Mary Kay Time Wise Matte Foundation Review

I think this is the longest I have put off writing up a review of a product I love so much. Mary Kay Foundations were one of the first foundations I ever tried when I was in Uni (undergrad) trying my hands on makeup and I used the Medium Coverage Bronze 507 which was also very popular back then. I am not sure if they still make it but it always delivered the best finish for me. When I visited Nigeria in May, I decided to go back to my old love but I opted for a new formula which is the Time Wise Matte Wear Foundation. I decided to go with a Matte finish because I try to avoid anything with a dewy or glowy finish as they just make my face look incredibly greasy towards the end of the day. I picked this up from a shop in Lagos, Nigeria and I was surprised that you could buy Mary Kay products in store as it is usually sold by their mobile Beauty/Sales representatives who could either come to you or send it by post.

It comes in a tube which is not my favourite kind of packaging because it could get messy during application and could potentially explode if you travel with this in your bag under some travel conditions. Thankfully, I have never experienced any explosions with this but it is a little messy during application. Other than that, I think it is a cute packaging and has clear inscriptions on the tube which doesn't fade away like some other products I know. Surprisingly, you only get 29ml of product which is a little different from conventional foundations where you get 30 ml. Call me petty but I would not mind getting the extra 1 ml back and better packaging even if I have to pay slightly more. My shade is Bronze 3 and I know it looks too dark but it's really perfect when blended well.

Just as the name implies, it is a matte wear and provides a matte finish which is good news for us combination/oily skin gals. The texture is quite liquidy as you would expect from a foundation in a tube but it is not too liquidy to a point where it runs off everywhere and makes a mess and I am pleased about that. It is super easy to blend but I find that you have to work fast so it does not set because once it does, it is a little difficult to blend in (that's just my experience).

I just carefully dispense one or two pumps at the back of my hand or, sometimes,  directly on my brush and work with it. I have used a variety of brushes with it and they all work well, however, my favourite is the Real Techniques Buffing Brush and Sephora Multi Tasker Brush #45. Once it is well blended, I set it with my MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Dark and they are perfect together. Although it gives a matte finish, I would always advise setting it with a powder to ensure it stays in place longer and also it has a slightly wet feel to it when it is just applied so a powder makes it really much better.

This is one of the winning points of this foundation- It provides a proper medium to full coverage, in fact, I dare say it provides full coverage with one or two pumps which means you don't have to cake it on at all. I really love the coverage this foundation provides and many times I don't have to use a concealer on my blemishes because it does the job really well. It stays put on my face all day and I don't think I have ever used any foundation that has lasted me all day as well this has (not even my high end ones). I am glad I picked up the Matte Finish version because my T-zones don't act dodgy at all and remain matte especially when I pair this foundation with the Mary Kay Mattifier which I would be reviewing soon.

I bought this back in May and I honestly can't remember the exact amount I paid but I think it was within the 1500-2200 Naira range (Nigerian currency) which is equivalent to about £6-£8- such a bargain for an amazing foundation. Here in the UK, you can purchase it online on Amazon or through the Mary Kay sales representatives via their website -I think it retails from £12-14 which is still amazing!

The only thing I dislike about this foundation is the packaging as it could be messy and as I said earlier, I really don't mind paying extra for it to come in a bottle packaging with a pump, honestly, I would be so pleased. I also wish it could be purchased in store, like from a counter, similar to many other brands instead of having to order online or via the reps. I think this is essential because if you have never tried Mary Kay Foundations, it may seem like too much of a palaver to choose your shade online or get the Beauty/Sales rep to send you some samples to try. However, I understand the brand helps empower many ladies to be entrepreneurial and for that,  I applaud them!

Overall Thoughts
I am in love with this foundation and I only use it on outings and when I am filming my YouTube videos because it just complements and makes my skin way better than it is in real life. For outings, it really lasts all day and I barely/hardly need to retouch most times. I am on my last legs of this foundation and I think I may have to ask my Mum/Sis to send me more from Nigeria or maybe I would just make an online order although I said I should not be buying any more foundation...oh well!! Have you tried the Mary Kay Foundation? See you in my next post...x


  1. Nice... Been wanting to try this for quite a while now... Thanks for the review...

    1. Thanks a lot!! and I am glad you enjoyed the review!!...x


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