Roger & Gallet Aura Mirabilis Launch Event

This summer was definitely filled with so many lovely events that I was lucky to attend. I started my new job so I missed quite a few events but I am so glad I could make many others. Last month, I was very lucky to be invited to the Roger & Gallet Aura Mirabilis range launch in London. I am a huge fan of the fragrances that Roger & Gallet make because they just smell so lovely and more often than not, their blend is always so unique. I also love their soaps which feel very indulgent and I adore all their other products including their Precious Body Balms and their Hand creams. 

I have to say this was my first Roger & Gallet  event (and I believe their first in the UK, don't quote me as I may be wrong). They absolutely nailed the Aura Mirabilis launch but I am not surprised because their PR (Dowal Walker) organise amazing events. Everything from the save the date email to the actual invite (which was sent by post) was really beautiful and I could not wait to attend. 

The event was held in the Institute of Contemporary Arts and I honestly cannot think of any other venue better suited for this launch. I was actually early and took the opportunity to get some photos before the event started in full swing. I totally enjoyed the Parisian vintage vibe I was getting from the ambience in the room especially with the beautiful portraits of the founders of Roger & Gallet. 

There were some Roger & Gallet men and women were dressed in their vintage Parisian outfits which added to the already cool vibe of the venue. I really enjoyed taking some fun GIFs which I posted on my Instagram and it was so easy to do and looked cool. I was given a quick tour of the range which I enjoyed particularly the history behind the brand and how the founders created the brand.

There were a few of the original bottles that stored the incredible formulas from hundreds of years ago and they were beautifully arranged in the venue. It was so surreal and I seriously felt like I had gone back in time. I thought it was amazing that they brought some of these vintage bottles, packaging and even the apothecary recipe all the way to London for us to see.

Soon, it was time for the Aura Mirabilis range to be unveiled and we were taken to another room. You guys, I had no idea that there was another beautifully arranged room in there and it just looked absolutely incredible. It was like a super lush dinner party and almost everyone let out little gasps when the doors were opened for us to go in. It looked really beautiful and I don't think these pictures do the room any justice. I took my seat and had a quick bite on the table while waiting for the presentation to start. 

We were very lucky to be joined by Jamel Boutiba who introduced the brand to us and also answered all the questions we had about the range. I will be reviewing the entire range shortly in another post but I thought I would share some interesting facts about the brand Roger and Gallet and their new innovative skincare- Aura Mirabilis. 

Brief Introduction to Roger & Gallet
Roger & Gallet was founded by merchant Charles Armand Roger and banker Charles Gallet in 1862. Back in the days, they specialised in soaps which was produced in a large factory near Paris. In 1879, Armand Roger and Charles Gallet launched the first ever round soap in history. They had no doubt that they had a unique creation that they could adapt to a market that was already dominated by cream, paste and powder soap. The round violet soap was a huge success and it became the iconic emblem of the brand. Till date, Roger & Gallet are well known for their beautifully crafted round soaps. I have the Jean Marie Farina one and it's super gorgeous. Apparently, 80 hours of production from start to finish goes into the production of each soap. Apart from the round soap, Roger & Gallet are well known for their expertise in perfume world and they invented the first perfume-based beauty ritual using several collections of precious distillations. I loved hearing about the history behind this brand and you can check out more about them over here.

Brief Overview of the Aura Mirabilis Range 
Now the Aura Mirabilis story is really fascinating especially knowing that the formula has been around for many years and used by royalty. Over 300 years ago, monks created a powerful natural remedy called "Aqua Mirabilis". Of course, it was a secret recipe but at its heart were the rarest medicinal plants selected specifically for their healing properties from a Garden of Simples. This amazing natural elixir could either be drunk to elicit its healing properties or be applied to all parts of the body. Some of its benefits back then was protection against plagues, treating burns/wounds, preserving health and providing beauty benefits. The Aqua Mirabilis was the secret of the most prestigious royal courts and was well loved such that Napoleon 1st requested for the Emperor's roll bottle style to be created. He consumed more than 60 bottles a month. 

This powerful remedy was renamed Eau de Cologne Jean Marie Farina and used by all the royal courts, the emperors, empresses including Napoleon III and Queen Victoria. Legend has it that it was the source of their health, their beauty and their aura (rather fancy, isn't it?). The virtues of Aqua Mirabilis were patented in 1727 by the Faculty Medicine of Cologne and its name became Eau de Cologne. The amazing thing is Roger & Gallet own this formula and the Aura Mirabilis range was developed with inspiration from Aqua Mirabilis. The range is infused with 18 officinal plants designed to reveal the aura of perfect looking skin. I don't know about you but after listening to this amazing story I was more than delighted to try the entire range. I actually fell back in love with my entire Roger & Gallet range especially the Jean Marie Farina gift set I bought earlier this year. 

