Nude by Nature Eye Collection- Pressed Eyeshadow Review

I spoke about the Nude by Nature Eye Collection Launch a little while ago here on the blog. I mentioned in that post that I was absolutely wowed by the entire collection. I was introduced to Nude by Nature this year via their Highlight and Contour Collection*(reviewed here and here) and since then, I have been pretty obsessed with the brand. When I saw that they were launching their Eye Collection on Instagram, I told myself I definitely have to pick up a few products because I have been impressed with their makeup products and beautiful packaging. I was so thrilled when I got an email inviting me to the Eye Collection launch which was incredible. I did not expect to go home with the entire collection!! It totally made my month and even months later, I am still in love with this collection. I have a separate table in my room specifically for the eye collection which was beautifully packaged as expected from Nude by Nature. The entire collection is huge and I wanted to do justice to it via my review so I have split it into 2 posts; the first part will be about the Natural Illusion Pressed Eyeshadow and the second part will be the rest of the collection. It's going to be a super long post so let's dive in, shall we?. If you want to know more about the brand, check out these posts here, here and here. 

Brief Overview of the Nude by Nature Eye Collection
The Nude by Nature Eye Collection is inspired by the extraordinary colour palette of Australia and they are Australia's number 1 Mineral Makeup brand (no surprises here as I can see why). The Eye Collection is designed to capture Australia's stunning blue skies, shimmering sands, sunset and deep water. The colours incorporated in this collection really makes me want to visit Australia as they look so gorgeous. Like all Nude by nature products, the formulas are enriched with active natural ingredients including the native Australian Kakadu Plum, known for its abundant Vitamin C content. The collection is also enriched with Candellia Wax and ProVitamin B5

The good thing  about Nude by Nature makeup products is that they are actually good for the skin while making you look beautiful which I love. The Eye Collection is a huge one and it consists of the following products: Contour Eye Pencil (6 shades)*, Perfecting Eye Primer, Definition Eyeliner*(2 shades), Alluring Defining Mascara*(2 shades), Natural Illusion Pressed Eyeshadows*(12 shades), Shimmering Sands Loose Eyeshadows*(3 shades), Natural Wonders Eye Palette*, Natural Illusion Eyeshadow Trio*(3 palettes) and a set of Eyeshadow Brushes*(4 pieces). There's also the Gentle Eye Makeup Remover so it is really a complete set of eye makeup to get you started. I can't imagine anyone not finding at least one thing they are crazy about within this collection. 

Natural Illusion Pressed Eyeshadows
Nude by Nature describe these eyeshadows as richly pigmented with silky smooth textures which blend effortlessly on the lids. They are also designed to provide a smooth and even application with each sweep of colour. I have to say I absolutely agree with this description for majority of the shades in this range. The eyeshadows have three vibrant finishes which include matte, satin and sheen for a variety of gorgeous eyeshadow looks. I particularly love that the matte shades are not flat at all when you apply them and that's why I reach for them often. The eyeshadow range is further enriched with active natural ingredients including Quandong and Desert Lime to help provide antioxidant defence. With this amazing description, I was more than ready to put these eyeshadows to the test so I can share my thoughts with you. I have been very, very impressed with the pigmentation of these eyeshadows with or without an eye primer although I prefer to use an eye primer with all my eyeshadows no matter what brand. The swatches shown in this post are all without primer and many of them are just one swipe. That's how pigmented many of them are. They last all day long and I never struggle to apply them (except 2). I have experienced minimal fallout with some of the matte finishes which is expected. There are one or two shades which I have not gotten along with but I will talk about them below.

First off, I am absolutely obsessed with their packaging and I think it is one of the best single eyeshadow packaging I own. I know I always mention this whenever I am talking about Nude by Nature products but it is very hard to ignore as they really are stunning. Each eyeshadow contains 3g of products which is a really good size and you also get the cutest mirror within the case just for good measures. They are light weight and very easy to travel with and I love whipping them out to use. The best thing about these eyeshadows is that the beautiful packaging matches the amazing quality of eyeshadows you get inside. They close securely with a click and you can tell a lot of thought has gone into the development of these eyeshadows. I also love that the number and name of these eyeshadows are at the bottom (pack)of the eyeshadow packaging. I thought it would be more useful to talk about each eyeshadow close up so you can decide what colours you'd go for if you want to make a purchase,

01 Storm*//Link //£14 (Matte)
I would describe this as a cool tone greyish brown shade (almost a deep taupe if that even exists) and it has a matte finish. I think this will be perfect for creating a smoky look especially if you don't want your smokey eye looking too black. It is perfect both for the crease and for the outer V. As expected with a dark shade as this, it is very pigmented so you need to use a light hand if you want to incorporate it into every day wear.

