Eylure Dip Brow Review- (DIY-Tinting my Eyebrows)

My eyebrows have always been sparse and I have never plucked it or done anything outrageous; that's just the way it grows. Over time, I have learnt to enhance it with various eyebrow pencils, brow kits and gels. I have threaded them more than a few times and I have even had it temporarily tinted (fail!) by a professional all in a bid to get the perfect eyebrows (do they even exist naturally?) and spend less time trying to achieve it. I came across the Eylure Pro Brow Dye Kit and I thought I may as well try having tried so many other things. So naturally, I was inclined to give it a whizz. Excuse some of my dodgy pictures; I took the pictures early in the morning and I was literally half asleep...all excuses!!!

The packaging is quite clean and crisp with clear instructions of use. It comes with the dye cream (5ml) in a tube, a lil' bottle of activator(10ml) , a spoolie, a tiny applicator and a small groove in the plastic packaging for mixing everything. It promises to last for six weeks and you get 12 applications from this bottle.
How I use it
All instructions are included in the packaging but for the sake of this post; I would do a little rundown. I started off with washing my face and I patted it dry. Next, I went in with an astringent to take off any oiliness around my eye area because oil can interfere with the dye. While my eyebrows were getting dry, I released about 2cm of the dye into the groove and added about 5 drops of the activator. The instructions are quite precise and I suggest sticking to it at least for the first time. Next, I used the small applicator to mix it thoroughly until it formed a little paste. By now my eye area was dry, I applied some Vaseline around the perimeter of my eyebrow to prevent any dye spillages on my skin and it also acts a protective layer. Note I did not apply to my eyebrows; just the skin around it. I dipped the spoolie in the mixtures and gently brushed my eyebrows ensuring I covered all areas. Then, I used the mixing applicator to smoothen things out. It says leave it on for 10 mins; I left mine a little longer than 30 minutes because I had read other reviews who did the same. Once I was satisfied with the time, I removed the excess with a wet cotton pad and washed it off gently.

Because I had recently threaded my eyebrows, the results seemed to stand out to me. My eyebrows were definitely much darker and much easier to work with and they just looked much more defined. I was really pleased and amazed at how much difference it made. Now, all I do is apply a little brow powder and concealer underneath to define it further; I am totally loving it. I am not sure I agree with it lasting for 6 weeks at all but it lasted for just 2 weeks which may be down to me vigorously washing my face. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has sparse brows as it is really good and easy to use. Depending on what kind of hair and skin you have, you may have a different experience to mine in respect to lasting power and how long you have to leave the dye on during the process.

Eylure can be purchased directly from the Eylure website. I bought this for £6 and there were no discounts and I was not really looking for any. I reckon you can get it for maybe less if you hunt for good deals or wait till there are sales in Boots and Superdrug or any beauty supply store you use. I got mine from Wilkinson which is my new favourite store for buying inexpensive beauty supplies.

Personal thoughts
I definitely love it and would be reapplying sometime soon because it is lovely and it has made a massive difference to my overall makeup and face as we all know eye brows frame the face so if you get it right, you have little to worry about. See you in my next post...x


  1. This is great! :) I've been getting my brows tinted at Benefit, but this is such a good result I might save some money and try this x

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine // My Blog Giveaway

    1. Thank you so much!! and trust me, it is really easy and the results are outstanding!! first time may not give good results but you can try leaving it on for a longer time (I left mine for 30 minutes because my hair does not take to dyes easily)...x


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