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( image source: The DrumI recently shared some of my Ebay Beauty Picks with you here on the blog and it was well received and I really appreciate all your engagement. As promised, I am back with some shopping tips I have learned from experience while shopping on Ebay. I know a lot of people use Ebay and even more now that Christmas and Boxing Day sales are in full swing. I have always had a love-hate relationship with Ebay because you just never know what would be thrown your way. I prefer using Amazon over Ebay but the only snag is Ebay has a wider variety of products which is why I still find myself still being sucked back to it. The truth is I still find myself adding items to watch list on Ebay and trying to track down hard to reach products. I have also found so many incredible deals off Ebay, in fact, I have only had one bad experience and many good experiences so this post will be aimed at sharing tips on being safe and street wise while shopping on Ebay.

1.  Do a lot of research on the product you want to purchase so you know the exact key words you need to use to obtain the best search results.

2.  Always check the feedback for the seller and don’t stop there; filter it to the feedback they have received as a seller not as a buyer so you have a better picture. It also goes without saying that sellers with more positive stars are the ones to purchase from although I have bought a few things from sellers with fewer stars and I have not had any issues.

3. Always ask the seller questions if you want more clarity about a product. I find that some sellers are very brief in their description and I never really buy from them except I desperately want or need the product. If a seller communicates promptly with you, then that’s a good sign that they are a little bit trustworthy.

4. I personally prefer sellers who take actual pictures of the products they are selling. It does not really have to be a perfect picture; it just has to be clear with good attention to detail. I refuse to buy from sellers who use generic/stock photos because you just never know if the products are authentic or even similar to the actual product they end up sending to you.

5. If you are unsure of the picture of the product, say maybe it may have been stolen from a blog post or from the internet, ask the seller for more pictures especially if it is something expensive. The truth is I have never really bought anything expensive off Ebay because I just don’t want to be heartbroken just yet.

6.  Always check the shipping costs of products before buying them because some products may look inexpensive but an expensive shipping cost defeats the purpose. I prefer to buy from UK sellers if I can because I know it would arrive soon and would relatively be cheaper than international shipping except from China/Hong Kong who have very cheap shipping costs although the products take ages to arrive. It is also important to check if the seller is willing to ship to your country.

7. If you like the product, leave a good feedback not just because it is a nice thing to do but it encourages the seller to continue with their excellent service and if you receive a bad product, don’t hesitate to leave a negative feedback so other people can be warned.

8. If you receive a dodgy product that is fake or nowhere similar to the description on Ebay, contact the seller and wait for a few days for a response and if not, then you need to contact Ebay customer service or telephone them (be prepared to wait a while before you get through). They would advice you better but you have to be really patient.

9. Always choose to pay by PayPal and I understand that not everyone has access to PayPal but it is the safest way to get your money back if things become unpleasant. I don’t think I have ever bought anything from Ebay without using PayPal because that’s the only way I feel my transaction is safe and secure. I don’t feel comfy doing a direct bank transfer at all no matter how good the deal is. I once saw an item I really wanted and it was also very affordable but the seller wanted a bank transfer and I was like nopes.#endof

10. Always check if the seller is willing to accept returns because it is very important. I feel a seller is more confident in their products if they are willing to accept returns and it’s a kind of assurance and guarantee for the buyer. I have never actually returned anything from Ebay shopping and I generally hate returning anything I buy online because it seems like too much hassle but I know it’s not. However, Ebay returns may be a little more stressful than traditional online retailers.

11. Above all, listen to your instincts and trust me, this has saved me many times. It does not matter how much tips and knowledge about safer Ebay shopping you know. The one time I didn’t listen to my instincts, I had a very bad experience from a seller on Ebay which I would be sharing soon. So, be safe and listen to your instincts before you may a purchase.

That’s all folks and these are my tips for shopping on Ebay which I have learned over time and it has taken me a whole. If you have any other tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments box below as I am always happy to learn new tips to shop safer on Ebay. Merry Christmas...xx


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