Weekend Post #12: The Breakfast Smoothie feat Morphy Richards Smoothie Maker

Writing the title "Weekend Post" made me chuckle because I remember once upon a time when I thought it would be a regular feature on zee blog but it has not been and I make no further promises other than I would try my best. I have always loved a good smoothie especially home made ones which are inexpensive compared to the ones bought in the shops (which I find could be a tad too sweet). I used my Kenwood Blender for a really long time to make smoothies and they turned out good but the whole shenanigan of bringing out the big blender from the cupboards and washing up just made me leave smoothie making to the weekends until I stumbled upon the Morphy Richards Easy Blend Smoothie Maker which is much more compact and easy to use and wash. 

I had to pick it up because I wanted to make smoothies a staple in my meals and I am pleased I did. The Morphy Richards Smoothie Maker comes with a small motor blender, a detachable blade which also doubles as the blender cover, two smoothie jugs (which also double as the blender and the jug) and two lids. I really like it because I can make a smoothie within minutes and I don't have to waste extra time washing up or clearing away as I only have to rinse the blade and I am done. I throw on the lid for the blender/jug  and I am out of the door. All through summer, I had a smoothie for breakfast and it was so nutritious, filling and good for my skin plus it was the most refreshing way to start my day especially when the sun was out. In the light of that, I thought it would be nice to share how I make my smoothie.  I prep my fruits usually on Sundays or Mondays and by prep, I mean I wash them all and peel (the ones that need to be and slice them) and I put them in separate bags and freeze them so I don't have to bother using ice as the frozen fruits will act as ice and cold smoothies are just amazing and refreshing and anything short of that (cool and not frozen/ice cold) is borderline nasty to me.

Ingredients/What you need
In regards to the fruits, I am not fussed at all and I just grab any fruits I have at the moment or any fruits in season although I ensure I have bananas and grapes because the banana helps with the texture and I love grapes so they have to be included (it also gives it a nice colour). I also add a little honey because I like the taste it gives it. In the past, I used to add yoghurt or milk which made the smoothie even more tasty and the texture was so lush but I am a little intolerant to lactose and some diary products so I just stopped adding them but if you like them, you should add them.

What I used for this Smoothie
Black Grapes 
Green Grapes
Red Grapes
Frozen Berries
Honey (optional)
Blender (I used the Morphy Richards Smoothie Maker)

1. Place all the fruits one after the other into the blender.
2. Add some honey (Optional)
3. Add a cup of water (or more/less as you find appropriate)
4. Cover the lid and blend on number 1, then 2 then Pulse
5. I blend for about 3-4 minutes because I still want some fibre left and not a smooth consistency.
6. Serve ice cold.

Personal Thoughts
I really like the Morphy Richards Smoothie Maker and it was on offer in Sainsbury's for about £16 which was when I purchased it. I think the full price is about £23 or so and you can find it on Amazon. I can't say it is the best out there but it is very good quality and has made my breakfast smoothies come out in tip top shape and saved me a lot of time. I am very pleased with it. You can also make milk shakes and other juices/purees but I have not bothered trying them yet but I can see it churning them out really nicely. The only thing I would say is it has a really odd slight smell when you leave it running for a long time which makes me think that it is not built for anything heavy duty or working for long hours which is not bad if you are only making smoothies. But I thought it would be nice to mention. My smoothies have different colours depending on what fruit is dominant and I find that it has a richer attractive colour when I use blackberries and blueberries but this one looks a little red/orange or light pink which is not bad but it tasted amazing as expected from such a nice mix of fruits. There, that's my 5 a day, have you had yours today? See you in my next post..x

L'Oreal Infallible Color Tattoos Review + Swatches

I have been loving eye shadows lately and I have even branched out to using cream eye shadows and pigments and I am absolutely loving it. The L'Oreal Infallible Color Eyeshadows have been around for a little while but I only jumped on the bandwagon recently. They can be described as pressed pigments which deliver really long lasting eyeshadows on the eyelids.

I am a fan of the packaging because it is really compact and practical. It comes in a small transparent plastic tub with clear labelling on the top and the lid colour matches (or attempts) to match the contents which is handy when you have it displayed in your makeup storage or vanity. Once you open the top lid, you find a smaller plastic lid which helps the pigments or eyeshadow remain compact and pressed which is why it is essential not to throw it away as it helps keep your eye shadow in tip top shape. I just really like the packaging and I think it's impressive for a drug store product.

They can be used as a base (worn under another eyeshadow), on its own as an eye shadow and/or on top of another eye shadow. Whichever way you use, the vibrancy of the colour remains excellent. I absolutely love them although I would say the texture appears to differ across the various shades but that's absolutely fine as they have different finishes; matte, shimmer and iridescent finishes. I find that the matte finish has the least fall outs as expected while the iridescent finish has the most. Also, the colour pay off appears to be more vibrant with the darker colours compared to the lighter ones.