02 Stone*//Link //£14 (Matte)
This is my absolute favourite crease shade and I call it my dream crease shade (but even better than I could imagine). It is a warm brown shade which applies so beautifully across my crease. It has a matte finish which I love and I reach for this very frequently because it is the kind of brown shade I love. I love to pick this up with my Real Techniques Essential Crease Brush and blend with my MAC 217 Brush.

03 Driftwood*//Link //£14 (Matte)
This is a much lighter brown shade which will be perfect for anyone who may be lighter in complexion than me. It is such a lovely shade with a matte finish and very easy to work with so I still use it on days when I want to experiment. If I have made a mistake by being heavy handed with my crease colour, I just add it on top to diffuse things and it does a great job.

04 Sunrise*//Link // £14 (Sheen)
This shade instantly caught my eye as it reminded me of a mix of MAC's Wood Winked and All That Glitters. If they had a baby, this would definitely be it. I would describe it as a beautiful bronze gold shade which would suit any complexion. It is very pigmented with a sheen finish so it'd be perfect for the holiday season although I have been wearing it whenever I fancy because it's so pretty.

05 Whitsunday*//Link //£14 (Satin)
This is one of the few shades I was unsure about because it's not a colour I would usually opt for. I really like the name Whitsunday and I feel it really suits this shade. I would describe this as a true turquoise green shade which reminds me of a very beautiful ocean. Sadly, we didn't get along as the other eyeshadows because it is not as pigmented. I have to make more effort with this shade but I do think if you have a lighter complexion and you want to add a subtle touch of colour, you may enjoy this. I have to use a really good primer with this shade for it to look good on my eyelids. 

06 Seashell*//Link //£14 (Satin)
This is such a gorgeous feminine shade and I'd describe it as a light gold beige shade (that's the only way I can describe it). It has a satin finish which makes it look beautiful when it is applied. The only thing I have noticed is that it kicks up some eyeshadow compared to the others. Nevertheless, it is a gorgeous shade on the lid and would be great for all seasons.

07 Sunset*//Link //£14 (Satin)
This is another favourite shade of mine within the entire collection of single shadows. The name sunset really captures how beautiful this colour is. I don't even think I need to describe it as it looks like a beautiful sunset. Still I'd try for the sake of it- I'd describe it as a reddish brown shade with a sheen finish which reminds me so much of MAC's Antique but I think I prefer this one to it. It is very pigmented so I always go in with a light hand. It can be used in the crease, outer V, lid, under eye, etc. It's a very versatile shade and I cannot get enough of it.

08 Palm*//Link //£14 (Matte/Satin- not too sure)
This was another shade I was dying to try when I spotted it on Nude by Nature's Instagram page as I do love a green shade but find very few that suit me. Sadly, this was one that was a little difficult to work with initially but now I know how to work it. I would describe it as deep green shade with a matte/satin finish (I am not very sure). It swatches well on my fingers and hands but does not transfer to my lids in the same way so it is bets to use a synthetic brush. I always have to use a primer and sometimes base shadow with this to help but I absolutely love this shade. I feel so sad when I look at my swatch because I am there thinking "you gorgeous swatch needs to be on my lids you know". It's still one of my favourite shades despite the tough start we had.

09 Dune*//Link //£14 (Matte)
This is another shade very close to my heart because it can be used in quite a few ways. I'd describe it as a warm beige shade which I love as a brow highlighter and inner tear duct shade. It has some tiny glitter in it but it is not very noticeable. However it adds some snazz to this already lovely shade.

10 Coral*//Link //£14 (Satin)
How gorgeous is this lovely coral shade? It reminds me so much of Spring and Summer and whenever the cold weather is getting me down, I whip this baby out to do its tricks. As the name suggests, it's a beautiful true coral shade with a satin finish. It also has some subtle glitter in it which I love as it makes this shade quite vibrant. This is perfect for the lids and I think many people would adore this shade especially if you are just trying out colour but you still want to be safe.

11 Pearl*//Link //£14 (Satin)
This has to be my least used shade because I reserve it mainly for my inner tear duct. I don't think I can pull it off in any other way. As the name suggests, it is a pearl white shade with such a beautiful texture. I can't imagine using it any other way but it is such a lovely shade.

