Goodbye August and Hello There, September!

Yes, I am going to join the bandwagon and scream " where did Summer go?" but seriously where on earth did Summer go. More importantly, I absolutely feel this year has run so fast and it is almost coming to an end. I thank God for seeing me and my loved ones through and I hope it has been the same for you. I thought maybe a chatty little post will suffice for the beginning of the month.

What have I been up to?
Nothing much but the last three weeks in August were amazing (plus we were blessed with amazing-ish weather) and I made some changes in my personal and work life. Mostly, I achieved quite a few successes at work which I am really pleased and thankful for although it was hard work.  That was one of the main reasons I was unable to update my blog as much as I would have; I just did not have time at all. However, I am back now and I want to get better with my blog and photography. I also want to take more opportunities I have been turning down in the past because I was busy.

Posts I have been loving
I managed to write a few posts last month and I thought it would be nice to do a round up of all of them. My favourite would have to be the little piece Jay my sister's Lhasa Apso dog wrote telling us about himself and his day to day activities. He is so adorable and I love him so much. I also discovered Wilko Makeup Brushes which are amazing including the Stippler Brush and the Blush Brush which were both reviewed here on the blog. I also managed to sneak in a last minute weekend post on my favourite Breakfast Smoothie which was a staple in my meal plan through the summer and this was easy because I purchased the Morphy Richards Smoothie Maker.

Bloggers I have been loving
I read a lot of blogs daily via Bloglovin, Facebook and sometimes I just check their sites directly because they are awesome like that. I have a few bookmarked especially Tumblr ones which don't quite show up on my Bloglovin app. Here's a list of bloggers I love and you should check them out too as they are amazing and their photography is always on point.
TiloLovesVanilla-I absolutely love her blog and we would be meeting up soon this month; I truly can't wait.
Thirteenthoughts-I have been reading her blog for about a year or so and she is amazing with lovely photos.
ThatIgboChick-I really love her makeup tutorials and her reviews as they really pack the punch.
Samanthamaria's Tumblr- I just love her Tumblr because it seems so witty and funny.
Glamorously-Dope Tumblr- I also love this Tumblr and she always replies if you message her; I think that's dope (lol I'm rhyming)

What's next?
I have been toying with the idea of making YouTube videos but I don't know why I feel I know it sounds silly but blogging is much more easier than doing videos. I think setting up to film a video actually gives me a headache because I want great video quality so I don't want to put any crappy content out there but let me know if you would like to see me in videos :-). Videos aside, I bought a few more props for blog photography which I am loving and you would see them pop on the blog soon. I am trying out a few products and I would let you know if they are worth purchasing and that's it folks. I hope you have an amazing month and enjoy the rest of the year...x


  1. Aww thanks so much for mentioning my blog Liv, so sweet of you! <3 I would love to see you make videos! It is nerve-wracking at first, but it's so much fun, too! :) Definitely give it a go! ;)

    My beauty and lifestyle blog

    1. Your blog is amazing and I love reading it...I would email you for some tips for setting up for videos because your videos look really nice and maybe, just maybe, I would roll out a few videos..*wink*...Thanks beb!!!

    2. Aww thanks so much, it's so nice to hear! I love yours too, especially your reviews! ;) . I'm no expert, but feel free to email me if you need help with anything, I'd love to watch your videos, I'm sure you'd be amazing at it. <3

    3. I will sure do!! Thanks a lot beb!! Expect my email soon!!...x

  2. Nice post! is the Dudu Osun a new addition to your skin care regime? How is it working out?

    1. Ohhh...just came across your your review on it! Answers my questions. :)

  3. Oh thank you for mentioning me! YES on making videos! I'm sure I'd love watching/hearing what you'd have to show/say! Just take a deep breath and just do it, don't think too much about it! :-) xx


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