L'Oreal Paris and W Magazine Contest Goodies Beauty Bag

Hi Lovelies,

These past days have been pretty hectic because i had this looming deadline to meet but Thank God I made it. Now, I have my life back for a little while and I am so happy I can blog. I have so many drafts and pictures of upcoming posts which will be rolled out each day this week to celebrate my short freedom.

Today, I am having a mini review on some L'Oreal Paris products i received a little while back. I love getting freebies especially beauty products even if it is a tiny sample. It always provides a neat chance to try out products without spending any money so you can decide if it is worth spending money on.

I actually won these lovely L'Oreal goodies. I have never ever won any thing in beauty competitions and to be honest, I don't even bother entering any competition. Anyways, this contest was sponsored by L'Oreal Paris and W Magazine and was tagged "Because you are worth it". Basically, you just needed to leave a comment voting for your favorite beauty Vlogger on Youtube which featured "ItsJudyTime" and "Kandee Johnson". Long story cut short, I voted for ItsJudyTime because I think she is amazing and I forgot it was a contest where 150 winners would be chosen to win a L'Oreal and W magazine cosmetic bag with some beauty products courtesy L'Oreal.

You can imagine my shock and suspicion when I got an email saying I had won a prize and I needed to send my address and contact details. 

I was like :


I thought I was being scammed because I couldn't remember entering any contest so I checked the email and the company website and Bam! I remembered. So, I emailed the lady(Bless her!!) asking for proof that it was not a scam(silly me) and she was so kind and patient with me(excellent customer service) and answered all my annoying questions.  After which,  I sent my contact details. I was very delighted to get new full size beauty products especially from L'Oreal.

I received a really durable classy cosmetic/make up bag containing The Power Volume Collagen Mascara, Miniature Elnett Hair spray and Cherry Tulle Lipstick. 

                                            L'Oreal Color Riche "Cherry Tulle" Lipstick


 This lipstick is amazing! I am not a big fan of the red lip because it is a bit tricky to pull off and i don't think I have mastered that art. With this lipstick, you have nothing to worry about. It is a sheer moisurising light red lip stick; I think it is a cross between a lip gloss and a lipstick.

It has the sheerness of a lip gloss but the perfect pigmentation of a light lipstick. I think that's its winning formula. This combination makes it safe for everyone to wear without looking like you are trying too hard. I love the fact that it is moisturising on the lips with a smooth application. The packaging is excellent and the combination of gold and red makes it look more expensive than it really is. I have been rocking this lippie for a while now. The only down side is it does not last very long because it is quite sheer which is not too bad.

                                   L'Oreal Power Volume Collagen Mascara

Since I ditched my glasses and started with contact lenses, I have been a bit reserved when it comes to mascara. Some days,it's fine other days, it's quite problematic which is why I prefer lengthening mascaras as opposed to volumising mascaras. This L'Oreal mascara is a volumising mascara which is a no-no for me. I have tried it out on a few ocassions and it definitely adds a lot of volume to my lashes which bother my contacts. It has minimal clumping which is common with volumising mascaras so I guess that's a plus for it. 

However, I like the wand because i feel it distributes the product evenly which may be the reason why it has minimal clumping. The packaging is also beautiful; it's actually on trend with the monochrome theme(lol).  It is a lovely mascara if you love volume but it's not the mascara for me.

                                                           L'Oreal Elnett  Satin Hair Spray

Again, I have not used this product as much as the others. The main reason for this is I don't like using hair sprays directly on my own hair because it is natural plus I have had my hair in braids for a long long time especially in the past year.  I used it mainly when I had a weave earlier this year. It is really good and does what it says which is giving your hair that extra hold. Although, it gives the hair extra hold, it is actually a light formula which disappears when you spray which is what it says on the packaging. I think the size is very handy for slipping into your handbag because this is a mini version which is excellent for me (Who wants to be lugging around a large hair spray in their bags?). I would not mind buying this hair spray if it actually came in this same mini size.

                              The L'Oreal and W Makeup/Cosmetic Bag


I was really impressed by the quality of this bag and its component parts. It is a rich black colour with W and L'Oreal signature embossed on both sides with very sturdy zips. It has quite a number of compartments which are really secure. It even has a secret zip underneath where you can store your make up brushes and there is a tiny mirror attached. 

This is the perfect make up/cosmetic pouch for travelling because you can be rest assured none of your make up will get damaged. I have travelled with this pouch on so many occasions.
 I feel it is slightly too big to fit into a normal handbag because i prefer smaller make up bags for my handbag but I know some ladies who have larger bags will not mind this for their handbags.

