Paris Photo Diary- Tourist Attractions

I am pretty sure you all are tired of these photo diary posts but I promise I would be back with regular beauty blogging soon. I honestly haven't had time (and daylight) to take any photos of products for reviews so let's all enjoy these pictures from my mini break, shall we? If you fancy reading my previous posts on this trip, you can check here and here (for Switzerland) and here (for Day 1 in Paris). As promised, these are the final pictures from my day trip to Paris. If you would like to go sightseeing in Paris, I would advise you cut out a few days (especially now that we have shorter days) so you can explore as much as you can. I only spent one day inParis so there were only so many places I could visit before it got dark. I was really here to do some shopping and chill so I really didn't mind too much but I think I may be going back soon again during Spring or Summer as it's only a few hours on the train from London.

So where did I stop from my previous post? Aha, the delicious crepes. After the crepes disappeared in our bellies, we headed off to Arch de Triumph to do some sightseeing and get some photos. Surprisingly, the queue was not as long as we feared and it was our turn in a jiffy. Tickets costs 19 Euros for both of us which was ok-ish. What I forgot was the flight of stairs I had to climb to get to the top. I was seriously out of breath and a few people had to actually sit on the stairs to catch their breath (I blame it on the Crepes and my jeans). I finally made it Phew! and it was seriously worth it! The view was amazing and of course, I took loads of pictures. There is a lot of history behind Arch de Triumph and pictures to go with it so it is definitely one to see if you pop into Paris. The best thing was being to able to see a lovely view of Paris at a glance from the top and it was breathtaking. I bought a few souvenirs which were overpriced but hey! that's what happens when you are on holiday!! Coming down the stairs was a breeze and I even had that sneaky feeling that there were less steps coming down than going up but I know that's just me being silly!

Next stop was Eiffel Tower which is one of the most popular Tourist attractions in Paris and the queue there was ridiculous. We decided we didn't have that kind of patience and took pictures instead as many other tourists were doing. Next, we headed off to The Louvres which was amazing even in the sunset in fact I think it looked more spectacular in the evening than during the day, Again, we only took some photos and decided to come back another time because our tummies were growling. Despite this, we made a quick dash to see Notre Dame which equally looked breathtaking in the evening and we took a few photos and we started our search for some food.

We had not eaten anything all day except the crepes and we wanted some African food. I know what you are thinking; Why didn't you try some French Cuisine? I have tried French Cuisine many times in London and also in France. I just wanted something really spicy because it had been almost a week since I had had anything like that. I love a good spicy/peppery meal which is why I cook most of my meals myself. Anyway, I digress. Before my meal, I made a quick stop at a Pharmacy in Oberkampf and stocked up on my usual French Skincare Favs. I may show this in a haul but honestly, nothing has changed, it's same ol' products. I got some products from Bioderma and La Roche Posay and that was really it- the only new product I got for the first time was the La Roche Posay Serozinc Spray/Toner which is not sold in the UK...such a shame because it is amazing.

After what seemed like forever, we found this lovely restaurant called African Kitchen which is located in 92 Rue Saint-Maur just off Rue Oberkampf and we sat down to order. I sadly could not take any photos because I was exhausted and so hungry that I knew I could not even bear to pick up my heavy ass camera for anything. We ordered Spicy/Peppered Gizzard and Malta Guinness for starters (if you are Nigerian, you must be salivating by now). I was impressed because it tasted so good and sufficiently spicy/peppery. For mains, I ordered Jollof Rice, Plantain (dodo) and Beef while the BF had the same but with Fish. It was delicious and the service was amazing and I would really recommend this to anyone if you fancy some African/Nigeria Food, If not, the same street -Saint Maur had a rich selection of many restaurants including Lebanese, Mexican, French, etc so you would definitely find something that tickles your fancy, After that,we ordered some takeaway, hopped on the train and found our way to the hotel. Next day, we drove back down to our hotel in Saint Louis in France which was very close to Basel Airport and caught our flight back to London. I had the time of my life and I absolutely enjoyed every single day of this trip. I hope you have enjoyed this rather long posts and pictures and I would see you in my next post...xx


  1. Yup! That's Paris. Did you venture into FNAC or Galeries Lafayette?

    1. Thanks a lot :-)... Sadly, I did not go to FNAC and Lafayette but I plan to go next time...Do you have any more recommendations, pls? Thank you!!

  2. these photos are stunning! I want to go to paris now! x

    I've got a mac lipstick giveaway on my blog if you want to take a look :)

    1. Thank you so much and I am glad you like the photos..yeah, go n=on, book that trip to Paris!! I just realised it's best to go around Oct/Nov because the weather was surprisingly good and there were less tourists.....
      Your Giveaway looks amazing and I am a sucker for MAC Lipsticks!!

  3. Replies
    1. Awwww thanks so much Mihaela and it means a lot to me!!!...x


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