Nude By Nature Makeup Review

Last week, I spoke about the Nude by Nature Master Class I was lucky to attend back in June courtesy of Handpicked Media. We were taught how to contour and highlight in the most natural way using the newly launched Contour and Highlight Collection and it was incredible. You can read more about the Masterclass over here. I also mentioned we were gifted with so many goodies to try out in the comfort of our own homes and that's exactly what I have been doing. I have tried these products out for more than a month now and I think it's more than enough time to share an in-depth review. It's a long one so do bear with me and there are loads of pictures as well because I am a crazy photographer who can't control herself when she is snapping beautiful products.
P.S. I have swatches but I forgot to add them to this post but they will be up this evening..xx

Brand Overview
Nude by Nature is an Australian mineral makeup brand (No.1 in Australia) who specialise in organic and natural makeup using the finest ingredients including indigenous Australian ones such as Australian Kakadu Plum, Quandong and Cehami Extract. The brand's philosophy is creating makeup that's good for you and I do feel amazing using these products. I was gifted with a wide range of products from their new Contour and Highlighting Collection which includes a Natural Contour Palette,Highlighter Palette*, a Contour Fluid Trio, 3 Touch of Glow Highlight Sticks* and 2 Expert Brushes*. It's a really beautiful collection and the packaging is gorgeous. You can check out Nude by Nature Makeup including this new collection on the Nude by Nature website,  Feel UniqueASOS, etc. 

I don't think anyone who loves beauty products can resist anything rose gold especially when it is the right hue of rose gold. I have to say Nude by Nature totally nailed when it comes to their packaging. They are a joy to behold and to use and I feel super fly whenever I use them. I know it is very silly but I just feel really happy whenever I use them. The makeup products have the rose gold packaging while the brushes have dark brown packaging. I love how the brushes are well packaged because you can easily travel with them knowing that they are safe. I just get Becca Cosmetics vibes from the brushes and I honestly don't know but they seem really similar. Everything from Nude by Nature is so lush and I am seriously in love with them.

                                 Nude by Nature Brush Collection
I was gifted with four beautiful brushes from their brush collection including two expert brushes from their Contour and Highlighting Collection. The brushes are very well made and I have not experienced any shedding at all. They are cruelty free and the bristles are really fluffy but also offer good control which I love. I love fluffy brushes but when they have minimal or no control it becomes difficult to use and I am so glad I don't have that problem with the Nude by Nature brushes. Most importantly, I love that these brushes have their names and numbers on each brush. It's very helpful especially for beginners and I just find it handy in general. I have washed them a few times and they still look the same as new. They wash and dry easily and that's why I rate them rather highly in my books. The No.12 and 13 brushes are part of the Contour and Highlighting Collection and they are beautiful.

Nude by Nature 01 Concealer Brush* //Link // £16
This is one of my favourite brushes from the collection because I use it with quite a few products and in different ways. I use it for pin point concealing and it works so well because it picks up the right amount of concealer. It also blends out nicely with as little waste as possible and I love that about it. I actually use it mainly for my eyeshadow because it has a beautiful flat shape which picks up eyeshadows or pigments so well and deposits it even better. I also use it to apply the Touch of Glow Highlight Sticks either as an eyeshadow base or as a highlighter. I told you it has many uses!! It's really fantastic and you can clean it easily between use by wiping it across a makeup wipe (I deep clean it once a week). I highly recommend checking it out and it's also amazing for travelling because of its many uses.

Nude by Nature 03 Flawless Brush* //Link // £24 (on offer for £14.70)
It's truly a brush that will bring you closer to a flawless finish because it really does the job. I believe it can be used for a variety of makeup application but I prefer to use it for powder. It picks up my powder easily and applies it seamlessly without shifting my foundation. I love the size because it means it can be used on the go and it just reminds me of a slightly bigger kabuki brush. Its bristles are densely packed but it's still quite fluffy which I love. I used it for the Nude by Nature Loose Powder Foundation and it worked well but I do prefer to use a smaller foundation brush to get a more precise application. I am toying with the idea of using it to apply my liquid foundation but I will report back on how that goes if I end up doing it. All in all, I really like it especially for its size as it can double up as a powder brush and a makeup bag (on the go) brush.

