Latest in Beauty Box- Get the Gloss Edition

The Latest in Beauty Boxes are one of the beauty boxes I always like to get my hands on whenever they release one. I particularly like that it’s not a subscription service and you get to see what’s inside the box before you commit to buying it. I absolutely love that and I know many people prefer to be surprised but I definitely need to know what’s inside first. This is my second box from them and you can find a review on the first box over here. I saw they had a collaboration with Get the Gloss and I was truly excited because I knew the box will be packed full of amazing goodies. I think I really like their collaborations because it means you get a wider range of products than a regular box. I even filmed a video showing you the box  IRL (in real life) so if you are interested you can find it here.

I really like the box that housed all the goodies because it is really sturdy and it’s black as well. There is just something about black boxes; it looks so mysterious. Inside the box, you get some lovely white tissue with a “Get the Gloss” sticker which is a good touch. You get two papers/cards telling you about the products and discounts if you want to buy any of the full size products included which is very handy. I really like that the codes expire in March so it gives me a good time to plan and pencil that into my budget.

I am going to make a bold statement and say that this is one of the best beauty boxes I have ever received (not that I have tried many). I usually check out some beauty boxes when they come out so I can compare in my head and this particular edition is really good. I got a selection of full size products and deluxe sized samples.

Therapie Roques ONeil Cherish Skin Serum: I have actually never heard of this brand but it sounds promising. It is an oil/serum which can be used on the body and face. It is packed full of healing essential oils suspended in a blend of organic carrier oils and CO2 extracts. It goes without saying that it smells of essential oils but not in a horrible way; it’s more like a nice spa/aromatherapy fragrance. I have tried this on my face and I quite like it although I feel it’s best used at night as it feels a tad heavy. I really like that it comes in 30 ml and the bottle is really sturdy although I wish it had a small stopper to control its dispensing. Overall, I think it’s great especially for Winter and I will get a lot of use from it.

GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment: I have been dying to try the GlamGlow Mud after reading so many positive reviews but it is quite pricey. I was very pleased to see that it was included in this beauty box. I have not used it yet so I will update you all when I do but it claims to fight all common skin concerns including clogged pores and unwanted dullness. I think I would save this for the weekend when I can relax and let it work really well.

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate: This is my first ever Shiseido skincare product and I have heard many good things about the brand especially with their skincare. Of course, their prices are prohibitively expensive which is why it is really handy to get a 10 ml sample to try out. It’s a serum which is aimed at nourishing the skin...I have used it only a few times but I can say that a little goes a long way and it made my skin feel very soft. I love it but I don’t think I can afford a full size yet.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer: I was not joking when I said this was the best beauty box but I did not expect less from a Get the Gloss colab. You all know how I feel about this Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (review here) so I won’t waffle too much. I love this primer and I received one already in the previous LIB box last year so I was super pleased to get another one. It keeps my foundation lasting so much longer than many other primers and generally leaves my skin smooth.

Daniel Sandler Concealer Brush: I have never tried anything from Daniel Sandler but his water colour blushes are very popular over here. I really like this concealer brush because it is really small and fits really well under my eyes. The bristles are well made and you can tell it is not a cheap brush at all. It’s love all the way and it’s prefect to pop into my makeup bag for on the go concealing if need be. In case you are wondering, it's made from synthetic hairs- Taklon to be precise.

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner: I already featured the Skinny Mini Eyeliner in my Disappointing products mainly because it dried up really fast but thankfully, this one is much better. Eyeko has been redeemed in my eyes now and I really love using this eye liner because it is really precise and perfect for a nice cat eye flick. Nothing can replace my L’Oreal eyeliner anyway but this is really good.

Balance Me Facial Oil: It’s been a long while since I last tried Balance Me products so I was pleased to get this dinky little facial oil. It feels really light on the skin and gets absorbed super fast.  I feel it can be used in the morning or night depending on your preference. I have combo/oily skin and I have used it both in the morning and night and it actually helped with oil control. The roller ball makes it easy to glide across the face and easy to dispense.

Essie Nail Polish in Parka Perfect and Shearling Darling: Would you believe I have never tried Essie Nail Polishes? I know, I know!! It’s by far one of the more popular drug store nail polishes but I just never got to purchase one. I was really pleased to get these two bottles (5ml) each which are literally the cutest things ever. They nail brush is wide and ensures that application is fuss free. The formula is lovely and I love the shades included. I am definitely going to get a few full size bottles.

James Read Sleep in Tan: The first tube I received went to my friend and this second one will be given out (or included in a giveaway which I am planning). I don’t tan and I have never used a tan so it’s not much use to me but I guess it may be a good one.

That’s pretty much all I received in the Latest In Beauty Get the Gloss Edition. I love every single product included and I can’t fault this box at all. It retails for £19.95 and P&P brings everything to under £23.00 and I think that’s a fair amount to pay especially as they no longer use Yodel (they now use Royal Mail...hurray!!). I think they only ship within the UK though. If you are interested in getting this box, you can find it hereThat’s it folks...Have you tried the Latest in Beauty Box? See you in my next post...xx


  1. Such a yummy range of products. Wish we could get something similar here in naij.

    1. I know right!! I look forward to trying all of them..I think there is something similar in Nigeria (Yewande from She Loves Finer Things) once talked about them on her blog but I don't know if it is still up and running...xx

  2. I have only tried the eyeliner from this set and, like you, I found that it dried really quickly! I dont wear eyeliner enough to purchase something that will dry up too quickly without use! I loved your blog post though and I really want to try out the other products! xx

    Lauren |

    1. I know!! Eyeko Eyeliners could be a bit of a hit and miss despite the lid having a nice secure click to it. Awww thanks for your comment and for stopping by...xx

  3. This box is amazing! So much love for Parka Perfect, you'll absolutely love it (or maybe you already do) ! ^_^ Another Laura Mercier primer, you lucky ducky haha! And yay for another videoooo!!!! :-) You look stunning, as aaalways xx

    1. Awwww darlyn thanks a lot.....and you are righty....Parka Perfect is so divine and I love it. Another Laura Mercier Primer made me grin from ear to ear.....xx


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