Nanshy Professional Makeup Brush Set Review

Hey My Lovelies,
I hope your week has had an exciting kick off. When it comes to makeup, I love to use brushes. Gone are the days when i used my hands to apply makeup and i have never really enjoyed it because it could get very messy especially if you are like me and you have very little time in the morning to makeup before heading out to work. My default mode is to reach for my favourite brushes which are always at hand. I may use my hands to warm up the product but I mostly use brushes. 

Finding the right kind of makeup brushes is another kettle of fish altogether as the good quality ones are ridiculously expensive and the cheap ones are bad quality. However, a few brands have been able to bridge the gap of producing high quality brushes which are affordable and easily accessible. Nanshy Brushes, although new comers to the market, are one of the few makeup brush brand that ticks all the boxes when it comes to producing soft high quality, affordable and cruelty-free brushes. I was very excited when i received the Nanshy Professional Makeup Brush Set* because i had read many good things about them. In the set, you get a 5 brushes which include a Flat Top Buffer Brush, Flat Angled Buffer Brush, Round Buffer Brush, Angled Buffer Brush and Tapered/Pointed Brush. Let's get started..

Brief Background on Nanshy Brushes
Nanshy Brushes are a UK-based Makeup Brush company and their brushes were launched in 2012 after some years research to ensure they produced high quality brushes that provides a seamless and flawless finish of makeup products on the face. According to the Nanshy Website, they strive to bring products that have been researched extensively to ensure only the best quality is produced. Apart from that, they have gone the extra mile to ensure their brushes are vegan-friendly, have not been tested on animals and are PETA approved. I think that's amazing! Nanshy brushes promise high quality brushes with a price you can smile about which i will agree with but don't take my word for it...Let's find out together if they back up their claims well.Meanwhile, be sure to follow Nanshy Brushes on their Twitter and Facebook as they always have exciting discounts especially for this festive season.

                                               The Nanshy Brushes at a glance
The Nanshy Brushes have white pearly handles which is really different to all other brushes i own and i like that because it makes them stand out against the rest. White is a beautiful colour and it just makes the brushes look more expensive than they are. The handles are quite chunky which makes for a good grip and better control of the brushes. Although they are chunky, they are actually really light so there is no stress when using them. I have read a few reviews where people were a little concerned by the white colour because they felt it will get dirty which may be true, however, the pearly glossy finish to the handles makes it really easy to clean and they would only be dirty if you probably don't take care of them or clean them regularly. Cleaning your makeup brushes should not be compromised at all because your skin will not thank you for it. At All. 

I love the packaging; it's nothing too fancy but it is realistic. The outer packaging is black with some instructions at the back on what brushes you receive, how to use the brushes and contact details of Nanshy Brushes. All the brushes are well protected individually with a clear packaging which helps preserve its shape although I don't think the shape can go amiss because the brushes are very densely packed.

                                                    The Flat Top Buffer Brush
The Nanshy Flat Top Buffer Brush is my favourite brush from the whole set hands down. It has a flat top as the name implies which means it has a large surface area to work on and blend in makeup products easily and flawlessly. I use this for both foundation and powder because i really like how smooth it caresses my skin..(did that sound dirty?!!) but seriously, it really blends in my foundation really well. I also use it for my powder and it helps deliver a flawless finish. This brush is very multi-tasking for me which is why i love it although I have reserved it for powder because it picks up more product and spreads it really easily.

                                                 The Nanshy Round Buffer Brush
The Nanshy Round Buffer Brush really reminds me of the Real Techniques Buffing brush because they both have the dome shape which helps in buffing makeup products like foundation into the skin for a smooth finish. This is what i use for my foundation because it is really easy to use and the finish is always amazing. At first, i experienced a little difficulty in buffing my foundation on my face (no thanks to the tiny hairs on my face) but i realised this because I was applying a lot of pressure on the brush. All it needs is a light and easy application and the foundation sinks in smoothly and seamlessly. It can also be used to apply cream blushes as well.

                                            The Nanshy Pointed/Tapered Brush
This would be ideal for applying foundation for some but i prefer round or flat brushes for foundation because i feel they give a better finish. I reserve the Nanshy Pointed/Tapered Brush for concealers and some areas with foundation that are hard to reach by the other brushes like the corners of my nose and near my eyes. At first, i was thinking its pointed tip appeared big/large for concealer but when i tried to use it, it was actually fine. You can even get away with using it for blending for your under-eye concealer but you should have applied it with your fingers first (which by the way seems to be the best way for under eye concealer to avoid creasing) as the pointed tip seems to big to pick up concealer.

                                                  The Nanshy Flat Angled Buffer Brush
I use this for my bronzer and contouring. It really hits all the right angles of my face nicely and we all know contouring is all about getting the right angles of your face. For bronzing, it works like a dream and really gets the precise angles of your face while you can blend it out with the soft bristles for an even finish.