Nude by Nature 12 Pointed Precision Brush* // Link // £24
I always avoid brushes with this shape because I never find them effective for what I want. However, I was so happy to be proved wrong because this Pointed Precision Brush does what I have always wanted other similar brushes to do. First off, this brush can be used for both concealer and highligher but I prefer to use it for concealer. It is the perfect size for under my eyes and it fits in so well. The bristles do not irritate my under eye and it just blends out my concealer so well. I have used it in both sweeping and patting motions and it works like a dream. I use the pointy end to get rid of any mistakes I may have made with my eyeliner and also to get rid of any fall outs from my eyeshadow. I have not used it for highlighting yet because I still love my other highlighting brushes.

Nude by Nature 13 Ultimate Perfecting Brush* //Link // £25
Last but not the least is my absolute favourite brush from this collection and it is none other than the Ultimate Perfecting Brush. I only use this brush for one thing and that's contouring and it's one of the best contouring brushes I have tried. The bristles are short, fluffy and have a good deal of control which is essential to get the perfect contour angle. I believe Becca has a similar brush to this but I have not tried it yet so I can't compare although I do think they have a similar quality. The Ultimate Perfecting Brush gives me the best contour ever and without much ado because it just fits in well with the shape of my face. It is so easy to handle and it's also good for very pigmented contours because it picks up the right amount of product. I can't sing its praises enough; it's such a lovely brush!!

                         Nude by Nature Contour and Highlighting Collection
The Contour and Highlighting Collection was created to help people enhance their best features using natural contouring and highlighting techniques. All the products look very flattering on a variety of skin tones and that's why I really love this brand. If a brand makes an effort to be inclusive by developing a wide range of products to suit various skin tones, they will always have my support. I was really shocked to see that there were even more shades in their Powder Foundation that were way darker than my complexion. There is still room for improvement in their liquid foundation and concealer but all the other products are incredible.

Nude by Nature Perfecting Concealer* //Link // £16
Now, I had to start with my least favourite and the reason why this is so is it's not a good match to my complexion. However, it is such a lovely texture and I have tried it out a couple of times. I can manipulate it to suit me but I would have preferred if I did not have to. The shade I have is Cafe and it is the darkest shade and I am hoping they introduce newer shades in the future because it's actually a lovely concealer. It has a light texture that is ideal for under eye concealing without being cakey or creasing. I set with the powder in the Contour Kit and it works well. If you are after a light weight concealer for under eye circles, this is worth a try.

Nude by Nature Contour Palette* //Link // £25
I love me a good contour kit and I have only used a few because I tend to stick to anyone that works for me. I used the Sleek Contour Kit and the Barry M Contour Kit for a super long time and I didn't imagine I could love any other contour kit. However, all that changed when this beautiful Nude by Nature Contour Kit came along. There are three shade inside the palette including two contour powders and a cream highlight powder (matte). At first, I thought the darkest shade will be ideal for me but it's actually too dark for me and I use the middle shade. I absolutely love it because it does not look ashy whatsoever and it gives me the most natural contour with the littlest effort. I tend to build it up a little bit and I love the results. I feel this palette will suit almost everyone because the shades are really buildable. If you are lighter in complexion than me, you only need a light hand with the middle shade. If you are darker than me, then the darker contour would be amazing. The highlight powder in the palette is a cream/beige colour which I feel will not suit anyone darker than me. I guess if the powder had more yellow undertones it may have been a perfect match. However, it works really well in setting my under eye concealer and I love how matte it looks. I have used this palette for my eyeshadow when I was creating the look in this post. I used the middle shade in my crease, the darker shade in my outer crease and the highlight powder as my brow bone highlight. Nude by Nature nailed it with this Contour Palette!

