Disappointing Beauty Products #1

You all know I love to keep it positive here on the blog talking about beauty products I really like. It's not like I haven't purchased products I don't get along with but I just can't be bothered reviewing them. However, I think it is important to do mini reviews of some of these products that have disappointed me and even more important to note that people's views about products, whether positive or negative, all depend on their preferences and skin types. I have bought products that have been raved about and they were just blehh! and I have also purchased products that people (bloggers) said were not great which turned out to be amazing. Majority of the products I don't get along with are given to family and friends who may want it but some products I keep because they have alternative uses which I have made a note of where applicable..let's dive in...

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Dark
I know this concealer has been raved about by so many bloggers but I just didn't get along with it at all. First off, the colour shades/range is incredibly limited which is super annoying although I get that it is just a drug store brand. There are only four shades and the darkest which is called Dark 4 is not even near dark enough. I purchased it because I thought it would be a good under eye concealer but it's just not the right shade. It leaves a very unflattering grey undertone to my eyes which look worse than actual dark under eyes circles. Also, the texture is way too pasty for my liking which is why it has made its way to this list of disappointing products. With some tweaks here and there, I can get it to look decent but ain't nobody gat time fo' that. 
Alternative use: None, sadly.

Body Shop Instablur Primer
I was very intrigued when this primer was launched some time this year because I love Body Shop products so I was positive this would work. Body Shop claims that this primer is a 5-in-1 primer which blurs pores, controls shine, hides blemishes, increases your makeup wear time and unifies the complexion. Some of its claims may well be true (it does blur pores) but I don't think it controls any shine or extends my makeup wear time. All the times I have used it with other foundations, I get really greasy within a short time and my foundation does not last longer at all in fact, I barely notice I have used it. However, it works really well with the Body Shop BB Cream which is why I still have it within my stash and I think they are even sold together as they appear to have a synergetic effect on each other.
Alternative Use: Pair this with the Body Shop BB cream or any other BB cream as it seems to be work best that way

Clinique Universal Primer
I think Clinique launched their range of  primers in 2013 which featured various types of primers to suit each skin type and correct various skin imperfections. I got this generous sample when I purchased a Clinique Foundation and I had high hopes for it. To be honest, I barely notice any difference at all which is pretty sad. It does not make any noticeable difference to my makeup; it only aids in a smoother application and it is quite moisturising. My foundation does not last any longer and my T-zone shine is not controlled in any way. However, it has been a good additional base during this A/W season when my skin is drier but I always pair it with another primer.
Alternative Use: If you have dry skin, this may be good for you especially if you are not fussed about pores or foundation longevity.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base and Maybelline Dream Satin Foundation
I bought this because I love Makeup Revolution products (I still do) but it sadly did not live up to expectations. First off, I was very excited at the wide range of shades they had for BB creams/Face Base which is pretty rare with many drug store brands (although many brands have now improved) and when I swatched it, it looked fine. Trying it out at home was a different story as it seemed too dark and when I blended it in, it blends into nothingness...like there was no difference. I know it is a face base/foundation base and it is meant to be super light in texture but that does not mean you should not see a difference (or maybe my skin is just fussy, no?). I like the idea behind it and it is possible I am not using it the right way. The same goes for the Maybelline Dream Satin Foundation which has a really confusing texture; it just feels like chocolate mousse on my skin and the shade is way too dark for me even though it is similar to my perfect match in Maybelline Fit Me Foundation which I love. Thankfully, I have found alternative uses for both of these darker foundations/base.
Alternative use: I pair this with some lighter foundations/BB creams and it works really amazing. I have a post on here on how to mix your custom made foundation shade.

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner (Mini) and Clinique Brow Pencil in Dark
I got the Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner (mini) as a magazine freebie sometime ago and I was really excited because I had tried it out previously and I liked it. It applies really well and it is also very easy to use especially if you are an eyeliner beginner. However, it dried out really quickly and I am pretty sure I only got three uses out of this which is frustrating and I am hoping this was just a bad batch. Another eye product that has let me down is the Clinique Brow Pencil which is similar to MAC Brow Pencil. I was delighted to see their Dark Brown was very similar to MAC's Stud and I was happy to give it a try (not that it was any cheaper). I love the packaging and the way the pencil matches my brows, however, it kept breaking off each time I tried to use it. I was in shock because it is not the cheapest brow pencil out there so I was not expecting it to break so easily. I had to take it back to the lady at the counter after a few days and she gladly exchanged it and she even said a few customers had complained so we both agreed it was a bad batch. The other one was slightly better and I was super careful using it but I never repurchased because it just felt like too much hassle for just a brow pencil.
Alternative Use: None comes to mind.

Sleek Matte Me, Maybelline Color Sensational and Collection Lip Butter
The sad thing is I love all the above named brands because many of their products are amazing which is why I picked these up in the first instance, however, these lip products are an absolute no-no. First up is the Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams- I just don't even know where to start. The packaging is beautiful and it certainly enticed me and being Matte made it seem more appealing as I thought it would be similar to my beloved Bourjois Velvet Edition...NOT! The wand is just really strange like I can't even work out if it's a proper doe foot or not and the texture is so strange on application and very dry once it sets. I really liked this shade (Birthday Suit) and I was hoping it would be my everyday lip product but clearly that never happened. Next product is the Maybelline Colour Sensational in 710 Sultry Sand which I received in the Glamour Latest in Beauty Box and I was very excited. However, the shade is just very unflattering and ashy on me. Last but not least is another product from Collection which is from their Lip Butter range. I was drawn to it because the shade Cappuccino seemed like a perfect nude-y shade for me/everyday shade.When I swatched it on my hand, it looked amazing and of course, I could not swatch a tester on my lips so I got home and tried it in front of a mirror. I was surprised to see a totally different colour on me and it looked nothing like what I imagined. I still tried to brave it but it felt really heavy, greasy and slippery on my lips.
Alternative Use for the Collection Lip Butter/Maybelline: I think they can be used on top of a darker nude lipstick to illuminate the lips but the texture still remains unpleasant...things we do for love beauty.  I hope I did not sound too negative but I just wanted to let you know how I felt about these products..That's it folks and if you have tried any of these products, let me know your experience in the comment box below...See you tomorrow...xx


  1. I bought a few of the Sleek Matte Me ones without trying them first and they are really awful once dry. But then again, apart from the Bourjois and L'Oreal matte liquid lipsticks, I find them generally very difficult to wear - I think my lips are too creased?!

    The Beauty Locker

    1. I am totally with you in the creased lips...sometimes I wonder if my lips are a different breed...hahaha but all the lip products mentioned above did my lips no justice at all esp the Sleek ones...I love your blog!!...x

  2. Well thanks for showing me some things to avoid! I unfortunately already got the Body Shop primer but I'll give it a go and see...xx

    Magpie Jasmine || GIVEAWAY!: Urban Decay/Nars/Charlotte Tilbury/Too Faced

    1. Hi Jasmine, I am glad you found it useful..Well I hope the Body Shop Primer works out for you but it didn't for me except when paired with the Body Shop BB Cream...Merry Christmas...xx


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