Paris Haul and Switzerland Bits

I am sure everyone is tired of hearing about my trip so I promise this blogpost is not entirely about my trip; it's a haul which I know many people (including myself) like to read. In Switzerland, I didn't really buy much because the cost of everything was a little outrageous especially makeup .They had a wide variety of brands and makeup to choose from including shades that suit darker skin which I was really surprised about. 

Switzerland Haul
Anyway, I bought an NYX Concealer in Tan from a store called Douglas and I got it because I know I can't walk into many stores in London and find NYX being sold; it's mostly sold online. It cost me Swiss Francs 18.90 which was about £13 and that is seriously ridiculous because this same concealer is about £6-£7 online. Next thing I picked up was a Tripod which I had been searching for everywhere. It's the Hama Star 05 Tripod which is a mini tripod and it was really useful on this trip as it fits perfectly in my handbag yet it extends to a reasonable height. I'm so pleased with it and I popped it on my bag for my Paris trip and took proper photos with it. The tripod cost about Swiss Francs 23 which I did not mind at all because that's about the same price (when converted it comes to about £16) as I would find in the UK. I got it from this amazing store called Media Markt which is seriously the best tech store I have ever seen. They sold all the techy stuff you can ever imagine including cameras, lenses and of course my tripod. I also picked up an umbrella (I know so boring) but mine was a little tattered and this one was on offer so win-win. Last but not least, I purchased a cute little souvenir/paper weight/toothpick holder from the hotel where I stayed and I just love how happy the cow looks.

Paris Haul
Then, I went to Paris which was where I did majority of my shopping and sight seeing. Of course, my first stop was Sephora which I had been dying to go to. Well, I finally did and I can't say I was very impressed but I did enjoy my shopping there. I went to the one in Champs Elysée and it was quite a large one and very crowded; it was a little bit overwhelming. I had a list of things I wanted so there was no chance for me to lose my damn mind and I would say I was very good. I bought the Sephora Multi Tasker Brush #45 which is perfect for applying foundation and giving the face a good buff. I also purchased the Sephora Pro Air Brush #55 which is amazing for applying powder flawlessly on the face and I love both of them a lot (A review is in the works). I also purchased the Makeup Forever HD Foundation and a few eyeshadow palettes including the VIP Pass Eyeshadow Palette and another Sephora Palette one. I have heard a lot of good things about the Sephora makeup and brushes which is why I went ahead to pick them up. I could not be bothered buying any product I knew I could find easily in the UK. I would be showing you my Sephora Haul in more detail in tomorrow's post so keep your eyes peeled.

Then I went to one of the numerous French Pharmacies to stock up on my usual French Skincare Fix and I bought the usual culprits- La Roche Posay and Bioderma. From La Roche Posay, I picked up the Effclar Duo, Effaclar A.I. Effclar Clarifying Toner and the La Roche Posay Serozinc Spray which I have always heard about but never tried. I tried it out on my face in Paris and it is seriously the most refreshing toners I have tried so expect a cheeky lil' review soon. I picked up two mini travel sizes of Bioderma which I was pleased about because I prefer to travel with my Bioderma but the bottle I have at home is huge. As always, I got a lot samples (always ask in French- they would be impressed you even attempted to butcher their language and forgive you).

The sales lady gave me some samples of Caudalie and La Roche Posay - they were proper samples not just silly satchets. That's pretty much all I bought and I am proud of myself for not going over board. I wanted to go to the famous City Pharma in St Germaine  but I could not because I was only in Paris for a day and I had so much to fit in including sightseeing but I was more than pleased with all I purchased. If you would like a particular review of any of the products mentioned, leave me a comment and I would see you in my next post...x


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