Nude by Nature Highlight Palette* //Link // £25
I always smile anytime I open this palette because it is super pretty especially with the rose gold packaging. I feel the highlighter shades come alive against the beautiful packaging and I am obsessed. Inside, there are three shades which match the Touch of Glow Highlight Sticks. These highlighters are well pigmented and there's something for every complexion. There is a Champagne Shade, a Rose Pink shade and the Bronze shade. You can even mix them and create a bespoke highlighter which is perfect for Summer. You guys, I can't even explain how much I love these highlighters and they last all day. As you would imagine, my favourite is the Bronze Shade and it catches the sunlight in the most beautiful way ever. I have also used them as eyeshadows on my eyelid and inner eyes and it looks so fantastic. If you want the glow without the glitter, I highly recommend checking out this palette. Any highlighter brush will work perfectly with this palette but I prefer the Real Techniques Fan Highlighter Brush and the Morphe Highlighter Brush.

Nude by Nature Touch of Glow Highlight Stick* // Link // £18
Everyone at the Masterclass loved these Touch of Glow Highlight Sticks and I can't imagine anyone not loving them. The packaging is just so lush and the product inside is even more fantastic. They are essentially a highlighter in a stick form which looks super flattering. They can be used straight from the bullet or with a brush but I prefer using them with a brush. There are three shades which are also similar to the shades in the highlighter palette and they include: 01 Champagne, 02 Rose and 03 Bronze. These highlighter sticks are beautifully creamy but not sticky and they give an innate glow. In the sunlight, they catch the light so well and give the face a very flattering look. Each time I wear them, people tell me my face is glowing in a good way and I am there feeling fly with myself. For the look in this photo, I used them as eyeshadow bases and they are fantastic as they gave the highlighter powder something to cling on to. Honestly, you could totally travel with just this collection and you are covered for eyeshadow, contour, highlighter, etc.

Nude by Nature Radiant Loose Powder Foundation* //Link // £25 (currently £12.50 on ASOS)
Last but not the least is the Radiant loose Powder Foundation and my shade is W9 Sandalwood which is an amazing match to my complexion. I was matched on the Masterclass day to this shade and I am so glad it works so well on my skin. To be honest, I am not a fan of loose powders as they tend to be messy but I have to say I am really impressed with this one. First off, the packaging is very different from other loose powders I have tried. It has a soft netting enclosure which is quite firm and allows the powder to come through with as little mess as possible. The lid fits into the enclosure of the powder (like a key and lock fitting) to keep it from getting messy. I use my Real Techniques Expert brush to pick up the powder and apply to where I need it and the Flawless Brush to perfect my finish. I have to say using a powder foundation requires more time than a regular powder foundation however it gives a perfect skin-like finish. You can hardly tell I am wearing foundation and it's so perfect for summer. The best thing about this powder (and Nude by Nature) in general is the amount of shades they have. They run from the lightest to the darkest and I love them so much for this. As a powder foundation, it has quite a good lasting power which I was surprised about as I thought it won't last as much as my liquid foundations.

Where to Buy
Nude by Nature can be purchased from the Nude by Nature website and they also have an international website. In the UK, you can purchase Nude by Nature Makeup including this new collection on the Nude by Nature website,  Feel UniqueASOS, etc. I am not sure they are sold in-store in the UK but if they ever do, I will update this link.

Overall Thoughts
I know this was a super long post but I hope you all found it useful. I am so grateful for these beautiful products and I have enjoyed using them. I use them almost everyday I wear makeup because they are really a joy to use. My favourite products have to be the Touch of Glow Highlight Sticks, Contour Palette and Highlight Palette. Let's just say I love the entire collection. ASOS is currently having some discounts so it's worth checking them out on there to make some savings. That's pretty much it!! Have you tried Nude by Nature Makeup?
*Gifted PR Samples + Affiliate Links used, read my full disclaimer here

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