12 Quartz*//Link //£14 (Satin/Sheen)
Last but not in any way the least is the lovely Quartz. I would describe this as a true bronze shade that looks so gorgeous. If you love Maybelline's On and On Bronze, you'd be obsessed with this shade. This also has a really lovely texture and applies like a dream.  I am beginning to think this may be a good mix of a satin and sheen finish. It's also one of my favourites from the collection.

My Favourite Shades
I am sure you can already deduce from my description above which eyeshadows get the most love from me. I decided to put them all together and take a photo and I realised I always reach for the same kind of colours. I love warm shades with a pop of colour here and there. My favourite shades are Storm, Sunrise, Seashell, Sunset, Palm, Dune, Coral and Quartz. These are the shades I use more often than the others. 

Where to Buy
Nude by Nature products can be purchased directly from their website here, ASOS, Feel Unique and recently launched in Debenhams. If you are like me and prefer to check out some products in store first, you can find them in Debenhams (Oxford Street- not sure of other branches for now but will update). Feel Unique and ASOS always have good discounts and offers so there are amazing places to shop this collection. Debenhams also offer lovely discounts (usually 10% every now and then) and generous beauty card loyalty points so it's also good to check them out. For current offers from the Nude by Nature website, it is best to either sign up to their newsletter or follow them on Instagram (they have such stunning photos).

Overall Thoughts
I already said this before but these Nude by Nature Natural Illusion Pressed Eyeshadows are one of my top single eyeshadows. I love everything about them and while I do have my favourites within the range, I think many people would have use for all the colours (especially makeup artists). I also have to say I am really impressed that the lighter shades have as much pigmentation as the darker shades. I have noticed that some brands pack in more pigment in their darker eyeshadow shades and leave a lot to be desired in the lighter shades. Thankfully, Nude by Nature has made a commendable effort with all their colours. Don't forget to check back in a couple of days (maybe next week) for my review of the rest of the collection. Huge thanks to the lovely folks at Nude by Nature and their amazing PR for inviting me and gifting me the entire Eye Collection. Have you tried any products from the Nude by Nature Eye Collection?..xx
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Paul and Joe Beauty Review (Brand Focus)

Paul and Joe Beauty products have one of the prettiest packaging I have ever come across and I just love looking at them. It took me a while to actually get to use them because they looked so precious but I said to myself I need to stop this silliness and get down to using them. I have been very kindly gifted a good number of products from their range and I just thought I’d bring them together and talk about them on here. I have featured a few of these products on my Instagram and Gift Guides so there are no strangers at all. If you’d like to learn more about the brand head on over to this post here) where I talk about the story behind the brand.

Paul & Joe Beauty Luxurious Bath and Body Collection 002*
I was very kindly gifted this gorgeous set at a Paul & Joe Beauty (the Beauty is spelt as Beaute) event attended last year (it was actually my first one). I love everything about this set especially the fragrance. Inside the set, you get the Luxurious Body Soap (more like a shower/bath gel), the Luxurious Body Butter and the Luxurious Bath Salts. I adore the packaging as they look so delicate and feminine. Whenever I whip them out for a pamper session, I just feel like a princess. I love that the fragrance used in this set is subtle, feminine and delicate to match the gorgeous packaging. I love using the shower gel with my shower puff as it lathers really well with such a small amount.

The Body Butter does not have so much of a fragrance but it feels very moisturising on my skin even with the crazy weather. The Bath Salts are so beautiful and they make my bath time so much more special. I noticed that it gives my bath water with a light pink colour but thankfully, it does not stain my bath tub. If you know anyone who loves a proper pamper routine, they’d absolutely love this set. The sad thing is I can't find it anywhere as it was a limited edition but this was the ASOS link I had.

Paul & Joe 20th Anniversary  Makeup Collection*
I remember the day this lovely collection arrived on my doorstep and how pleased I was to receive it. It was very unexpected and I had no idea what was inside the parcel. Once I saw it was Paul & Joe Beauty, I knew I was in for an amazing treat and I was not disappointed at all. This collection was created to celebrate 20 years of Paul & Joe Beauty which I think is impressive as many makeup brands have not stood the test of time for that long. I feel that Paul & Joe Beauty have carved a niche for themselves and you can instantly tell a Paul & Joe makeup product from others because they look so unique. Inside the 20th Anniversary set, you get the following (all Cat inspired as expected with Paul & Joe Beauty): Bag, Pouch with a mini coin purse, Paul & Joe Lipstick 025, Paul & Joe Pressed Compact Duo A and  Paul & Joe Face Color 039 (Eyeshadow/Blusher). I think this gift set will be perfect for anyone who loves Paul & Joe Beauty and even for anyone who has never tried their products. I love the Tote/Bag so much because it has the prettiest design ever and folds up so nicely. I am also loving their lipstick cases so much although they are made from paper (quite durable I have to add) so one has to avoid getting them wet.