The Aura Mirabilis range consists of four products which include the Extra Fine Cleansing Mask* (£15), the Beauty Vinegar*(£15), the Double Extract*(£40)and the Legendary Cream*(£32). I was so lucky to be gifted the entire range which I have been testing out for more than a month now so watch out for a review.  I absolutely enjoyed myself at this event especially learning so much about Roger & Gallet and the new skincare innovation. I'd save all details about the range for my next post but I can't resist telling you about their packaging. They look so gorgeous and the Double Extract bottle is so unique complete with a cockscrew-like design. I was sent home with a lovely goody bag and a potted plant of my choice!! A massive thank you to Roger & Gallet and Dowal Walker PR for inviting me to such a beautiful event. Have you tried the Aura Mirabilis range?
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Sachajuan Pro Haircare Event with MMCL

I have totally turned into a hair care product junkie and it is evident in the last few posts on here. I hope everyone enjoys these posts and I will be back with makeup and skincare pretty soon so do bear with me. Last month, I was very kindly invited to the Mark McDonald Consultancy (MMCL) Headquarters to attend the Sachajuan Pro Hair care event to learn how to do the perfect blow dry and the undone bun.

I am always super excited to attend any event at the MMCL headquarters because I know I'd have an exciting time and also meet lovely bloggers. It was in the evening as usual so I popped over after work. I know I have said this before but I absolutely enjoy evening events because it means I can go straight from work even if I end up looking very tired.

Sachajuan is one of my absolute favourite hair care brands because their products have seriously saved my hair on many occasions. I have used them for almost one year and I am going to repurchase the intensive repair range again even though I have a lot of other hair care products. They just work for my dry Afro so what can I say?

You can imagine how much I was looking forward to learning new hair tricks from Carl Bembridge who is a celebrity Hair Stylist. I follow his Instagram and I totally love his work. You should check him out and thank me later.

There was some finger foods, drinks and champagne for us to start with before the event started. I met some really lovely bloggers who I just see on Instagram and it's always amazing to see them in the flesh. I took some photos as you do and yes, there are loads of photos but I am sure everyone is used to me right now.

Me and my camera have a crazy affair and I really can't stop taking photos when everything looks gorgeous. I went backstage to see how the hair models' makeup was done by Mark and Karl from MMCL and she looked absolutely stunning. Soon it was time for the event and all the bloggers and beauty/hair enthusiasts around took their seats in the beautiful MMCL studio which I love. I need to pop down more often so I can shoot my YouTube videos there because everything looks perfect in there.

There was a brief introduction by Mark who is the MD MMCL and gave us a brief introduction to what MMCL does and he was very appreciative to us bloggers. It's always amazing when brands and companies recognise bloggers and build lasting relationship with them. We were also introduced to the entire MMCL team and it was good for everyone to put faces to people they had been communicating with at one point or the other.

Next up was Nikki  who is the Director for Education for MMCL and she is always very knowledgeable when it comes to these masterclasses/events. I have no idea how she knows so much about each product for all the brands she looks after but I guess that's why she is the expert.

She gave us a brief introduction to Sachajuan brand and I have a separate review here for the brand so you can pop over to read about them. After the brief brand overview, she invited Carl Bembridge to show us some amazing techniques to create the Undone Bun and the Pro Blow Dry.

                                                     The Undone Bun
Who doesn't love an undone bun? It always looks effortless yet chic although it is not as easy as it may look. However, I got you covered as I tried my best to take photos of the steps to achieve this gorgeous look. Undone Buns were the rave for various fashion shows for AW16 and I know they are definitely here to stay even past AW16. Sachajuan have developed their Ocean Silk Technology to deliver valuable minerals and proteins to boost moisture, shine and enhance the overall natural beauty of the hair. More importantly, there are specific products from their range which are perfect to help create this gorgeous effortless look.

1. The most important thing is to start with clean hair and the Sachajuan Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo (£18) and Ocean Mist Conditioner (£20) are perfect to help add body to the hair. It definitely does add volume to the hair which is quite important for an undone bun. Hair without volume will make the bun look quite limp so this is a must-do.

