you the most popular posts on your blog and i would say these stats are fairly accurate provided you click do not track my page views button which is right under the stats so you don't count your views. It also shows you different countries and keywords which is quite interesting as you can see what posts and what countries love your blog. To be honest, looking at my stats really gives me the extra boost to keep blogging as it makes me feel like my blog and its posts are well appreciated. Another common and most reliable tool is the Google Analytics which gives you a more in-depth report of how your blog is doing by showing monthly page views, unique visitors, overall visitors, reader engagement, etc. There are other fun tools for checking other stats like Stat Counter which I really like because it does show you a variety of stats and sends you a weekly report every Monday on how your blog has been faring during the week. Hopefully, I would do a separate updated post on this.

I hope this post was useful and i am not saying by any means I am an expert or my blog has reached the highest heights yet but these are a few tips I have learned over these months and I am always keen and open to learn more. Let me know any more helpful tips in the comment box below and thank you so much as always for reading!!! see you in my next post..

L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3-in-1 Purifying Micellar Solution/Water

Hi my Lovelies,
I hope the weekend has been wonderful for you and if you live in the UK, I am sure you were more than thrilled to have an additional free day thanks to the bank holiday on Monday- I was ecstatic!! It also means this is the last one till December; how grim :-((( Speaking of grim, today I would be sharing my thoughts on the L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3-in-1 Purifying Micellar Solution which has been really amazing. It has made a few appearances here on Fashstyleliv on a few blog posts like Favourite Makeup Removers and Home Spa Facial Routine but I think it deserves a nice little blog post on its own because it is that amazing. In case you are wondering what a micellar solution is- it is simply a very light fluid that feels just like water to the touch but effectively and safely removes all makeup including around the eyes without irritation. Unlike some other makeup removers, which are also a mixture of oil and water, a micellar solution is essentially non-greasy and tends not to spread/moving around the makeup all over your face as it is being removed. Typically, your skin should feel moisturised, soft and toned after use which is why some people call it magic water. 

So, you can see why I had been looking forward to trying one of the micellar solutions which has made its round in the beauty world especially the Bioderma Sensibio micellar water. However,  finding the Bioderma in UK is a bit more difficult especially in store but you can buy it online as always. Anyways, some time this year, I discovered L'Oreal had released their very own micellar water/solution and I was very keen to try it out so I trotted off to Sainsbury and got myself one bottle. I have used it for more than a month and I have subsequently gone to repurchase two additional bottles as Sainsbury's 2 for £6 offer made is impossible to look away. I love this product so much because it does feel like water and it is gentle and effectively takes off most of my makeup with the exception of my eye make up but let's not jump the gun, shall we?

I love its slim packaging which means it can slide into anywhere easily be it your bathroom cabinet, travel makeup bag or just your dresser. I am actually quite pleased it is not a round bottle; its rectangular shape lends it some uniqueness and I love that it has a nice lid which secures the solution and lets out the correct amount of fluid although you do have to be careful not to over soak your cotton pad.

Most micellar solutions contain a mixture of water and oil in a mixture that is seamless so you don't notice the demarcation line between the oil and water as you would notice in eye makeup remover. The water/oil mixture means the water takes of water soluble makeup and the oil removes oil soluble makeup which is pretty much powder, foundation and other oil based makeup. I love how the formula remains stable and there is no need to shake it up at all. It is not a natural or organic product which is okay because it has not irritated my skin at all so I guess I can live with that. :-)

A few makeup items to test how effective the micellar water is
L-R= Foundation, concealer, mascara, eye liner(waterproof), dark eye shadows, more eye shadows and blush at the end.
After one swipe with the micellar solution
Residue on Cotton Pad

Using it is very straightforward, all you need is a cotton pad and you are good to go. I grab one cotton pad, pour an average amount of it on the cotton pad and pat it onto my face. No need for vigorous swiping as my makeup comes off easily and the best thing is you need only a little at a time. I tend to use two applications to get that feeling of "clean makeup free face" before I proceed to my  cleansing routine. As you can see from the pictures, it removes most of the makeup (except the naught little waterproof eye liner) and removes everything including the 90% of the waterproof eye liner on a second swipe. 

L'Oreal's Claim/Promise Vs My Verdict
According to L'Oreal, the Skin Perfection 3-in-1 Purifying Micellar Solution would:
1)Dissolve your makeup 
2)Unclogs pores and removes impurities
3)Tones and Soothes Skin
My Verdict- I think it does about 90% of what it claims which is pretty good, okay, let's say excellent. I certainly agree that it dissolves my makeup easily and it tones and soothes my skin perfectly. As for unclogging pores and removing impurities, I am not quite sure about that because I have never used it as my sole cleanser rather it is my pre-cleanser. It is possible it may unclog pores to a small extent but I can't say I have experienced that to a significant measure but it does remove my makeup effectively and leaves my skin all fresh, soft and soothes and I am very pleased with these qualities especially at its affordable price. 

I really love this makeup remover because it does remove my makeup gently as it promises but it does not effectively take off my waterproof eye makeup especially my eye liner. It takes it out eventually after a separate application of cotton pad and micellar water asides that for my whole face makeup. I think L'Oreal is aware of this which is why they have also released the L'Oreal Eye Makeup Remover which is like a baby sister to the Micellar solution and is worth checking out (review may be up soon). I don't think it is much of a bad thing but you know, we girls always prefer less effort and maximum impact. Other than that, I think it is an amazing product and it does take out all my makeup with two swipes which I think is very commendable.

