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As a beauty blogger, it's no surprise that I own quite a few beauty and makeup items and an ever increasing collection of makeup brushes. Granted, I am no makeup artist but I just love brushes because I feel they either make or break your overall makeup look. You can definitely get away with applying some makeup products with your fingers but let's face it, there is no way you can use your fingers to flawlessly apply foundation, powder, blush,contour, highlight,etc compared to using brushes. I always favour using brushes over my fingers although using my fingers for concealers sometimes works best for me. I also prefer to use different clean brushes everyday and my skin has been all the better for this.If you constantly use dirty makeup brushes, they could contribute in clogging your pores over time even when you cleanse tour face well everyday. Anyway,that's my weak way of justifying the amount of brushes I have in my collection. 

Today's post is about my makeup brush collection. It's by no means huge but I think it is a little larger than a non-MUA(makeup artist) or a non-beauty blogger. Again, I am no expert or Makeup Artist so I don't have an extensive knowledge of makeup brushes but I know what brushes are my favourite. I was not sure of how to categorize the brushes on this post but I eventually decided to group them according to their brands rather than functionality. I don't own any MAC, Sigma or Bdellium Brushes yet and I don't own any high end brushes although I really want to try out the Bobbi Brown Makeup Brushes but they are super pricey.  It's going to be a long post so grab a your fav drink or snack....

Real Techniques Makeup Brushes
I am sure almost everyone who is a beauty lover has either heard about or tried Real Techniques Brushes. I love their brushes and I have used them all for a couple of years. My first set of brushes from the brand was the Core Collection and since then, I have built up my collection with some individual brushes and another set- The Sam's Pick from the lovely blogger-Magpie Jasmine who recently had a blog sale and an amazing blog (link here). Real Techniques brushes combine excellent quality with affordable prices and these brushes last well if you take care of them. I love the fact that they wash easily and dry even faster. The shedding is minimal although one or two of their brushes may shed over time but overall I think they are amazing. I already have a review on the CoreCollection (here), Setting Brush (here), Powder Brush (here) and Expert Face Brush(here). My favourite brushes from this brand include The Buffing Brush, The Setting Brush and The Crease Brush (from the Sam's Pick). I think they are super amazing!!. 

Nanshy Makeup Brushes (Professional Brush Set* and Eye Makeup Brush Set*)
I am a huge fan of Nanshy Brushes because they look so luxurious yet they are very affordable. I was sent the Nanshy Professional Brush Set* and Eye Makeup Brush Set* last year and they  have lasted really well. You can read a full review of these brushes here and here. I love how soft these brushes are and they ensure that makeup application is flawless and an absolute dream. Their Pearly White handles make the brushes look even more classy and expensive than they are. The good thing is that they have held up really well over the year (it's been 17 months or so)! I have washed and used them countlessly yet they have not shed and have remained pretty much the same as when I first received them. It is extremely hard for me to pick my favourite but I absolutely love the Flat Top Brush and the Blush Brush from the Face Collection and The Crease Brush and Blending Brush from the Eye Makeup Brush Set Collection because they do the job excellently.

Wilko Premium Makeup Brush
This is a new discovery and I am so chuffed I managed to build a good collection of brushes from the Wilko Beauty range. If you are on a budget and/or you are beginning to build a brush collection, this is one to consider. Although they are tagged Premium, they are very affordable with their brushes starting from £3 which is amazing. They do have an uncanny resemblance to the Real Techniques Core Collection design but they are ever so slightly different. These brushes are soft, durable, good quality with minimal shedding. Although they wash easily, they take a little longer to dry in comparison to other brushes in my collection. mY favourite brushes are the Powder Brush and Concealer Brush from the Premium range and the Blush Brush from their normal range. I have a full review on these brushes here.

Jessup Makeup Brushes (Ebay)
I am always sceptical about buying brushes from Ebay because there are a plethora of fake items on there but sometimes you can be lucky to find amazing bargains. I saw a link to these brushes from the lovely blogger Fee from MakeupSavvy Blog who has many amazing recommendations by the way. They looked amazing and I was in need of some concealer and blending brushes. I think I paid under £3 for these brushes and I don't regret it at all. They are so soft, wash easily and they do the job really well. They serve as concealer, blending and setting brushes for me. The only down side (as expected) is the shedding. Not all the brushes shed but one particular one is so notorious and I have since stopped using that one. One brush head also came off the handle so it is something to take note of.

