La Roche Posay Serozinc Review

I am pretty sure everyone and their mamas have heard about Serozinc especially now that it would soon be available in the UK from January exclusively from Escentuals. Now, that is absolutely awesome. I picked mine up from my last trip to Paris and I really wish I picked up more than one bottle. Anyway, let's not get ahead of ourselves,let's find out why Serozinc is really popular and one of the most sought after products many beauty enthusiast pick up when they set foot in French Pharmacies. P.S. The sun was out, I had my camera, I was feeling playful with my background =loads of pictures of just one product..I hope you don't mind; I just love taking pictures :--))

What La Roche Posay says about Serozinc
They describe it as a Zinc Sulfate solution which purifies and soothes skin surface irritations and I couldn't agree more as that is exactly what it does. It is designed to soothe razor burns, skin irritations and imperfections which include redness, soreness and associated irritations that come with spots. You can even use it for a baby's bottom which goes to show how gentle it is even though it is effective.

I am quite intrigued to see a toner in an aerosol packaging and I think this is a first for me. The colour of the packaging is very reminiscent of the La Roche Posay's signature colour (blue and white) which looks clinical yet simple and I really love that simplicity. It contains 150 ml of product which I can't quantify as a lot or little only because it is dispensed as a spray/fine mist so who knows how long this would last. Only time will tell.

Formula/Ingredient/How I use it
It surprisingly contains only three ingredients namely Zinc Sulfate, Sodium Chloride and Aqua (water) which is absolutely amazing. I really like that they have not included anything unnecessary in it and I guess that's why it is effective. I use this in the morning and evening straight after cleansing. I spray it directly on my face ( few inches away), closing my eyes so none of the product gets in. I gently wipe off the excess from my eyes or surrounding areas with a cotton pad and wait for a few minutes for it to get absorbed before completing the rest of my skincare routine. I don't think spraying it on a cotton pad and dabbing across the face would provide the full benefits and it may well be more wasteful which is why I opt to spray directly on my face. The mist is really fine and you don't get an overly wet face which is what I find with some toners that come with spray bottles (not aerosols) and I think the aerosol mechanism is behind the fine mist.

It is definitely cheaper if you buy it in Paris and I picked up mine for under Euros 6 which I was told was even expensive. I am sure it would have been cheaper if I purchased it from City Pharma but I am just pleased I even got to try it. When it becomes available in the UK, it would retail for £8.50 which is not too bad. The good news is Escentuals are currently having 15% off Serozinc so you can get this for £7.22 which is not a massive saving but "every little helps" and it is definitely cheaper than buying from some Ebay sellers who are just extortionists.

Results/Overall Thoughts
While it is too early to comment on the overall results, I have seen some immediate benefits. It is really soothing on the face especially now that the weather has changed and my skin is getting a little bit dry. The Serozinc toner appears to replenish moisture back to my skin which may have been lost during cleansing or as a result of the weather. It has also helped reduce some redness I had around my cheeks which I got from some spots. I broke out when I was on holiday and I started using this immediately I purchased it and it was really instrumental in alleviating the redness and irritation. I also noticed  that my skin is less shiny around the T-zones and I believe it is down to Serozinc which has mattifying properties. If you have oily skin and you need to keep your T-zones less shiny/matte, this is a really good product to prep the skin, If you have dry/normal skin and you need something to add that extra oomph to your moisture/hydration levels, this is a good recommendation. That's my lil' take on the Serozinc. Have you tried the La Roche Posay Serozinc? See you in my next post....x


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