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I am pretty sure Real Techniques Brushes are by far one of the most popular and affordable makeup brushes. I absolutely love them and I have featured them on here a couple of times. I was also lucky to be sent some brushes a little while ago (find out why here) which made me very pleased. All (but one) of the brushes featured today were purchased by me. I may feature some of the ones I received in a separate post another time. Although I have a looooot of Real Techniques brushes, I find that I reach for some of my favourites more often than the others. I bought majority of them from Boots during their 3 for 2 offer. The rest were bought in Super Drug because they sell RT brushes slightly cheaper than Boots and when they have offers, it is much better as well although their loyalty points are not the best. Anyway, I thought it would be nice to show you these must have Real Techniques (RT) brushes.

Buffing Brush (sold in the Core Collection Set for £21.99)
This was the brush that made me fall absolutely in love with Real Techniques because it changed the way I applied all my bases. The annoying thing is that it comes in the Core Collection set so if anything happened to it and you just wanted to repurchase the one, you would have to get the whole set. I have bought a few back ups (Core Collection) just because I needed the Buffing Brush. It is a dome shaped brush which s slightly flared out. It  flawlessly buffs and blends in my foundation so well that I can say hand on heart that it is one of the best I have tried (only few brushes provide the similar results). I have spoken about it here already so I won’t ramble too much.

Expert Face Brush (£9.99)
I also have a review of the Expert Face Brush over here so I would try to keep it short. I purchased the Expert Face Brush because my Buffing Brush was about to kick the bucket. I also fell in love with it as expected because it is a damn good brush. Unlike the Buffing Brush, it is slightly smaller and denser which helps apply my foundation really well. It is very easy to travel with and it can be used to blend out other makeup products like blushes and contours because it really fits into the natural contour/curves of the face. Thankfully, it is sold separately so if you don’t want to splash out on the Core Collection, this is a good one to try.

Setting Brush (sold mainly online from £6.50)
Dear Nic and Sam, thank you for realising that there was a huge gap in the beauty world for a brush that fits under the eye so well, blends and sets everything like none other. I have a full review on the blog already but I can’t help but gush about this brush. It is small, slightly dome shaped, tapered and very fluffy. It is amazing for blending concealer under the eyes and around the face (on blemishes). I also use it to add some setting powder under my eyes and everywhere else that needs it. I have even shamelessly used it to blend out my eyeshadow and it does a lovely job. I already have several backups because it is definitely one of my favourite brushes in the whole RT collection.

Powder Brush (£12.99)
The Real Techniques Powder Brush is again one of my favourite brushes because it really does its job well. I also have a full review here if you fancy a read. It is very dense but still fluffy which helps in flawlessly applying my powder. I have used it for up to a year now and it has still maintained its fluffiness unlike some powder brushes which become stiff after a few washes. Its wide surface area means my whole face is covered with a few sweeps and I always reach for this over all my other powder brushes. A cheaper alternative/dupe is the Wilko Powder Brush (review here) which is very similar to the RT one and I love both of them. The only downside is it’s quite a big brush so it’s not one that you can chuck into your makeup bag but that doesn't really matter to me.

Essential Crease Brush (sold in Sam's Pick Set £29.99)
I think this may be another exclusive brush within a set. It came in the Sam’s Picks set which I purchased from Jasmine in her blogsale and I was just so thrilled! I think this was my first eye brush from Real Techniques and I loved (and still love) everything about it. As the name implies, it is an eyeshadow crease brush that beautifully deposits and blends out eyeshadow(s) in the crease. It is quite small so it fits well into the outer V of the eyes and I love using this brush so much. If it was sold separately, I would definitely purchase a few backups.

Duo Fibre Contour Brush* (sold in the Duo Fibre Set for £23.99)
When I was putting my brushes together for this post, I was debating on what contour brush was my favourite. I have both the Duo Fibre Contour Brush and the Core Collection Contour Brush; I love them both but the prize goes to the Duo Fibre Contour Brush. The main reason I chose it over the other contour brush is simply because of the soft finish provides. I usually opt for a soft contour contour and the Duo Fibre Contour brush helps me achieve this look really easily with minimal blending. It applies my contour really soft and blends it out well for a more natural “faux” cheekbones and that’s the look I favour for an everyday face. If you prefer a more defined contour look, then the Core Collection Contour Brush is your guy. It just does not blend out my contour as flawlessly as the Duo Fibre one.

Multi Task Brush (sold in the Sam's Pick Set £29.99)
This was also in the Sam's Pick set I purchased from Jasmine and I absolutely love it. I really wish it was sold separately as it would be a perfect staple brush. As the name suggests, it is a proper multi task brush which can be used for blushes, powder, bronzer and even for light coverage foundation. I love the flared out shape and it's so fluffy. When I have limited space in my luggage (on short trips), I always pack this brush along because it can be used for various products and techniques. My favourite is to use it as a blush brush and I very much prefer it to the other Real Techniques Blusher Brush.

These are my top picks from Real Techniques and I hope you enjoyed it. I am sure you can tell I love Real Techniques Brushes and I am so lucky to have a huge collection of them. I am thinking of purchasing at least one brush from the Bold Metals Collection but they are a little pricey. I may treat myself; who knows?. I don't need any more makeup brushes though- said No Woman Ever!!! I am addicted! I am keen to know what brushes are your favourites. Have you tried any of these brushes? See you in my next post...x
*I was lucky to be sent this particular brush along with other brushes (read about it here)
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  1. Lovely post! My favourites are definitely the setting brush and the duo fibre one, I love these and use them everyday.

    alice x | beautybyalicee | Bloglovin' | YouTube

    1. Thanks a lot and Yes! The Setting Brush is my absolute favourite and the Duo Fibre one is a firm favourite...what would I do without these RT brushes? I do not know....thanks for stopping by...xx

  2. I have been using the same brush for quite some time......... I probably should either clean it, or get new ones! ha ha!

    1. Hahahaha, maybe clean them and get new ones so you have clean ones to use when others get dirty. I totally understand how it is easy to just reach for the same brushes over and over again...easily done especially with favourite brushes...xx

  3. Love the Essential Crease brush and use it most days. I need to get myself the powder brush - this is the second recommendation I've seen of it today! The Buffing Brush is so great, unfortunately mine's started shedding and I can re-purchase it on it's own :(
    Great round-up of all the different types of RT brushes you could possibly need! xx

    Magpie Jasmine

    1. You really need to get the Powder Brush as it is really good and i have not tried any as soft and large as it is!! The Buffing brush is an absolute staple and the Essential Crease Brush is just so good although I don't see it hyped as much (maybe cos it's not sold separately)...I am so glad I got the Sam's Set from your Blog's amazing!!...xx


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