L'Oreal La Palette Nude Beige (02) + Swatches

I popped into Boots a few days ago and I spotted the L'Oreal La Palette Nude Beige which I think may have recently been launched. Of course, my interest was piqued because I had tried the L'Oreal La Palette Nude Rose (full review here) which was the first palette released last year. At first I thought Beige may not be suitable for me (because generally anything beige looks ashy on me) but surprisingly this palette has really nice warm neutral shades which I think would be suitable for many skin tones. I picked it up on a whim without swatching because there was no tester open. I am quite pleased that L'Oreal have these palettes sealed because you all know what happens with unsealed makeup in drug stores; people dip their fingers inside and make it so grim.

Just like the La Palette Nude Rose, this comes in a small black compact casing which is ideal for travelling and it looks gorgeous. The name of the palette is written in front and it has a picture of what the shades look like at the back of the palette. I actually love this packaging a lot and I recently saw that YSL recently launched a palette which is incredibly similar to this palette but I am sure it costs much more. Inside the La Palette Nude Beige packaging, you get a nice mirror, an eyeshadow brush embossed with L'Oreal (why do brands even bother with these brushes tho?!) and 10 eyeshadows. Five of the shades are matte and the remaining are shimmer shades. Now, I think this may actually have only four shimmer shades because the first shade isn't really a shimmer shade; I would say it's more of a satin finish so I am not quite sure. Only four of the eyeshadows look quite shimmery while the rest are matte.

After trying the La Palette Nude Rose, my expectation for intense pigmentation with this palette was not very high. However, I would say the pigmentation for this palette seems better than the La Palette Nude Rose and I don't know if it's because it has warmer shades. I actually prefer the pigmentation of this palette. I would not say it is out of this world like the Lorac Pro Palette or Urban Decay Eyeshadows but it is perfect for every day looks and I know I will get a lot of use from this palette. I have worn it for a few days with and without a primer and it applied really well and lasted all day which is pretty good.

As already mentioned, it has warm neutral shades like browns, greys, taupe and a dash of yellow gold (a shimmer shade which looks amazing with Maybelline Color Tattoo in Eternal Gold). Most of the brown shades work really well in the crease and they are very easy to apply and blend. There is very minimal fallout with this palette which is good. The shimmer shades apply better than the shimmer shades in the Rose version. I also tried this palette with the L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows and they looked even better and I have also paired them with the Maybelline Color Tattoos with very good results. The matte shadows do not feel very matte at all; I think they may even have a slight satin finish.

Although this palette is a drug store palette, it is not cheap in fact, I think it may be one of the most expensive drug store palettes I have tried. It retails for £14.99. I think Boots may be having some offer on L'Oreal at the moment although I am not sure this palette may be included in the offer. However, the L'Oreal La Palette Nude Rose is on offer online (I think). I have not seen this palette online yet but I guess Boots may be updating their website with this soon and it may start appearing in some Boots like it miraculously appeared in mine a few days ago.

1. It is quite pricey compared to other drug store eyeshadow palettes like Sleek and Makeup Revolution.
2. It is relatively smaller than other eyeshadow palettes.
3. It does not have an intense pigmentation but it is quite good and works well for an everyday palette.

La Palette Nude Rose (01) vs La Palette Nude Beige (02)
I am glad I have both palettes because they really complement each other. You can create different looks with both of them including day and night looks. If you prefer Urban Decay Naked 3 which has more pink/rosey eyeshadow shades, then you would like the La Palette Nude Rose. When I first got the Rose version, I was a little disappointed with its pigmentation but I grew to love it and  I have used it more than I thought I would. The La Palette Nude Beige will suit you if you prefer warm neutral shades like the Urban Decay Naked 1. On closer inspection, it even looks like a hybrid of Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2 Palettes but without the intense pigmentation. If I had only £15 to spend, I think it will be a tough decision for me because I like both palettes but I think I may be inclined to choose the La Nude Beige because it will be suitable for more every day looks.

Personal Thoughts
I am really pleased I got this palette. Its compact size and shade range makes it ideal for simple looks especially when you don't want too much fuss or have a lot of time to spare. I am glad I now own two of these palettes because I can travel with both of them and create a wider variety of looks. That's it folks and I hope you enjoyed this peek into the L'Oreal La Palette Nude Beige. Would you be picking this up? See you in my next post...xx


  1. Hey! Found your blog through Instagram! Great post.. Like the eyeshadow pallets looks amazing :D

    1. Aww thanks a lot and welcome to my blog!! I am glad you enjoyed this post....xx

  2. Girl....I need to take photography lessons from you! Love the pictures :)

    1. Just set a time and I am all yours...hehehehe Thanks a lot babes!!...xx

  3. If you could only buy one neutral palette, which would you pick between Sleek or l'oreal la palette nude beige?

    1. Oh my goodness!! That is definitely a tough one!! It would be very hard for me to choose but I may go with Sleek only because they are more affordable and have a better pigmentation than the L'Oreal Palette...xx


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