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I remember a few years ago I had just two foundations in my stash; a high end one and a drug store one or just two high end ones. Those days are behind me as I have built a little collection of foundations because I am just obsessed with trying out new ones. Foundations are my favourite makeup products and I  am a firm believer that  if you get your foundation right, everything else will fall into place. This is precisely why I don't skimp on quality when it comes to foundations. I have a little collection of drug store foundations here if you want to check out my favourites. I know many people will think why on earth does one need more than one or two foundations. I know, I know, I used to think this way too but as mentioned, I love foundations and I am always open to try new ones. Almost all these foundations were bought during sales and I didn't have to pay full price. They were also purchased within the past 1 or 2 years and some of them are on their last legs (one is actually empty) so they will probably be used up even before this post goes up. All disclaimers out of the way, let's dive no particular order, I present my High End Foundation Collection,,,

The Spring/Summer Foundation- Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in Golden 06 
I really love this foundation especially during Spring/Summer when my foundation has a shorter lasting power. As the name suggests, it feels like second skin and you can hardly tell you are wearing makeup with it. The shade range is fantastic as expected from Bobbi Brown and it matches my complexion really well. I took this with me to Nigeria and I was surprised and impressed at how well it held up in the tropical/humid temperature. It does not offer full coverage but it's more of a medium coverage which can be built up. I always need to use a primer, a concealer and a powder to set it to increase its longevity but it's fantastic. I have a full review of this foundation here. 

The All Rounder- NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Cadiz
I am pretty sure everyone is a little sick of hearing me rave about this foundation (I just love it, okay?).  I only got it during Boxing Day Sales but it has quickly risen to become my one of my favourite and most used foundation. It is perfect for everyday wear and even outings (events). It offers medium coverage which can be built to full coverage without looking and feeling caked on. It blends so easily into a semi-matte finish which is fantastic for my combination skin. Most importantly, it lasts so long and controls oil/shine so well that I only need to blot once or twice a day. NARS has a wide variety of shades to choose from so you would most likely find something suitable. I particularly like that some of the foundations in the range are yellow toned which is perfect for my complexion. This foundation can be used with a variety of brushes including your God given brushes aka fingers but I prefer to use makeup brushes. I have a full review here.

The Luxury One- Dior Star Foundation in Beige 40
I have slowly developed a love-hate relationship with this foundation mainly down to its shade. I am not so impressed as such with the shade range (mainly because other brands have a better range). It has a more neutral and/or Beigey undertone which tends to look a little ashy on my skin tone. However, it looks really amazing when I use a concealer and warm it up to my actual complexion with the MAC MSF in Dark. You would never believe it's a beigey foundation after this. It has this lovely luminous glow and I absolutely love it. Surprisingly, it provides a really good (almost full) coverage and it's long lasting. I use this mainly for events and evenings out because it really transforms my overall look. A full review can be found here. 

The Long Lasting One- Lancome Teinte Idol Ultra 24H
This was actually my very first high end foundation and I fell head over heels in love with it. I had used MAC foundations for a really long time because I believed there were the only ones that catered to darker skin tones (I didn't do my research). One day, I was in Debenhams and the Lancome Sales lady drew my attention to this foundation. I was so surprised they had a match to my complexion and proceeded for a little makeover. She sent me away with a deluxe sample to try at home and the rest is history. I actually repurchased this foundation a couple of times and this bottle is actually empty. (I put in my custom foundation in the pretty bottle). It feels super light on the skin but the coverage is fantastic. I think it is a medium to full coverage and it is such a dream to apply as it blends really beautifully. Lancome's claim that this foundation lasts a long time is not a farce at all as it really lasts for a loooong time. I absolutely love it and I would repurchase it again if only I didn't have too many foundations already. 

The Expensive One-By Terry Cover Expert Foundation in Amber
This is the newest addition to my stash and incidentally the cheapest (it was on sales). It retails for £45 which is ridiculous but I was lucky to snag it in the Space NK Sales for only £11. I was really keen to try this foundation from By Terry because I had read some really reviews about it. It lives up to its name (I would say) but I am not sure it lives up to its price. It has the lightest texture among all my high end foundations and as such it is a dream to blend in. It sets really fast so it is advisable to work it in fast. The coverage is really good for a foundation that's so light and I really like it. Unfortunately, it is a little dark for me (very tricky buying foundation online especially one you have never tried) but I mix it in with a primer or another foundation (Dior Star) and it looks incredible. I absolutely love how beautiful my skin looks with it. I find that I have to use only very little concealer with this as it does  a good job at hiding my blemishes. A full review can be found here.

The  Best for Filming/Photography (HD)- Makeup Forever Invisible Cover HD Foundation (MUFE) in N173
This is the only foundation I purchased full price and I got it during my recent trip to Paris. It has been on my wish list for the longest time and I knew I had to have it first chance I got. Nevertheless, the MUFE foundation makes my skin look really flawless in photographs and when I am filming YouTube videos. It offers a really good medium coverage which can be built up to a full coverage and it never looks caked on at all. It gives the skin that HD effect which you notice immediately when you take a photo or when you film a video. It is a little bit dewy so I have to use a powder to set it and blot towards the end of the day but it is really lovely. I heard MUFE will be available in the UK in March which means I can try some other products from the range and I am super excited. I have a full review on this foundation here.

Overall Thoughts
I know the next question may be; What is your absolute favourite? It is very hard for me to choose because I use these foundations for different purposes and occasions and most times, it all depends on how me and my skin are feeling. I am inclined to say the NARS Sheer Glow and Makeup Forever HD Foundation are my favourite foundations because they have the best coverage, shade match, finish and longevity for my skin type. Out of the two, I would go for the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation because it lasts slightly longer and it  also controls shine slightly better than the MUFE. I still have a few foundations I need to try but I am on a foundation ban at the moment so I have to keep my eyes shut. That's it folks..what's your favourite high end foundation and have you tried any from my collection?


  1. I love both the Nars and the Bobbi Brown :) The Bobbi Brown one is great for summer, I agree. The MUFE one is at the top of my wish list when they arrive in the UK xx

    Magpie Jasmine

    1. NARS and Bobbi Brown Foundations are really amazing and now that Spring is approaching I find myself reaching for my Bobbi Brown (I almost forgot how much I love it!...xx..I am eagerly waiting for MUFE (and it will be available in Debenhams!!)


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