Real Techniques Expert Brush Review

Real Techniques Brushes are one of my favourite brushes and I received the Core Collection as a lovely gift from the BF in 2013 and I was over the moon because I wanted it for so long. I have a review here if you want a cheeky read. The buffer brush has been so used that it is quite tired now and it is at the verge of giving up but I will spare you its gruesome picture but I loved and still love it a lot. It is quite a pain that I can't purchase it on its own as it comes in a set. The other brushes are still fine so I don't see any need to buy another set which is why I settled with the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush which is an all rounder. If you need to know more about the Real Techniques duo behind the brand, head over here as I have written briefly about them but the brand is the brain child of Sam and Nic who are very popular YouTubers and Makeup Artists.

All the Real Techniques Brushes are colour coded. The Gold/Burnt Orange colour code is for Face/Foundation brushes, Pink is the colour code for Setting Brushes like blushers, etc, Purple is the code for Eye Brushes and White is for their Duo Fiber Brush sets. Thankfully, the  is one of the brushes you can buy alone which is great and it can also stand on its own on your dresser or makeup table. I like the packaging as it has picture of the Real Techniques Duo and tells you how to use the brush. The brush itself is labelled which is very handy especially if you are new to makeup.

Just like many other RT brushes, this is a multi-tasking brush as I use it for a couple of things. As the name implies, it is an expert face brush which can be used for foundation and for powder. I use it mainly for foundation because it just seems to be the perfect size to reach all parts of my face. The bristles are densely packed but they are very soft. My foundation just seems to glide across my face easily and buffed in seamlessly to give an even and flawless finish. I do find that it absorbs more product/foundation and sheers it out nicely on your face but it also means that you have to wash it regularly.

Comparison to the Real Techniques Buffing Brush
I like both brushes a lot and if they sold the buffing brush separately, I am pretty sure I would have picked it up but I am glad I picked this one to try out because it is amazing. Both of they are quite similar in their use as they are excellent with foundation and cream blushes. However, the expert face brush is smaller and has a slightly rounded brush head which I think makes application of foundation easier and more flawless. The buffer brush has a flatter and is slightly domed shape which makes it ideal for both foundation and powder in my opinion. In terms of density, the Expert face brush has more density than the buffer brush but both are equally soft and easy to use. Also, the expert face brush is slightly smaller in size and I actually prefer it that way because my hands are small anyways so they are the perfect size for me.

As with all Real Techniques brushes, shedding is very minimal  and I have not experienced any shedding whatsoever and I don't expect to. I experienced shedding with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush after almost a year and a few months and I think that's amazing as it had been sorely used. Washing this brush is a dream and all the dirt comes off easily and it dries really fast so you can actually wash it everyday and it would be ready for use.

It set me back £9.99 in Boots and it's sad because I should have bought this during the 3 for 2 offer which Boots had for a long time. I didn't buy anything during that period and I can't believe I did not. If you live in the USA, I hear it is cheaper and it retails for about $8 or less. I guess you can also buy this online especially from Amazon which I know run some deals on the Real Techniques Brushes every now and then as well as some other online beauty stores who have offers every now and again. To be honest, for the quality you get, I think £9.99 is well worth spending on this brush because it is excellent and i love it.

Personal Thoughts
I love it and I have been using it everyday since I bought it. It makes my application of foundation really easy and makes it all so blended with minimal effort on my part. I have my eyes on a couple of brushes but I am going to wait until I snap up on a good deal. Meanwhile, I can still lust after the other brushes currently on my wish list e,g. The Real Techniques Retractable Bronzer and Powder Brushes, Real Techniques Setting Brush and Real Techniques Blusher Brush...I am coming for ya!!! See you in my next post...x


  1. This brush for me is irreplaceable, I absolutely love it! I love how quick and easy it applies my foundation, which is what I use it for, and it leaves a nice smooth and flawless finish!
    Becka | This Is My World

    1. I absolutely agree with's such an amazing brush!!!...x


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