Real Techniques Setting Brush Review

One of my favorite makeup brushes brand is Real Techniques because they have been tested and trusted by me and many others. I have dedicated a series of posts to a few reviews I have done here on the CoreCollection, Expert Face Brush and the Powder Brush. I love these brushes and I have been collecting them for a little while especially when Boots and Superdrug have any of their juicy offers. I already mentioned that Superdrug sells most of their RealTechniques Brushes for at least £2 cheaper so it is worth checking them out. However, the Real Techniques Setting Brush is one of the few brushes that was really hard for me to find in -tore. I was so desperate that I resorted to trying out Ebay to track it down. I purchased mine for £7.95 from Beautystore4u-UK and the delivery was quite fast; I was impressed.

As expected with Real Techniques Brushes, it arrived in its own transparent plastic packaging which helps keep the brush in shape. It has pink and black details and it is one of the brushes that are sold separately (Thank God for that!!). It is quite a small brush compared to the other Real techniques brushes I own and it is really slim which is handy because it makes using it easy and breezy.

Bristles/Shedding/ Washing
Most, if not, all Real Techniques Brushes are really fluffy and I absolutely love it; the good thing is they stay fluffy regardless of how many times they are washed.  However, I think this is the fluffiest brush I own from the lot and I think this may be because it is smaller than the other brushes and the bristles are not too densely packed. The bristles are made of synthetic hairs and they are also vegan friendly. I have not experienced any shedding whatsoever and washing it is so easy. I actually just love washing this brush because it only needs one wash and everything comes off and it dries even quicker than most of my other brushes. Again, this may be due to its size and the way the bristles are shaped.

How I use it
The award for the best multi-tasking brush goes to *drum rolls* The Real Techniques Setting Brush. Honestly, the only thing I have not used this brush for is applying foundation and powder. Other than that, it has been used for pretty much everything.  The name suggests it is a setting brush and it can be used to set my under eye concealer  with a setting powder and it does this so beautifully because the bristles are ever so slightly pointed so it reaches the very hard to reach areas where many brushes fail to tackle. It works really well with my Sleek Concealer and Corrector Palette. I also use this to apply and blend out my concealer to hide the dark blemishes on my face and ohhh la la, it is just amazing!!! And yes!! I also use this to blend out any eye shadows applied to the crease of my eyes and it does the job really well; thanks to its unique fluffy shape. Lastly, I use this to contour with my Sleek Face Form Palette. Although I still use my original Real Techniques Contour Brush (from the Core Collection), I find that this is more precise and picks up the contour powder subtly which makes it easier to blend and look realistic. I just love this brush and I think it is definitely a must-have as it has many uses.

The price varies but I think its original price is £8.99 but you can definitely find it cheaper in other stores and if by any chance, Superdrug and Boots, stock it (in store) ever again then it is always good to wait till they have offers so you get more value for your buck.  Other suitable places to purchase this brush (prices start from £5.94) include Ebay, Amazon, Real Techniques website, Fragrance Direct and Feel Unique.

None for me except that it is really hard to find this in store because it is always sold out and I am not sure if it is even available online in Boots which is super annoying. However, I just saw that Superdrug have it online here for £7.99 so hurry up!!

Personal Thoughts
I think it goes without saying that I am obsessed and I am actually thinking of buying a back up of this just in case for some bizarre reasons they stop manufacturing this amazing brush. If you are looking for a perfect setting brush which is also multi-functional, look no further, your answer lies in the Real Techniques Setting Brush (yeah I know that sounded cheesy !!!; it's the RT setting brush effect J). See you in my next post...x


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