Makeup Storage and Organisation Ideas: What's in my Muji Acrylic Drawers?

There is something about Muji Acrylic Storage that just makes me super happy. I just love opening these drawers and for the longest time; I had only one set of this Muji Acrylic Storage that had two sets of drawers and I loved it until I purchased an additional one (same one with tow drawers and a flip lid). I decided to rearrange and reorganise all my makeup and beauty products to fit into this new storage. I would post about my makeup storage and organisation in a separate post because I went a little crazy taking pictures but today I will show you what's inside my Muji Acrylic storage/drawers which I have lovingly nicknamed my little tower. As always, a little story on the recent Muji purchase. So, I went to the Muji Store in High Street Kensington to buy a similar set of drawers to the one I had before (The two wide drawer set) but they had sold out. I decided to go for the one with a flip lid which was slightly more expensive and again, they had sold out (looks like it was not only me who liked these drawers). I was a little alarmed because I had checked their little store/counter in Selfridges a while ago and they were also sold out. So, I asked if I could buy the one on display and the manager said yes and I was cheeky enough to ask for a discount and they gave me 20% off which I think is super generous so I was a happy bunny and paid only £9.20 instead of £11.50!!

How I organise my Muji Drawer
I decided to arrange my mini tower based on how I apply my makeup e.g the steps I take for skincare and makeup as I figured it would be much easier. Before now, I stored most of my makeup and skin care in the previous two Muji drawers and the drawer in my Micke Desk which is really spacious. Most of my makeup still live there but having some out in these Muji drawers makes it much easier. I like to rearrange my makeup and beauty products during the weekend and clean the drawers because I am a little OCD about and it means I can find products that have been previously neglected and throw away some unwanted/unused items. I don't think I have a lot of makeup/cosmetics as such but it may be a little more than the average non-blogger. So ramble over, let's dive in....

First Drawer- Skincare 
I have downsized my skincare routine to actual products I use because there is no point in wasting my time and my skin's time so I have kinda figured what it likes. I have my Nip +Fab Glycolic Fix Serum which I use on alternate days and I follow that up with my Effaclar Duo. Every other day, I use the Retinol Resurface from Indeed Labs which I love so much and would be reviewing soon. It's so hydrating and moisturising and has really helped my skin. Then I follow up with a sunscreen and my weapon of choice is the La Roche Posay Anthelios Dry Gel Sunscreen SPF 50 (longest name ever) and I never go anywhere without my sunscreen even in the winter. This has helped prevent my dark blemishes from getting darker and my general complexion. Also, it's important to use a sunscreen if you use any product with Vitamin C, Retinol or Gylcolic Acid because they make your skin sensitive to the sun despite them being derived from plants. Just thought to throw that in if you had not upped your sunscreen game on. Then, I have my favourite spot treatments: Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel and La Roche Posay Effaclar A. I always save my face whenever my face attempts to break out and the Clinique Anti-Blemish All Over Treatment/Moisturiser seals the deal.

Second Drawer- Primers (Face and Eyes)
The truth is I have a lot of primers and I love them because they help act as a barrier between my skin and foundation and other makeup items as well. Most of them act as a barrier but some have specific properties like ensuring my foundation applies smoother and easily and helps it last longer. Some others are mattifying which is always ideal for me as I tend to get oily around my T-zones. From L-R: Kuddy Mattifying Primer which is I love because it has helps mattify my skin and prevents my oily T-zones from taking the shine, Becca Rejuvenating Primer which is an absolute all rounder (mattifying and aids in foundation longevity), Mary Kay Oil Mattifer as the name implies it tackles my oily T-Zones, Body Shop BB Cream (review) which should be in my foundation drawer but it's a good primer/base, Body Shop Instablur Primer which is good at blurring any pores but it's just an okay primer (best paired with the Body Shop BB cream which is why I still have it)  Makeup Revolution Eye Primer which is an okay primer for my eye lids, Essence "I Love Stage" Eye Primer which is my favourite and works really well, Super Drug B.Prepared Primer which is another firm favourite especially for every day makeup, Clinique Universal Primer which is just okay. I have to admit; I love a good primer hence a whole drawer is dedicated to it. At the back, I have some random samples of primers.

Third Drawer- Foundations and Concealers
Now I can see some people rolling their eyes; "why does she have so many foundations?". I know, I would roll my eyes too if I were you!! The truth is I love foundations and I always have because they just set the base for my makeup and I love trying different foundations. I have a few high end ones and more drug store ones because I am beginning to fall in love with Drug Store Brands who are really stepping up their game. L-R: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation (review); Kuddy Cosmetics Foundation, L'Oreal True Match Foundations (N6.5 and N7), Maybelline Dream Foundation (Caramel), Mary Kay Matte Foundation (Bronze 3) and Clinique Anti Blemish Foundations (07) (review). I won't say much about these foundations because I have some reviews on here for some of them and reviews to come for others. But my favourite everyday foundations are L'Oreal True Match Foundation and Kuddy Cosmetics Foundation. At the end of this drawer, I store some of my concealers which include high end and drug store ones and I am loving the drug store ones at the moment. For drug store; I have my L'Oreal True Match concealer in Cafe, Revlon Color Stay concealer in Deep and L.A. Girl Pro concealer in Fawn (review) and for high end: Estee Lauder Stay in Place concealer (5N) (review) and MAC Studio Finish concealer in NC 50. Concealers are so important to help hide some of my pesky blemishes.

Fourth Drawer- Powders, Contour and Bronzers
I love this drawer because it is a mash up of everything in here although it mainly contains powders, bronzers and contour kits; it also contains my brow kits in here and I love how much of mash up it is. From L-R (bottom row): Makeup Revolution Bronzer in Rock on World, MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Dark (reviewand Kuddy Cosmetics HD Powder. L-R (top row): Sleek Face Form in Medium (review), Sleek Corrector and Concealer Palette (review), Makeup Revolution Brow Kit in Dark (review),  Sleek Brow Kit in Dark  and Sleek Blushes in Life is a Peach and Rose Gold.

That's pretty much it and I love this drawer and the organisation I have done because it makes it easier for me to reach for my makeup in the order in which I apply them. I have other makeup stored in my the drawer on my Micke Desk as mentioned earlier and some other Acrylic storage on my desk to organise the rest. I may even do a makeup collection post...see you in my next post...x


  1. Envvyyyy!

    I see quite a bit of kuddy do they fare??


    1. Hahahaha, thanks a lot!! I am sure your collection will be so fab especially as an should do a post like this so we can all have a nosey and die of jealousy too!!...and Yes Kuddy Cosmetics are amazing; I have an initial post on them here on the blog and will be reviewing the foundation today or tomorrow...x

  2. Hey, I'm new to your blog. I read your photography post the other day and now this. I love your pictures and you have a fab makeup collection. I can't wait to catch up with your archives and see what else you have to offer :)

    1. Hi Kayleigh, thank you so much and it means a lot to me...I hope you find lovely posts in the archives...x

  3. Fab post, I love having a nosey at everyone else's collection :) x

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine // My Blog Giveaway

    1. Awww thanks a lot and I absolutely love "noseying" around other people's collections...x


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