NYC Best of Broadway Eyeshadow Palette Review

My obsession with eyeshadows is not coming to an end any time soon because I have been discovering some really amazing drug store brands. One of such brands is NYC which is not new to many but it's a brand I have never really tried... can you believe that? I see it around but I just never thought to get it. I actually saw these NYC Best of Broadway eyeshadow palettes a little while ago and I admired and swatched it and I was just contemplating picking them up because I liked two of the palettes but that was going to set me back about £8 which is not massive but then again, it all adds up. However the odds were in my favour when it was reduced to £2.50 in Superdrug and I had to snap these two babies up for just £5 and for the's a serious bargain.

For a drug store brand, I have to say I am quite impressed because it is made from a solid plastic which clicks into place really easily. Although it feels and looks sturdy, it is super light which makes it ideal for travelling. This is perfect for beginners because the eyeshadows are labelled which act as a guide in using the colours to create various looks. I think the colour selection is really good and they are labelled according to what colour of eyes you have although that did not stop me from picking up the shades I really liked. I picked up: Best of Broadway 943 Smokey Greens for green eyes and Best of Broadway 946 for Brown Eyes. In each palette you get: four eyeshadows, an illuminator and a primer but I prefer to use my other primers.

Pigmentation, Longevity and Finish
As mentioned earlier, I really like the colour selections that were chosen for each palette and they work together to create a flattering look. In terms of pigmentation, I think it's really good for a drug store brand and it applies really well but I always use a primer. Without a primer, it appears a little less pigmented than it is. The eyeshadows have a textured feel to them as can be seen with the little raised surface which I quite like because it makes them look a little bit more expensive than it is. Some people may not like it but I don't mind. However, there were some fallouts especially with the brow bone eyeshadow which is the lightest one and I was less than impressed but it can be rectified by gently tapping your eyeshadow brush before application and this is why a primer and possibly a base makes the eyeshadows work better. I really like the wear time because it does not fade or disappear on me at the end of the day although it does not look as vibrant as when applied in the morning which is understandable. All of them have a matte/pearl-like finish to them except the brow bone/highlight shade which appears to have some shimmer in it so it should be applied with caution.

Best of Broadway 943 Smokey Greens
I was drawn to to this palette by the rich purple shades and I knew they would look amazing even though I don't have green eye. The brow bone/highlight colour is surprisingly pigmented so I go with a very light hand so I don't look like a disco ball. The two middle shades are light purple (almost lavender) and a deeper rich purple which is my absolute favourite. The last shade is perfect for a smokey eye look and it is very pigmented.

Best of Broadway 946 for Brown Eyes
Of course I was drawn to this because it was for brown eyes which I have and the shade selection is truly flattering and I think it would suit anyone really regardless of the colour of your eyes because it has a lot of neutral colours. This is ideal for everyday looks and I love all the shades in this palette especially the light gold shade in the middle. The shade next to it which is a beautiful brown acts well as a lid colour and a crease colour.

As mentioned in the beginning of this post, it retails for £3.99 but Superdrug had an offer (I think it's still on) where they were selling any NYC product for £2.50 or less which is an incredible bargain. For £5, I bought these two lovely palettes which I have been using frequently and I like them.

1. The eyeshadows are packed closely together in the palette and it could get messy easily.
2. Some of the eyeshadows have fallouts which could be annoying but it can be remedied by tapping of the excess before applying your eye shadow or spraying with any makeup fix/setting spray

Overall Thoughts
I am so impressed that I would definitely explore other products within the range. The palettes are really easy to use and if you struggle to understand where each eyeshadow should go e.g lid colour, crease colour, etc then I would recommend giving these a try as it is well detailed and the looks you can create with this palette are really nice and easy. That's it folks. I would see you tomorrow in my next post...x


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