Switzerland Photo Diary- Day 3 and 4

The City of Basel in Switzerland has been such an amazing one which I have absolutely enjoyed for the past week. I tried to do all the touristy things I could do but I never completed them because I really wanted to have a chilled vacation. If you fancy reading about my first 2 days, you can pop over here. For Day 3 and 4, I decided to go into the city centre to explore the city and do some sight seeing. I went on the Tram which appeared to be the major mode of transportation here although there were buses as well. I got a free mobility ticket from the Hotel where I stayed which allowed me to  freely travel all through my stay in Basel. I think most hotels do that and I think it is so useful for tourists because it means you can explore the city without having to worry about paying for transportation. The tram reminded me of Manchester (which is my favourite City in the whole world). I hopped on the No 8 train which went through Claraplatz, Ciba, Marktplatz where I alighted to explore the City and take photos. I tried to vlog-#epicfail but it did not turn out really well. There were a lot of shops around Marktplatz and Claraplatz including Aldi which was the only familiar one to me. 

I stopped by Migros which seemed to be one of the more popular supermarkets in Basel. I picked up some groceries and snacks because I was not about to finish all my money on the hotel's food. I also browsed through some of their Department Stores to pick up a few beauty items but I did not end up buying anything fantastic because I did not see anything I fancied. I popped into Yves Rocher which was a little exciting because it's a brand I always see online and never in-store but I was not out to buy anything so browsing it was all the way. I went further into the city and saw a Christmas Market but I think they were already packing up however, I managed to get a few photos. I wish I had a lot of space in my luggage to buy the Betty Boop Figurine (well almost a life size one) because it looked so cute. 

By this time, I was very exhausted and it was time to head home. I had an amazing time in Basel, Switzerland and it was indeed one of the cleanest cities I have come across and it also had one of the best transport systems which made it such a breeze for tourists like me. Although it was an expensive place to visit, I enjoyed every bit of my time here and I would definitely visit again. I did not really include too many pictures of myself because I figured you preferred to see pictures of the places instead. I also went to Paris and went a little bit crazy shopping but I would write up a separate blog post for that. I also took loads of pictures in Paris so expect that post by tomorrow or next...hope you enjoyed this lil' post or pictures and I would be back to beauty blogging soon!!...x


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