Cohorted Beauty Box (February Edition)

I think I am really getting into Beauty Boxes as you may have noticed I recently featured another beauty box here. I was very intrigued by the Cohorted Beauty Box because there was a lot of suspense and surprise around its content especially as it was their first beauty box. Cohorted sells cult beauty products (usually high end brands) for discounted rates depending on how many people agree to buy a product. Let's say there is a MAC eye liner for £15 and a lot of people agree to buy it, then it drives down the price to like £10 or so. I haven't purchased anything from the site yet apart from this Beauty Box but I like the concept. They relaunched their website and released their Beauty Box on the same day which was a little bit crazy. They only released 100 beauty boxes which even made them more appealing and many people were by their computers by 6pm to order. Although I prefer Beauty Boxes that show me what's inside first, I decided to try this because there was so much hype around it. Generally, I try not to fall for hypes but this was too exciting for me to pass up and I am glad I didn't.

Customer Service
On the said day of launch, I was ready on my laptop to order one of these and it was the longest process ever. The website was quite slow and I refreshed the page a lot of times just to get it into my basket. It was a little exciting and frustrating at the same time but at the end, I was able to purchase one and I was super pleased. The box costs £19.99 and P&P brought it about £22.50 which I felt was a little pricey but I was excited for the contents. It took more than a week before I received my box and that actually made me a little cross. I contacted them on Twitter and they were really quick to respond; I commend them for that. When I eventually got the box, one of the products were missing (The Korres Eye Primer) which I was actually quite keen to try and by this time, I wasn't a happy bunny at all. However, they were very apologetic (I felt a little bad because I didn't sound pleased at all) and they refunded the full amount of the box including the P&P. They also gave me 500 points  which was added to my Cohorted Account and can be used to purchase products ( it's worth £5). I think that's really amazing because they could have sent another product or just given me some points but they went above and beyond to make an unhappy customer happy again.

I have read mixed reviews about this box from a couple of people but I like the contents of this box. First off, the box is very classy and it's hand tied with a bow. This was not the original bow style as I had ruined it in my excitement to open the box. The personal touch to the packaging is really nice and makes you feel like you are receiving a lux gift. Inside, you get a little card/paper which tells you about the products in the box. The normal boxes have five products but I received only four as mentioned but I like majority of the products I received. All the  February Beauty boxes were sold out the same day it was launched and the March Beauty Box (I heard there were 300 boxes this time) are also sold out which is sad for me but good for them, I guess!

Dolce & Gabbana Clarifying Lotion
This is an actual full size product which I love because its packaging feels lush but mostly for its content. The packaging is really gorgeous as expected from a luxury brand as Dolce & Gabbana. I actually didn't know they made skincare at all but I am impressed. It contains 150 ml of product and it has a slight fragrance so if you have sensitive skin, then you may not like this. However, I don't think it's one that's irritating on the skin at all because it is alcohol free. Some of the active ingredients which I like include Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid and Malic Acid and they are amazing for acne prone skin and hyper pigmentation. I was very excited to get this and I know it may not be everyone's cup of tea but it feels great on my skin.

Benefit Bella Bamba Lip Gloss
I don't think I have ever tried any lip product from Benefit so I was keen to try this. It's described as a sheer watermelon shade which is really pretty. I think this will suit a variety of skin tones and it looks lovely on me. It is just a regular lip gloss without a doe foot applicator and that's quite different for me because I prefer an applicator. Nevertheless, it is relatively easy to use especially for quick touch ups. It is a little bit sticky with a glossy finish so I wear it really lightly. I think it's a lovely product and the packaging is pretty as expected from Benefit.

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara
This is a deluxe size mascara which is slightly bigger than the ones you get from the Bobbi Brown counters. The packaging is really nice and it's perfect as a makeup bag mascara. However, I am not a fan of the Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara (I already mentioned it in this post) and it's one I use sparingly. I have not tried this one yet but if it's the same smokey eye mascara I received a while ago, then I think it will be going to my sister. If you love smokey eye looks, then this mascara is perfect to finish it off.

Korres Foaming Cream Cleanser
I actually really like Korres products and I still have a few in my stash. I have not tried this one yet. I don't think foaming cleansers are suitable for my combination/oily skin but this feels quite creamy so it may not be bad at all. It's a nice travel size which I am pleased about so I can pop it into my hand luggage on my next trip.

Overall Thoughts
Despite my initial not-so-pleasant experience, I am really pleased they rectified everything. Sometimes, a simple sorry just makes everything better and I hope other brands take a cue. I would have loved to purchase the March Edition but it is sadly sold out so I would see what happens in April. I know a few people complained about getting skincare products instead of makeup which they were hoping to get but I really don't mind. That's it folks. What do you think of the Cohorted Beauty Box?


  1. Wow so many lovely products and high-end also! It think the price is pretty decent...OOOOK, you just convinced me to sign up for this box! I ll keep you posted! Xooxoxo beautiful!

  2. Thank you and yes, it is such a lovely box although it is a little more pricey than others...xx


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