The Lipstick 025* //£12.50 is one I love how subtle it is on my complexion. It has a light coral pink shade with a creamy finish. I can get away with wearing this at work because it has quite a light colour pay off on my pigmented lips. I think many people would love this shade although if you are darker than me, it may not be the best shade. It's perfect for Spring/Summer or for anyone who loves really subtle lipsticks.

The next product is the Face Color 039* which comes in the cutest packaging ever and has to be the smallest blush I own.Apparently, it can be used as a blush and eyeshadow although I use it mainly as a blush/highlighter.  It has a dusty rose pink shade on my complexion which I quite like because it is a safe blush to play with. I know I won’t ever look like a clown wearing it and if I want more pigmentation, I can build it up. If you have a lighter complexion than me, this would be a very lovely everyday blush.

Last but not least is the Pressed Compact Duo 001* which I was so sure would not suit me just looking at it in the pan. I was quite surprised to find that it actually works well as a highlighter for me but I apply it lightly. I usually opt for warm golden highlighters as they look better on my complexion but this has been a good change for me. I do use it more as a brow highlighter and an inner duct highlighter. The powder section is actually one I love because it works so well as an under eye powder (to set my concealer). It is finely milled so I don’t have to worry about it sinking into the fine lines under my eyes. I am so glad I didn’t write this pressed compact duo off.

Paul & Joe A/W 16 Collection
The latest addition to my Paul & Joe Beauty stash is the A/W 16 Collection and I have to say this is my favourite collection so far. I say this because the shades that were sent to me are very flattering on my complexion and will be even for anyone darker than me. The A/W 16 Collection consists of lipstick refills, lipstick cases,eyeshadow trios and brow markers, etc. I know I have already spoken about Paul & Joe Beauty’s incredible packaging but how amazing are the lipsticks and cases though? I totally love the concept of choosing what Lipstick Case  (£7) I fancy and I wish some other makeup brands would do this. I love the pretty print used in this collection and it goes so well with the A/W16 theme.

The Lipstick CS 099 (Autumn Sun) //£12.50* is a beautiful warm rose pink shade which actually shows up nicely on my lips and very flattering if I might add. It has the same creamy finish as their other lipsticks and the detail on the lipstick bullet is intricately beautiful. For me, this shade is perfect  to be worn all year round because that’s the colour I usually opt for. It can also be worn to work, school, etc because it is quite a subtle shade.  It does not have the strongest lasting power I have tried but I don’t mind reapplying at all especially when it comes in such a pretty packaging.

The next product is the Eye Color CS 103*//£17 (September Song) and I was like “Wow, Paul & Joe Beaute, you did so well over here”. Anyone who knows me would know that I favour pink and purple shades and will choose them over any colour. I love how cute this trio is as I can throw it in my bag and be on my way for a city break. The shadows have an impressive pigmentation and lasting power. I have not noticed any fallout with them and they have quite a buttery (almost silky) texture. I am very, very impressed with this trio.

Last but not the least is the Eyebrow Pen 03* //£14 which is not really for me as it is quite faint on my complexion. It does have a lovely packaging and I love the design. However, it is way too light for my brows and it was not showing up as well as I'd have loved. It has a felt tip almost like an eye liner which I was quite excited to try because I felt it would look really natural. If you have light brown brow hairs, I am sure this would look good especially if you love natural looking brows. I am going to pass this on to my friend who has lighter brows.

Where to Buy
There is a actually a Paul and Joe Boutique here in London but I can't remember now if they stock the makeup products there (I will update once I find out). However, Paul & Joe Beauty can be purchased mainly online from the Paul & Joe Beaute website, ASOS, Selfridges, Beauty Bay, etc. They are often discounted especially on ASOS and Beauty Bay (they currently still have some Cyber Monday offers) so it is always a good time to purchase.

Overall Thoughts
Do I use my Paul & Joe Beauty products everyday? No, I don't because I still love looking at how cute they are. I have recently started using them more often because a girl needs to pamper herself everyday especially this Winter. So, I have been using them more often and loving them particularly the A/W16 Collection. That's it from me. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Have you tried any Paul & Beauty products?
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