MAC 217 Blending Brush Review

Before Real Techniques, Zoeva, Nanshy, Sigma and other lovely affordable makeup brushes were launched, MAC Brushes were literally the bees knees. Of course, they were (and still are) super expensive but they have amazing quality. The MAC 217 is my very first MAC makeup brush and I can now understand why the hype around MAC brushes have lasted for such a long time. If you love reading blogs, watching YouTube or just a general beauty/makeup lover, I am pretty sure you may have heard about the infamous MAC 217 brush which is allegedly the Queen of all blending brushes. It has been on my wish list for the longest time but I just could not bring myself to shell out £19 for one brush when I could add a few pounds and buy a whole set of brushes from Real Techniques, etc. I finally gave in when I went through Duty Free recently and I am so glad I finally got it. Is it worth the hype? The long and short answer is YES,

The packaging is pretty much non existent as it comes in a transparent plastic packaging which I guess is just there for sanitary purposes. You would think MAC would make a little effort to have decent packaging for this brush given the price but clearly, that's not the case. In all honesty, I don't really mind because fancy packaging sometimes drives up the cost of a product. The design of the brush is really simple but you can tell it is made from high quality materials. The handle feels very sturdy and easy to hold/use. The number of the brush is clearly inscribed on the handle and I can tell it won't be fading easily.

I know it looks like it is the fluffiest brush in the picture but it is not really as fluffy as other brushes I have tried. I actually prefer it this way. I find that bristles which are very fluffy are sometimes difficult to control and are unable to effectively blend eyeshadows. I love that the MAC 217 brush combines the right amount of fluffiness with the correct brush density to deliver the amazing blending results.  I particularly think that's why this brush is really unique and all the other touted dupes are unable to deliver the same results. Also, the unique design of the brush/bristles ensures it fits really well into the eye crease which is why it is absolutely amazing at what it does. The bristles are made from a mixture of natural and synthetic hairs and they feel very soft and gentle on the eyelids. I am absolutely in love with them

I have only had it for a few weeks but I have washed it a few times already because I just love to admire its white fluffy bristles (I would get over it soon, I promise). It's so easy to wash with minimal effort and it also dries really easily. I know it is definitely one of those brushes you can wash every day after use if you wish. It's still early days but I have not experienced any shedding and I am pleased about it because I would hate to lose any bristles that may make it ineffective.

The MAC 217 Brush is definitely multi tasking as it can be used for a variety of eyeshadow techniques. Its original( and my favourite use) is to blend my eyeshadows. It does such a stunning job at this with very few brush sweeps. It can even make the cheapest eyeshadows look well blended and you would start feeling like an MUA (Makeup Artist) with the results. It can also be used to deposit eyeshadow colours in the crease and outer V of your eyes. I know some people use this as a proper eyeshadow brush to deposit colours on the lids. I have tried it out as well with good results although I still prefer a flat shader brush. I even heard it can be used to blend out concealer on very small parts of the face but I have not tried that yet.

MAC has always been expensive and their prices are ever on the increase. The MAC 217 Blending Brush retails for £19 which is a lot of money but I can assure you it is a good investment. I know many people who have used this brush for ages without any hassles. I got mine from Duty Free as mentioned earlier for £15.80. It is still a lot of moolah but definitely better than spending almost 20 quid on one brush.

Overall Thoughts
I have tried a few blending brushes which I still really like but none of them come close to the MAC 217 Brush. It's a unique brush and arguably one of the best selling MAC brushes. It has really upped my eyemakeup application game and reduced the amount of time I spend trying to seamlessly blending my eyeshadow. If you can afford it, it's definitely one to try. If not, I have a MAC 217 Brush Dupes/Alternatives post coming up soon so keep your eyes peeled for it. Are you obsessed with the MAC 217 Brush? See you in my next post....xx


  1. Oh my God I just wrote the so-called-dupe for MAC 217 from Coastal Scents ;)

    I haven't posted it yet due to low-responding image hosting. But hopefully will be published tomorrow.

    Can't wait for the dupe post, Liv! ^^ x

    1. Hi Nindy, I have to check out your post when it is up (today hopefully)... I hope mine will be up later this week...thanks for stopping by....xx

  2. Great breakdown of the product! I think everyone absolutely loves this brush - I've never heard a negative word on it :) I think my boyfriend has brought it back from America for me so I will finally get to try it for myself! xx

    Magpie Jasmine

    1. Thanks a lot Jasmine...The MAC 217 is definitely one of the best blending brushes I have tried and you are lucky that your boyfriend picked this up for you....I am sure you would love it..xx

  3. The MAC 217 is a fab brush, although there are so many amazing dupes the original is an absolute winner!

    alice x | beautybyalicee | Bloglovin' | YouTube

    1. I absolutely agree with you...I put off buying this brush for the longest time and used other alternatives but there is nothing quite like it...xx


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