Oh My Clumsy Heart- Verity Necklace Review

I am sure my close friends would say I am a huge lover of minimal jewellery and I mainly favour small studs over dangling chandelier earrings. It's just my preference although I always admire them on other people. I can't remember how I stumbled upon Oh My Clumsy Heart or Sophie's Blog (The Private Life of a Girl) but it may have just been via Bloglovin. I don't know her in person but I really like her blog especially her Notes To Self series. She is the founder of Oh My Clumsy Heart which is a jewellery store that specialises in minimal designs including earrings, necklaces and bracelets. All the designs are handmade which I really like because I know a lot of thought and care has been put into it. I signed up to her mailing list and I was delighted to get a little voucher on my birthday to spend. When you sign up to the mail list, you get early access to sales, exclusive pieces, free shipping and birthday vouchers and it's all free to join. I think that's such an amazing personal touch and I can't think of any customer who won't appreciate this. 

I really like how compact and simple the packaging is. It comes well wrapped complete with a little black box. The box is really useful for storing my necklace each night. I prefer to store it in its own box because I would not want it getting tangled with some of my other jewellery in my jewellery box. There are instructions on how to take care of costume jewellery on the website which is helpful. I have used costume jewellery for a long time so I am pretty confident in taking care of them. I shared a post on here on how to take care of costume jewellery.

The Verity Necklace
I browsed through the site and I just wanted to put everything in my basket but I exercised some control and chose the Verity Necklace. It is described as a necklace with three tri-tone vintage rings suspended from a necklace and it's ideal for everyday wear. You also have a choice of what necklace you would like to go with it- Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Filled Chain. I went for the gold filled chain because I feel gold is more flattering on my skin. The good things about the tri-tone rings is that they can go perfectly with any of the named chains because the three colours (gold, silver and brass/copper) are very complementary. You also have a choice of the length of chain you want and I chose 20"(inches) because I wanted to fall a little lower on my neckline.

I was really surprised at how affordable the jewellery were considering that they are all handmade. Majority of the pieces range from £15 upwards with the most expensive (limited edition) costing about £40. I love the names of the pieces and I won't lie the name Verity instantly drew me in. The Verity Necklace retails from £20 which is super affordable but I got the 20 inch necklace which brought it up to £22. I am so pleased I got the 20 inches as it just falls exactly where I want it on my neck. There are various lengths to choose from starting from 18 inches up to 24 inches. There is also a subscription service called Little Gems where you get some jewellery every month; there is a three month and six month subscription. I think that's an interesting concept and a perfect gift for anyone who loves jewellery (and a surprise too)

Overall Thoughts
Let's just say the necklace has not left my neck except when I want to shower. It is perfect for everyday wear especially for work. It really adds some understated snazz to my work outfits and I love the way it sometimes tinkles when I twist it around my fingers (I'm weird, ok?). I have had it for a few weeks (I think it's almost a month now) and I have not had any issues with it. Although it is not gold, it is gold filled which is different from gold plated. Gold filled jewellery have an actual layer of gold (solid gold) pressure bonded to another metal and it is much more valuable and tarnish resistant than gold plated jewellery. The necklace feels so delicate against my neck and it does not irritate my skin at all (or turn green). I can't fault this at all and I will definitely be back to pick some pieces probably some earrings to go with my Verity Necklace. Have you checked out the Oh My Clumsy Heart Store? See you in my next post....xx


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