In order of preference for the goodies i received, I think the Cherry Tulle and the cosmetic/makeup bag were my favourite items. I am really grateful to L'Oreal and W for this amazing goodie bag.  I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for more exciting blog posts this week..xxx

Have you ever won any prizes in any contests? Let me know in the comments below..x

Spring Wish List

1.H&M Apricot Sleeveless Dress 
2. Zara Belted Trench Coat 
3. Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch 
4. MAC So Chaud Lipstick 
5. TopShop Tan George Peep Toes 
6. Lancome La Vie est Belle EDP 


Hi Lovelies,

I think this is my first wish list on this blog. My Spring Wish list is inspired by Spring which has been very elusive here in the UK but it is definitely getting better as these past few days have been sunny and lovely. I think Spring (when it is existent) is my favorite season because the weather is just right; not too hot or too cold. It ushers new beginnings which is captured all around me in nature and surroundings.

Anyways, there are some little treasures I have been eyeing for a while. Whether, i will eventually get them depends on many factors i will not go into now but money is definitely one(Hahaha).

1. H&M Apricot Sleeveless Dress: It looks so feminine and delicate which is perfect for Spring. See link.

2.Zara Belted Trench Coat: Zara can never go wrong for me because they have very good quality. This trench coat is the perfect addition to a spring wardrobe because it adds some snazz to any spring outfit. See link.

3.Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch: I have always wanted this watch because I like big watches when I dress down or casually. I love my dainty DKNY watch for more everyday and stylish looks. See link. 

4. MAC So Chaud: This will definitely be my next MAC lipstick because I feel coral lipsticks are on trend for spring and it will suit my skin tone if applied with the correct lip liner. See link.

5. TopShop Tan George Peep Toe Shoe/Boots: I absolutely love this shoes or boots. It is my perfect heel height because I have not yet mastered the art of wearing sky high heels. The Tan color which has a tinge of red or orange will go perfectly with many spring outfits.The detailing is perfect for me to allow some foot cleavage :-). See link.

6. Lancome La Vie est Belle EDP: I got two samples of this perfume with some Lancome purchases and I have been enchanted with the fragrance. It is so fresh, feminine, springy and sensual. I can go on and on but it is really lovely and I have received many compliments all the times i have worn it. See link.

 I am definitely not able to buy all of these (that's why it is a wish list) but I think the first ones I will purchase will be the MAC So Chaud Lipstick and the H&M Apricot Sleeveless Dress(the most affordable). I will be keeping faith and applying an opportunity cost for the rest.

Have a lovely weekend ahead.

What's on your Spring Wish List? Leave your comments below, I love reading them.

Food Memories - Home Made, Takeaway and Restaurant Style


Let's talk about food. I am not writing about health or fitness or anything related in this post. I am just talking about food and meals i have enjoyed. Hopefully, a healthy food/fitness blog post will be up soon. Back to this post, I enjoy eating good food because i see food as a fuel to re-energise your body and supply nutrition to our bodies. Most times, I create time to prepare home-made meals, other times, I opt for a restaurant made meal or just a normal takeaway meal. I love trying new food but i find that i am more drawn to meals that are spicy mainly because of my background and culture. I am just going to share a few pictures of some home made meals or take away meals which I have wonderful memories of.


Home -Made Corned Beef Pasta with Garden Salad:
Basically, I just boiled some pasta with a dash of olive oil and salt and drained it when it was done. For the sauce, I sauteed some corned beef, peppers, tomatoes, pesto and tomato sauce into a nice spicy sauce. I added some chunks of beef because i love meat. I mixed the sauce and pasta and voila!! My corned beef pasta was birthed. I really love this meal because it is really tasty; the corned beef gives it a rich taste and it is very filling with the garden salad which i just bought from sainsburys. This meal took about 30 mins to prepare.

Gianni's Grilled Salmon, Salads and Chips:
This has to be my favorite Eat-In meal from a Takeaway restaurant near my office in Central London. The Eat-In is called Gianni's which is an Italian owned shop with lovely pastas, sandwiches, chips and any nice meal you can think about. They do breakfast, brunch and lunch which i think is really good because some people just want to grab a quick breakfast before work or have a nice brunch with clients or just a nice home made style lunch with colleagues. I mainly just have lunch there when i can afford to. This meal is grilled salmon served with thick cut chips and salad of the day. It is very very filling and i suggest you eat this when you do not have many meetings to attend afterwards because i felt very fuuuuuuulllll. I am a ig lover of salmon and this salmon was well prepared with all the juices intact. The chips were equally good and crisp which i love. I hate soggy chips and the salad vegetables were very fresh. I don't have my meals in Gianni's often because it is about £5 for this meal which is not too bad but it is not what i would want spend every day.


Restaurant Style Potsu Medium Chargrilled Chicken accompanied with brown wild rice and spruced up with Ithai sauce: This meal was one of the most delicious and healthy meals i have eaten in a long while.  It is from ITSU shop in London. It was so good i actually dedicated a whole blog post to it. See link

Buffet Style Semi-British Breakfast Medley:  This is not quite an English breakfast but different mixes. I have some Croissant which was the most divine chocolate croissant ever. On my plate, my greedy self has croissant, sausage, bacon, potatoes and egg. It was in a buffet for a work conference in Warwick and I absolutely looked forward to breakfast every morning. It is a sure way to get fat but hey! this was for only 3 days. Hahaha!