Unbranded Face Makeup Brush (Ebay)
Again, I saw this brushes on recommendation from another blogger and I can't quite remember who it was now. But the review was very inspiring and I knew I had to get these brushes. I chose purple because I did not have any similar color in my collection per say. They took ages before they arrived in fact I had forgotten I ordered them but it was not surprising because it was coming from China and it was free shipping so I had little to complain about. I think they were around £6-7 and they are very similar to the Real Techniques Brushes (why do these brush manufacturers choose to always copy RT?-I would never know, would i?). The Buffing Brush (very similar to the RT version), the Blush Brush and the Flat Top Brush are my favourite from the lot. Seriously, these brushes are so soft and fluffy and have remained the same despite washing this many, many times. I have surprisingly not experienced any shedding and I am impressed!

Unbranded Eye Makeup Brushes (Ebay)
I also found this on a blog and these brushes were also from China. They took centuries to arrive but I am already used to not having to wait for them. The wait was worth it as the brushes turned out to be lovely. Not all of them are actually good but majority of them are amazing and it only cost less than £2 and free shipping. I don't think anyone can complain about it at all. I love the Shading Brushes and the other smaller ones for brow bone defining. The only two brushes within  the set of 8 which I don't like are the blending brushes as they seem really harsh and dodgy compared to the rest but I still love them and reach for them.

Lancome Makeup Brushes
I think these may be the only high end brushes I own and they are simply amazing. I got them free as Gifts with Purchase from many moons ago; I am talking about 2010/11. Lancome is one of my favourite brands and it's surprising that they are not as popular among bloggers like other brands. Their freebies are the best and their sales ladies are so knowledgeable and helpful (at least the ones I have met). The mini foundation brush within the set is amazing and it's perfect for travelling, Although I am not a fan of using a flat foundation brush to apply my foundation, I just love this and it takes such a short time to do my face. I also use it for concealer and I just find it's a good all rounder. I don't use the lip brush as much except with MAC's Ruby Woo or other bright lipsticks. The slanted edge eyeliner brush and eyeshadow shading brushes are my most used brushes and I totally adore them and actually use these everyday; I just wipe it clean on a tissue with a makeup brush cleaner after use.

Body Shop Makeup Brushes
This may have been my first proper brushes when I moved to the UK and I bought it on my cousin's recommendation. I really like the Body Shop's makeup brushes although they may be a little pricy for what they are but they always have discounts so you can always end up getting them cheaper. I sadly destroyed the Powder Brush because I was impatient one time I washed it and dried it with a Hair Dryer. It has not been the same since but the Blush Brush and Foundation Brush are still good. They wash well but seem to take ages to dry which is such a bummer.

ELF Basic Collection Brushes
When I first started watching YouTube for beauty videos, ELF makeup and brushes were making the rounds and I promptly made my first purchase online. I was so pleased when they arrived well packaged complete with a brush roll. I used them for a really long time but they did not last too long though. I still like some of them which I have held on to like the Blush Brush and the Eyeliner Brush (which I use for my brows by the way). I am not sure they still make this set but they have since improved and even have a premium line or something like that. 

Sephora Makeup Brushes
These are my most recent purchase and I picked them up from Sephora in Paris. I am not going to say much about them on here because I have a full review coming up soon on the blog. I got the Multi Tasker Brush #45 and the Pro Air Brush in #55 and I am totally obsessed with them, The quality and appearance of these brushes are truly amazing and they do the job well. I think they were a little more expensive in Paris compared to the prices I have seen in the USA Sephora but hey ho! I love them so I would try not to think about it.

Back Up Brushes
Yes, I am one of those silly girls who buy backups of brushes they really like and I have got backups for some Real Techniques Brushes because I love them. I think they may have been from blog sales or from offers in Boots or Superdrug. I also have one or two back ups from Lancome which were also Gifts with Purchase and I have a few other brushes which are lying around somewhere. I have thrown away quite a few brushes because I don't use them or they are completely worn out. I have only left those which I really like and would use. That's it folks; I hope you enjoyed this little round up of my brushes. What are your favourite brushes? ...see you in my next...x
 *PR Samples


  1. Your brush collections is AMAZING!!!!! and all so clean wow : )

    1. Thanx a lot boo!! I love to keep them clean so Sunday is washday for me (and them)...the feeling of a clean brush against my skin is the best feeling and Dr Bronner's Liquid Soap is the best for cleaning these babies!!!

  2. I'm so jealous of your collection! I really want to try Nanshy brushes and I love Real Techniques and the Body Shop :) xx

    Magpie Jasmine || GIVEAWAY!: Urban Decay/Nars/Charlotte Tilbury/Too Faced

    1. hahahaha, thanks a lot Jasmine and Nanshy Brushes are amazing; you should try them. Would you believe I still want more brushes from many other brands? I am absolutely terrible...:-))))....x

  3. WOW ! WOW !
    I've nothing more to say right now , I'll just stay speechless...

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely/funny comment!! It made me laugh :-)...x

  4. wow , thats a nice collection:) love real techniques

    1. I have a makeup brush addiction and I try to stop myself but it's not happening....Thanks for stopping by...xx


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