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Yes, I am back with another brush review so soon but I can't help but write about this. Where are my manners? I hope everyone has had a nice week and you are looking forward to a smashing weekend. I am sure you must have read my review of the Nanshy Professional  Makeup Brushes* which were sent to me a few weeks back. If you have not head over here to read that post and familiarise with the brand. The lovely people from Nanshy were kind enough to also send me the Nanshy Eye Brush Set* which is absolutely fantastic.. I am a very lucky girl!!  I am really grateful to them. So let's find out what these brushes look like.

Brief Background on Nanshy Brushes
Nanshy Brushes are a UK-based Makeup Brush company and their brushes were launched in 2012 after some years research to ensure they produced high quality brushes that provides a seamless and flawless finish of makeup products on the face. According to the Nanshy Website, they strive to bring products that have been researched extensively to ensure only the best quality is produced. Apart from that, they have gone the extra mile to ensure their brushes are vegan-friendly, have not been tested on animals and are PETA approved. I think that's amazing! Nanshy brushes promise high quality brushes with a price you can smile about which i will agree with but don't take my word for it...Let's find out together if they back up their claims well. Meanwhile, be sure to follow Nanshy Brushes on their Twitter and Facebook as they always have exciting discounts especially for this festive season.

The Nanshy Eye Brush Set* is a makeup lover's dream (beginner or professional; you are well covered) because it contains all the essential brushes to create all kinds of eye looks ranging from the everyday look to night look to smoky it. The set consists of 7 eye brushes which include the Precise Bent Eyeliner Brush, Angled Detailed Brush, Flat Definer Brush, Blending Eyeshadow Brush, Eye Crease Brush, Tapered Crease Brush and Large Shader Brush. I totally love the selection of brushes in the set. The good things is all the brushes are well labelled so anyone can use them (of course , you don't have to restrict their use to their labels, they can be multi-tasking as well). I like that the brushes are small enough to fit your hands when doing delicate and intricate eye shadow designs. I don't think chunky handles for eye brushes go well so I really like the size of this as it is really perfect.

Again, i really like the packaging of this collection and it is pretty simple. One thing that has stood out for me is the plastic insert of this set which has some grooved corners for the brushes which means you can travel easily with them stored inside. Also, you can leave it here to dry after washing as it would help mold it back to shape if ever it looses shape. It is a really flat, weightless packaging which makes it easy to slip into your bag.

Bristles/Brush Hairs
As expected from a PETA-approved company as Nanshy, these eye brushes are synthetic and they are also vegan-friendly which means they have not been tested on animals and no animal products have been used in producing them which i think is really thoughtful. I think it is commendable when companies, especially beauty and makeup brands, try their best to cater to the needs of most of their customers. Before i used them, i played with the bristles a lot because they were so soft and fluffy..i could be a little weird sometimes but hey! we all are :-)

Just like the Nanshy Professional Makeup Face Brushes, the Nanshy Eye brushes are really soft and fluffy so it makes using them really easy to use.I am not a fan of harsh brushes on the eye's way to delicate for anything harsh. There are not as densely packed as the face brushes as expected because they are for the eyes. They are made of synthetic hairs so they really pick up products really well and it is so easy applying my eye shadows, bases and eye liners with them. 

They are so, so easy to wash and dry which really endears them to my heart. If you are a clean freak, you can actually wash your brushes everyday and it will dry before you need to use them. I have used various makeup brush cleaners (and even Fairy kitchen liquid, naughty me) to wash them and it comes clean with just one swipe no matter how dark the eyeshadows i may have used earlier are. Minimal effort with washing yields maximum results with these brushes. 

I have had them under a month now and they have not shed at all which is good but i know a month is too soon to tell but I am quite confident that they will stay put because the brushes that shed always show tell-tale signs when you are washing them. I would like to add that i have washed these brushes a lot because i love to see their white tips and they are still as good as new.

Precise Bent Eyeliner Brush
This was the first brush i tried/used because my previous one was nothing close to being precise- it was all over the place. The Nanshy Precise Eyeliner Brush is what it should be and that's precise. It is slightly bent at an angle to ensure your cat flick eye liner application is super. I use this with my Maybelline Gel Eyeliner and both of them are a dream together. 