Home Made Rice and Beans with Beef StewThis is my favorite lunch for work because it is very filling and nutritious. The beans and beef provide protein which balances out the carbs in the rice. It is so easy to make as well and it reminds me of home a lot because this was one of my favorite meals when i was younger. The Beef stew could be a bit tricky but it is so worth the stress and I make it really spicy. Yum!!

Home Made Nigerian Poundo Yam with Egusi Soup: This meal is delicious and very very filling. You don't want to eat this at night at all. A little background info; this is a typical Nigerian meal which is made up of the Soup and the Swallow. The Soup is obviously a soup but it is not runny or watery, it is more like a thick paste. It is called Egusi Soup because it is made of Egusi (Melon Seed) which is well blended and made with some crayfish, palm oil and dry fish with some spinach and bitter leaf for good measure. I may do a recipe soon( Leave a comment if you want it). The Swallow is basically Poundo yam which is made from powdered Yam flour made with some hot water to a semi solid little ball. Teamed together, this makes the most amazing and satisfying meal. I feel hungry just looking at the picture. :-)

I hope I tantalized your palettes and I am sure you can tell i love good food. Let me know in the comments section which meal you would like a recipe of. Enjoy the rest of your week..xx

DIY: How to Wash Your Makeup Brushes for a Clean and Fresh Skin.


Hi Lovelies,

I have been meaning to put this post up but for some reason I have been so busy but I am glad it is finally up.      
So, I have sensitive oily skin which means any amount of mess on my face could lead to an outbreak of acne so I try as much as possible to ensure my face (and skin in general) is always clean. I wear foundation almost on a daily basis because I like to have a smooth finish to my face and we all know makeup could clog your skin if you don't take it off properly and cleanse your face afterwards. Another common way to introduce bacteria, dirt and clogs is through your makeup brushes which is why i clean mine once a week. I will share with you below how i clean my brushes (Apologies for many pictures but that was the easiest way to illustrate):


Things you need:
A bowl filled with warm water
A dry clean towel
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Brush Cleaner (Optional)
Paper Towels


Step 1
  • Assemble all you need in a nice clear space
  • Place your brushes nearby

Step 2
  • Spray your brushes with the brush cleaner. I use ELF brush cleaner which is basically made of alcohol and it kills the bacteria on the brushes (I also spray my brushes with this everyday after use). I let it sit for a about 5 to 10 minutes

Step 3
  • Place some olive oil into a small flat lid and gentle swirl the brushes inside. This step is important in order to break down any product build-up on your brushes especially foundation.


  • Take care not to swirl the brushes for too long so as to avoid greasy brushes. 

Place the oiled brushes on some paper towels.


Step 4
  • Place some Shampoo into the bowl of clean warm water. I use Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Shampoo, you can you use any shampoo even baby shampoo is excellent.
  •  I place enough to form a nice fluffy lather and work it up with my hand

Step 5
  • Gently swirl your brushes inside the shampooed water and you can use your hands as a surface to rub against the brushes to get more dirt out.
  • After the first wash, the brushes look a bit clean (not clean enough though!) and i place them on a paper towel while I changed the water.
  •  The initial wash water was a hot mess! (actually looks like hot chocolate) :-)

Step 6
  • Place another bowl of warm water with some shampoo and wash the brushes again just like Step 5 trying to get more dirt and oil out as much as possible. 
  • After the second wash, the brushes look a whole lot more cleaner and feel softer.
  •  The second wash water is not as bad as the first :-)

Step 7
  • Place some cold water in a bowl and rinse the brushes thoroughly gently swirling against your hand to get any shampoo off.
  • I prefer to rinse with cold water because I feel the brushes feel cleaner and fresher.
  •  This time the rinse water is almost clear.


Step 8 (Optional)
  • You can spray the clean brushes lightly with the ELF brush cleaner to get rid of any last germs lurking around while you place the brushes out to dry.
  • You can see the brushes are a whole lot cleaner than in the beginning. I prefer brushes like the Real Technique brushes which have white tips so you can see when the brush is clean which you can see from the pictures
Step 9
  • Since it was such a beautiful day, I decided to air dry them in the sun through my window.

  • Voila!! Clean lovely fresh brushes for the week and a clean fresher face to follow.
Normally, I wash my brushes in the Bathroom Sink but for the purpose of this post, I used a bowl in my room which was not bad at all plus it was not as messy as i thought it would be.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I had a lot of fun writing this. I may do another post talking about my essential brushes. Some of the brushes in the pictures are mainly from Body Shop, ELF, Lancome and Real Technique Brushes.

Have a wonderful week ahead...xxxx


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