This is one of the reasons why I love many L'Oreal products- they are high quality, available and affordable. A 200ml of the L'Oreal Micellar solution costs £5 but you can get it for less provided you keep your ears and eyes peeled for offers  in both Super Drug, Boots, Sainsbury and Tesco. I have seen it go for as low as £3 or 2 for £6 in many of these stores and I picked up a couple of bottles as my backup.

Would I repurchase?
A big resounding YES!! I am sure you can tell I really love this product so much especially as I have already made a re-purchase which is rare with me because I hardly finish my  beauty products since I always vary them. So, for this to be finished, it means a) it is amazing b)I absolutely love it c)I use it everyday and d) it is very good quality and value for money. I rate it 9.0/10 only because it failed to take off my waterproof eye makeup effectively in one swipe (I feel mean about the score but it's the truth)..Thank you so much for stopping by to hear my usual rant and I hope you enjoyed this little post. Stay tuned for my next post a wonderful week ahead!!!

Drug Store Makeup for Beginners- Eye Brow Pencil, Eye Shadows, Eyeliners and Mascaras

Hi My Lovelies,
I am glad it's past mid week already which means Friday and the weekend are just around the corner.  So, I put up a post on Drug Store Makeup- Face including foundation, concealers and Powders and I received quite a number of response from everyone saying they liked the series so I decided I might as well get the rest of the series rolling out..I'd just dive into it...

                                                     Drug Store Eye Makeup
Eye Brow Pencil
For me, my eye brows are the most important part of my eye makeup mainly because they are a bit sparse, so grooming and filling them is a step I never miss in my makeup routine. Having the right kind and shape of eyebrows would definitely frame your face and give you a more defined and structured look. Finding the right eye pencil to get the right shape to match my skin tone in drug stores here in the UK is a bit of a hassle so I get most of my eyebrow pencils from Nigeria or African Beauty Stores or PAK Cosmetics. However, a few brands in beauty and drug stores have been very good. 

Sleek Eye Brow Pencil in 191 Brown is my eye brow pencil of choice because it matches perfectly and it is very pigmented so I don't have to bother with reapplication. Another brand which has been very good surprisingly is the MUA Eye Liner Pencil in Rich Brown which is meant to be an eye liner but I find that it is the correct shade for my eye brows. If you have light skin tone or pale complexion, there are so many eye brow pencils which you can find in Boots and Super Drug namely MUA eye brow pencils which have an amazing sharpener and brow brush attached and Rimmel Eye Brow Pencils are really good as well. 

If you don't want to bother with eye brow pencils, then you can try brow kits and the only one from a drug store I have tried is the Sleek Brow Kit which I think is really amazing as it comes with a powder and gel compartment to fill and seal your brows complete with brow tweezers and a tiny brush

Eye Liner
Again, Eye liners are my holy grail makeup which i never miss applying on my eyes because I feel they awaken my eyes and really define and flatter the shape of my eyes and my overall look. I always buy my eye liners from Drug Stores and my favourite brand is the L'Oreal eye liners. L'Oreal has upped the eye liner game with many of their eye liners ranging from eye liner pens to felt tip pens to eye liner gels. I have a full post on Eye Liners here. My Favourite of the L'Oreal brand is the L'Oreal Super Liner Black Lacquer which is amazing and lasts all day. I have a dedicated post here on my favourite eyeliners which give more details.

I am also partial to the L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim Pen when I need a thin and defined eye liner application. Other drug store brands which I also think are amazing include the Collection 2000  (now called just Collection) brand known as the Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner which I think is perfect for beginners because it gives you easier control when applying the eye liner. Maybelline's Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner is my favourite drug store gel eye liner because it is really intense and pigmented; it even comes with its own cute applicator brush.

Mascaras and I have always had a love-hate relationship because they try to get into my contacts lens' way and I would rather see properly than suffer for the sake of beauty which is why I sometimes skip mascaras. The major reason for skipping mascaras is because some mascaras cause clumping on my eye lashes which I totally can't stand. 

The good news is you can avoid clumping by going for lengthening mascaras although some volumising mascaras have minimal clumping; one of  my favourite non-clumping mascara is the Maybelline Colossal Volume Cat Eyes Mascara which is really good. Another drug store mascara which is worth checking out is the MUA Extreme Curl Mascara which lengthens your lashes with minimal clumping and it has a curved wand which means your lashes may get a cheeky little curl if your are lucky. The L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara is very good as well although I have not used it but it has received many good reviews. 

Eye Shadows
Again, I am not one to use eye shadows every day because I am just lazy and I think my eye liners are enough to spruce up eyes. But, I have recently fallen in love with a drug store eye shadow from the Rimmel London range and it is a duo set in  Rimmel Duo 322 Sweet Heart which has the most basic eye shadow colour for any one to work with including my lazy self. 

Rimmel London has excellent duos and quad eye shadows which can slip nicely into your makeup bag and they also have small applicators so you can use them on the go. Another brand which I totally love their eye shadow palette is the Sleek Eye Shadow Palettes which have the prettiest eye shadow shades which complement and flatter anyone no matter what skin tone and complexion you have, you would always find something to suit you. 

I have two of these Sleek Palettes in Sunset and Mediterranean collection (Monaco) and I reach for them always when I am going out for an event or I am wearing full face makeup because the colours are pretty and very pigmented. I love it!! Another mini eye shadow trio which is worth checking out is the Collection 2000 Eye shadow Trio in (My favourite is Cookie Dough, although it may have been discontinued but I am not sure) which I think they now make in duos and Quads. 

Looking at these post makes me realise that I probably spend so much time on my eye makeup because I think that's one of my good assets (oh yeah!!) and I think eye makeup makes a huge difference to your overall look. I hope you have enjoyed this post. The next category will be the Lips so stay tuned for the mean time, have a lovely week ahead....toodles...xxxx


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