2. Once hair is dry, you smooth down with the Sachajuan Styling Cream (£16) from the root to the tip. This will help protect the hair from heat damage which is a no-no regardless of the texture of your hair. Next, ou need to blow dry your hair straight  (or you can straighten it) or you can leave your hair to dry naturally. One good tip is to twist the ends of the hair while it is drying to create more texture.

3. Now you want to spray the Sachajuan Volume Powder (yeah, it's all about volume when it comes to the Undone Bun) and you do this right into the roots. As you spray the Volume Powder, you gently pull it through the hair to trap in as much volume and texture as possible.

4. Next step is to brush through the hair ever so gently with a round brush which appears to give the best results. You can create a side part which looks more flattering on many head/face shapes and sweep any loose hair into a low ponytail to one side of the head. You also have to pin it to secure it and create an undone bun. The trick with an undone bun is to have the hair secure but look like it is very effortless and to achieve this, you gently loosen some strands from the bun to create a softer appearance. Once you are done, you run the Sachajuan Intensive Hair Oil through the hair to give deep nourishment and a glossier finish.

5. If you like being extra because why not, you can spritz your locks with the Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume /£40 (which I absolutely adore) and it is enriched with conditioning ingredients to maintain moistire levels, minimise static, enhance shine. Most importantly, it exudes the most gorgeous fragrant finish which can never pass unnoticed.

6. Viola!! there you have the finished look. It looked so easy on the day but I am sure it may take a
few practices to be able to do it as perfectly and in record time. I think I may try the Afro version soonest because I really liked the finish look and the model has the most gorgeous silky hair I have ever seen.

                                                      The Pro Blow Dry
I feel like a blow dry is one hair style or technique that cuts across all hair types. No matter what texture you have, I am sure you have attempted a blow dry. I do a blow dry on my Afro a few times and I love the results because that's when my natural air seems to come to life. However, I know many people struggle to get the perfect blow dry and I totally do myself. It could be time consuming if you don't use the right products or know some tricks that can give you amazing results in the shortest time possible. Thankfully, I also captured some photos at the event which I hope will help someone out there. Sachajuan call it the Pro Blow Dry and I was curious to see the steps and products behind it.

1. The first step is to obviously wash and condition your hair and I always recommend the Sachajuan Intensive Repair range which is my absolute favourite for my natural hair. Sachajuan a recommends that a great blow dry starts with great conditioned hair. The next step is to treat the hair with the Sachajuan Hair Repair (£22which has been a number one saviour for both my natural hair and extensions. It is an intensive treatment that helps deliver vitality and strength to the hair. It is recommended to massage into washed hair, leave for 5-10 minutes (I leave mine for 15-20 minutes because my hair is obsessed with it) and rinse off. It really helps calm any frizz and leaves the hair soft, shiny and more manageable.

2. The next step is to add some volume, body and shine to the hair and Sachajuan recommends their Sachajuan Hair Mousse which acts like a primer to the hair. I know many people shy away from mousse (including myself) because it could go wrong (and crusty) in the twinkle of an eye. However, Sachajuan have formulated their mousse to do the job without drying out the hair or weighing it down and certainly no crusty feeling.

3. To add maximum lift and even more volume, spray the Sachajuan Root Lift (£22) directly to the root area of the hair. I was really surprised to see how quickly the model's hair had a visible lift with just a few spritzes of the the Sachajuan Root Lift.

4. Next, you want to section the hair into smaller sections working from the neck to the crown. You want to take each smaller individually and blow dry from the roots to the ends with a round brush to add even more volume at the roots. One tip is to ensure the blow dryer is approximately 8 inches away from the hair.

5. Once you are done with blow drying all the sections of the hair, you briefly blast your hair with some cool air. First off, this really helps calm your hair/head from all the heat but more importantly it gives your hair more elasticity and shine by closing the cuticle. To smooth down the ends of the hair, apply the Sachajuan Styling Cream.

6. Now the final step is the spray your brush with Sachajuan Hair Spray Light & Flexible and back brush gently into the roots. You can finish off with a fine, light spritz of the same spray all over your air.  Carl used the straightener to add some bounce to the model's hair and it looked incredible.Voila!! you have your dream blow dry.

I know it is never easy to blow dry your own hair to look professional but I feel with the practice, the right technique and products, it will come easy. Also, the above steps may seem like a lot but believe me, it really is not especially when you get a hang of it. I had so much fun learning new hair techniques and also about the Sachajuan products. I was sent home with some more lovely products to try and I have been enjoying them. A massive thank you to Mark McDonald Consultancy Limited (MMCL) for inviting me to this lovely event. That's pretty much it!! Have you tried any Sachajuan Hair Care products?
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