                                                The Round Angled Buffer Brush
I use the Nanshy Round Angled Buffer Brush for applying my blush and it is one of the brushes in the set which holds a special place in my heart. I really can't get over the softness. It really picks up the product really well but it may retain some instead distributing it. After a while, i discovered, it is best to use a light hand and build it up as you go along (or may be it was the blush i used). Its angled shape really helps in getting the apples of your cheek and cheekbones as well which is why i love it.

                                                      The Brush Hairs/Bristles
They are made of synthetic material which are very densely packed in a Kabuki-like form which really helps in even distribution of your makeup product on your face. I love that they have white tips like many brushes are going for these days because it helps you know when the brushes need a wash and it also allows you see that they are clean after they have been washed. It always comes in handy! The brushes are by far one of the SOFTEST brushes i have ever used. I dare say they may be softer than the ever popular Real Techniques Brushes. HonestlyI tested the brush on my my friends and they were so shocked at how soft these brushes were; it's the most amazing feeling and if you are lazy to put on your makeup, trust me the softness will ginger you to do it. 

I find that they pick up the product really well since the bristles are densely packed easily which is very good so you don't have to worry yourself about wasting your makeup product. It really helps blend out the product really well and provides a flawless finish. To be honest, i don't blend in too much when using these brushes because i find that they do the job with minimal effort. However, I noticed with my blush that it picked up the product really well but it did not distribute as well as i would have preferred but it was fine with all the other products like foundation, powder and bronzers.

So far, I have experienced no shedding which is really good because i would have expected some stray bristles to come loose especially with how densely packed they were. To my surprise, it did not happen even after washing which i think is really amazing. I have to say i have had them for under a month so time will tell and i will be doing a comparison with other brushes after a few months have passed.

This is extremely important to me when i am looking out for brushes because i like brushes that wash easily and dry quickly as well. I had some fears with this because i was thinking these bristles are tightly packed and may take ages to get dry. I washed them with some baby shampoo and water and they all came clean in one wash...I was excited :-)) although I still washed it a second time due to my OCD ways. Drying time was really fast as well and it was almost the same time as my Real Techniques drying time which is definitely one of the quickest drying brushes i have come across. Again, i did not experience any shed hairs which is music to my ears. The handles have not come loose and the silver finishing that holds the brush parts together has not rusted or changed colour which is brilliant.

                                                         Cost and Stockists
Although, I was sent this for a review, I would definitely buy this in a heartbeat for many reasons. Firstly, they are classy and beautiful!  I mean just look at how pretty they look..Apart from the aesthetics, they are very good quality for the price being paid and they can definitely be classified as professional brushes which is what they are in the first place because they deliver a flawless finish to the face. The Nanshy Makeup Professional Brush Set* retails for £34.95 which may sound steep compared to the Real Techniques Core Collection but you are getting 5 brushes instead of 4 which are of very high quality and it almost works out the same. Alternatively, you can buy the brushes separately which is wonderful especially if you just need one particular brush or you want to test it out before plunging into the whole set. There is also the Nanshy Eye Brush Set and the Nanshy Luxury Set which is so beautiful and comes in a classy white clutch which you wish can just be converted to a clutch but alas! it's a makeup brush holder. Honestly, it's divine!! You can buy the Nanshy Brushes from Ebay,, BeautyStore4U, Madame Cosmetics (Italy),, (France) and they are working on shipping worldwide. 

Of course, we all know everything cannot be 100% perfect as everything still needs to be continually improved to always achieve excellent results.
1. The brushes are not individually named so it will be a bit difficult for beginners to know what brush to use. For the pros out there, it may not be a biggie but i think it will be brilliant if brushes had their individual names embossed on it just like Nanshy Logo is.
2. They are only available online for now which means you can't walk into your local beauty/drug store to buy them. I am one of those people that want to see and if possible touch the brushes before buying them and if they are only available online you can only rely on honest bloggers and pictures. However, i guess since they are a fairly new company, they will be working on it soon to stock in some shops.
3. If you don't like densely packed brushes, the Nanshy brushes may not be for you because they are densely packed and although many people like it that way(i know i do) but I understand that some others may not.
5. The white colour may be problematic if you are not one to wash your brushes frequently (you naughty person! you know you should wash them regularly).

I LOVE THEM!! I am impressed by the quality of the brushes and there are whole lot of reviews on these brushes on Amazon (they are not bloggers by the way!!) because they are really amazing. They are so soft and they do the job really well. Guys, if you are reading this and your girlfriend likes makeup, you should pick this up for them. Make sure you thank me later because they will definitely love it. I am going to get the Nanshy Eye Brush Set because I am impressed with the face brushes and I am positive they will deliver the same quality. You can buy the Nanshy Brushes from, BeautyStore4UMadame Cosmetics (Italy), (France) and they are working on shipping worldwide. That's it folks. I know this was a really long post with gazillion of pictures but I love to give a good review and show the product as well as i can so you can make your own opinion...See you in my next post!!

*I received these brushes to review but my opinion remains mine and I have not been compensated in any way to give a positive review. I always include the Pros and Cons of a product because I believe no product is 100% good or bad.


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