Application/Lasting power
You can apply this with your fingers or any eye shadow brush but I find that using my fingers (although a messy way) appears to give the best results. However, I still prefer to use my brush and I love the Lancome Eyeshadow brush for this because it is slim enough to fit into the tub and packs the required amount on to my lids. As with the colour pay off, the lasting power varies across the shades. The darker ones appear to last longer than the lighter ones but I have not experienced any creasing with any of them. Overall, once these color tattoos have set, they are not budging at all until you take them off with an eye makeup remover.

The cost varies across different shops but I got mine from the PoundLand for £1 each hence I got 8 shades and I think they are amazing and a huge bargain! In Boots and Superdrug, they are sold from £4 or so and I have seen some sold for £6.99 but then they have a lot off offers like buy one get another half price so it balances it out. Although I got mine for way cheaper, I would definitely have picked up at least one or two shades because the quality is amazing. They are much cheaper on Amazon, Ebay and other online shops like Fragrance Direct, etc.

                                                           Shades I Chose
Coconut Shake 016
I really like this shade although it is really pale but I have used it mainly to highlight my brow bone and it does the job well. I would describe it as a pale light cream shade with a matte finish. I have not tried it on my eyelids yet as a normal eye shadow colour because I don't think it would do much favours on there but on my brow bone, it is amazing.

Magnetic Coral 039
I was instantly drawn to this shade because it was vibrant and reminded me of sunny summer days. It is a light pinkish coral shade with an iridescent finish. It looks very flattering although it appears lighter on my eye lids compared to how it looks on the tub. I have experienced some fall outs with this but it's nothing too drastic and it's one of my favourite shades.

Naughty Strawberry 036
I just love the name of this shade and it also reminds me of Summer which has slyly left us already. This is true pink shade with cool undertones and it has a somewhat metallic vibe going on. This is also an iridescent finish which means it has some fall outs as well but I manage them quite well now as I have used it a lot. I prefer to build this shade when I am wearing it alone because it looks most flattering then.

Blue Curacao 018
L'Oreal really have chosen really interesting names, haven't they? But I am loving them. I was a little unsure about this shade because blue eye shadows are not the first colours I would grab on a good day but seeing that I did not really have anything similar in my collection, I thought I should give it a try. Although it looks blue/turquoise in the tub, it comes off as blue-green or an aqua shade on my skin which is rather surprising but I guess it has to do with my dark undertones. It has a matte finish but I kinda wish it had a metallic or even iridescent finish as it may have been more flattering on my skin.

Permanent Kaki 009
This has to be my favourite shade of the lot because it ticks all the boxes for me and it is flattering on my skin and against my eyes especially as I have dark brown eyes. Although it is called permanent kaki, it is a brighter green shade than khaki, a little on the olive side but with an ever so slight metallic finish. It reminds me of MAC's Sumptuous Olive and I have paired both of them together and they are an absolute dream.

Pebble Grey 020
I did not think I would like this shade but it is my go-to shade when I want something neutral and serious on my eye lids. True to the name, it is a lovely taupe grey with a matte finish and I can see this looking flattering on a variety of skin tones. I know you would think why would a dull colour such as this look flattering but it really is especially when paired with another eye shadow or worked into the crease. I have been using this with my Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 palette and I really like it.

Purple Obsession 005
I am a purple girl at heart and I once had one of my rooms a while ago painted purple...lol. I am just drawn to purple, cranberry and rich plum shades because they look flattering on me and they are such a rich colour with excellent color payoff regardless of the quality of an eye shadow in my opinion. This is one of the few shades that looks exactly on my eyelids as it does in the tub and for that, I love it. It's a true rich purple shade almost like an aubergine shade but a little more vibrant. It does not say what finish it has but it's a cross between a metallic and a matte finish and it's just gorgeous. I have paired this with MAC 
Cranberry and it looks incredible.

Burning Black 013
Last but not least is Burning Black which is not quite a black shade but one with really dark auburn/maroon undertones. It has the same texture and finish as Purple Obsession and it is really beautiful in the tub and on application. To be honest, I have not used it as much as I would because I feel it is best used for a smoky; a look I have not quite mastered. But I have used this to intensify a few looks here and there and it's fab.