Angled Detailed Brush
I use this for my eye brows and that's mainly to highlight them after the brows have been done. I use this with my concealer to clean up any mess and its precise angle follows the arch of my eye brows really well. It is slightly smaller than my Lancome and Elf ones but i find this is easier for me to control and its smaller size makes it easier to reach some areas which may prove difficult.

Flat Definer Brush
This is definitely my least used brush and it's not because it's not amazing but mainly because the other brushes fit more around my everyday makeup application. This can be used in various ways and top on the list is for applying eye shadow to the lower lid. Its really flat and light so it just packs the right amount of shadow for the lower lid. Also, if you are not a fan of the lower lid eye shadow application then you can use this for filling in your eye brows which is what i do. I use this with my Sleek Eye Brow Kit powder and it gives my brows an even finish. I don't use it very often because i now use my MAC Brow Pencil which is sufficient in itself.

Blending Eyeshadow Brush
Just as the name suggests, it is for blending eye shadow and this is my favourite of the lot because it really helps blend out any harsh lines the eye shadows (especially dark ones) may have left. It is fluffy and slightly larger than the other brushes but the density of the bristles ensure that it can fan out and blend out eye shadows really effectively. If you are adventurous (and multi-tasking seeking) like me, you can use this to set your under-eye concealer and let me tell you--->it is amazing and gives the best even finish for your under eye and prevents any creasing.

Eye Crease Brush
This is looks a little similar to the blending eyeshadow brush but it is smaller and more precise. The bristles are more closer together in order to target the crease even better. I use this mainly for my crease because it allows me define my crease evenly. I really like that it does not pack too much eye shadow for my crease (i hate that) but it just picks up the right amount and it also acts as a blending out brush as well.

Tapered Crease Brush
This is quite similar to a pencil brush and it is useful in adding dimension to the crease. I use this usually with darker eye shadow colours. More often than not, i use it towards the outer "V" of my eye lids and its tapered tip really captures the v shape really well. If you are a fan of the smokey eye, this would be your new best friend.

Large Shadow Brush
Last, but not least,  is the Large shadow brush. It is the most densely packed of the whole lot which makes sense because it is meant to pack on eye shadow to the lid for the initial application before you startt building up. It is really soft and picks up the eyeshadow well but it does not deposit as well as i would have preferred. I think if it was a little less dense, it would be better but that's my personal opinion. I still use it everyday but more for when i am adding an additional eye shadow colour on top of one already deposited.

The whole set retails for £29.95 let's just say £30 and i think it's a bargain given the number of brushes and the quality you receive. It works out at  about £4 per brush which i think is brilliant. I have had previous eye brush sets which i have only liked and only used about 3 brushes but with the Nanshy Eye Brushes, all of them are useful to me and i really love them. You can buy the Nanshy Eye Brush Set from, BeautyStore4UMadame Cosmetics (Italy), (France) and they are working on shipping worldwide.

To be honest, I have thought so hard and I can't really think of anything i don't like about these brush set. I really like them and i am sure you can tell. Forget about them being free or anything, if you like something, you just do. However, the only con i can think of which is more like an advice to the Nanshy Team would be to make the Large Shader Brush a little less dense so that it can pick the eye shadow colours and deposit them as well. As mentioned earlier, it picks the eye shadow well but it does not deposit as much as it should; maybe it retains them..I don't know. Other than that, I think they are fantastic. Also, maybe the addition of any eyebrow spooly brush and/or comb would have made the whole set more complete because i definitely have to do my brows and i reach for my Lancome spooly for that which is amazing!

Although I was sent these brushes to review, I would buy them in a heart beat. Why? Simple because they are amazing. The whole set contains all the eye brushes you would ever need and the quality is comparable to the bigger names out there like Sigma, Real Techniques and even MAC. Yep, it is so true. They are durable brushes and wash really well and i have experienced no shedding at all so far. Don't even get me started with their white pearly handles which makes them look really classy. Thats's it folks, I hope you have enjoyed this and see you in my next post.

*I received these brushes to review but my opinion remains mine and I have not been compensated in any way to give a positive review. I always include the Pros and Cons of a product because I believe no product is 100% good or bad.


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