That's it folks. I am so pleased with every single shade I purchased and I have got so much use out of almost all of them and I think they are definitely worth having in your collection depending on what kind of shade and finish you prefer. Have you tried any L'Oreal Infallible Colours? See you in my next post...x

Boots Botanics Range Review

Boots has always been one of my favourite stores to shop in and the truth is I am surrounded by Boots Stores. There is a large Boots about 3 minutes from my office and another really large Boots approx 4 minutes away from my house so it is such a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I always get good deals 'cos  I get there on time and a curse because a good amount of my money is spent there...Oh well!! Another reason why I love Boots is their Boots Botanics Range. I am not 100% sure it is all organic and natural but a good percentage of the ingredients are derived from plants and natural derivatives so it is good enough for me. They always try to promote their range by giving out extra Boots points when you purchase products from the Botanics range and that's one of the ways I discovered a few amazing products from the range that are worth adding to your next shopping/wish list.

Cleansing Toner All Bright
I bought this because it contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) derived from the Hibiscus plant/flower which has natural brightening properties. I ran out of my beloved Pixi Glow Tonic so I decided to try this out for a while and I love this although it is nowhere near as effective as the Pixi Glow Tonic but it is a good cleansing toner as it lifts off any impurities off the face after double cleansing and refreshes the skin instantly. I can’t say I have seen any marked differences in terms of brightening but it is very refreshing and its texture and colour is a little similar  to the Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Toner although this is a little bit more liquid-y.

Microdermabrasion Polish
I think this may have been the first product I tried from their range and it is a hybrid between a mud mask and a micro scrub.  It looks like a clay/mud mask but with very tiny particles which help slough away dead skin and I use this once a week or anytime I feel my skin needs a nice little scrub. Due to the tiny size of the particles, it exfoliates the skin gently and it is not abrasive at all. It contains Gingko which helps improve the appearance of the skin. My skin feels much better and cleaner when I use this although it is quite difficult to remove as some tiny particles still manage to get left behind on my face or maybe I have not found the best way to remove this as I currently take it off with either warm water or a damp flannel/muslin cloth.

Refreshing Eye Roll-on:
Ladies (and gents!!), say goodbye to puffy under eye circles! this is my best purchase from the whole range as it is effective and you can see an immediate improvement. I would call this an eye cream/serum with a twist because it comes with a roller blade which is ever so cool on the eye and relieves puffy or dodgy looking under eyes and makes you feel more awake. It contains an extract from Hibiscus plant which helps brighten the under eye and I don’t really have dark or prominent under eye circles but this has made an impression on me because it works. A few weeks back, I was having very short nights due to some deadlines at work so my eyes were naturally very unsightly. This made all the difference because the roller blade has a cooling effect that instantly lifts up my under eye, moisturises it and soothes it. I can’t really sing its praises enough and it is so handy and non-messy because it does not come in a tub where you have to dip your fingers into it.

Cleansing Face Wipes: 
My favourite face wipes hands down is the Simple Kind to Skin wipes but let’s face it, there are quite pricey when they are not on offer although there are usually on offer. Naturally, I was on the lookout for a wipe that delivered all I wanted and was affordable. Enter the Boots Botanic Cleansing Face Wipes. It is amazing and it is not too moist or dry at all. I have used some wipes that are pretty frustrating because they are too moist and sometimes too dry but this is perfect. Plus it is affordable and I don’t have to use more than one because it does the job so well. I hope you have had some insight on some products from the Boots Botanics range which you may want to try in the future.See you in my next post...x

Weekend Post #11: Meet Jay the Lhasa Apso Dog

Jay decided to take over my blog with the little piece he wrote when I was back home in Nigeria. How could I say no to his gorgeous cunning little face? He is my sister's dog and she had him since he was a little pup but don't let me take his shine away as he can tell you more about himself in his piece. He is seriously the most adorable and naughtiest dog we have ever had. I miss him so much now that I am back in England but looking at his lovely pictures make me so happy and my sis always sends me loads of pictures and videos of what he has been up to. I hope you enjoy his little piece...I'd leave you in the able hands of Jay

"Hi everyone, I am Jay and it's short for Jay-Z (yeah, yeah I can see you rolling your eyes; get over it; my name is cooler than yours). Anywho everyone calls me Jay and you are welcome to call me that. I am a Lhasa  Apso breed and my ancestors come from the mountains in Tibet so I am technically a Tibetan and you can read all about my breed here. By nature, we Lhasas are intelligent, have a mind of our own and don't forget, we are very cute with a first class degree in causing havoc and wiggling our way out with our adorable faces if I do say so myself. I promise I am not conceited, a narcissist and vain AT ALL.

Now before you get it twisted, Liv is just my Aunty and not my Mum/owner although I know she was plotting some really evil plans to sneak me back to England with her but I can never trade all the affection I get from my Uncle, Mum and Grandma for just one dose of affection from her..nah, not happening. Besides Nigeria is my home now and I love it here although a visit to London may not be bad. My mum/owner is Liv's sis as you may have guessed and she got me since I was a baby and nurtured me with milk, water, a warm bed, love and let me play around the house. She even let me bite her fingers when I was teething and my gums were super itchy. But I don't suppose you'd remember when you were teething, would you?

My uncle is the most playful because he lets me jump on his bed (I may or may not have wee'd on some occasions; I won't tell if you don't). He also gives me a bath which I totally hate but I know it's going to happen so I just keep a straight poker face and endure it. However, when he strokes and brushes my coat/fur...ohhhhhhh it's bliss. He regularly takes me for walks around the estate  which I enjoy because I am always the centre of attention and people always stop us on the road to admire and stroke me. My Grandma is my favourite because she spoils me the most and lets me get away with some horrendous pranks I have played pssst! I tore her money(1000 naira note) on two occasions; honestly I did not know the value else I would have targeted a smaller denomination..my bad!!  I met Liv for the first time in May and I gave her a really warm welcome. She had been stalking me earlier and asking for pictures of me from my mum so she technically new me before I knew her..she is a chief stalker that one. But I knew we would get along from the first day.. You just know sometimes! Although she tried to teach me some lil commands and tried to train me; I was only doing it because I wanted the treats. Ain't nobody gat time for all dat training!; what Jay wants, Jay gets.

What's my typical day like?
It's always bliss as expected. I wake up by 7am because everyone is getting ready for work and they keep disturbing me with their movements so I naturally have to get up and help them get ready for their day. I have a really long stretch and go and say hi to Grandma because she always strokes me in the morning; lying down behind her legs is the best thing ever!! Trust me!! Next, I say hi to my uncle and help him get dressed (don't ask) then it's time for breakfast. I am not too fussy in the morning but I love to have a light breakfast and some water. I never get treats in the morning which is such a bummer but I get them in the evenings and at weekends. All day I play around in the living room with my favourite toys; jumping from sofa to sofa pretending I am a cat (meow!!!) and I take a few naps(zzzzz). In the evenings, I have dinner and drink some water again and I bully my uncle to take me for walkies. After that, it's time to play pranks although everyone feigns tiredness, I know they can't resist my charm. There you have it; a sneak peek into my amazing glamourous life. Weekends are another story altogether but it's never good to spill your whole life on the internet, is it? Woof!!!!"

I hope you enjoyed his little write-up; I know I enjoyed it. Have an amazing weekend and bank holiday long weekend if you are in the UK!! See you in my next post!!..xx

Wilko's Makeup Brush Review (Blusher Brush)

I know I have been MIA for a little while and it's just one of those things that happen in life. But I will be back soon hopefully by next week as I have been a little busy and my laptop has been even busier  doing a few updates so all  regular posts will resume next week. But I thought it would be nice to leave with you a review that is short and sweet. If you are regular reader of this little blog, you should have read my review on the Wilko Stippler Brush. So the Oliver Twist in me got greedier/needier and I popped back into Wilkinsons to buy more affordable brushes and to test them so y'all know what to expect. I chose the blusher brush because I liked the feel although I am not a fan of the design. This is not from their Premium range but it is equally good. I am actually on the haunt for the Blusher Brush in their Premium range and I am so annoyed with myself for not purchasing it when I last saw it..

As always, it is neat and regular just like all their packaging although I find that the non-premium range brushes don't have its own individual zipper/travel friendly packaging but it's not bad at all. It feels okay. I am not a fan of the design because it looks to girlish in my opinion but I guess their target may be younger girls. This particular design is called the Carnaby design and they also had a Fuscia design but the blusher brush was not available as expected and it looked way prettier than the Carnaby version.

The bristles are white with blue tips which is quite different and I actually like for a change. The bristles are synthetic but they feel ever so soft....it may be one of the softest blusher brushes I have used. I have washed this brush a few times already and there has been no shedding. As mentioned in my previous post, these brushes are well made and sturdy and I don't expect them to shed in a good while. It does not wash as easily as the Premium version and my other Real Techniques brushes but it is washes out any dirt eventually; you just have to work a little harder.

How I use it
I just swipe this across my blush/blusher and it picks it up really well although if the blush is sheer this brush may not pick up a good amount. Having said that, it works best with blushes that have good pigmentation like Sleek Blushes and it evens it out really nicely on the face so you don't look like a clown. I really like the shape because it hits all the high points of my cheekbones well and I think the shape and density is really good especially if you are new to applying blushes.

I love Wilko Brushes because they are affordable and well made. This retails for £2 and I think it is brilliant for the price especially for the quality and the results you get with it. It's an absolute bargain and I recommend it if you want a nice blush brush to start out with before investing in more expensive ones. You can purchase this in any Wilkinson or Wilko stores and thankfully, this has not yet been sold out. You can also find it online here.

Personal Thoughts
Not much to say other than I really like it and I have been reaching for it much more than my Real Techniques Blusher brush which I still love but I guess the size of this has lured me to using it more. 


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